There is No Bottom to Cultural Degeneracy By Mrs Vera West

     The Left have been busy defending the kiddie porno of “Cuties” because the Right has been outraged, so, the strategic thing to do, is to press the advantage home.

“An NBC News article defends Netflix’s Cuties premised on the idea that only a right-wing conspiracy theorist could oppose soft-core child pornography. So Netflix releases a movie with countless scenes off 11-year-olds dressed like hookers twerking, which includes countless shots of the camera lingering on 11-year-old butts shaking in short-shorts, 11-year-old legs spread wide-open wearing only bikini shorts, 11-years old girls dry-humping the ground; and NBC believes criticism of such a thing can only come from “the pedophile-obsessed American right, driven by QAnon.” We’re told by the left “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is dangerous. So it’s blacklisted. We’re told by the left Kindergarten Cop is dangerous. So it’s blacklisted. And then we’re told by the left only a TrumpTard could be outraged by close-up crotch shots of 11-year-old girls in Daisy Dukes. The piece is some 1200 words long and nowhere does it suggest that Cuties’ critics are anything other cynically motivated right-wingers, are anything other than “a hodgepodge of insane far-right conspiracy theories called QAnon, a movement that posits that senior Democrats, Hollywood executives and media barons feast, quite literally, on children, whom they also molest.” Nowhere does the NBC piece leave open the possibility that well-intentioned people are horrified by a movie that sexually exploits children. Honestly, how much further can the left and the media fall? Trust me, there is no bottom.  The left are not only vigorously defending the hyper-sexualization of prepubescent girls, they are attacking anyone horrified by what was done to a handful of very young actresses as wackos and liars who just like trolling the librallllz. After same sex marriage, we asked ourselves what the left’s nonstop envelope-pushing would attempt to normalize next. Well, we found out. We’re now required to have our daughters share a restroom with a 45-year-old man wearing a wig and pantyhose.” 

     I agree; there is no bottom to this, except maybe Hell itself, and the Left have essentially moved far from merely wanting socialism, but now have a nihilistic frenzy to just destroy everything, much like certain drug-crazed people start to pick holes in their flesh, only thousands of times worse, like  those who begin devouring human flesh. They fully intend to pick holes in our flesh, and devour  us and Western civilisation. And, they have already started, while conservatives and Christians sleep on, much like Homer’s lotus eaters:



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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