Letter to the Editor - Too many Australians are now aware of the fundamental injustice of such change

To The Australian         Paul Kelly's latest discussion of the indigenous constitutional recognition issue is lop-sided ("Indigenous leaders and Coalition now need to talk", 17/7). He states that there are two major conflicts: "between the majority of indigenous leaders and the Morrison government, and between the Morrison government and the Labor Party." Wrong! The major conflict is between all those Australians campaigning for constitutional change and all the other Australians who can see clearly the full folly of the idea and will have none of it. As one of the latter, I reject Kelly's claim that "the idea of constitutional change has gained more traction." Too many Australians are now aware of the fundamental injustice of such change and the obvious fact that the campaigners (both the zealots and the opportunists) will keep asking for more if the nation is stupid enough to concede anything. Kelly says that indigenous leaders should talk to the Coalition. Also wrong! They should desist from a doomed campaign; and Scott Morrison, Ken Wyatt and the Coalition government should heed the will of the great majority by closing the door on the whole business.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Our Sacred Land? By Viv Forbes

     My wife and I were both born in Australia, as were two children and four grandchildren. Our parents were born in Australia as were all of their parents. And some ancestors go back much further in this land. I feel rage every time I have to sit through another patronising “welcome to country” charade, designed to make me feel an intruder in my own land. Indigenous history on this continent is the same as our family story – it just goes back a bit further. The first aboriginals probably walked here over a land bridge and Europeans came later in sailing clippers. All caused displacement of prior inhabitants. They brought dingos which are now “protected” – we brought cattle, sheep, horses and ploughs which are increasingly condemned. They mined ochre, quartzite and basalt, which are now heritage sites – but our coal mines are widely condemned. They brought spears and boomerangs – we brought guns and swords. Racial referenda, indigenous “Welcomes”, talk of Treaties and special land rights for some Australians just create and maintain division. How long before we are one people with the same rights and responsibilities? Two centuries is surely time enough?

A Good Time for Nihilists: Social Media is Ripping Society Apart By James Reed

     Apart from ethno-racial conflict, which has always been with us, and which humanity, or at least Whites never seem to understand, going through these cycles of civilisation and collapse, there is the new variable of technology. Most people are so addicted to it, especially computers, social media and demonic things like that, that criticism of these institutions is unthinkable, heretical. Some, though are still thinking:

“A former Facebook executive has said he feels “tremendous guilt” over his work on “tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works”, joining a growing chorus of critics of the social media giant. Chamath Palihapitiya, who was vice-president for user growth at Facebook before he left the company in 2011, said: “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth.” The remarks, which were made at a Stanford Business School event in November, were just surfaced by tech website the Verge on Monday. “This is not about Russian ads,” he added. “This is a global problem. It is eroding the core foundations of how people behave by and between each other.” Palihapitiya’s comments last month were made a day after Facebook’s founding president, Sean Parker, criticized the way that the company “exploit[s] a vulnerability in human psychology” by creating a “social-validation feedback loop” during an interview at an Axios event. Parker had said that he was “something of a conscientious objector” to using social media, a stance echoed by Palihapitiya who said that he was now hoping to use the money he made at Facebook to do good in the world. “I can’t control them,” Palihapitiya said of his former employer. “I can control my decision, which is that I don’t use that shit. I can control my kids’ decisions, which is that they’re not allowed to use that shit.” He also called on his audience to “soul-search” about their own relationship to social media. “Your behaviors, you don’t realize it, but you are being programmed,” he said. “It was unintentional, but now you gotta decide how much you’re going to give up, how much of your intellectual independence.”

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The Heroes of Antifa By Chris Knight

     Another great article by my third favourite journalist, Jim Goad on the violence of the Antifa. You know, the Leftist people who want to create a communist world of love, peace and justice according to Karl Marx, without Marx’s racism, which neo-Marxists see as merely a product of the times.  Ok,  let’s run with this.

     But, how then to justify beating up an Asian journalist, Andy Ngo, who is also gay, on June 29, 2019, for merely filming Antifa at a Portland Oregon protest? Ngo was beaten so badly that he was hospitalised for a brain haemorrhage, and Antifa then posted on-line messages celebrating this and joking about it. As well, an elderly man was maced and beaten with a crowbar, and a man who tried to intervene was struck so hard in the head that he required 25 stitches and staples in his skull. These White children of the elites basically just get away with it. Those from the Right, now even conservative Christian groups protesting about issues like abortion, will be hit with every law, and trumped up charge if they are seen to step out of line, or even keep in line. This is anarcho-tyranny moving to the level of anarcho-terrorism. How does it end? Of course, the good guys will do nothing, and as always, the bad guys will win the day, and succeed in pulling down the entire temple of civilisation. Then, said badies too will become the victims of predation by the new warlords who will arise because men of the West did not stand up for what was right, but chose the consumer comforts of a quiet life in leafy suburbia. Then God will judge mankind.

Is There a Glass Ceiling in Treason? By Charles Taylor

     Women of the progressive tribe are always rattling on about glass ceilings, the US soccer team being the latest example, even though if they were paid as much as men, payment being based solely upon commercial popularity not sex, they would all be sacked due to it all being uneconomical, which would be good. Anyway, when it comes to crime, especially treason, it seems that there is a glass ceiling for women, with some getting with with things that would put them behind bars longer if they were men:

“A former employee with the State Department has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for hiding her extensive contacts with Chinese agents. In addition to the prison time, Candace Marie Claiborne also was given three years of supervised release and a fine of $40,000 for conspiracy to defraud the United States. She was convicted of lying to law enforcement and background investigators, and hiding her extensive contacts with, and gifts from, agents of the People’s Republic of China, in exchange for providing them with internal documents from the U.S. State Department. Claiborne pleaded guilty in April 2019. Plea documents show that she began working as an Office Management Specialist for the Department of State in 1999. As a condition of her employment, Claiborne maintained a TOP SECRET security clearance. Claiborne also was required to report any contacts with persons suspected of affiliation with a foreign intelligence agency. Despite such a requirement, Claiborne failed to report repeated contacts with two intelligence agents of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), even though these agents provided tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and benefits to Claiborne and her family over five years. The gifts and benefits included cash wired to Claiborne’s USAA account, Chinese New Year’s gifts, international travel and vacations, tuition at a Chinese fashion school, a fully furnished apartment, and a monthly stipend.

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Germany’s Diversity: How is That One Going? By Richard Miller

     Germany’s multicult experiment is fine, and people feel secure about the future. Rivers of chocolate run throughout the land, and everyone dines on the milk and honey of human loooooove:

“The Bertelsmann Foundation released a study on Thursday revealing that every second German feels threatened by Islam. Dr. Yasemin El-Menouar, an Islam expert with Bertelsmann, wrote “Overall, about half of the respondents perceive Islam as a threat. In East Germany, this proportion is even higher at 57% than in West Germany [50%]. The new study surveyed 1,000 people. It was conducted by the foundation’s Religion Monitor department and the data was collected in the Spring of 2019. Only a third of those surveyed said Islam enriches German society. In contrast, a majority of Germans say Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism serve to enrich Germany. El-Menouar suspects that the negative result for Islam is influenced by the perception that Islam is more of a political ideology and less of a religion. However, the study also noted that “Only a minority of citizens show a clearly anti-Islamic view and demand, for example, to prevent the immigration of Muslims.” According to El-Menouar, “Although our study shows a widespread skepticism of Islam, but that is not necessarily synonymous with hostility toward [Muslims]. Many people have reservations about Islam, but that does not lead to political demands or anti-democratic views.”

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Germaine Greer’s Career Rapees Comment By Mrs Vera West

     Remember Australia second wave feminist Germaine Greer? Sure. Well today she gets in the news mainly by saying things which by present standards are politically incorrect, which goes to show how crazy this old world has become:

“Germaine Greer addressed her previous controversial remarks on the #MeToo movement — and in doing so reignited a controversy that has resulted in another strong backlash. Greer said that speaking out years after an attack is “pointless” and that those who do so risk becoming “career rapees.” She also cautioned about the damaging implications that making public accusations could have on the lives of the very women who level the allegations. “The amount of legal muscle that will be used to defend these people is massive and I’m concerned for damage limitation rather than maximisation rather than wrecking people’s lives, so they become career rapees as it were,” said Greer, citing the difficulties Harvey Weinstein’s former assistant Zelda Perkins faced. Speaking with Mishal Husain on BBC Radio 4’s Today, Greer built on past comments in which she said that Harvey Weinstein’s victims “spread [their] legs” in return for movie roles by suggesting that they and others who accepted financial settlements from powerful men were “dishonorable” for having done so. “Some of whom have been paid six figure sums in the form of non-disclosure agreements,” she added. “That’s a dishonorable thing to accept and it’s not something you should boast about.” Greer further condemned the #MeToo movement itself, saying that she didn’t believe it had “gone too far” because it hadn’t actually “got anywhere at all.”

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The Hypocrisy of the Singing Class By James Reed

     One thing that is obvious about the new class elites, the controllers of ideas and information, is there open double standards, seen most clearly with gun control: guns for our security services, but not for the ordinary deplorables. But, the area of climate change, my bug in my bonnet, is another area. There we see these elites lecturing us about saving the planet by reducing carbon emissions, but their own lives show what a lie this all is. Consider the case of Barbra Streisand, who has been at the pc game for years now:

“Barbra Streisand, who regularly rings alarm bells about the looming dangers of global warming in the Trump-era, reportedly flew her dogs around the world to watch her sing at London’s British Summer Time concert.
Per Page Six: She took her three Coton de Tuléar pooches — Miss Scarlet, Miss Violet and Fanny — on a 10,000-mile roundtrip flight to watch her perform at London’s British Summer Time concert on Sunday. “There was no expense spared for her three beloved pets in the backstage area,” The Sun reported. “They had free roam of her dressing room and a dedicated member of staff to push them in the buggy or walk them round at their free will.”

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Don’t Mess with Laura! By Paul Walker

     We have seen stories almost daily abut how Facebook and other facets of Big Tech are in a progressive march to shut down what little remains of free speech. What though is being done to fight back? Trump could act, but he is not, and we could speculate about what they have on him that is ensuring his inevitable defeat and imprisonment of his entire family, bar Jared. Still, some brave souls are taking Facebook on in the courts, and hopefully they will win:

“Laura Loomer is suing Facebook for alleged defamation after the social media platform banned her on the grounds that she was a “dangerous” individual. Loomer, a self-described nationalist who has elsewhere been described as a far-right activist, provocateur and conspiracy theorist, is being represented by Larry Klayman in the $3 billion lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, when Loomer was banned by Facebook on May 2 — along with Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopolous, and more — Facebook said it has “always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology.” “The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today,” the statement continued. The lawsuit said that Facebook’s community standards on “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” are defined as “organizations or individuals involved in the following: Terrorist activity, Organized hate, Mass or serial murder, Human trafficking, [or] Organized violence or criminal activity.” Loomer and her defense attorney said that she doesn’t “come close” to meeting that definition. “Ms. Loomer does not fall, or come close to falling, within any of the defined groups set forth by Defendant Facebook,” the lawsuit said. “Ms. Loomer has never once advocated violence against any person or group of persons.”

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The Dangers of Runaway Environmentalism By James Reed

     This truly is tragic; a woman tries to do the right thing environmentally using metal rather than plastic straws and ends up dying as she tragically fell over and it went through her eye. It shows how careful one must be; the world is a dangerous place indeed.

     Then there is the debate that I thought was a troll, or joke, that air-conditioning is sexist!!!

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New Zealand Gun Control: How is that One Going? By John Steele

     With all the media fanfare about gun control in the land of the long white, well maybe not white, cloud, how is gun banning going? Any problems, or are things doing a John Howard?

“Once again, responding to a horrendous crime by inflicting knee-jerk, authoritarian restrictions on innocent people proves to be an ineffective means of convincing people to obey. Specifically, New Zealand's government—which also stepped up censorship and domestic surveillance after bloody attacks on two Christchurch mosques earlier this year—is running into stiff resistance to new gun rules from firearms owners who are slow to surrender now-prohibited weapons and will probably never turn them in. Officials should have seen it coming. "Police are anticipating a number of people with banned firearms in their possession won't surrender them," Stuff reported at the end of May, based on internal government documents. As of last week, only around 700 weapons had been turned over. There are an estimated 1.5 million guns—with an unknown number subject to the new prohibition on semiautomatic firearms—in the country overall. Traditionally relaxed in its approach to firearms regulation, and enjoying a low crime rate, New Zealand has no firearms registration rule. That means authorities have no easy way of knowing what guns are in circulation or who owns them.

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Firing the First Shot in the China War By James Reed

     I hope that everyone is finding my coverage in the lead up to World War III and the nuclear annihilation of the world as we know it … interesting … perhaps, mildly amusing   …. But, hey, just to look on the lighter side of oblivion we need to turn to the colourful Duterte, when he is not taking out with extreme prejudge drug dealers:

“If Washington wants the Philippines to fight China, the US military should come and fire the first shot, President Rodrigo Duterte argued, accusing the US of using its allies as “bait” for Beijing. “There is always America pushing us, egging us … making me the bait. What do you think Filipinos are, earthworms?” Duterte said in a speech in Leyte province on Friday, which only got media attention on Sunday. “Now I say, you bring your planes, your boats to South China Sea. Fire the first shot and we are just here behind you. Go ahead, let’s fight,” he added. “Do you want trouble? OK, let’s do it.” The remarks came as the government in Manila finds itself sandwiched between US demands for a tougher posture towards China and Beijing’s maritime expansion in the South China Sea, specifically the islands that the Philippines have claimed as their own. The US knew about China building up the islands, the president told the audience in Alangalang, at the opening of a rice processing factory, noting that the US Navy has the Seventh Fleet stationed in Japan. “Why didn’t they send it to the Spratly and say ‘Hey guys, you are not supposed to build artificial islands in the high seas, that is exactly prohibited by international law and the fact is you are constructing it within the exclusive economic zone of our friend, the Philippines’?” Duterte asked. “They left them to build it, now it’s all there. All the guns are there, all the missiles are mounted.”

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European New World Order By Richard Miller

     Here, by way of summary are the latest moves of the European elites to create a United States of Europe, even while the present USA is falling apart. The one world dream is a delusion deriving from the same source as communism, but perhaps more powerful given the dark money interests always behind it.

  •     “German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, nominated to be the next President of the European Commission, has called for the creation of a European superstate. "My aim is the United States of Europe..." she said in an interview with Der Spiegel. She has also called for the creation of a European Army.
  •     Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, nominated to be the next President of the European Council, has said that Eastern European countries opposed to burden-sharing on migration should lose some of their EU rights. He is also a strong proponent of the Iran nuclear deal.
  •     Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, nominated to replace Federica Mogherini as High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, is a well-known supporter of the mullahs in Iran. Borrell has also said that he hopes Britain will leave the EU because it is an impediment to the creation of a European superstate.
  •     International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, nominated to be the next President of the European Central Bank, has supported U.S. President Donald J. Trump's trade war with China. "President Trump has a point on intellectual property. It is correct that nobody should be stealing intellectual property to move ahead.... On these points clearly the game has to change, the rules have to be respected."
  •     "The best cure for Europhilia is always to observe the EU's big beasts at their unguarded worst... unencumbered by any attachment to democracy, accountability or even basic morality... [W]e witnessed rare footage of the secretive process that propels so many retreads and second-rate apparatchiks into positions of immense power in Brussels and Frankfurt, utterly disregarding public opinion.... Everything that is wrong with the EU was shamelessly on display." — Allister Heath, The Telegraph.

     There is no doubt about it, but the globalists are in this until the entire planet is reduced to a crisp, like toast left in the toaster for way too long. Nothing, not even the failure of open borders immigration has caused them to pause. It will be a battle to the last breath, and the politically obese will fall, even before the start line.

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Letter to The Editor - Only the federal government has the power to negotiate treaties

To The Age        Ian Usman Lewis (15/7) needs to explain to us, if he can, how and why an inserted recognition of Aboriginal peoples into the Constitution would not be discrimination, and unjust discrimination at that. As for those seeking to establish a treaty or treaties, including the Victorian and Queensland governments, they are barking up the wrong tree. Only the federal government has the power to negotiate treaties and that applies to other nations, not a small group of our own folk misleadingly titled "First Nations".
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Sweden’s Small Scale War By Richard Miller

     I report regularly on the social breakdown of Sweden which serves as a model of the faults of mass migration and multiculturalism. One author has described the place as already in a small-scale war:

“Swedish author Björn Ranelid warns that the level of crime and violence the previously sedate country is experiencing amounts to a “small scale war”. Ranelid cites car fires which were previously unknown but have now become commonplace across the country along with an explosion in shootings. The author said that blaming the “frustrations” of young people for the crime wave was a cop out since his generation had it just as touch but didn’t turn to criminality. “They lived crowded in outdated apartments and the economy of many families was poor, but none of my hundreds of acquaintances, friends and playmates burned cars, robbed old people or wore weapons,” he wrote. According to Ranelid, the country is in dire need of a  “spiritual revolution” of ethics, morality and child raising. “It is a small-scale war that affects all people who live and live in Sweden. The supply of explanations is over,” said Ranelid. As we previously highlighted, grenade attacks and deadly shootings in Sweden – concerns over which were once derided as a conspiracy theory by the media – now represent a “national emergency” according to a new report. Deadly shootings in Sweden have also risen by a factor of 10 in one generation, exacerbated by witness intimidation and “a code of silence in the country’s socio-economically weak immigrant areas,” according to Quillette’s Paulina Neuding. The crime of robberies against children and sexual violence has also risen, with a third of young women reporting they feel unsafe going out at night. This has all happened under the watch of a “feminist government” that has opened the borders to mass immigration like never before. A sprawling and generous welfare system has also failed to deter migrants from turning to crime, while light punishments have also incentivized criminal behavior. Meanwhile, head of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) Anders Thornberg has told Swedes that they better get used to the current conditions. Speaking of the current wave of shootings and violent crime across the country, Thornberg warned, “this can continue for five to ten years.”

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Universal Income and Drugs By James Reed

     Here is an insightful piece that puts an obvious case against universal income schemes, namely that the level of degeneracy and drug use is so high in America, and probably Australia, that if people were given any extra money, a sizable minority would explode the already pandemic drug problem:

“The entire number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan, from 2001 until today, is 3,568. The same figure for Iraq, starting in 2003, is 4,571. Together they are 8,139, or about one ninth of the total deaths from overdoses in 2017 alone. The total number of American casualties in the Vietnam War was 58,220, less than any two-year pairing of overdose deaths in the last decade. The enormity of this death toll is truly hard to fathom, but consider this comparison: the total overdose deaths for the most recent ten years we have numbers for is 471,935. The estimated population of Miami today is 470,914. And that’s just overdose deaths. It doesn’t take account of the crime committed by addicts to feed their habit, the broken families, the disastrous health consequences of habitual drug use, etc. In terms of numbers, then, what is going on today is a war, and it is a war that we are losing. Since 2012, the percent increase of overdose deaths has gone up nearly every year. From 2012 to 2013, fatal overdoses went up just shy of six percent. From 2013 to 2014, it went up just shy of seven percent. From 2014 to 2015, the increase was about 11.3 percent. From 2015 to 2016, the increase accelerated dramatically, to 21.4 percent. From 2016 to 2017, the increase leveled a bit, going up only ten percent. As such, the numbers for 2018 may be as low as 80,000. That’s an optimistic view, mind you.

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Maybe the Terrorists Have Won? By Peter Ewer

     Who says that the terrorism issue will not impact upon daily life in Australia? A town’s fun run was cancelled because of the high cost of guarding against the threat of terrorism;

“A country town has been forced to axe their annual fun run as the costs to protect against a potential terror attack are too high. The rural town of Bendigo, in country Victoria, won't be putting on their yearly fun run in November as planned due to safety concerns. A large chunk of the cost for setting up the run would come from the installation of concrete bollards - which are worth tens of thousands of dollars. 'We are disappointed that this great event is being cancelled but safety is the number one priority,' Bendigo Health chairman Scott Elkington told the Bendigo Advertiser. He said after costs for anti-terrorism measures are added together, the event would no longer be feasible. Mr Elkington said the amount of time needed to set up and pack down a number of barriers would be another challenge for organisers. There's also a requirement to have 40 vehicles and trucks parked next to the bollards to stop terrorists driving into crowds of runners and spectators.

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Here Goes the Church of England! By Peter West

     Love, compassion, diversity, all truly amazing things. Just ask the ever- vibrant, vibrating, Church of what was once, England:

“The Church of England has confirmed that it will not challenge the “same-sex” marriages of its parishioners if a spouse changes gender after marrying. Currently, the church’s teaching is that marriage is between a man and a woman, however the Bishop of Newcastle the Right Reverend Christine Hardman confirmed on Thursday that it would not challenge a marriage between a couple if one of them became transgender after the marriage had been performed, reports The Times. “If a couple wish to remain married after one partner has transitioned, who are we to put them asunder?” Hardman said, adding: “When a couple marry in church they promise before God to be faithful to each other for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, come what may, although we preach compassion if they find this too much to bear.”

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The White Faces of Antifa By James Reed

     Ha! I have frequently argued that the young socialist thugs are the children of the elites, and that is why they are given an easy ride, as training foot soldiers. Beating up conservatives is just a workout, and when they fully emerge from their metamorphosis as mature insects, they go on to be young members of the oppressive elites, such as academics, lawyers journalists, financiers, bankers, you name it.

“At Occupy Wall Street, there were two very distinct groups. On one side of the park were the peaceful intellectuals. They ran the library and the general assembly, and organized services in the park. On the other side was the black bloc, a collection of black-clad punks, often with bandanas ready to serve as masks, who mostly engaged in drug use and drum circles. The latter group is directly related to the movement we now know as Antifa. One thing that both of these groups had—and continue to have—in common is that they are mostly young white people. This is not surprising; poll after poll shows us that the vast majority of far-left progressives are white. The intellectuals at Occupy understood and tried to address this, giving special treatment to the speech and ideas of their small cadre of non-white participants. The Black Bloc and Antifa take a different approach; they just cover their faces. But when members of Antifa are arrested, the masks come off. And, as recent mugshots of Portland Antifa members show, these people are about as diverse as the Washington Generals.

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Universities of Regret By James Reed

     Good mourning, after writing the Antifa bit, I am all steamed up to sound off about the universities again. I am not sure why I hate them so much; it is not personal, as I have not been enrolled since the 1960s. Maybe it is because every degenerating thing comes from them. Well, the top-level elites feed higher level demons the basic poison, and the final brew is made at the lower levels of these intellectual chemical weapons factories. But, thankfully, some people going through are regretting the abusive  experience:

“A college education is still considered a pathway to higher lifetime earnings and gainful employment for Americans. Nevertheless, two-thirds of employees report having regrets when it comes to their advanced degrees, according to a PayScale survey of 248,000 respondents this past spring that was released Tuesday. Student loan debt, which has ballooned to nearly $1.6 trillion nationwide in 2019, was the No. 1 regret among workers with college degrees. About 27% of survey respondents listed student loans as their top misgiving, PayScale said. The findings illustrate why education loans burdening millions of Americans have become a hot-button issue among some Democratic presidential candidates. Most recently, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday proposed a plan to impose a tax on Wall Street trading and use the proceeds to erase that $1.6 trillion of debt. About 70% of college students graduated with student loan debt this year, averaging about $33,000 per student. And as younger grads pay off student loan balances, they're struggling to accumulate wealth or are putting off purchasing homes — some millennials are even struggling to purchase groceries. It's not just millennials. Baby boomers are taking on student loan debt either to help cover college costs for their children or to retrain themselves for a workplace transformed by increased automation, cloud computing and other labor-saving technologies. Some Americans age 62 and older are using their Social Security benefits to pay off more than $86 billion in unpaid college loans.”

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