The Coming Nordicide By Brian Simpson

     One of the issues not dealt with by the white nationalist is inter-racial survival, particularly the sub-racial groups such as Nordic, northern Europeans. In fact, some open-minded “nationalists” were quite willing to bash anyone concerned about this, and daring to write on that theme. (Might as well join the system than join those guys.) The Nordic racial group is under the strongest attack, part of it methodological, that is, being defined not to exist by the otherwise identity conscious elites, the same elites who see the entire universe as a social construction with a million types of gender … and then there is outright attack. By “Nordics,” I mean not merely Scandinavians, but the generally light haired, light eyed northern Europeans, such as the descendants of the Anglo Saxons. Madison Grant gave a classic account, and there are more recent racial theorists dealing with this, and I will report on it, if still breathing in the future. 

     Anyway, apart from movie caricatures and stereotypes, as either Nazis if male, or whores, if female, there is the day-to-day oppression:

“A video clip shows a grandmother confronting a teacher over the phone about how she told a student she didn’t have a right to an opinion because she was “white” and “blonde.” The footage starts with the grandmother explaining to the teacher that her granddaughter is crying and hasn’t been to school because of this “BLM crap.” She then accuses the teacher of telling her granddaughter that she had no right to express an opinion on the issue because she’s British, white and has blonde hair. After being told there is an audio recording of the exchange, the teacher responds, “Well I can’t remember, maybe.” The teacher then accuses the granddaughter Kelsey of having white privilege and saying she didn’t “live through” what the other girl involved in the discussion (who was evidently black) had experienced. It subsequently emerged that Kelsey had refused to honor Black Lives Matter and the teacher had immediately took the black student’s side because “Kelsey isn’t in a position to know how black girls feel.”    

     Then there are these recent killings of Nordic Americans, for no other reason than the lightness of their skin, hair and eyes, triggering the killers. Interested readers can explore the shocking details:

     No White Lives Matter riots here, only White pathology, or apathy about these deaths. Sad. In future essays I intend to write more on Nordic survival with an eye to collecting it all as a book. We have a right to exist, and I think to have my racial sub-group eliminated, basically drains the world of value for me. Why create a wonderful world of plenty, with the fantastic economic system, if it is in the end only for the Chinese and Africans, and our kind disappears? That is universalism gone mad.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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