A Loan, but We Destroy the Economy? Sure, Where Do We Sign? By James Reed

     The (New)  World (Order) Bank had offered Belarus a loan of $ 940 million to lockdown the economy, but the prime minister told them to go jump, unlike many other small nations, also being coerced.

“The World Bank offered Belarus a $940 million coronavirus loan in June. But the conditions included that they lock down and destroy their economy. The World Bank wanted him to lock down like Italy did in March and April. The Belarus President Aleksander Lukashenko, considered the last tyrant in Europe, turned down the offer. Then he went public with the details. It makes you wonder how often this happens to less prosperous nations.” 

     No doubt, a lot. But what is interesting is where all of the World Bank money comes from in the first place, and why do any nations need it, rather than use their own home-spun credit? The answer is globalist control, as bs baffles brains in the evil dark world of international finance.




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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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