Notes From Around - GOD OR MAN By D. B. Smith


     How many of you older folk remember the names Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers. The book “Witness” is the story of the exposure and trial of the spy, Alger Hiss. Written in 1952 by Whittaker Chambers, a  tragedy of history he had thought to call it, as it dealt with the clash of the two irreconcilable faiths of our time as he puts it—Communism and Freedom.

     The forward, A letter to my children is worth quoting from, for in it he reveals from his own experience as a communist the nature of the conflict between communism and freedom, and that that conflict happens within every man and woman’s being. It dramatizes the quest of man to become his own God, master of his own destiny, or else to recognise the call of God to freedom for every soul; 

“For it was more than a human tragedy. Much more than Alger Hiss or Whittaker Chambers was on trial in the trials of Alger Hiss. Two faiths were on trial. Human societies, like human beings, live by faith and die when faith dies. At issue in the Hiss case was the question whether this sick society, which we call Western civilisation, could in its extremity still cast up a man whose faith in it was so great that he would voluntarily abandon those things which men hold good, including life, and defend it. At issue was the question whether this man’s faith (Chambers. DBS) could prevail against a man whose equal faith it was that this society is sick beyond saving, and that mercy itself pleads for its swift extinction and replacement by another. At issue was the question whether, in the desperately divided society, there still remained the will to recognise the issues in time to offset the immense rally of public power to distort and pervert the facts”.

     If you think this sounds like it could be happening today, you are right, it is, and it is each of us who must decide whether  we will act to defend what has been passed on to us as freedom or whether indeed, this society is so sick that it deserves to be replaced with another. Dr Martin Luther King in one of his powerful  speeches put it this way;- 

“Don’t let anyone make you think that God chose America as his Messianic force to be a sort of policeman of the whole world. God has a way of standing before the nations with judgement and it seems I can hear God saying to America, you are too arrogant. If you do not change your ways I will rise up and break the backbone of your power and I will place it in the hands of a nation that does not even know my name. Be still and know that I am God” 

     Donald trump made the comment on tonight’s news 18-9-20 that if the Democrats win the election America will face the situation of no God and no guns.  The Democrats today represent the political front for every societal evil under the sun, whilst the Republicans represent the political front for every financial evil. For all its religious fervour America is not without cause called the evil empire. But Trump is wrong on both counts. God will still BE, and there will still be guns, but who will hold them. A free and repentant people or an enslaved people facing the inevitable judgement of those who have known God’s blessing and turned their back on him and deified man in his every corrupt whim. Remember Solzhenitsyn’s words to his people “men have forgotten God that is why all this has befallen us”

     A friend and mentor faced the same challenge back in WW 11 when as a serviceman he embraced the socialist vision for a new world of harmony and justice after the war. He was in regular correspondence with his sister in Australia telling her of their vision for this wonderful new world. She stumped him eventually by asking, “what are you going to do with all those who disagree with your utopian vision”?  God or Freedom.  For each of us must make the choice, is man accountable to the ultimate reality of God and creator or is man the dominant animal whose will is his own to prevail over his own destiny and any he is strong enough to subdue.  My friend subsequently received parcels without some of the usual biscuits or socks but instead magazines expounding the basis of Christian faith and freedom in society leading him to a lifetime of service within the Australian League of Rights.

     Today our faith and belief in our free society are being put to the litmus test by the events of our time, aided by a prostituted media. We are led to believe that a virus is responsible for the actions of those same leaders in taking away our freedoms, dividing people on a scale never before seen, but the threads are unravelling in their story. We have the few brave souls who like Whittaker Chambers have donned their armour and taken up the battle. I have referred to them all in past notes like Robert Kennedy of The Children’s Health Defence, and Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network.  In her Under the Wire broadcast this week she told us;- “ they are testing a vaccine that has never been tested against a vaccine that has never been tested” they are using the meningococcal vaccine as the “placebo” in the trials for the new vaccine in Britain. Get that, no sterile placebo as the control but another vaccine that has not been safety tested against a known safe placebo. She reports that 100% of those taking the vaccine in the trial have experienced side effects, but only one was reported in the news and that side effect, although unreported in the news, was Transverse Myelitus. That happens to be one of the names given to polio like symptoms after polio was “eradicated” back in the 1950’s or was it 60’s.

     Another  example of the lies of safety through lockdown for Health reasons is the quote from the Qld Minister for W.H.O. propaganda  none other than the Chief Health Officer JanetteYoung ;- “ I have given exemptions for people in entertainment and film because that is bringing a lot of money into this state, and I can say we need every single dollar in our state”. Are dollars now more important than health?

     Below are some of the thoughts expressed  on placards at the Victorian Freedom Rally, which was far bigger than the news that I saw reported.

“Take the Mask from your eyes and minds”

“Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people, tyranny is when you restrict the movement of well people”

“Wake up. Think for yourself before the New World Oder does your thinking for you”.

     And two primary school girls held up a banner saying;- “ My Freedom does not end where your Fear begins”.

     Which takes us right back to the decisions that Whittaker Chambers and each of us have to face, to obey God and conscience or bow to the power and rule of man.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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