A Wee Conflict of Interest By Chris Knight

In the context of the Hunter Biden laptop, which implicates the “big guy,” big daddy Biden as all part of the scam, this following conflict of interest is becoming standard food under the Biden regime.  


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How Biden Could Start World War III By James Reed

I think it may take a little more than this to get the next big one going, but who knows? Anyway, it will be over quick and we survivors will go into Mad Max mode, dressing in leather jackets, having a bluey dog, and shotgun, or spear.  https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/03/the_great_pretender_.html

“Who’s really running the show? Just imagine the following scenario: President Joe spends an evening – actually, more like an afternoon -- watching old classic films, one of which, perhaps, is a Cold War-era action movie about a Russian invasion. When not dozing off he thoroughly enjoys the film. He has his early-bird supper and shuffles off to bed. Later that night, about 3:00 am, Joe wakes up and locks himself in the bathroom with the nuclear football.

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P1: Covid Just Keeps on Keeping On! By Brian Simpson

It is hard to keep up with all this evolving Covid stuff, with a new kid on the block down in Brazil. Will this one escape the vaccines, leading to more lockdowns, then more vaccines, then a new variant, then more mutations, then more lockdowns then … it will go on forever, or until the world just burns out?


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So, They Want an Environmental Catastrophe and Extinction Event? By Brian Simpson

Here is something new to help keep me awake at night, sweating in fear about coming apocalypses; volcanoes under Antarctica. That is something new, and could give the Greenies the rise in sea levels they hope for so much, if these pop their cork.


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Calling Out Fauci By Mrs Vera West

Dr Fauci has been slammed by the inventor of the PCR test, used to detect Covid-19, so will the establishment take note? Sure, and stand firm with Fauci, no doubt.


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Faking Old Joe By James Reed

I saw this article and checked out the video. It shows Joe Biden seemingly phase through a microphone, like super-heroes such as the Silver Surfer and the Vision do, passing through matter. But of course, this zombie is not a super-hero, but a green screen was used. He really is a puppet president!


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January 6: It was All a Set Up! By Charles Taylor

Given that most of the Capitol building protesters were not Trumpers, but lots of Leftists, how can the anarcho-tyrannical system define this event as white supremacism? Why, easy, if there was not a single white person there it would not matter. The over-lords say and do what they want, being let go for far too long.


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The Joy of Nuclear Expansion By James Reed

I have frequently said that Australia, if it was not a toy migrant receptive pseudo-nation, would have developed a nuclear defence in the 1940s. But, no, with populate or perish, somehow people became the priority over advanced technology. What a place. Anyway, at least the UK is doing one thing right, getting more nukes, as like guns, the more nukes the safer.


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Chump Trump Discovers the Border Crisis By Charles Taylor

Trump has said that the border crisis will destroy America, but it was obvious that the Demon-rats were going to do this and more, for if they can steal an election in broad daylight, anything is possible. Trump let it happen, he could have fought back on January 6, but chose to be the greatest cuck in history, and that is saying something.


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Wokeness Led to China Winning: Even Liberals Can See It! By Chris Knight

In Australia you may not have heard of Bill Maher, but he is a liberal commentator, critical of Trump. But recently he has been going against the grain of Leftism, by raising issues about the Left’s sacred cow, or dragon, China.  


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Italy, Covid Vax and Manslaughter By Mrs Vera West

Of course, it must be a great coincidence given that vaccines have been passed down by the saints of biochemistry themselves.


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Boulder Shooting; Ban All Guns of Terrorists! By Charles Taylor

The liberal Left gun banners cannot help themselves and must wait impatiently for the next shooting to proclaim: look guns, kill ban them all, except for us, and our goons in the police and military! But, the latest shooting in Boulder has been done by someone who is hardly a white supremacist, and looks very much to be an old school Islamic terrorist.


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More Reasons Not to Trust Trump By Chris Knight

So, you have the greatest electoral fraud system in history, as Biden himself said, and a program to destroy America, now in full swing and Trump when leaving office with his tail between his legs, after the utter embarrassment of being cucked by Pence, leaves Biden a love letter. How long will it take for people to wake up to this fraud? Jared lurking the background should have sent off alarm bells.


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Emissions Confusion by Viv Forbes


What parallel universe are our politicians living in?

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The Marvel of Wokeness By Bruce Bennett

I lived on a small farm as a kid growing up in rural Victoria during the 1960s and missed most of the madness of the time. I did collect Marvel comics, especially Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s run on the Fantastic Four and Thor. That so-called silver age was really a golden age, but it did not take long for what we now call political correctness to grip this genre. When Kirby left, I gave up on Marvel, seeing the writing on the wall. Now this is where it is at.


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Go Ducky, Go! By Brian Simpson

Ok, I never liked the name DuckDuckGo, but Google is a silly name too. Can you gargle a google, you tell me? “Eventually, they changed the name to Google; the name of the search engine originated from a misspelling of the word "googol", the number 1 followed by 100 zeros, which was picked to signify that the search engine was intended to provide large quantities of information.”


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Digging their Own Graves By Mrs Vera West

If the Chinese lab release hypothesis of the origin of Covid-19 proves correct, then America, through its globalist funding has help contribute to this crisis, and its doom via Beijing Biden.


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It is All a Grand Plan for US Destruction By Chris Knight

The catastrophic flow of migrants over the border, produced by Biden, is no accident. The aim is to bring in Democrat voters, and to dilute the White population, as part of the Great Replacement, something the Left is big on. Some do not comment on the racial aspect, but the general political consequences are clear enough.


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Please Explain; Covid Cases Spiking in Some High Vaccination States! By Mrs Vera West

Surely the very point of vaccines, is not just to make money for Big Pharma, using people as sinks, but to vastly reduce disease cases, if not eliminate disease. So, what is to be said about states with high vaccination rates, but spiking Covid cases?


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Zombie Apocalypse, America By Chris Knight

I had to go to San Francisco for business for our firm as no-one else would go. I was amazed at the level of social land physical decay. One had to be careful where one walked, least one step in human crap! The smell was terrible, like a war zone. But, all around was drug culture, a people crazed for a variety of drugs. With this comes social disintegration and crime, making the whole place take a zombie apocalypse feel. In fact, I would feel safer in The Walking Dead, than unarmed, around what walks the streets of most American cities.


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