Understanding the current World Unrest

     Have you been following ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) demonstrations on the daily news? Have you linked the synchronised ‘world-wide’ demonstrations to the ‘climate-change’ and ‘Extinction Rebellion’ demonstrations led by Greta Thunberg and others? Have you wondered how, or who, in the world organised the mayhem? The links below are the beginnings of understanding the background!

     Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party- Introduction

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No Need to Defund Police, Just Keep Up the Anarcho-Tyrannical Decay! By Chris Knight (Florida)

     There goes the Minneapolis police department; whatever the antifa terrorists want, they get:

“The Minneapolis city council has pledged to disband the city’s police department and replace it with a new system of public safety, a historic move that comes as calls to defund law enforcement are sweeping the US.
Speaking at a community rally on Sunday, a veto-proof majority of councilmembers declared their intent to “dismantle” and “abolish” the embattled police agency responsible for George Floyd’s death – and build an alternative model of community-led safety. The decision is a direct response to the massive protests that have taken over American cities in the last two weeks, and is a major victory for abolitionist activists who have long fought to disband police and prisons. “In Minneapolis and in cities across the US, it is clear that our system of policing is not keeping our communities safe,” said Lisa Bender, the Minneapolis city council president, at the event. “Our efforts at incremental reform have failed, period. Our commitment is to do what’s necessary to keep every single member of our community safe and to tell the truth: that the Minneapolis police are not doing that. Our commitment is to end policing as we know it and to recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe.” Nine councilmembers announced their support and represent a supermajority on the twelve-person council, meaning the mayor, who earlier this weekend opposed disbanding the department, cannot override them. The remaining three councilmembers are broadly supportive of the effort as well, but weren’t ready to sign on, activists said. While the mayor has oversight over the police, the city council has authority over the budget and policy, and could work to dismantle the department through cuts and ordinances. The formal effort to abolish a major-city police department in America and replace it with a different model of safety would have been unthinkable even weeks ago and is a testament to the impact of the protests that began with Floyd’s death on 25 May.”

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The Magical Mystery Tour of Minneapolis By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Words cannot describe the damage that the protesting terrorist have done. If they get their way and have police abolished, things will get even worse. Oh, on second thoughts, once the rule of law goes … well it will all come out in the wash I suppose, being sorted out “old school.”

(Black man)

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On the Surplus of Food, and the Coming Horseman of Starvation By Mrs Vera West

     I had thought, like scholars such as Vaclav Smil:
    https://inference-review.com/article/good-eats that the present obesity crisis was due to an over-supply of carbohydrate-rich food. But then I stumbled across a reply to this by Edward Archer, and had a brief re-think:

“It should be obvious that a large food supply does not inevitably lead to obesity. After all, a large body of water does not inevitably cause drowning and an abundance of atmospheric air does not automatically lead to hyperventilation. Just as one individual drowns in a bathtub while another swims easily in an ocean, obesity is surging in nations with relatively small food supplies, such as Botswana and Nigeria. At the same time, many individuals in nations with a surfeit of food, such as Switzerland and Norway, remain lean and healthy.  The size of the macro-environment—that is, the body of water, air supply, and food supply—is not relevant, nor even related to these outcomes. There is no valid relationship between a nation’s food supply and its levels of obesity and metabolic diseases. Compared to Switzerland, New Zealanders spend a greater percentage of household income on food and have a smaller per capita food supply. Nonetheless, New Zealanders have an obesity prevalence approximately 250% greater than the Swiss. From 1910 until the 1960s, the per capita food supply in the US decreased from 3,500 calories to 3,100. This reduction was accompanied by an increase in body mass. Both logic and empirical data refute the notion that a surfeit of food, whether as a result of lower costs or a larger supply, is a causal factor in obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

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Which Beatles Disgusted Me the Most? By James Reed

     Definitely cucked socialist one world dreamer, John Lennon, but Paul McCartney comes in second. He has basically the same globalist values as Lennon did, but not so fanatical. Lennon, if alive, would be in his wheelchair at the BLM march, waving his fists, while Yoko screamed, and screamed, and just kept screaming, like a severely mentally retarded child being tortured, as a critic once described it. Here, listen to this cacophony:

     There is plenty of Yoko material on YouTube just in case you need more! It gives the existential absurdist movement, of the likes of Beckett and Ionesco, a bad name!

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So Where is the Corona Plague Now? By Charles Taylor

     Where oh where has my little corona plague gone, oh where oh where can it be? Certainly not in the zombie ranks of the protesters.

“The protest movement White Coats for Black Lives, where healthcare workers kneel in groups to support protesters demanding racial equality and justice, gathered at locations across the country over the weekend.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on a White Coats for Black Lives protest outside of Emory University Hospital on Friday, where healthcare workers knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds — the same amount of time a Minneapolis police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck before he died: The deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery came right on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, a disease that growing evidence links to a disproportionate impact in black and Latino communities. That is only one of the ways in which being black, Latino or Native American is associated with poorer health outcomes in the United States. Those communities also suffer higher rates of chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, and higher rates of maternal deaths. Research suggests the racial inequities in health care go beyond the impact of poorer economic status and environment on health, to the medical impact that comes just from experiencing racism. And it calls for public notice, the health care workers say. “We all have the same organs,” Dr. Maneesha Agarwal, a pediatric emergency doctor  who kneeled from home where she is caring for her young daughter. “But how you’re treated poorly due to race can result in a lot of differences in the hormones in the body, and how your organs grow and develop. A mother’s experiences and hormonal changes can even impact her unborn child in utero. That can impact a person’s own health through life.” “I mean, look no further than coronavirus,” Dr. Johnny Jones, a gastroenterologist who protested at Emory Decatur Hospital, said. “There definitely is some intersectionality in terms of life expectancy amongst black people relative to the majority.”

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China Wanted the Wuhan Flu to Spread By Brian Simpson

     Trump would have rocks in his head not to push the China/Wuhan flu as an election issue, the election issue, next to, of course, the planned destruction of America.

“Beijing sat on vital information related to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) for weeks, according to a new report based on several recordings recently obtained by the Associated Press. As per the report, the Chinese government did not immediately cooperate with the World Health Organization (WHO), contrary to what the latter organization had previously claimed, but instead opted to drag its feet, frustrating top officials at the NGO. The news organization noted that Beijing not only deliberately suppressed the release of critical information regarding the initial outbreak in Wuhan, it also withheld a map of the virus’s genome for about a week after researchers from three different government laboratories finished mapping it. As relayed by the recordings, China only decided to release the information to the WHO after a team of Chinese researchers shared the information with another third party ?– a markedly different scenario from the one pushed by the United Nations health agency, who publicly praised China for what it called a speedy response to the novel coronavirus. This constant public lauding from the health agency, the recordings suggest, was part of the WHO’s plan to coax out more information from Beijing, with WHO staffers ?– reportedly the source of the leaks ?– heard complaining about the Chinese government’s habit of providing information piecemeal.

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They Don’t Argue with Chainsaws! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     This man, who is not white, I think, maybe Hispanic, disperses white libtard protesters using his trusty chain saw, and freely mouthing racial slurs, which I, of course, do not approve of, nor the violent act.  And, I thought he used the disgraceful N -word, but not so. But, really who can stand by and correct his thinking when he has a chain saw?

“A viral - and very bizarre - video emerged Friday showing mayhem unfolding in the usually quiet small southern Texas town of McAllen. A group of Black Lives Matter protesters were seen outside local businesses in the downtown area when a man wielding a chainsaw approaches the group ordering them to “Move! Go home!” “Don’t let those f**king trash Antifa b***h people lie to you,” the man yelled while revving the chainsaw and tearing up protest signs. He's heard shouting racial obscenities while charging protesters. Needless to say the sidewalk was promptly cleared as about a dozen people fled, while others yelled "Call 911!" Go home," the man keeps shouting while waiving the roaring chainsaw. "Don’t let those f------ n------ out there fool you," he said in a racist tirade. McAllen police later confirmed the man was detained soon after the event and that charges are pending. Some activists, however, have claimed that police aren't going to in the end pursue charges against the individual.”

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The Shaker Sees the Great Shake A Comin’ By Peter Ewer

     I am going to need to keep a close eye on the Shaker, who really seems to be something of an intellectual mover and shaker:

“For a society, any society, to function a number of factors that make up the social contract need to be present.  The exact list that make up these factors will depend on each individual country, but they would typically include some kind of social consensus, the acceptance by most people of the legitimacy of the government and its institutions, often a unifying ideology or, at least, common values, the presence of a stable middle-class, the reasonable hope for a functioning “social life”, educational institutions etc.  Finally, and cynically, it always helps the ruling elites if they can provide enough circuses (TV) and bread (food) to most citizens.  This is even true of so-called authoritarian/totalitarian societies which, contrary to the liberal myth, typically do enjoy the support of a large segment of the population (if only because these regimes are often more capable of providing for the basic needs of society). Right now, I would argue that the US government has almost completely lost its ability to deliver any of those factors, or act to repair the broken social contract.  In fact, what we can observe is the exact opposite: the US society is highly divided, as is the US ruling class (which is even more important).  Not only that, but ever since the election of Trump, all the vociferous Trump-haters have been undermining the legitimacy not only of Trump himself, but of the political system which made his election possible.  I have been saying that for years: by saying “not my President” the Trump-haters have de-legitimized not only Trump personally, but also de-legitimized the Executive branch as such.

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Corona Sex Madness By Mrs Vera West

     I have been waiting for the inevitable Covid-19 sex article. There has been some, dealing with promiscuous hooking up, but now the madness comes back down to personal one-on-one relationships.

“Researchers at Harvard University examined the probabilities of contracting COVID-19 during sex. And to lower transmission risk, they determined people engaged in lovemaking should wear masks and avoid kissing.
The research, titled "Sexual Health in the SARS-CoV-2 Era," was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine last month, describes new "guidance on how to address sexual health and activity" during the pandemic." It recommends people must wear a mask for the most dangerous sexual scenario: Sex with those who've not quarantined. Sex puts people within close proximity, so both individuals would likely be exposed to droplets like coughs, sneezes, and spit. At the same time, 35% of COVID-19 carriers are asymptomatic, which means sex could spread the highly contagious respiratory illness. Guidelines for sex, in a post-corona world, have been limited. Oregon and New York City health departments published coronavirus sex guides and visuals showing people how to have sex with social distancing in mind.”

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Did Whites Start Revolting Over this One? Of Course Not! By Chris Knight

     Of course, there is a police violence problem, but it cuts across the race divide, as this story shows, where the white person, Tony Timpa, died in police custody:

“He asked the police for help. They told him to stay on the ground, where he was handcuffed and writhing. He said he was afraid the officers would kill him. They told him to relax. He asked for help again. They kept him pinned, his face in the grass, a knee on his back. He asked again. Then Tony Timpa went unconscious. In less than 20 minutes he was dead. The group of Dallas police officers detaining Timpa didn’t seem to notice he was dying in front of them. They didn’t check whether he was breathing, and they didn’t look for a pulse. Instead, the officers laughed. They mocked the way he had squirmed around, clearly in distress — “like a roly poly,” one said. They speculated about what sort of mental illness he might have, or what drugs he may have taken. When Timpa stopped responding, the officers apparently assumed he was asleep. They kept laughing, making jokes about waking him up for school. They tapped him, shook him, but he didn’t answer. “What happened?” one officer asked. “I don’t know, he just got quiet,” another responded. “Just, bloop,” chimed in a third. Timpa’s last minutes alive were made public in a disturbing video obtained and published by the Dallas Morning News and NBC5, the result of a years-long legal battle for access to records related to the 32-year-old’s death in police custody on Aug. 10, 2016.

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On Kneeling By Charles Taylor

     It is ironic that the thing that got the protests, which were waiting to go given the first spark, was the kneeling on neck image. Yet, what we see now is wide spread kneeling, a form of submission to the higher power of anti-whiteism, and anti-Westernism. The kneeling is saying that we are happy to abandon Western civilisation, where kneeling was only before a King or Queen, and not so nowadays, mainly kept to church. BLM is definitely a religious cult, the largest we have yet seen, with the bended knee by whites being a form of worship, and subservience and submissive behaviour, often observed in animals such as dogs.

     Much like the lock downs, the idea is to breakdown any remaining pride and dignity we might have, getting us ready for our planned fate. Well, I say, to hell with ‘em all. What would the John Wayne man do?

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Understanding the Knee on the Neck Restraint By Bob “Karate” Taylor (Florida)

     My brother Chuck, suggested that I write something for you Aussies. As someone who had a career in security, often involved dealing with crowds that might threaten rock stars, and in my older days, working bars, I spend a lot of time working using restraints. There has been a lot of shock and horror about the foot on the neck restrain used by the US cop on George Floyd to restrain him after he got violent with the arresting officers. The ignorant think that all of the body weight is put on the neck crushing it, allegedly leading to the suspect saying that he can’t breathe. But, if you can’t breathe, you would not be saying it, rather, if short of air, the body would be gasping, not talking coherently. Further, the way the leg is put, at worst, blood supply, not air (which is at the front of the neck) would be cut off which was not done. It is really only a pinning move, not a crush, when done properly by trained officers.

    The knee restrain technique is used by the Israeli Defense Force, with effect. It is a highly sensible way of restraint, allowing arrest procedures to continue. It is much safer that putting sleeper/choke holds onto people, which really could lead to what people think happened to Floyd. However, since technique is used by Israel, naturally the Left goes mad:

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John Doyle, 20-Year-Old, Unloads on Conservativism, Liberalism You Name It By Chris Knight

     Now I am back home, on early retirement, and just in time to help fight against the US socialist revolution, I will devote time to personally following up interesting people like this. Young John needs to beef up on the money question and social credit, then he can run for the presidency.

Islamists and the Riots By Peter Ewer

     Iran is backing the US rioters and BLM protests in the West, and Islamists, those seeking to see widespread Islamic power, and a global caliphate, are happy, seeing a sharia future for all, especially eager, beaver Leftist university students, and feminists who will go places:

“Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement of support to violent rioters burning down homes and businesses throughout the United States this weekend, asserting on Monday, “the world is standing with you.” “The world has got heard your outcry over the state oppression,” ministry spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi said at his regular briefing on Monday. “The world is standing with you. The American regime is pursuing violence and bullying at home and abroad.” “We are greatly regretful to see, along with people across the world, the violent scenes the U.S. police have recently unfolded. We deeply regret to see the American people, who peacefully seek respect and no more violence, are suppressed indiscriminately and met with utmost violence,” Mousavi continued, demanding police “stop violence against your people and let them breathe.” Elsewhere, the Iranian Foreign Ministry posted a statement online claiming falsely that “vicious dogs” were attacking peaceful Americans on city streets, citing a remark by President Donald Trump claiming that said dogs would greet anyone breaching the White House fencing. There is no evidence of widespread use of police dogs during the current round of arson and looting this weekend. “Failed [sic] to keep its promise of stopping wasting money [sic] on foreign adventurism and embattled in a Covid-19 [Chinese coronavirus] crisis of its own making, U.S. regime now employs army, vicious dogs and ominous weapons to intimidate protesters,” the ministry said, adding the U.S. should “listen to its people and change its bankrupt policies.” Neither statement distinguished peaceful protesters from rioters and looters or referenced the damage caused.”

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Confucius Says’ “Beware of Institutions Bearing My Name” By James Reed

     The National Director sent me this email link about how the Confucius Institutes are wormed into many Australian universities. A little Googling indicates that these are basically Communist Party propaganda centres. Here is substantiation from the mainstream media:

“In recent years, the deepening of Australia’s engagement with China (our most important trade partner) has exacerbated concerns over the motivations and consequences of its government’s influence in Australian political and economic life – and understandably so. Nowhere is the increasing levels of interdependence between China and Australia more evident than in Australia’s academic landscape. Chinese organisations and individuals with alleged ties to government agencies face accusations of facilitating censorship, undue influence, and collaboration with the Chinese military in sensitive research and development programs. Australia is right to investigate areas of concern, but much of the public criticism concerning Chinese individuals and organisations has notably lacked evidence and instead focused upon China’s authoritarian domestic governance. In this context, the Confucius Institutes have come under particular scrutiny for their potential to be organisational agents of influence for the Chinese Communist Party. While there have been many serious allegations made against Confucius Institutes and much work on the broader affairs of the CCP, there has been little scrutiny of the organisational structure of the Confucius Institutes. Yet, such an analysis would be the first step in understanding their true nature and purpose. Are the Confucius Institutes covert vehicles for the Chinese government to subvert, bully, and pressure host countries with a view to promoting self-censorship? Or are they simply legitimate organs of the Chinese state’s efforts to project its interest abroad? Our argument is that the Confucius Institutes should be taken at face value. The Confucius Institutes are not-for-profit bodies tasked with running classes and events to promote Chinese language and culture in foreign education institutions across the world. There is little to any meaningful scope for the Chinese state to exercise covert influence over these organisations.”

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Prison Planet; All Along the Watch Tower By Bruce Bennett

     While working on this week’s depressing news, I would switch to YouTube music to keep mentally afloat. I report here on this interlude I did on the “prison planet” theme, reference to the Bob Dylan song, “All Along the Watch Tower”:

     Pilky27: shows a white guy can replicate Hendrix:

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Antifa Basically Losers from Society By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     It is good to finally be over reading about the Covid-19 bs and back to good old social and racial degeneration, what we know and love, home tested, like mom’s cooking, or at least the dishes she burnt leaving the food on while going out to tend the cows, while the old man slept off the moonshine, but I diverge, digress.

“The black-clothed Antifa activists who are leading the anti-police riots are mostly the discarded, angry college-grade workforce of an increasingly high-tech, globalized economy, say a variety of experts and millennials. Colleges are producing many “graduates who’ve absorbed a worldview that trains them for “metropolitan elite” job types that turn out to be far scarcer than the graduates competing for them,” writes Mary Harrington, a young writer at Unherd.com. She continues: The result is a frustrated would-be middle class, treading water in what the writer Venkatesh Rao has called ‘premium mediocre’ lifestyles, a rented simulacrum of a genuinely prosperous existence designed to signal preparedness for the day when, by luck or application, they make it into the dwindling numbers of the real bourgeoisie. These graduate left-behinds are then stuck in a holding pattern, in precarious housing and employment, as opportunities to take the big steps into adult life — traditionally home ownership, coupledom and kids – recede ever further into the distance. A recent Pew report showed 30% of millennials living with a spouse and child, a fall of 10% on Generation X and a whopping 40% drop on the 1968 generation. That’s America, but ONS data shows the age of first child climbing relentlessly in Britain too — while the birth rate is falling in all cohorts save the over-40s. They are failing because the investor class is pushing them and their college peers out of good jobs to make room for an imported workforce of cheap and compliant visa workers.

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Big Kev Rudd Rips into UQ, Go Boy! By James Reed

     Is Big Kev Rudd getting ready to take on the winner of the Halfthor vs Eddie Hall superman boxing event? He certainly is rippling in muscle, I think, but then I am half blind, and half mad. Anyway, mutual admiration aside, big Kev, who knows a bit about China, doing a thesis on it, which is mighty impressive, as not too many people do theses:

“Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has hit out at the University of Queensland's "mismanagement" of a student activist who has been highly critical of Chinese influence on campus. Drew Pavlou was handed a two-year suspension by the university last week, after he was alleged to have contravened UQ's student charter and integrity and harassment policies. The allegations made against Mr Pavlou were outlined in a confidential 186-page document, but were believed to be linked to his on-campus activism supporting Hong Kong and criticism of the Chinese Communist Party. Pro-Hong Kong protests turned violent at the university last year after demonstrators were confronted by Chinese activists. Mr Rudd said he was becoming "increasingly concerned at how Chancellor [Peter] Varghese is presiding over the shredding of the national and international reputation of one of our nation’s leading universities through the mismanagement of the Pavlou case". "Varghese has allowed this case to escalate into a major debate around the world as to whether the university stands for academic freedom or not. It should have been nipped in the bud much earlier," Mr Rudd told Brisbane Times. "Varghese has boasted he has the experience to handle the complexity of the university’s China relationship given his background as a senior Australian diplomat. "Instead, the university is now seen around Australia and the world as bending the knee to Beijing, rather than just dealing with a badly behaved undergraduate.

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Federal State of New China By James Reed

     Surely flying a plane with a banner saying “Federal State of New China,” would be more appropriate in Australia than the US, but maybe it is illegal now to do this? Can our rulers please let us know, maybe by throwing a rock with an email tied to it, through the front window, to hit me on the head?

“A mysterious fleet of propeller planes was spotted flying banners over New York on Wednesday congratulating a “Federal State of New China.” Puzzled and exasperated New Yorkers spotted the banners from Manhattan, flying over the Hudson, and down over Red Hook in Brooklyn. “I officially have no idea what the f–k is happening anymore,” one person tweeted with an image of the planes over New York Harbor. The banners appear to be a bizarre stunt against the Chinese Communist Party launched by Steve Bannon and a fugitive Chinese billionaire, who together on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre declared the Chinese government illegitimate. “From today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will no longer be the lawful government of China,” the billionaire, Guo Wengui, shouted into a livestream from a boat in New York Harbor, with Bannon by his side and the Statue of Liberty in the background. “I’m here to tell everybody that loves peace, law, humanitarian — we’re going to end the Communist Party once and for all. We got hundreds of countries of support,” Guo claimed. Onlookers on Twitter said they noticed as many as eight planes carrying banners, some with the message “Congratulations to Federal State of New China!”

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