Biden Vows to End Capitalism; Full on Racial Socialism By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Biden is moving increasingly towards the Left, indicating that the Democrats are in full-on socialist mode. The ultra-woke female running mate, who will soon become president once he is uncorked as senile, will push America over a cliff, and Australia will go with it.

“Yesterday, democrat hopeful Joe Biden delivered a speech in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, and announced his ‘economic’ plan for the United States. The politician, who’s held office for nearly five decades, explained that suddenly ‘now’ he has answers that he never had before, and this time, he will end “shareholder capitalism.” “It’s way past time to put the end to the era of shareholder capitalism. The idea the only responsibility a corporation has is its shareholders — that is simply not true, it’s an absolute farce. They have a responsibility to their workers, their community, to their country,” Biden bafflingly explained. In place of “shareholder capitalism,” Biden proposed a more inclusive system built on the power of labor unions and on “black, brown, and Native American” communities that he said had been left out of economic prosperity. Much of his speech was devoted to criticizing President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus. Biden claimed (falsely) that Trump told Americans to “drink bleach” to fight the disease. Biden, addressing a small, socially-distant group of workers and journalists at the McGregor Industries metal works facility, said that he would raise the corporate tax rate to 28% (from 21%, where Trump lowered it in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017).”

     Call it racial socialism, or anti-white communism, and indeed, this is something which all communism is, being inconsistent with the Faustian spirit of non-degenerate white people.

“The Democrat Party’s presidential primary marked a significant shift, as socialist ideas – openly embraced by the likes of Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — took center stage, bringing the far-left’s radical agenda to the mainstream party. Progressive leaders worked overtime to remove the taboo around the word “socialism” and fundamentally altered the Democratic Party’s future – a future they hope to impose on the nation as a whole, as Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Joel B. Pollak details in his upcoming book, RED NOVEMBER. In it, Pollak relates how the Democrat Party entered uncharted territory in 2019, as Sanders, whose ideas were once considered too radical to be embraced by the mainstream left – took center stage. He entered the presidential arena with the intention of finishing what he started during the 2016 election: It was time for a political revolution in the United States, he declared. The Vermont socialist pitched his presidential run as a “movement” rather than a presidential campaign alone. It was a “multi-¬generational, multi-racial, grassroots movement,” he said, telling his excited supporters on the campaign trail, “Let’s transform this country.” He soon earned the endorsements of three of four members of the freshman “Squad,” who proudly owned the “democratic socialist” label once considered taboo. One would be hard-pressed to explain Joe Biden’s current leftward political trajectory without recognizing the impact Sanders’ movement played on moving the party, and the presumptive nominee, across old “moderate” political boundaries – boundaries Democrat politicians had become accustomed to hiding behind, particularly during elections, traditionally moving to the center rather than further to the left.

Biden has emerged as “arguably the most left-wing Democratic Party nominee ever,” as Pollak details in RED NOVEMBER:
Former vice president Joe Biden, who led the polls throughout the early months of the campaign, was the most left-wing front-runner in American political history. He promised to raise taxes immediately, end the use of fossil fuels, and use federal taxpayers’ money to pay for abortions, among other proposals. … And, like his rivals, he proposed to make health care free for illegal aliens. Sanders’ full embrace of socialism essentially opened the door for the establishment media to portray the former vice president as a “moderate,” despite his new, radical positions. Biden’s promise to eliminate fossil fuels did not pack the same punch as Sanders’ sweeping plan for a $16 trillion Green New Deal. Sanders’ call to decriminalize border crossings and restructure U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lessened the impact of Biden’s brazen pledge to halt the deportation of criminal illegal aliens from the United States in his first 100 days in office. And Biden’s commitment to building on Obamacare paled in comparison to Sanders’ blunt admittance of raising taxes on the middle class to implement a single-payer health care system in the U.S. Yet the proposals presented by both candidates were among the most radical ever offered during a Democrat presidential campaign. With that agenda on the ballot, Democrats would “either bring their party to ruin—or usher in a new United Socialist States of America,” as Pollak observes. While the socialist revolution, once again, failed to materialize with Sanders as its leader (following the Democrat establishment’s strategic move in thwarting the senator’s campaign just 72 hours prior to Super Tuesday), the left’s crusade for a socialist America lives on. And while the Democrat establishment tends to view the former vice president as more palatable to the independent voter in a general election matchup, Biden has since moved even further to the left, working with Sanders and his political posse of far-left supporters, one of whom recently called for the dismantling of the America’s economic and political systems.”

     The November 2020 election will thus decide the fate of Western civilisation.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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