Replacing Britain By Richard Miller

     Can it be? Is Britain finally getting a bit of self-respect and waking up, from its pathetic deracinated state? We can only hope:

“More than three-quarters of Britons want the interests of the UK workforce to be put ahead of employers seeking cheap labour from overseas. According to Deltapoll, 77 per cent of respondents to a survey said they think British businesses should prioritise workers already in the UK in an effort to get people back to work following the coronavirus lockdown. Just eight per cent said that it should be “easier to bring in employees from abroad” (15 per cent “don’t know”). The replies came in response to the pollster asking whether Britons agreed with the statement: “With record numbers of people unable to work as usual, the government should ensure that employers prioritise getting British workers back to work instead of making it easier to bring in more employees from abroad.” The results suggest that the government is widely out of step with its post-Brexit Immigration Bill, which would scrap the Resident Labour Market Test. The test is a benchmark that employers have to meet to prove that there were no suitably-qualified candidates already in the United Kingdom before opening up vacancies to international competition. The rules, similar to many around the world, protect the British job market for UK workers. Britons now face the prospect of losing that protection after millions being furloughed due to coronavirus and after already seeing cheap EU labour, thanks to Free Movement, depressing wages for years.”

     What the average Brit does not understand yet, and probably will not before it is too late, is that mass immigration really is about replacing them by a new race of subservient, low paid wage slaves, even more obedient that they have been. The evil captains of capitalism only think about profits, and the world can burn for all they care.



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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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