How to Build a Dirt Cheap Hydrogen Boron Fusion Reactor for China By James Reed features Australian plasma physicist Heirich Hora who believes that a fusion reactor can be built for as little as $ 100 million. “Producing electric power from the hydrogen-boron microexplosions is relatively straightforward in principle. The shower of positive-charged alpha particles emitted by a microexplosion in the center of the chamber generates a powerful current pulse, which can be harvested using technology already developed in the context of ultra-high-voltage DC electric power transmission systems. The DC pulse is then transformed into alternating current.”

     Here is the Hora et al. scientific paper:

     So, it is that simple, kids in garage workshops should be able to do it, but you can bet that there are no Australian funded research grants for this. (If it is so close to being in the bag, then why don’t we have it anyway?)
    Thus, the technology will go straight China, to be sold back to suckers in Australian in the future, like everything else. That is the techno-economic face of lack of national pride, multiculturalism and deracination. It is impossible to imagine China ever doing the same. What a cucked country we are, to have let so much slip away, because of our corrupt politicians. A mere $100 million … close down every Arts department in the Australia universities and it would be in the bag.

     Anyway, our favourite wordsmith, Uncle Len has informed us that he has built a fusion reactor in this shed using scrap material, cardboard, and duct tape to “fuse” it all together. All for the low cost of $3 worth of PVC tape. Good one Uncle Len. (Why does this madman send me emails all of the time and worst of all, ring me at 3 am in the morning complaining about his fear of alien abduction of his pet cockroach? Can’t he use his cardboard fusion reactor to make a Star Wars weapon of sorts to defend his shed, and livestock?)



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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