Welcome to Great Depression 2.0; It is Enough to Make One Greatly Depressed By Chris Knight

     I moved back to the US, my original home, at the wrong time, just before the corona freak-out began, and walked right into the lock downs, backed by the iron fist of the law. And, 40 million, no 41 million unemployed, soon to be more than  double the entire population of

     The Democrats and Republicans are set to war about extending the unemployment benefits into this year and maybe next. The harder-nosed Republican neo-cons think that letting the millions die of starvation would be more economical, since migrants can always be brought in to soak up any spillage. Things are so bad that Walmart is selling second hand goods, because people are now too poor to buy new stuff. And, we have not even hit the bottom of the barrel yet!

     America is burning now, as taste of what is to come.



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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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