Fabian socialism in the USA, You Guys Next By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     It is all moving so quick now that good folks out there in the green leafy suburbs, especially if they are still in lock down mode, may not be aware of the rapid advances made by socialism during these crazy New World Order times. The US, as always is leading ground for this, and once we go, you Aussies are gone for sure:

“If you didn’t notice yet, we are living under socialist order in the blue states dictated by communist governors. All signs of the new world order are apparent, and if you don’t believe it, visit just about any U.S. state where the governor is a Democrat, and nobody even voted for it yet. Well, they did, but they didn’t realize it at the time. The “new normal” is quite abnormal, compared to living the American dream. That is over and there will be no going back to “normal” if Bill Gates and George Soros keep all their pawns in check (governors who bow down to the ring and will do anything for money). The Constitution is being hung by its neck in the gallows while the peons and paupers all watch in horror. It’s involuntary socialism. There are really no other words for it right now. Americans have no rights to protest peacefully, they must come out bearing legal, fully-loaded automatic weapons and keep their smart devices rolling video live the whole time in order to even have a voice. Then that’s all banned from mainstream media … Nobody can hug, shake hands, or even see each other’s faces anymore. That is all illegal. Practicing religion is illegal too. Ministers are being arrested for leading their churches in prayer, even in cars. The first amendment is also completely dead. Just go online and type in anything pro-Trump and you will see … nothing.

There are massively long lines at all the corporate food “outlets” just like Bernie Sanders prayed for and pushed for. In America, “non-essential” means non-corporate, so the Democrats can wipe out all small businesses.
Most small businesses are bankrupt, shuttered, or about to be foreclosed upon by the very banks and Democrat politicians that snookered and embezzled all the stimulus money and blocked the PPP small business aid (think secret lunches with lobbyists and corporate gurus). Parents are being handcuffed at parks for holding their own children’s hands, and Dads are being hauled off beaches for throwing the ball with their sons, meanwhile these same Democrat Governors are getting caught in public, with no masks on, and not keeping social distancing of 6 feet, as their “laws” dictate and declare. Ralph  Northam is making everyone in Virginia wear masks in ALL stores, and outside if not exercising, starting Friday, May 29th, or he says the health department will come set you straight. Yes, Black-Face Northam says it’s not law but he’s written as law so you CAN be arrested, sent to jail, and fined. Ruined for life because you didn’t bow down and kiss the ring of your Socialist-Communist Governor who doesn’t follow any of the rules or laws he writes for everyone else.”

     As I see it, the Covid-19 phenomenon is basically over, as it has achieved its objective of getting in the next round of tyrannical laws, and also testing how far the sheeple could be pushed, and seeing that they can do virtually anything with them it is now full speed ahead with riots, burning the place down, and generalised urban terrorism. We have yet to see what will be rolled out here, but stay tuned.



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Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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