The Kyle Rittenhouse Controversy By John Steele

     My favourite Latino survivalist Ferfal (see YouTube below), does a great job on the Kyle Rittenhouse incident, where a 17-year old was defending businesses against antifa, when they tried to kill him, and he shot three of them up, bad, killing two. The mainstream press said that he was a white supremacist on a shooting rampage, as is standard, but this time the video evidence clearly shows antifa attacking him, and one had a pistol. And he had an AR 15 rifle, showing that when a crazed mob are after your blood, when the police are just letting it happen, people need the nutritious firepower of semi-auto weapons. Of course, the lad is up on murder charges now, which shows that anarcho-tyranny rules, since if the roles were reversed, antifa would be the heroes. Trump should pardon him on the last day of his presidency, along with pardoning himself and family, unless he wants to be done in like Epstein, then fed to the dogs. You can read the mainstream and usual press whinging on about white supremacy and other bs nonsense, where there is no evidence of this. The establishment wants the antifa to kill, crush and destroy, to force in their New World Order agenda.

     Here is the Leftist take on this, just for a laugh:

     And the antidote:

“Kenosha Wisconsin has now become the pivot point for the revolution from above being waged on middle America. Riots have convulsed the city for three nights since a violent black rapist was shot by police after resisting arrest. Large swaths of the city have been burned as the mayor cheered on the rioters. This led to the shooting of three rioters by a 17-year old kid, who volunteered to help defend the property owners. The video of the incident has become a world-wide sensation. Of course, this being Jim Snow America, the white kid is now charged with capital murder and faces life in prison. White people who kill in self-defense get charged with capital murder, while ….. who kill for sport are allowed to go. You see, the former is exercising white privilege and is guilty of being white. The latter, on the other hand, is the victim of white privilege and is justifiably angry. In post-reality America, privilege means being stripped of your rights and dignity. If Kyle Rittenhouse was a black or an immigrant from the third world or even a transsexual, he would not be in jail right now. He would be held up as a hero by the mainstream media. President Trump would send Air Force One to bring him to Washington for a special ceremony. Speakers at the RNC convention would be told to mention his name in their speeches. He is white, so no one at the convention will mention his name. They have not mentioned Cannon Hinnant either. Unlike other cases where the media can suppress the truth while spreading lies, this time the truth was all over the internet before the media could act. As soon as it happened, social media had video of the attack on Rittenhouse. He fell to the ground as violent criminals attacked him and he opened fire on them. There can be no narrative in which he is the villain. He may have been naive, but he was simply following the civic nationalist code and doing what he thought was his duty. This is Jim Snow America. A white kid following the rules is guilty, no matter what the facts say, so he sits in prison. His family started a defense fund on Go Fund Me, but it was immediately taken down. Again, in Jim Snow America, whites are not allowed to avail themselves of the resources for self-defense. The system will now wage war on this kid’s family in order to prevent them from defending their son. In Jim Snow America, white people just have to take it. It is an infuriating reality, for sure. In a better world …[t]he good people of that city would have remembered the words of Jefferson and fertilized their tree of liberty. Of course, in a sane society, it would never have come to this. There would be no riots sponsored by the ruling class, so Kyle Rittenhouse would not have felt the need to go out in the streets. The reason all of this happened is the rulers made it happen.

As infuriating as it may be, it is this reality that must shine through. Those old rules you were taught about the law and your rights as an America no longer exist. They certainly don’t exist if you are white. If you are white, the system sees you as an enemy and will spare no expense in attacking you. The reason Kyle Rittenhouse sits in jail is no one told him this. Instead, internet warriors playing tough guy on-line encouraged him to be a man of action. This is why people who like saying “well, at least he is doing something” need to be shouted down at every opportunity. These are people who think every cause needs martyrs, just as long as they are not the martyr, so they encourage everyone else to be foolishly brave. … [w]e have another naive and impressionable young white man facing life in a cage, because he was convinced that doing something is always better than doing nothing. This is just one aspect of a larger point that white people need to grasp. None of this would be happening if not for the political class. The Kenosha police department has tanks and armored vehicles. They have highly trained tactical units that are trained by Israel special forces officers. The Kenosha police force could invade a small country, but they are nowhere to be found during these riots. The reason they are absent is the politicians have ordered them to let the riots rage. This is what makes Kenosha a pivot point in the ruling class revolt. This kid is not a scary monster who can be anathematized by the system.  … For the typical white person, if he had a son, he would look like Kyle Rittenhouse. Ultimately, that is now the significance of the Kenosha riots. White people are faced with the reality of their sons being sent to prison for the crime of being white. They face having their businesses destroyed because non-whites are ungrateful. They are being harassed at restaurants and in their home by mobs sponsored by the ruling class who have embraced anti-whiteness as a revolutionary cause. It’s no longer an abstract political argument. It’s daily reality.”    

     I do not see economic reform doing one jot to solve this problem, as the economic reductionists may think. This is the reality that will spread across the West, because the same forces present in the US, are everywhere. It is hard for the economic fundamentalists/rationalists to recognise cold hard realities, because materialism breeds feminine softness:



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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