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Monkeys Steal Covid-19 Samples, Join Antifa, Help Burn Down America By Brian Simpson

     Well, not exactly, but it is getting in that territory. All sorts of weird things are happening as the world fully spins into clown world. Like monkeys stealing Covid-19 samples. Will this be a New Planet of the Apes, as they evolve and take over? Or have primates had their day, and maybe cockroaches will rise to rule the Earth?

“A troop of monkeys in India has attacked a medical official and snatched away blood samples of patients who had tested positive for coronavirus. The attack occurred this week when a laboratory technician was walking in the campus of a state-run medical college in Meerut, 460km north of Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh state. “Monkeys grabbed and fled with the blood samples of four COVID-19 patients who are undergoing treatment ... we had to take their blood samples again,” said Dr SK Garg, a top official at the college. Authorities said they were not clear if the monkeys had spilled the blood samples, but people living near the leafy campus feared further spread of the virus if the monkeys carried the samples into residential areas. Garg said it was not clear if the monkeys could contract the coronavirus if they came into contact with infected blood.

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China Wants to Muzzle Aussie Dogs? By James Reed

     Sorry, I got that wrong, the muzzling is of MPs, pollies, so now every dog in the country is going to hate me, and bite me when I go for my evening stroll, if I am now allowed out of my kennel. Such is the life of high-pressure journalism. Oh, speaking of dogs and riots and all that stuff about the thin blue line:

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been told to put a “muzzle” on Chinese critics in a blistering attack by the Communist Party’s media mouthpiece. The Global Times published a number of inflammatory articles across the weekend amid heightened tensions between China and Australia, including one that described Liberal MP Andrew Hastie as “a thug of the United states”. He was further blasted along with Labor MP Kimberley Kitching for dining with the US ambassador Arthur B Culvahouse in Canberra. The communist rag claimed the ambassador had been made an honorary member of the Wolverines - a group of Australian MP’s known for the criticism of China’s questionable human rights record. “The relationship between Australia and the US is very close in every way. It is an open secret that anti-China groups like the Wolverines could be used to undermine relations between China and Australia at the behest of the US,” Ruan Zongze, executive vice president and senior research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies, told the Global Times. “These anti-China politicians are motivated by their interests and are happy to be thugs of the US to enhance their presence without considering China-Australia relations or Australia’s interests.” It also took aim at Liberal Senator James Paterson for his support of pro-democracy protests, claiming he had “stuck his nose in Hong Kong affairs.” “Chinese academics are urging the Morrison government to stop extreme groups like the Wolverines and politicians and commentators from spreading the US’ anti-China virus,’’ the article stated. “Unless this happens, Australia could find itself involved in a China-US ‘Cold War’ due to cheap tricks from second-rate politicians who play the China card while hurting bilateral economic co-operation and trade amid COVID-19.” The publication said Australia’s success as a “middle power” was dependent on its ability to maintaining good relations with China.”

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Antifa Burns Down America By Chris Knight

     Well, where do I start? America is burning, if not burnt down, and there is so much to cover, I feel like I do not know where to start. You would think that the burners would be more global warming aware, wouldn’t you?
You see the black guy who died when arrested, who had a knee by a white cop put on his throat, did not die from strangulation, as the mainstream media has courted. According to the autopsy, Floyd died from a combination of being restrained, having intoxicants in his system, and heart disease, but strangulation was not the cause of death, but no doubt the cop must go down for murder as a sacrifice for the regime.

     The autopsy results thus challenge Mike Adam’s view of a deliberate murder here, as delightfully conspiratorial as that may be:

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Piles of Bricks Materialise Out of Nothingness Violating the First Law of Thermodynamics! By Brian Simpson

     When I first saw this item on a naughty boy site, I just thought, eh, racism. But no, then I went to the great Zerohedge, that keeps most of our guys here in a day job, saving them from doing real reporting, by getting  out in the field and finding the news, say by trips to the US etc, if there were planes, and there was money for airfares.

“Mysterious pallets of bricks have been filmed throughout major riot hotspots across the country, in what appears to be more evidence that organized groups are using the George Floyd protests to incite chaos and terrorism throughout the US.”

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The Riots in Essence are About Our Unjust Financial System, That does Not Deliver Adequate Purchasing Power By James Reed

     I was inspired by this Canadian black guy’s survivalist take on the US  riots, well  worth seeing, as it gives a different spin on things:

     We really need to move beyond the usual racial realist take on riots and the burning of the West, as seen at various Dissent Right sites, where the violence is  a product of IQ, and genes, and look to the financial causes of Black people and youth smashing up ATM machines and grabbing money, or looting stores to get electronic goods. Let us not worry too much about assaults, murders, and rapes, for the sake of argument. Clearly, these poor, poor, people do not have adequate purchasing power, and simply want the same consumer goods that white folks have. So far social credit theorists have not taken pen to paper, or key board on this issue yet, but Chris Martenson had made a good start to get the stone rolling. Of course, I will ignore his idea that the days of exponential growth are over, since I hope that mass consumption and resource use will ever-expand by many thousands of times, in this age of plenty of goodies:

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In Praise of the Loner and Man with No Name By John Steele

     Being a loner, out herein the scrub in my tent, much like Uncle Len in Adelaide, wallowing in the filth of his shed, we need a philosophical and scientific underpinning for our eccentric life style choices. Got it:

“There are always individuals that don’t participate in the collective behavior—the odd bird or insect or mammal that remains just a little out of sync with the rest; the stray cell or bacterium that seems to have missed some call to arms. Researchers usually pay them little heed, dismissing them as insignificant outliers. But a handful of scientists have started to suspect otherwise. Their hunch is that these individuals are signs of something deeper, a broader evolutionary strategy at work. Now new research validating that hypothesis has opened up a very different way of thinking about the study of collective behavior. Scientists have used slime molds to experimentally investigate the emergence and maintenance of social behavior, identifying mechanisms that ensure cooperation among the amoebas. But they’ve always focused on the aggregated cells. Tarnita and her team wanted to investigate whether the cells that stayed behind—the “loners,” as they called them—also played an important role.

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Bugs Get into Corona Bug Tracker By Brian Simpson

     You can bank on tech to screw up, in fact there is book of basically that title, and it is a good one that I think everyone should have as we move into these survivalist times (John Steele will review it at some point, when he gets his act together.)

“To help track and contain the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Australia deployed COVIDSafe, an app designed to help speed up contact tracing. However, the adoption of the app has been hampered by bugs, as well as concerns on whether it infringes on users’ privacy rights. Launched on April 26, the COVIDSafe app was developed based on source code from Singapore’s TraceTogether app. The latter was one of the first contact-tracing apps produced in the current pandemic. Government officials have appealed to the public to download the app in an effort to minimize the impact of budget deficits and the country’s first economic recession in a generation. In trying to persuade Australians to embrace COVIDSafe, authorities have invoked images of some of their favorite pastimes, such as soccer and beer. Earlier this month, Health Minister Greg Hunt tweeted that anyone wanting to play or watch soccer should download the app. Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison invoked the memory of going to the pub and having a drink with friends. “Now, if that isn’t an incentive for Australians to download COVIDSafe on a Friday, I don’t know what is,” said Morrison.

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The Covid-19 Bucket Leaks By Brian Simpson

     Who would have thought, at this late point in the Covid-19 game, that the narrative had holes in it? It is enough to blow me over, or even make me riot, by throwing a tantrum and jumping up and down. Like Bull-Hansen says:

“Here are three leaks showing that those in power know that the coronavirus poses no threat, and in no way justifies the lockdown that is going to destroy the livelihoods of so many.

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Trump Dumps WHO, an Early Minute to Him By Charles Taylor

     Credit where credit is due; Trump is following through, which he rarely does, after making tough talk to pull out of supporting the China’s dominated World Health Organization:

“After having warned the organization less than two weeks prior that he would cut funding unless they took steps to show independence from China, President Donald Trump announced Friday that the U.S. will formally end its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO). “The world is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the Chinese government,” said Trump in a speech in the Rose Garden. “Countless lives have been taken, and profound economic hardship has been inflicted all around the globe.” During his 10-minute address, Trump stated that after failing to report the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to the WHO, Chinese officials had pressured the organization “to mislead the world when the virus was first discovered by Chinese authorities.”

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No Kidding, China Wants to Destroy the West, But Sell Heaps of Junk to Us First By James Reed

     US Secretary Pompeo has stirred up a hornet’s nest saying:

“This is a Chinese Communist Party that has come to view itself as intent upon the destruction of Western ideas, Western democracies, and Western values. It puts Americans at risk, whether it’s stealing American intellectual property or destroying jobs here in the U.S.”

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Fabian socialism in the USA, You Guys Next By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     It is all moving so quick now that good folks out there in the green leafy suburbs, especially if they are still in lock down mode, may not be aware of the rapid advances made by socialism during these crazy New World Order times. The US, as always is leading ground for this, and once we go, you Aussies are gone for sure:

“If you didn’t notice yet, we are living under socialist order in the blue states dictated by communist governors. All signs of the new world order are apparent, and if you don’t believe it, visit just about any U.S. state where the governor is a Democrat, and nobody even voted for it yet. Well, they did, but they didn’t realize it at the time. The “new normal” is quite abnormal, compared to living the American dream. That is over and there will be no going back to “normal” if Bill Gates and George Soros keep all their pawns in check (governors who bow down to the ring and will do anything for money). The Constitution is being hung by its neck in the gallows while the peons and paupers all watch in horror. It’s involuntary socialism. There are really no other words for it right now. Americans have no rights to protest peacefully, they must come out bearing legal, fully-loaded automatic weapons and keep their smart devices rolling video live the whole time in order to even have a voice. Then that’s all banned from mainstream media … Nobody can hug, shake hands, or even see each other’s faces anymore. That is all illegal. Practicing religion is illegal too. Ministers are being arrested for leading their churches in prayer, even in cars. The first amendment is also completely dead. Just go online and type in anything pro-Trump and you will see … nothing.

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Bill’s Vaccine Fop By Mrs Vera West

     It is not all beer and digital bits, being a New World Order Dark Lord of vaccines and all things conspiratorial. Bill Gates wants to vaccinate everything, maybe even rocks, maybe even viruses, and all he gets are road blocks, mostly biochemical. Chemistry is indeed cruel to globalists:

“One day after revelations that the Gates/Fauci Moderna vaccine caused severe illnesses in 20% of high-dose recipients, Bill Gates got devastating news about his other “warp-speed” COVAX bet. The Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG) spike-protein vaccine was on an even faster track than Moderna. In May, Melinda Gates predicted it would be jab-ready by years’ end. Oxford and UK officials promised 30 million doses by September. (Article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. republished from On April 24, OVG scientists announced that a small macaque study proved the vaccine effective. OVG quickly recruited 510 healthy volunteers for human trials. Pre-publication data released on May 13th reveals the vaccine is less promising than the OVG team implied. All vaccinated macaques sickened after exposure to COVID-19. Edinburgh University’s Eleanor Riley told Forbes the vaccine provided “insufficient” antibodies to prevent infection and viral shedding. Vaccinated monkeys spread the disease as readily as unvaccinated. Pollard used his power and deceitful puffery about the monkey trial to bulldoze his COVID vaccine into human trials. He shunned inert placebo tests and restricted safety studies to three weeks to hide long-term injuries.

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In Praise of Big Brains By Brain Simpson

     If you do a bit of googling about brain size, generally one finds that it is dismissed, or minimised, saying that bigger human brains do not mean more smarts. But, that may change with the results of a new study:

“For decades, scientists have been trying to answer the age-old question of whether or not the size of the human brain correlates with cognitive performance. In a recent study — the largest of its kind — researchers at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) finally found empirical evidence suggesting that brain volume is positively associated with human intelligence. Using data collected from more than 13,600 individuals in the U.K., they also found a positive relationship between the total size of the brain and educational attainment. The researchers reported their findings in an article published in the journal Psychological Science.

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Who Fact checks the Fact Checkers? By Chris Knight

     I always find it amusing, no depressing, how the Left fact checkers have their own biases that are never disclosed, at least by them.

“Twitter for the first time put a fact-check label on tweets from President Trump, using the controversial tactic on messages in which the president complained there is “no way” that “mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent.” It may be instructive that Twitter seized on the mail-in balloting tweets as the first issue from Trump’s rapid fire social media feed to slap with a fact-check label. Twitter did not disclose in its so-called fact-check it is partners with two groups financed by leftist donors that engage in voter participation efforts, including drives pushing mail-in balloting. Twitter sits on the “Premier Partner” list of one of those groups alongside ViacomCBS, the merger of Viacom and CBS. Twitter’s so-called fact-check about Trump’s mail-in balloting cited CBS political reporter Grace Segers vouching for mail-in voting. Analysts have posited such proposals help the Democratic Party. Republicans specifically fear the prospect of voter fraud, since mail-in voting would be harder to authenticate.

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Replacing Britain By Richard Miller

     Can it be? Is Britain finally getting a bit of self-respect and waking up, from its pathetic deracinated state? We can only hope:

“More than three-quarters of Britons want the interests of the UK workforce to be put ahead of employers seeking cheap labour from overseas. According to Deltapoll, 77 per cent of respondents to a survey said they think British businesses should prioritise workers already in the UK in an effort to get people back to work following the coronavirus lockdown. Just eight per cent said that it should be “easier to bring in employees from abroad” (15 per cent “don’t know”). The replies came in response to the pollster asking whether Britons agreed with the statement: “With record numbers of people unable to work as usual, the government should ensure that employers prioritise getting British workers back to work instead of making it easier to bring in more employees from abroad.” The results suggest that the government is widely out of step with its post-Brexit Immigration Bill, which would scrap the Resident Labour Market Test. The test is a benchmark that employers have to meet to prove that there were no suitably-qualified candidates already in the United Kingdom before opening up vacancies to international competition. The rules, similar to many around the world, protect the British job market for UK workers. Britons now face the prospect of losing that protection after millions being furloughed due to coronavirus and after already seeing cheap EU labour, thanks to Free Movement, depressing wages for years.”

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Is Ageing Sex Pot Madonna Right? Ban All Guns, Starting with the Establishment? By John Steele

     Madonna, ever-ready for controversy and attention, has done her usual, let’s-ban-all-guns rave, but this time, she is the first liberal to be consistent:

“Left-wing pop icon Madonna offered the kind of hot take in response to George Floyd’s death that she’s become famous for, by suggesting that “no one should be able to carry a gun,” especially police officers. Floyd died Monday after being handcuffed and held down on the ground by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee. Riots are exploding in the streets from Los Angeles to Minneapolis. So, Madonna responds by advocating to disarm law abiding gun owners.”

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Why Aussie Police, Even When They Have to Kill People, are Far Better than US Police! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     As usual, following the rather shocking police brutality of an officer putting his knee on the neck of Black guy George Floyd, and killing him, Blacks have gone on a rampage, burning and looting stores. As well, a white woman in a wheel chair who tried to stop the looting in one store got beaten up, showing the level that these rioters operate on:

     Let us be clear, there was no justification for the treatment of Floyd, and it is reasonable for people to be angry and want justice, as restraining someone by putting a knee on their neck is simply deadly. But, looting stores and beating up innocent people does not get justice for Floyd, nor does endangering life by burning down America. It is all just an excuse for mayhem and looting of electronic goods, and does nothing to secure justice.
There is a serious problem with US police, who use excessive force, some are little more than thugs and criminals themselves, but they do face brutality each day, so it is a Catch 22 situation. In Australia, your police are much better and give people a chance to surrender before shooting them, as a recent incidence shows great restraint:

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Twitter Hates Trump but Loves Commo China By Chris Knight

     Talk about enemies within…  twitty Twitter can make the ultimate political raising of the rude finger to President Trump, fact check him, but give commo China a free run:

“Recently Twitter added a “fact check” label to President Donald Trump’s tweets about the concerns surrounding mail-in voting fraud, but the social media site has failed to apply those same fact-checking measures to verified Chinese government accounts that spread coronavirus misinformation on the platform. Breitbart News recently reported on Twitter’s attempts to “fact check” President Trump, this time focusing on the President’s tweets discussing concerns surrounding mail-in voting fraud. Twitter chose to add its own personal “fact-check” to the President’s tweet, Breitbart News journalist Allum Bokhari outlined why this situation is unique in an article writing: Unlike Facebook, which gives itself plausible deniability for fact-checking bias by relying on “third party fact checkers” (almost all left-leaning) to pick and choose what to fact-check and what to ignore, Twitter made the decision to fact-check Trump’s tweet itself, linking to an official “moment” curated by Twitter employees and containing numerous articles from the mainstream media calling the president a liar. In a comment to Breitbart News, Twitter said there was no way for the President even to appeal the dubious “fact-check.”

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The Answer My Friend, is Not Blowing in the Wind, But in Face Masks! By Brian Simpson

     While we all agree that climate change is an illusion, for the earth’s climate does not change in human terms, only over billions of years, for some reason I do not know, God has allowed bugs to exist, such as dangerous viruses. Maybe this is a product of original sin; but I suppose not one of you there deny that diseases exist. So, what do we do about them?  Why, we do like the Japanese, wear face masks, and get back to producing carbon, the stuff of life, and wait for the sun to melt the dark of winter:

“Japan has, by far, the lowest death toll and number of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) infections among the Group of Seven major economies. The Japanese government’s expert panel on the pandemic has identified the wearing of face masks — alongside good public hygiene and social distancing — as one of the reasons for this. The wearing of masks has sparked outrage in some parts of the world and was initially dismissed as ineffective by the World Health Organization. But in Japan, face masks have long been a part of everyday life, and they have proven to be useful tools in the fight against the deadly pandemic. As of writing, Japan has confirmed over 16,000 coronavirus cases and about 850 deaths.

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Welcome to Great Depression 2.0; It is Enough to Make One Greatly Depressed By Chris Knight

     I moved back to the US, my original home, at the wrong time, just before the corona freak-out began, and walked right into the lock downs, backed by the iron fist of the law. And, 40 million, no 41 million unemployed, soon to be more than  double the entire population of

     The Democrats and Republicans are set to war about extending the unemployment benefits into this year and maybe next. The harder-nosed Republican neo-cons think that letting the millions die of starvation would be more economical, since migrants can always be brought in to soak up any spillage. Things are so bad that Walmart is selling second hand goods, because people are now too poor to buy new stuff. And, we have not even hit the bottom of the barrel yet!

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