China Rewrites the Bible By James Reed

     Ah, China … the things this country gets up to on the road to domination of the known universe! Things like simply rewriting the Bible so that it fits better into its communist-bee hive capitalism worldview:

“The Chinese government is supervising a five-year plan to make Christianity more compatible with socialism in which there will be a "rewrite" of the Bible, a prominent religious freedom activist has told Congress. The Rev. Bob Fu, a former Chinese house church leader who immigrated to the United States in 1997 and founded the persecution watchdog organization China Aid, provided great detail during a House hearing Thursday about a plan enacted by leading state-sanctioned denominations in China to "Sincize" Christianity. As China's crackdown on religion has seen many house churches demolished and thousands of crosses removed from churches nationwide, Fu warned upfront that what is happening right now in China represents the highest degree of persecution for independent faith groups the country has seen in decades.

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All You Racists Out There, Write a Letter to Family about Converting to Islam! By Richard Miller

     This is one from the “how bad can it get” department. In the UK a father has been branded a “racist” for complaining about his stepdaughter being required at school to write about converting to Islam:

“A stepfather who slammed his 12-year-old's school for making her write a letter about 'converting to Islam' has been called a 'racist bigot' and is terrified of violent repercussions. Mark McLachlan, 43, complained to Kepier School in Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland when he found the homework task in his stepdaughter's planner. He refused to let her finish the 'letter to my family about converting to Islam', claiming it was 'brainwashing' her about the religion and did not see what it would achieve. But since posting about it on social media he says he has received a lot of abuse. He told MailOnline: 'My wife and I are terrified of the repercussions. 'Any time anybody says anything negative about Islam they are torn to shreds. 'I've been called a racist and a bigot, but I'm just terrified for my children and for the way this country is going. 'In 50 years time I can see Britain becoming an Islamic state and my children and grandchildren are still going to be alive - I don't want them wearing a niqab.'

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US Bio-Weapns Genocide?? By Michael Ferguson

     Could this be true? Could there really be … shock … horror …conspiracies involving the killing of multitudes of people,  via bioweapons disguised as drug research? And, it is the Russians who are alleging all of this!

“Shrouded in mystery, a US-funded medical facility in Georgia could be a cover for a bioweapons lab used for disturbing experiments that banned in the US, a Georgian ex-security minister has claimed. Tbilisi denies the accusations. However, Igor Giorgadze, a former state security minister-turned opposition figure, says he recently obtained a trove of leaked documents which might expose some dark secrets at the facility. The lab, which was “established on the territory of a … former military base some 17 kilometers from Tbilisi” as part of a US-funded project back in 2004, “was never meant to be a medical center and had nothing in common with a hospital,”Giorgadze told RT. It was notably overseen by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), a combat support agency of Pentagon which deals with weapons of mass destruction. Giorgadze points out that the facility has been the subject of rumors, and seemingly linked to mysterious incidents from the very beginning. Located in a Georgian village, it opened in 2011.

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K-A-V-A-N-A-U-G-H! The Sweet Tears of Victory By Charles Taylor

     The politically correct saga of the appointment of judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court has ended, with victory for Trump, and a crushing defeat for the forces of darkness, decay and degeneracy:

     We saw the entire libtard establishment turn out to parade liars who were willing to say whatever lies were needed to sink Brett the Noble. It all turned to dust because the guy showed guts and stood his ground, refusing to be intimidated. He was no low testosterone cuck, and Ann Coulter summed it up by saying that even if Brett liked a bit of beer, she would like to see all young college  men drink what he is drinking to get some manhood back:

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Runaway Train By John Steele

     Music for this story, Runaway Train by Soul Asylum:

     One hundred youths stormed a Melbourne train and held the passengers hostage, with no charges being laid by the police. Can anyone see a racial angle to this? Surely not, because immigration, multiculturalism and diversity are, well, working fine, aren’t they? How about anarcho-tyranny?

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China Hacking, Everyone By Brian Simpson

     China has been hacking all of the Big Tech giants, and even the CIA, showing that Chinese cyber-warfare is in a class of its own:

“But in a game-changing report published Thursday morning, Bloomberg Businessweek exposed a sprawling multi-year investigation into China's infiltration of US corporate and defense infrastructure. Most notably, it confirmed that, in addition to efforts designed to sway US elections, China's intelligence community orchestrated a pervasive infiltration of servers used to power everything from MRI machines to the drones used by the CIA and army. They accomplished this using a tiny microchip no bigger than a grain of rice. BBG published the report just hours before Vice President Mike Pence was expected to "string together a narrative of Chinese aggression" during a speech at the Hudson Institute in Washington. According to excerpts leaked to the New York Times, his speech was expected to focus on examples of China's "aggressive moves against American warships, of predatory behavior against their neighbors, and of a sophisticated influence campaign to tilt the midterms and 2020 elections against President Trump". His speech is also expected to focus on how China leverages debt and its capital markets to force foreign governments to submit to its will (something that has happened in Bangladesh and the Czech Republic.

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How the US Will Start World War III By James Reed

     World War III gets closer by the day, because the Deep Staters are criminally insane, and have a death wish, much like Thanos in the comics (and to some degree the film, Avengers: Infinity War).

“US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison is a highly placed diplomat. Her words, whatever they may be, are official, which includes the ultimatums and threats that have become the language increasingly used by US diplomats to implement the policy of forceful persuasion or coercive diplomacy. Bellicose declarations are being used this way as a tool. On Oct. 2, the ambassador proved it again. According to her statement, Washington is ready to use force against Russia. Actually, she presented an ultimatum — Moscow must stop the development of a missile that the US believes to be in violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty). If not, the American military will destroy it before the weapon becomes operational. “At that point, we would be looking at the capability to take out a (Russian) missile that could hit any of our countries,” Hutchison stated at a news conference. "Counter measures (by the United States) would be to take out the missiles that are in development by Russia in violation of the treaty," she added. "They are on notice." This is nothing other than a direct warning of a preemptive strike.

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A Matter of Evidence By Mrs Vera West

     Brett Kavanaugh has been appointed to the US Supreme Court, and will probably be hearing cases before this article is published. But, it is still well worth while reviewing how the flawed testimony of an academic was used in an attempt to destroy a good man’s career and reputation. I reported over the past weeks,  on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment fiasco with Chris and Charles, dealing with the ladies issues, because in these politically correct times, we often need a woman to cut through the, what is the polite word for bs? … fiddle sticks.

     What we have now, in conclusion,  was a  complete lack of evidence presented by Dr Ford. The final nails in the coffin of credibility came with a  letter from an ex-boyfriend stating that she never mentioned the sexual assault to him, and another allegation, that  she was quite the party animal and liked to hook up with guys. All that from a former friend, D. C. McAllister, writer of Catwoman.  Meeeoww …

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Are You Ready for Killing Babies? Because the Philosophers Are! By Mrs Vera West

     Saying controversial and soften stupid things seems to be what academic philosophers do, as far as I can work out. No, they are not modern Socrates, willing to die for truth and justice. Why some even want certain people to die:

“KILLING newborn babies should be allowed if the mother wishes, Australian philosophers have argued in a prestigious journal. Their argument, that it is morally the same as abortion, has forced the British Medical Journal to defend its publication of their views. In an article that has sparked outrage around the world and elicited death threats, Monash and Melbourne University academics argue that a foetus and a newborn both lack a sense of life and aspiration. They argue this justifies "after-birth abortion" on the proviso it is painless as the baby is not missing out on a life it cannot contemplate. The doctors of philosophy argue in the BMJ publication Journal of Medical Ethics that one-third of infants with Down syndrome are not diagnosed in the womb, which means mothers of children with severe disabilities should have the chance to end a child's life after, as well as before, birth.

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The Great Awakening By James Reed

     One of our many American friends thought that a brief article published at On Target on the question of Q and Qanon, missed the mark. That could well be so, because we do not know much about this topic here. Fortunately, our American correspondent has brought us up to speed with some informative articles for our readers.

“I read with disappointment the article I saw in the On Target discussing the subject of Q and Qanon.  Unfortunately it missed the mark. It read more like a rehash of one of the many Main Stream Media (MSM) accounts all following the 4am talking points issued by the  Deep State propaganda team, that are professionally crafted (pun intended) to deflect citizens from what is really happening. They should be worried because Q and Trump are an existential threat to the globalist agenda leading to WW3 and the destruction of Christian civilisation. I hope to provide you with useful  information that you will share with social credit patriots. 

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Does Leviticus Really Have a Secret History? By Peter West

     Does the Bible prohibit homosexuality? By that I mean, if you pick up the book and read various passages do you find an explicit condemnation of homosexual practices? Remember, this was a book written long ago by God (we believe), so it is possible that there could be a “slight” conflict between its contends and modern politically correct culture. Simply read chapter 18 of Leviticus, if you dare. Do it at night, under the bed, with a torch so no-one sees you, including spy cameras. Generally, the liberals agree that the Bible does condemn homosexuality and say, “well, too bad for the book, as gay practices are  correct and  good.” Ok, I will not discuss that,  suffering from intellectual cowardice. However, there is another approach to this debate, which rejects the common assumption here, that the Bible, especially Leviticus, does condemn homosexuality:

     The reference is to a theological paper by Idan Dershowitz, “Revealing Nakedness and Concealing Homosexual Intercourse: Legal and Lexical Evolution in Leviticus 18,” Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel, vol. 6, 2017, pp. 510-526. I managed to find a pre-print version on the net. The argument seems to be that some earlier document from which Leviticus was rewritten did approve of male-to-male sexual penetration. Don’t be offended for any primary school kid would have heard about that. The author discusses in detail the uses of the expression “uncover nakedness.” As well, various ancient Near Eastern texts are examined, which as I read it, basically went along the lines of Leviticus 18 as we know it, so wouldn’t that undermine the Harvard academic’s case? I could not find proof of the claim that the existing manuscript is a historical homophobic construction, which could mean that the author is wrong, or that I am simply out of my depth here. However, this guy is not, and he offers a refutation:

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Believe Women? Believe Anything? By Mrs Vera West

     Regarding the Brett Kavanaugh US Supreme Court election debacle, I have been following the line that the progressives have been taking, that whatever women posing as victims say, must be believe, re rape allegations. This is utterly wrong because there have been a number of false rape accusations exposed, the now classic being the Columbia University mattress girl saga. Here is an article summing this one up, just so you know that I got my facts right on that one, since my mental decline is in full swing now:

“In 2015 the mattress girl, Emma Sulkowicz, became a global celebrity by turning what was found to be a false rape allegation into performance art by carrying her mattress with her everywhere on campus. She was protesting against Columbia’s decision not to take action against a young German student, Paul Nungesser, whom she’d accused of choking and anally raping her. Columbia has now reached a confidential settlement with Nungesser following his lawsuit claiming the university supported “an outrageous display of harassment and defamation” by allowing Sulkowicz for three years to use her mattress to hold campus protests where people openly called him a rapist. Sulkowicz was given academic credit for the performance as part of her visual arts major and was allowed to carry the mattress in her graduation ceremony.

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Germany Abolishes Itself with a Hostile Takeover By Richard Miller

     Perhaps the opening of a new mega-mosque in Cologne, scene of the new Year Eve sexual assaults of German women:

     This symbolises the end of traditional Germany, and its replacement by a migrant state, “Eurostan,” and Germanistan”:

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Divorce Rates Fall because Marriage is Dead By Mrs Vera West

     Conservatives were at first overjoyed; divorce rates had fallen. But, then they read the fine print; it was all due to the decline of marriage in the first place:

“In the past 10 years, the percentage of American marriages that end in divorce has fallen, and in a new paper, the University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen quantified the drop-off: Between 2008 and 2016, the divorce rate declined by 18 percent overall. After accounting for the rising average age of married Americans and other demographic shifts during that time, Cohen found “a less steep decline—8 percent—but the pattern is the same.” That is, the divorce rate in 2016 was still lower than one would have predicted if the demographics of married people were the same then as in 2008. When I asked Andrew Cherlin, a sociology professor at Johns Hopkins University, how to make sense of this trend, he opened his explanation with something of a koan: “In order to get divorced,” he said, “you have to get married first.”

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Sex Slavery in California By chris Knight

     How could there be sex slavery in California, the once land of the Beach Boys, golden beaches and sun on blonde hair, surfing and drinking beer. Who could be doing this? This shocking video tells us that all is not well in a land that makes, by comparison, Victoria, sane:

If Gender is Fluid, then Why isn’t Women’s Stories? By Mrs Vera West

     The tyrannical totalitarian leftoids, as seen in the US Supreme court fiasco of the election of Bret Kavanaugh, has taken madness to a new level and shown that the system is not only beyond corruption, but is insane. People will lie and invent all sorts of nonsense to achieve a goal, which is, to preserve abortion, and legal corruption. The thought of cleaning up the Supreme Court, and draining this swamp, disturbs the libtards, lizards and Dark Lords, a term everyone here seems to be using of late. Dr Ford’s rape accusations against Kavanaugh have numerous problems, as noted by journalist John Nolte:

“By any standard of truth, fairness, classical liberalism, evidence, and facts, Dr. Ford is not only not credible, she is nothing close to credible.Let me count the ways…

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Nasty Pasty Cosmopolitanism By Richard Miller

     I once thought that the UK was a test case for white racial genocide/suicide, but, no, Sweden has to go first to eliminate the Nordic gene pool for all time. No chance of resurrection then, and to do it, it is best to let the viral infected wipe out their own kind. It’s more juicy and delicious that way for the Dark Lords of Mordor to get off on. How else to make sense of the day-to-day decay:

     A meme which features a man with his girlfriend, while looking at a more attractive woman, the “distracted boyfriend meme,” has been attacked by Sweden’s Official Advertising Ombudsman. Yes, while the country has its migrant no-go zones, rapes and grenade attacks, there is still much energy to deliver final blows to Swedish males. Changing girlfriends, or even thinking about it, may soon be illegal. As illegal as all memes may soon be with the passage of the anarcho-tyrannical EU Copyright Directive:

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Evidence that Brett Kavanaugh Is Really Genghis Khan! By Charles Taylor

     In the latest false news development over the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment, which has generated more US news coverage than any story in recent history, progressive Hollywood archaeologist Indiana Jones   has unearthed an ancient manuscript that clearly links notorious serial rapist Brett Kavanaugh with the man responsible for raping more women than any other oppressive male, the Mongol war lord Genghis Khan (1162-1227). It seems that an ancient Mongolian high school year book referred to the great warlord as “Brett the horny honey,” whose goal in life, after murdering and raping half of Eurasia, was to live long enough for America to be created, so that he could sexually assault women at an American high school dance. The Democrats are rejoicing about this tremendous find of the first piece of hard evidence against the Supreme Court nominee. The FBI are now investigating, and believe that Khan may actually be Vlad Putin in genetic disguise, attempting to molest the pure as the driven snow, US elections, once more. It seems that everybody is being molested by somebody today. Fatherly advice for young men in the dark night of the insane:

     An excellent system for home-schooling children, without killing the parent/teachers in the process, Dr Art Robinson explains the Robinson curriculum for escaping the putridity:

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Meet Macron the Manly By Richard Miller

     I know that at times I have said that Sweden will be the first European country to slip open like a rotten melon, but surely France, run by a symbol of cosmopolitan  end times,  Emmanuel Macron, is catching up. By the way, Macron is married to Brigitte Macron, age 65, while he is aged 40 years. Wow, that has just got to be, well, “exciting,” I am sure that she is a nice person, and I would be proud to have her as my mother. My French is bad but I think Macron’s mother, Françoise  Noguès,  is only a wee bit older:

     I could not find on the net whether or not  the happy couple  have been blessed with the pitter patter of little feet, but I suppose stranger things have happened, like this:

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Freedom, Just Dies By James Reed

     Some who knows a thing or three about freedom of speech is Julian Assange, a person the Masters of Evil would love to put in a slow roaster, with an apple in his mouth. Anyway, in his famous last words before blackout, he said that we are the last generation to know freedom, which is set to die out like the dinosaurs:

“This generation being born now… is the last free generation. You are born and either immediately or within say a year you are known globally. Your identity in one form or another –coming as a result of your idiotic parents plastering your name and photos all over Facebook or as a result of insurance applications or passport applications– is known to all major world powers. A small child now in some sense has to negotiate its relationship with all the major world powers… It puts us in a very different position. Very few technically capable people are able to live apart, to choose to live apart, to choose to go their own way,” he added. “It smells a bit like totalitarianism – in some way. -Julian Assange Assange also predicts that AI will be able to automate hacking activities, dramatically increasing the scale of hostile activities through cyberspace.

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