Mouse Utopia and this Age of Plenty By Brian Simpson

     Is the purpose of a Christian life to enjoy the material affluence that technology has delivered, the few crumbs that have fallen off the table of the elites? Or, at least until it ends, since the lesson of history is that all civilisations collapse, and why should this one be any exception? Or, is life about struggling against the odds, as Jesus did, who did not live a life of affluence and materialism, to demonstrator to the cosmos, faith under adversary (recall the Book of Job), and strength of character? Could it be that battle ground Earth is the reality, not the consumer supermarket? Well, psychology has something to say about this, the famous mouse utopia experiment, indicating that consumer affluence in the longer term is dysfunctional, and here is a great article on this, pre-digested for our consumption:

“I reported two years ago on the famous “Mouse Utopia” experiment that seemed to suggest that ideal conditions for humanity might, paradoxically, lead to societal collapse. And now there is the most striking evidence yet that this apocalypse may well be coming to pass. According to research in British medical journal The Lancet, we are transitioning into a worldwide collapse in fertility. In 2017, there were 2.4 children born per mother worldwide. But we will be well below replacement levels—of 2.1 children—by the end of the century. By then, there will be just 1.7 children per family [Fertility, mortality, migration, and population scenarios for 195 countries and territories from 2017 to 2100, by Stein Volset et al., The Lancet, July 14, 2020]. This will result in a catastrophic population implosion. Which is exactly what the “Mouse Utopia” scenario appears to predict. This shocking experiment took place at the University of Maryland between 1968 and 1973. Led by the extraordinary creative scientist John B. Calhoun (1917-1995), its aim was to understand what would happen if intense Darwinian selection dramatically weakened [Death Squared: The explosive growth and demise of a mouse population, by John B. Calhoun, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1973]. In creating this “Mouse Utopia” the experiment replicated post-industrial conditions in the West, where child mortality has fallen from 40% to about 1% since 1800, due to dramatically improved medicine and living conditions.

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At Long Last Some Good News … Maybe By Charles Taylor

     Let us see if dopey, weak, low T Trump, the last stand of the West – that is how bad it is – can get this one right. Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has died, and my mom said that if you cannot say anything nice about the dead, then don’t say anything at all. So, I will be silent on the passing of this most leftist of leftoids, sure that she has gone to a better, or at least a warmer place. 

     Trump has been given from above a chance for survival since it is now open, that the election is going to be stolen by postal votes, then supported by the Supreme Court. If he has the juice to put in a conservative judge, the West survives, hopefully, otherwise it is a total battle to the finish. Will this weak man weaken still under Left protests, who threaten to burn down America, if he does what is legal, and his duty, and replaces her? I say to the leftist scum; do your worst. It is time to fight fire with fire, literally:

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Trump Needs to Deal with Wicked Pelosi By Charles Taylor

     Pelosi is back on the impeachment war path, to stop Trump nominating a candidate for the Supreme court, even though he has the right, and duty, to do so. This time, she is onto impeachment to stop him, as yet another harassment attempt to stop the functioning of the presidency. Don’t tell me that there is nothing that could be done about this. It is embarrassing to see Trump simply take this, time and time again. Fight back man, show some strength …don’t we have enough girlie men on the scene?

    She may also take the advice recommended by plump socialist Michael Moore to shut down the government:

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Digging Our Own Graves By Chris Knight

     This is a depressing quote, but true, how across the world, Anglo Saxons, had the world, but let it slip through their hand, down the drain. Not even a fight, just a passive surrender, maybe not even that, but just dumbness. What force, or forces led to this pathological altruism? James Burnham in Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism (1964), says in a small passage that behind decadent liberalism, lies materialism, and consumerism, over-affluence resulting in weakness that leads to the pathological liberal mind set. Probably the decline of testosterone from plastics, a product of the affluence throw-away society has had a lion’s share to play too. There is not much manhood left out there. Shameful, but the Anglos will be forgotten, as they, and all that they produced, will be written out of history, if there is to be a future of history. It ids happening now, with the statues being torn down.

“In his book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America, Eric P. Kaufmann argued that the American elite became modernist, cosmopolitan and antiracist during the first three decades of the 20th century. WASP elites began to reject their own ethnicity and “Anglo-conformity” which was the process by which European immigrants came to America and were expected to assimilate into the American nation. Instead of assimilating into a common American culture, European immigrants were encouraged to retain their own culture and enrich an otherwise sterile, bland and philistine Anglo-America. This idea which gained traction on the Left in the 1920s was later broadened into multiculturalism.

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Dead Men Voters By Charles Taylor

     Trump must know about this, and still he has not moved. Talk about sleepy Joe, this guy is just as slow, but we have to support him, that is how desperate things are now in the final showdown for Western civilisation. When the US falls, how long will Australia remain uninvaded?

“A report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) published this week found nearly 350,000 dead voters still eligible to cast a ballot and a significant number of double votes from the last two general elections.
Organization President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams told The Kyle Olson Show people are getting registered to vote multiple times, and secretaries of state such as Michigan’s Jocelyn Benson are not doing anything about it. According to the report, titled, “Critical Condition: American Voter Rolls Filled with Errors, Dead Voters, and Duplicate Registrations,” 349,773 “deceased registrants” have been found on rolls in 41 states. Fifty-one percent of those are in New York, California, and Texas, as well as the battleground states of Michigan and Florida. The report found that 43,760 “duplicate registrants appear to have cast second votes” from the same address in 2016, while 37,889 cast ballots in 2018. In Michigan, where Donald Trump won in 2016 by 10,704 votes, PILF found there were 34,225 deceased voters still on the rolls and a combined 13,597 double voters in the 2016 and 2018 elections. Some of those voters who are registered multiple times “are casting multiple ballots,” Adams said. “Michigan voter rolls are a mess and that’s exactly why Michigan should not be doing mail balloting until they clean up their act,” he told The Kyle Olson Show. Adams contended cleaning up the “mess” would be as simple as sorting the list by address and “see who’s all crammed into one house.” In August, as many as 20,000 unverified ballots were fed through machines in Detroit during absentee vote counting. Bob Cushman, an eyewitness to it all, recounted his observations on a recent episode of The Kyle Olson Show.”

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Notes From Around - GOD OR MAN By D. B. Smith


     How many of you older folk remember the names Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers. The book “Witness” is the story of the exposure and trial of the spy, Alger Hiss. Written in 1952 by Whittaker Chambers, a  tragedy of history he had thought to call it, as it dealt with the clash of the two irreconcilable faiths of our time as he puts it—Communism and Freedom.

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What Did I Tell you? A Death Tax! By James Reed

     I covered this one in an article last week, as Paul Keating (remember him?) gave us the news that there would be a HECs type of scheme for aged care, but no death tax. Well, guess what? Read on:

“Baby Boomers could be asked to sell the family home when they die to pay for aged care costs under a new plan to slap an effective death tax on seniors to fund care. Former Treasurer Peter Costello has urged the Morrison Government to consider an expanded pensioner loans scheme during his appearance today at the Royal Commission into Aged Care. Under the proposal, seniors would be given the option of taking out a loan secured against the family home, that would then be sold when they died or other assets liquidated. While some banks already offer reverse home loans, Mr Costello has called for debate on expanding a pensions loans scheme to use the family home as an asset that could be sold when a retiree dies to recover costs. “I mean, financial products that can allow people to raise accommodation bonds against the family home, which is generally their greatest asset, I think there’s a much more scope for them and I think the Government could assist there,” Mr Costello said. “The Government has a thing called the Pension Loan Scheme which it says is available. The private sector has what is called a reversible mortgage or equity drawdown mortgages. “But I do think, you know, this is a classic area where those people that do use residential care and do have assets should be asked to make a contribution and guaranteed a return of their deaths.”

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Van Morrison Sings Against the Lockdowns By Bruce Bennett

     What is there not to like about cultural music icon Van Morrison? At least he has taken a stand against the lockdowns, unlike other singers like Dylan, who supposedly champion freedom, let alone the likes of lefties like Taylor Swift.

“Sir Van Morrison has accused the government of "taking our freedom" in three new songs that protest against the coronavirus lockdown. In the lyrics, he claims scientists are "making up crooked facts" to justify measures that "enslave" the population. "The new normal, is not normal," he sings. "We were born to be free". Speaking on Wednesday, the prime minister said the government was doing "everything in our power" to prevent another nationwide lockdown. "I don't want a second national lockdown - I think it would be completely wrong for this country," Boris Johnson told MPs at the Commons Liaison Committee. "So when I see people arguing against the rule of six or saying that the government is coming in too hard on individual liberties and so on - I totally understand that and I sympathise with that, but we must, must defeat this disease." No More Lockdown is the most strident of the three tracks. "No more lockdown / No more government overreach," the musician sings in the chorus. "No more fascist bullies / Disturbing our peace. "No more taking of our freedom / And our God given rights / Pretending it's for our safety / When it's really to enslave." Another song references a widely-shared Facebook post, of a screenshot from a UK government website saying, "Covid-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK". While it is true that Covid-19 does not meet the criteria for an HCID - which typically has a high fatality rate (as much as 50% in the case of Ebola) - the disease is still considered highly infectious, with no specific vaccines or treatment currently available. Northern Ireland's health minister Robin Swann has described the new songs as "dangerous". "I don't know where he gets his facts," said Swann. "I know where the emotions are on this, but I will say that sort of messaging is dangerous."

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Victorian Now Worst than Even the USSR By Ian Wilson LL.B

     If you thought things were bad for freedom in Melbourne, well here comes the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill. It is stunning.

“The Victorian Labor government has introduced a bill to parliament that coupled with other measures is one of the most egregious attacks on civil liberties seen in war or peacetime. The Bill would allow people to be detained indefinitely and give sweeping powers to untrained people to become “authorised officers” with sweeping powers to arrest and detain fellow Victorians. Called the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill, it overrides all other laws and legislation with the exception of the Charter of Human Rights (which the government ignores as it is not binding), the State Constitution Act 1975 and the laws created by the Bill itself. The Bill confers and extraordinary power to the Secretary of the Department of Health to appoint public servants as “authorised officers” with the same powers as police. However worse than that is a provision which allows the secretary to appoint any of the following as an “authorised officer”:

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Biblical Words of Encouragement in Trying Times By James Reed

“Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel. Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice make war. He that goeth about as a talebearer revealeth secrets: therefore meddle not with him that flattereth with his lips. Whoso curseth his father or his mother, his lamp shall be put out in obscure darkness. An inheritance may be gotten hastily at the beginning; but the end thereof shall not be blessed. Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the Lord, and he shall save thee. Divers weights are an abomination unto the Lord; and a false balance is not good. Man’s goings are of the Lord; how can a man then understand his own way? It is a snare to the man who devoureth that which is holy, and after vows to make enquiry. A wise king scattereth the wicked, and bringeth the wheel over them. The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly. Mercy and truth preserve the king: and his throne is upholden by mercy. The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head. The blueness of a wound cleanseth away evil: so do stripes the inward parts of the belly.”

  – Proverbs 20: 17-30 (KJV) The King James version – truly beautiful prose, divinely inspired.

I Long for the Universities to Get Broker, Not Woker By James Reed

     I know that the corny corona freak out has brought in the New World Order, and unspeakable tyranny and misery, but it can’t be all bad, can it? Can it? Whatever happened to look on the bright side of life? So, let’s do it. At least the lockdowns, as soul destroying as they have been/are, as utterly destructive of the economy, and transferring wealth from the small business to the big, have taken the universities down with them. Why, the second round of staff cuts looks like it will be even better than the first. That has to count for something.

     Now that is behind a pay wall, and where it comes to money, well, I am not in that, I just hit the wall. But I actually had a copy of the FIN, if that is what it is called, and saw the article. So, unless travel restriction are lifted on the cash cows who keep the whole rotten sector afloat, there are likely to be at least 20,000 job losses, while the universities move from voluntary targets, to compulsory. Whoaha … go scum bags, go! I bet the vice chancellors, also know as chancellors of vice in some cases, getting the one million plus big smackeroos a year will not be losing much. And, I suppose the staff cuts will not be in vital areas such as critical race theory, gay and transgenderism, but things like engineering and STEM and life-saving technologies, but, well, it is a start. I would be happy to starve to death, even being eaten alive by giant post-apocalyptic rats, to see these cesspools of political correctness and mass migration go down the drain pipes of modernity.

Keating Just Keeps on Giving it to Us! By James Reed

     Does this nightmare ever end? I look at my very favourite capitalist paper, the FIN, and there is Keating doing what he does best.

“A HECS-style loan system should be introduced to help fund Australians' aged care, former prime minister Paul Keating says. People would be given credits towards their aged care and their estate then used to pay off the loans after they died, Mr Keating told the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. "We're not forcing anyone out of their home in old age, we're not obliging an aged person to negatively mortgage their home," he said on Monday. "You're not asking members of families to chip in and pay for their relatives. I think such a system has a lot of advantages." The latest round of royal commission hearings is looking at funding and prudential regulation in the aged care sector. Senior counsel assisting Peter Gray, QC, told commissioners that aged care providers were not required to report how much they were actually spending on care. Commissioner Tony Pagone asked Mr Keating if his HECS-style proposal could be seen as a death tax by requiring people to pay off their loans with their assets. "Putting on my former hat as a tax lawyer, I can see lots of people trying to make sure they don't have the assets there that can be called upon," Mr Pagone said. Mr Keating said the government would have to introduce policies to make sure that didn't happen. Similar to HECS, Mr Keating said the loan would not have to be repaid if it couldn't, like university students who never meet the income threshold to start paying off their debt. Brick and mortar assets, superannuation, cash and other investments would all be called upon after the person died to pay off the loan, he said. "In such a proposition you couldn't think of much political opposition from any quarter," Mr Keating said. The former prime minister, the man behind Australia's compulsory superannuation, said he changed his thinking on his previously proposed "longevity levy". The levy would tack 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent extra on to super payments to fund an insurance scheme for Australians once they passed their mid-80s.

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The Coming Nordicide By Brian Simpson

     One of the issues not dealt with by the white nationalist is inter-racial survival, particularly the sub-racial groups such as Nordic, northern Europeans. In fact, some open-minded “nationalists” were quite willing to bash anyone concerned about this, and daring to write on that theme. (Might as well join the system than join those guys.) The Nordic racial group is under the strongest attack, part of it methodological, that is, being defined not to exist by the otherwise identity conscious elites, the same elites who see the entire universe as a social construction with a million types of gender … and then there is outright attack. By “Nordics,” I mean not merely Scandinavians, but the generally light haired, light eyed northern Europeans, such as the descendants of the Anglo Saxons. Madison Grant gave a classic account, and there are more recent racial theorists dealing with this, and I will report on it, if still breathing in the future. 

     Anyway, apart from movie caricatures and stereotypes, as either Nazis if male, or whores, if female, there is the day-to-day oppression:

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There is No Bottom to Cultural Degeneracy By Mrs Vera West

     The Left have been busy defending the kiddie porno of “Cuties” because the Right has been outraged, so, the strategic thing to do, is to press the advantage home.

“An NBC News article defends Netflix’s Cuties premised on the idea that only a right-wing conspiracy theorist could oppose soft-core child pornography. So Netflix releases a movie with countless scenes off 11-year-olds dressed like hookers twerking, which includes countless shots of the camera lingering on 11-year-old butts shaking in short-shorts, 11-year-old legs spread wide-open wearing only bikini shorts, 11-years old girls dry-humping the ground; and NBC believes criticism of such a thing can only come from “the pedophile-obsessed American right, driven by QAnon.” We’re told by the left “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is dangerous. So it’s blacklisted. We’re told by the left Kindergarten Cop is dangerous. So it’s blacklisted. And then we’re told by the left only a TrumpTard could be outraged by close-up crotch shots of 11-year-old girls in Daisy Dukes. The piece is some 1200 words long and nowhere does it suggest that Cuties’ critics are anything other cynically motivated right-wingers, are anything other than “a hodgepodge of insane far-right conspiracy theories called QAnon, a movement that posits that senior Democrats, Hollywood executives and media barons feast, quite literally, on children, whom they also molest.” Nowhere does the NBC piece leave open the possibility that well-intentioned people are horrified by a movie that sexually exploits children. Honestly, how much further can the left and the media fall? Trust me, there is no bottom.  The left are not only vigorously defending the hyper-sexualization of prepubescent girls, they are attacking anyone horrified by what was done to a handful of very young actresses as wackos and liars who just like trolling the librallllz. After same sex marriage, we asked ourselves what the left’s nonstop envelope-pushing would attempt to normalize next. Well, we found out. We’re now required to have our daughters share a restroom with a 45-year-old man wearing a wig and pantyhose.”

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The Rebirth of Socialism (but it Never Went Away) By James Reed

     The mythology of some conservatives is that communism was defeated with the collapse of the USSR, which ignores the rise of China, and the cancerous Left’s long march through the institution’s today. Most of the administration, the executive, the educators, are dominated by some form of Leftoid, and it is something which our side of politics has never really understood. Now, open socialism is raging, at least in the US, and we can expect the commo-disease to reach Australia too:

“Socialism has gone mainstream in American politics, but it remains deeply controversial. While some believe it offers an appealing solution to the country's woes, for others it conjures up fearful imagery of authoritarian regimes. The new CBSN Originals documentary, "Speaking Frankly | Socialism," explores the resurgent interest in socialism and the culture wars surrounding its role in America today. "The democratic socialist movement is being driven by millennials, zoomers, younger people," says Jabari Brisport, a Brooklyn teacher who embraces the socialist label and is running as a Democrat for a New York State Senate seat. "Younger people are interested in socialism because we can see so clearly the failings of capitalism." A 2019 Pew Research Center survey found half of young adults under 30 expressed positive views of socialism — nearly as many as the 52% who felt positively about capitalism. Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has jumped from 6,500 to 70,000 over the last six years. But Maria Fernanda Bello, an activist with Young Americans Against Socialism, sees the trouble that's gripped her native Venezuela as a warning. "Socialists are always going to promise you free tuition, free health care, free everything, but they will never promise you freedom," she said.”

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Here are What the Cancerous Growths are Really on About By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     I think of the population/immigration growth lobby in terms of the cancer metaphor, an entity which is never satisfied, and knows no limits, spreading and ultimately destroying the body social, and itself. Thus, over in your place, Australia, Big Business says that they want a population as big as America, but if they had it, they would not stop there and would then attempt to create a population as big as China, and then the world. Still, markets would not be big enough. Only the entire multiverse, full of a transfinite number of consuming orifices would come close to giving the infinitely hungry monster what it wants.

“The United States is not “full.” In fact, it is empty. Right now, the country has about 93 people per square mile. Many, many countries are far denser than this, and not just city-states like Singapore (more than 20,000 per square mile) or small island nations like Malta (3,913 per square mile). South Korea has 1,337 people per square mile, and Belgium has 976. If you tripled the population of the United States, adding the new Americans only to the Lower 48 and leaving Alaska and Hawaii intact and unchanged, the main part of America would be only about as dense as France and less than half as dense as Germany. A transformation on that scale is almost impossible to imagine, in large part because the American political system has fallen into a state of torpor and dysfunction driven by, among other things, the absence of the shared sense of purpose that once bound the national experiment. But while contemporary politics is terrifying in certain ways, it has also opened up again the possibility of goals, and projects, and ideas — probably the biggest opportunity in a generation for new ideas to take hold. So here is one big one: a billion Americans. When America faced down Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, we were the big dog. We had more people, more wealth, and more industrial capacity. (Back in 1938, the gross domestic product of the U.S. alone was larger than that of Germany, Japan, and Italy combined.) But against China, we are the little dog: There are more than 1 billion of them to about 330 million of us. Chinese people don’t need to become as rich as Americans for China’s overall economy to outweigh ours. If they managed to become about half as rich as we are on a per person basis, like the Bahamas or Spain, then their economy would be far larger than ours in the aggregate. To become one-third as rich as we are, like Portugal or Greece, would be enough to pull even. To stay on top, we probably need to grow the country threefold — to one billion Americans. If you tripled the population of the United States, it would still be only about as dense as France.

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Nihilism? Things Do Matter By Peter Ewer

     Here is one of those weird articles from the literary Left, well written I  suppose, but which can be decomposed with cold hard logic, Damon Linker, “LOL Nothing Matters. Or Does It?” The article is an attack on Trump, mixing in the theme of nihilism, which I supposed is linked to Trump’s supposed post-truth stance, when in fact it is the Left which is post-truth, following from their postmodernism. Thus, Linker just accepts the story that Trump referred to soldiers as losers and suckers. That story came from anonymous sources, which could easily be fabricated, since nothing else collaborated it. The story was smashed on numerous sites. Given so may false news stories about Trump, like the Russian hoax, wouldn’t Linker have at least been open to a bit more critical thinking about this? Nope. He argues that Trump failed over Covid-19, but there are video clips of Biden saying in January 2020 that it is not a problem. What we have here is the selective preservation of information that fits one’s political position. Linker finds Trump and Trump supporters repulsive and wonders what his kind is going to do about it. No mention of antifa when he says that the country is on fire, no, it is global warming, not the failure of doing back burning because of insane Leftist environmentalism. Clearly the political camps cannot meet, and cannot live together. The country needs a divorce, secessionism everywhere.

     Here is Brett Steven’s comments on this:

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More Race Suicide from American Renaissance By Brian Simpson

     I recently published a piece at this site condemning the journal American Renaissance, which purports to defend whites, who published two articles, one where the author said with reservations that he was voting for Trump, the other put the case for Biden, because Biden would go easier on social welfare.  Now they publish a piece from white nationalist, Hunter Wallace, putting the position, not to vote at all.

“American elites rule through consensus.
Republican and Democratic elites agree on all the truly important issues and marginalize anyone who objects as being “fringe” and outside the “mainstream.” Culturally speaking, this includes the postwar consensus of liberalism, modernism, cosmopolitanism and antiracism and all of their corollaries like multiculturalism, feminism, gay liberation and political correctness. None of this will be on the ballot in 2020. Donald Trump and the GOP agree with Joe Biden and the Democrats about the importance of upholding consensus antiracism. As dissidents, we are often told that we have “no place” in the Republican Party and “no place” in America. This means that neither party will represent our views. We are not welcome in either political coalition. We can vote for the Republican Party and donate money to it. In exchange for our support, it offers to politically marginalize us and stigmatize us as evil and drive us underground in our own country while pursuing its own agenda.”

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An Honourable Decision in this Time of Corona-Tyranny By James Reed

     Who says that there are no honourable men left? Let us take the case of Sanjeev Sabhlok, a Victorian treasury insider, who explains why he quit:

“Last week I quit my job as an economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury so that I would be free to speak out against the state’s management of the COVID-19 infection. I had made a number of criticisms of the state government on social media. The head of human relations at Treasury asked me to remove them. I considered deleting the few direct criticisms, but they wanted all indirect criticism removed too. I resigned on the same day, the only honourable course for a free citizen of Australia. I never dreamed I would see some of the tactics being used to defend the state’s health. The pandemic policies being pursued in Australia – particularly in Victoria – are the most heavy-handed possible, a sledgehammer to kill a swarm of flies. These policies are having hugely adverse economic, social and health effects, with the poorer sections of the community that don’t have the ability to work from home suffering the most. Australia is signalling to the world that it is closed for business and doesn’t care for human freedoms. This will dampen business investment but also impact future skilled migration, the education industry and tourism. The whole thing hinges on the scare created by politicians and health professionals. For instance, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton claims this is the “greatest public health challenge since the Spanish flu”. But this is no Spanish flu – we can verify that easily.

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Biden and the Left: Multiple Layers of Politically Correct Absurdity By Chris Knight

     We are really in clown world now. First, footage of Biden doing his infamous touching of young girls, children, gets flagged as child exploitation by the twit Twitter, even though the person doing the foul deeds is the one that needs censoring, not the visual evidence, and this just confirms the point being made!

“C-Span footage of Joe Biden which accusers say shows him inappropriately touching young girls was flagged and removed by Twitter for violating its ‘Child Sexual Exploitation Policy’. The issue arose after Texan progressive activist Johnny Graz argued that Biden should be investigated for sexual assault. Jake Koenig responded by attempting to validate Graz’s assertion by posting clips from Biden meeting young girls at their parents’ congressional swear-in ceremonies in 2015. The now infamous footage contains numerous examples of what accusers say is the presidential nominee deliberately touching the young girls in sensitive areas while at other times whispering into their ears. However, when Koenig posted the footage, his account was locked until he agreed to delete it. “I tried to respond with a video of evidence on how Biden interacts with women and little girls but Twitter flagged me for trying to post images of child molestation hahahahahahhaha. Guess twitter agrees with @jvgraz,” he tweeted. The clip was characterized by Twitter as “prohibited” content that “violates [their] Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.” The reason given for the removal of the video is interesting given that it appears to confirm that Twitter views Biden’s behavior in the footage to be inappropriate.” 

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