More Race Suicide from American Renaissance By Brian Simpson

     I recently published a piece at this site condemning the journal American Renaissance, which purports to defend whites, who published two articles, one where the author said with reservations that he was voting for Trump, the other put the case for Biden, because Biden would go easier on social welfare.  Now they publish a piece from white nationalist, Hunter Wallace, putting the position, not to vote at all.

“American elites rule through consensus.
Republican and Democratic elites agree on all the truly important issues and marginalize anyone who objects as being “fringe” and outside the “mainstream.” Culturally speaking, this includes the postwar consensus of liberalism, modernism, cosmopolitanism and antiracism and all of their corollaries like multiculturalism, feminism, gay liberation and political correctness. None of this will be on the ballot in 2020. Donald Trump and the GOP agree with Joe Biden and the Democrats about the importance of upholding consensus antiracism. As dissidents, we are often told that we have “no place” in the Republican Party and “no place” in America. This means that neither party will represent our views. We are not welcome in either political coalition. We can vote for the Republican Party and donate money to it. In exchange for our support, it offers to politically marginalize us and stigmatize us as evil and drive us underground in our own country while pursuing its own agenda.”

     Of course, all true,  but meanwhile America is in flames and going to get worse, certainly under Biden. Even vDare has published, at the same time an article detailing how white Americans will be enslaved under Biden:

“The Dem/Main Stream Media complex proclaim that President Donald Trump is a threat to “our democracy,” but we must frankly recognize that they are planning in plain sight to eliminate self-government for the Historic American Nation—basically, American whites [Democrats ready to take down the system with a sweep in November, by Daniel Oliver, Washington Times, September 3, 2020]. Proposed institutional changes would mean that what Steve Sailer calls “The Coalition of the Fringes” would in effect enslave what he calls “The Core.” ( Editor Peter Brimelow calls the division “Anti-America” vs. “America”). Other laws would intensify America’s already existing “soft” totalitarianism. Like him or not, Trump is right when he warns that this is the most important election in American history [Trump calls delegates ‘incredible warriors’ at 2020 Republican National Convention, by Ebony Bowden, New York Post, August 24, 2020]. We should not be in this position after the GOP sweep in 2016. But it was squandered, and here we are again. In 2016, the Left was caught napping. It won’t be this time. The last four years have been one long counter-insurgency by the MSM, tech companies, and Democrats to squelch independent voices. We already know from leaked video from Google that the company manipulates search results for political ends. Many of the influential social media accounts that helped President Trump’s narrow victory have been purged pre-emptively. Even basic financial services for patriots are being cut off (which is why we’re suing PayPal.) Incredibly, even after Laura Loomer won the primary and became the GOP candidate in Florida’s 21st congressional district, she still wasn’t allowed back on social media. This is clearly far more serious election interference than a few alleged Russian troll accounts. It would be more honest if we just let the tech companies pick the winners. If victorious, Democrats will probably do some or all of the following.

•    Eliminate the Electoral College [It’s time to abolish the Electoral College, by Darrell West, Brookings Institute, October 15, 2019]
•    Make Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. states—plus possibly the Virgin Islands—thus allowing coastal elites to rule Middle America like a conquered territory [Journalist: Dems should push for Puerto Rico, DC statehood after 2020, The Hill, July 30, 2018]
•    Auto-registering Americans to vote, making Election Day a holiday and thus making it easier for uninformed people to vote;
•    Eliminate the Senate filibuster; [The Senate Filibuster Is Another Monument to White Supremacy| Tear it down, by David Litt, Atlantic, June 27, 2020]
•    Pack the Supreme Court [Democrats’ hunger to break the old political system grows ahead of 2020 election, by Sahil Kapur, NBC News, August 16, 2020]
•    Increase legal immigration;
•    Increase the refugee inflow now virtually cut off under Trump
•    Enact Amnesty, providing the Democrats with tens of millions of new voters, especially as Amnestied illegals begin sponsoring their relatives under our absurd (and unreformed by Trump) “family reunification” laws

Another proposal: an “anti-racist amendment” to the Constitution that would allow the government punish any racial inequality, which would automatically be evidence of “racist policy.” Given that we never have equal outcomes in multiracial societies, this would mean virtually every social interaction would become a potential federal case. This may sound fringe—like gay marriage in 2004—but Twitter’s Jack Dorsey just gave Ibram Kendi, the man who proposed this, $10 million. Consider the repressive regime that would likely follow. As this is written, we’ve had months of continuous riots in some cities. Yet the Department of Homeland Security apparently believes “white supremacy” is the true threat [White supremacy is the ‘most lethal threat’ to the US, DHS draft assessment says, by Geneva Sands, CNN, September 8, 2020]. Of course, if it were “white supremacists” rioting, the military would have already turned Portland into Dresden—or Charlottesville writ large. The real purpose of such reports: to justify future government censorship and the passage of a “domestic terrorism” law [How a new administration might better fight white supremacist violence, by Daniel Byman, Brookings Institute, August 11, 2020].”

     That is just a few of the things that will occur. Thus, a journal working to dilute support for Trump, however flawed he is, is opening white American up to the apocalypse. How smart, how much big IQ genius is being employed here, by IQ worshippers? Why should we Australians, care? Shouldn’t all our time be devoted to economics and finance? Well, the problem is, that if America does collapse, we can be sure that a big Asian super power will quickly invade us. You know, weapons that make big bangs. While in the long term, a sane economy and society would have nuclear weapons and a strong defence, in the short-term, we will not have this. It is a matter of survival now.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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