The Rebirth of Socialism (but it Never Went Away) By James Reed

     The mythology of some conservatives is that communism was defeated with the collapse of the USSR, which ignores the rise of China, and the cancerous Left’s long march through the institution’s today. Most of the administration, the executive, the educators, are dominated by some form of Leftoid, and it is something which our side of politics has never really understood. Now, open socialism is raging, at least in the US, and we can expect the commo-disease to reach Australia too:

“Socialism has gone mainstream in American politics, but it remains deeply controversial. While some believe it offers an appealing solution to the country's woes, for others it conjures up fearful imagery of authoritarian regimes. The new CBSN Originals documentary, "Speaking Frankly | Socialism," explores the resurgent interest in socialism and the culture wars surrounding its role in America today. "The democratic socialist movement is being driven by millennials, zoomers, younger people," says Jabari Brisport, a Brooklyn teacher who embraces the socialist label and is running as a Democrat for a New York State Senate seat. "Younger people are interested in socialism because we can see so clearly the failings of capitalism." A 2019 Pew Research Center survey found half of young adults under 30 expressed positive views of socialism — nearly as many as the 52% who felt positively about capitalism. Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has jumped from 6,500 to 70,000 over the last six years. But Maria Fernanda Bello, an activist with Young Americans Against Socialism, sees the trouble that's gripped her native Venezuela as a warning. "Socialists are always going to promise you free tuition, free health care, free everything, but they will never promise you freedom," she said.”

     The new socialism does not even give lip service to defending working class whites, and in fact is defined by an explicit attempt to destroy them, even though, most of the antifa types are some sort of decadent Whites. Perhaps this problem should not be left until the Left are at one’s door, screaming to kill you.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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