Pro-Growth Propaganda … Why Do They Bother, They Have Us Licked? By James Reed

     I gave up on the immigration limitation issue long ago, since it seems to me that within the framework of the present debt-based financial system, the evil capitalists will always be plugging for more people to sell more junk, to make property more expensive by competition, to dispossess the remnant of Anglo-Australia and in general to turn Australia into more of a cesspool than it already is. They will not stop unless Nature stops them, so it was good to see, despite the ill-effects otherwise … yes, I know, New World Order … the Covid-19 shutdowns at least having the one silver lining of slowing down the insane mass movement of people. But, in the end, Australia will be pushed to ecological collapse, simply burnt out as the entire planet will be, unless some Darwinian event intervenes in the meantime … like a real pandemic 1918+ style, or a hyper-Carrington solar event, turning the lights out, or the Second Coming would be even more decisive, bringing the whole tragicomedy to a merciful end. What has all the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice been for?

“There was more fear-mongering, self-serving, and flawed guestimates over population this week – this time from the quintessential accountant and consultant to big business and government, KPMG. Shock, horror, Australia’s population would be 1.1 million less by 2029-30 because of the reduction in immigration caused by Covid. That would be a “$117 billion” hit to the economy over the decade by dragging down economic growth, KPMG calculates. That would leave every Australian $2850 worse off each year, KPMG says. So, KPMG and its big-business clients hope that the masses will be lulled into supporting a return to higher immigration. Well, let’s hope a bit of counter-propaganda will prevent that. Even on KPMG’s figures, this hit to the Australian economy and therefore living standards of Australians is suspect. KPMG’s says GDP would be $117 billion lower each year by 2029-30 if we do not have these 1.1 million extra people, and that would leave every one of the 28 million Australians by then $2850 worse off each year – that is a total of $79.8 billion, let’s say $80 billion. Bear with me with the figures. But if instead we have the extra immigrants, that $80 billion will not be “lost” because of the extra $117 billion in GDP the immigrants would provide. Take that $80 billion for the existing population away from KPMG’s $117 billion, it leaves $37 billion a year for the 1.1 million immigrants themselves, which comes to just $33,636 each immigrant per year, well below the Australian average income. So they are dragging their heels. They are a cost to the Australian community not an asset. There is clearly something wrong with these “plucked-from-the-air” figures.

KPMG’s study looks at what would happen if there was no vaccine – and therefore no immigration – after one year and after two years. It quite reasonably says if there is no vaccine “real GDP would be 5.5 per cent lower in every year from 2029-30 and beyond” compared to no “COVID-19 triggering a slowdown in immigration”. It says “a 5.5 per cent reduction in real GDP in 2029-30 alone is equivalent to $117 billion”. But there is the huge logical problem here. KPMG says that in a no-immigration environment caused by no vaccine, GDP would be 5.5% cent less. Yes, of course. But the 5.5% drop is not down to no immigration. Rather, it is down to all the other economically horrible things caused by a no-vaccine environment: closed businesses, closed borders, lack of confidence etc etc. But KPMG, to suit its own purposes, puts all of the lower GDP ($117 billion) down to no immigration and says the absence of immigration will cost every Australian $2850. It ignores the following possibility: that a no-vaccine environment causes a 5.5% fall in GDP which is a lower fall than you would expect if Australia had also had to deal with costly high immigration and that if we had continued destructive high immigration in addition to Covid, we would have a 6% or 7% fall in GDP. KPMG suggests that if we suddenly get a vaccine all we would have to do is allow 1.1 million immigrants in and the 5.5% GDP drop would disappear. This is delusional. In the post-Covid environment most of them would join the end of the dole queue in a profoundly shattered economy, just making things worse. Covid aside, there are good grounds for concluding that the John Howard-inspired high-immigration policies since the late 1990s have cost Australians dearly, not just in economic terms but also in environmental and lifestyle costs. It is all very well bringing in immigrants with their immediate incomes which add to overall GDP in the short-term. But GDP per head in the long term is cruelled by that. Schools, hospitals and transport infrastructure have to be built to accommodate them. That might be good for KPMG’s big-business clients just as their immediate consumption needs might similarly benefit them.”

     I don’t know about you, but I am tired of GDP and all of this economic bs. At the end of the day, John Steele and even Uncle Len, are closer to reality than the economic types. I would like to see large hailstones being thrown at the economic class from heaven: Joshua 10: 11.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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