Pro-Life Display Banned because People Might Dare to Think it was Pro-Life By Mrs Vera West

     Quite rightly so, too. Fancy letting those pro-lifers have a voice, in a Christian college, too! Whatever is the world coming to?

“A Christian college refused to allow a display of Christian crosses to honor “abortion victims,” saying it would be “divisive,” according to email correspondence obtained by conservative and civil liberties groups. “I didn’t think it was really going to be a problem at all,” Emily Kokot, treasurer and secretary for Young Americans for Freedom at Rocky Mountain College, told The College Fix in a phone interview. That’s because “for the last couple of years,” the administration has allowed the campus affiliate of the Young America’s Foundation to install “a 9/11 memorial where we put flags up on the ground on the campus outside” (below), she said. Instead, Dean of Student Life Brad Nason told Kokot that “we draw the line at public displays of divisive topics,” in an email referenced by Young America’s Foundation and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. (Kokot works part-time in Nason’s office.) Pressed as to why public displays are not allowed, Nason responded that “we have effectively eliminated every student’s ability to choose to engage or not engage with that issue” if the college allows public displays. They could also imply the endorsement of the college, he wrote.”

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Poetry Corner By James Reed

     Here is the poem that's gone viral after NSW farmer Joanna Collett posted it on the Prime Minister's Facebook page:

G’day Mr Morrison, I trust that you are fine,
Sorry to be bothering you, but there’s something on my mind
I listened to a bloke last week; he had a bit to say
You lot may have heard of him? He delivers all that hay?
He spoke of countless hours and the distances they drive
Feeding starving stock, to keep bush hopes alive
They do not get assistance from your tax funded hat
They do it on their own, all off their own bat
I’m not politically minded and I don’t have any clout
And I know you’ve done a tour, to learn about the drought
But there’s just some burning questions, that have left us feeling beat
Why did we fund a foreign land, to learn to cut up meat?
And what about those soccer boys, who went and got all lost
You pulled out all the bloody stops, plain just showing off
You’ve bigger problems here at home, there’s drought up to our necks
So what does your mob go and do ? Give them big fat cheques!
Don’t they have a government to deal with all this stuff?
Why should it be up to us, what’s with all your fuss?
Should we not be reigning in and look after our own
Have you never heard the phrase “charity starts at home”?
I realise there’s many things, that need an allocation
And I also can appreciate, complex trade relations
I’m not sure if you realise, but if our stock all die,
There won’t be any trade you see, your deals will all run dry
As a rule we’re not a whinging lot, our requests are but a few
Most of us who work the land, are tested, tried and true
We respect that we are guardians, and sustain it for the kids
But I often have to wonder, what future will it bring?
I guess all that I’m wondering, is “where’s the Aussie aid”?
Wrapped up in a swag of tape, only then to be repaid !
There’s Aussie blokes and chicks out there, putting you to shame
Helping fellow Australians, in their time of pain
I’m just a simple farmer, grazier, wife and mum
And even though we’re feeding stock, we’re better off than some
I’ve never had to shoot a cow, who could no longer stand
But many have before me, and I pray, I’m not dealt that hand
So will you take another look; admit that we’re in strife ?
And do more than bloody empathise, before another farmer takes their life ?
I’d like to think you’ll do what’s right and put Australia first
And help your own damn country, before this drought gets any worse.

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Sweden Now Funding Violent Islamic Jihad Groups. Logical Enough! By Richard Miller

     Sweden is now so toxic that Denmark has reinstated border control, as shootings and bombs get out of control for even this multicult:

“Several blasts and shootings around Copenhagen this year have prompted Danish authorities to tighten border controls at the country’s crossings with Sweden. Over the weekend, Danish police conducted checks on trains and vehicles crossing the Oresund Bridge over the narrow waterway that separates Copenhagen, Denmark's largest city, and Malmo, Sweden's third-largest.”

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The True Face of Global Capitalism By Paul Walker

     Originally it was the use of robots by the capitalists to eliminate human workers. But it would not stop there, for now it is robot wars, also with winners and losers:

“Adidas has announced it will be closing down its ‘Speedfactories’ in Germany and the United States and moving production to Asia. The factories are staffed by robots that make the company’s running shoes and will both be shuttered by 2020, according to a press release. Instead, the technology will be moved to Asia where robots there will take over manufacturing. ‘Going forward, not only running shoes, but also models of other product categories will be able to be produced in a short period of time by using the production processes tested in the Speedfactories,’ the sportswear giant said. So, yes, Asian robots are in fact taking jobs from their European counterparts.”

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Is God Racist AND Sexist? By Mrs Vera West

     Eric Butler once gave a terrific speech, “Is God a Racist?’” where he argued that, for a reduction to absurdity, that God in making the races, distinguished between kinds of people, and by crazy liberal standards that must be “racist.” The same argument applies, even more to the creation of the sexes, and differences between them:

     If the liberal was right, then the world, including all of nature should have different moral order than the natural order a mind unperverted by liberalism observes; yet, here is the world, all contrary to the dictates of modern political correctness. Hence, something is going to have to snap, just as if an engine was pushed beyond its natural limits. This world of abominations cannot continue forever.

Garbage from India to Los Angeles By Charles Taylor

     President Trump has wadded in on the garbage in India issue, claiming that it even reaches to LA!

“US President Donald Trump has said countries like China, India and Russia are doing "absolutely nothing" to clean up their smokestacks and industrial plants and the garbage that they drop in sea floats into Los Angeles.
Terming climate change as a "very complex issue", Donald Trump said he considers himself to be, "in many ways, an environmentalist, believe it or not". "So ... I'm very much into climate. But I want the cleanest air on the planet and I want to have - I have to have clean air - water," Mr Trump said in remarks at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday. Donald Trump told the audience that the US withdrew from the "one-sided, horrible, horrible, economically unfair, ''close your businesses down within three years,'' ''don't frack, don't drill, we don't want any energy'' - the horrible Paris Climate Accord that killed American jobs and shielded foreign polluters."
He said the Paris Climate Agreement was a "disaster" for the US, adding that the deal would have resulted in "trillions and trillions of dollars" of destruction to America. "And it is so unfair. It doesn't kick in for China until 2030. Russia goes back into the 1990s, where the base year was the dirtiest year ever in the world. India, we are supposed to pay them money because they are a developing nation. I said, ''We''re a developing nation, too''," Mr Trump said amidst laughter from the audience. Responding to a question about how he thinks about risk as it relates to trade policy and issues like climate change, Mr Trump said, "when people ask the question...about climate - I always say: You know, I have a little problem.

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Letter to The Editor - Conservative victory at the expense of his Brexit Party's numbers

To The Australian         Greg Sheridan tells us ("Boris and Donald as masters of their universe", 16-17/11) that "the exit deal Johnson negotiated with the EU is far from ideal but it is a thousand times better than Theresa May's surrender deal." Is it, however, a guaranteed pathway to a genuine (that is, complete) withdrawal from the EU that truly honours the clear decision of the 2016 referendum? Sheridan does not say, but his language seems inflated, even self-contradictory, which is not reassuring. Two factors, however, suggest he is right: the fact that the "hard right"  or "extreme Eurosceptic" Conservative MPs have accepted the deal and the willingness of Nigel Farage to facilitate a Conservative victory at the expense of his Brexit Party's numbers.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Life in a Police State By Chris Knight

     This is American story, but there is no reason to believe that the same could not happen in Australia or anywhere else in the West, meaning that we already are in police states:

“A federal appeals court ruled this week that the Colorado man who had his home destroyed by a police raid in 2015 is not entitled to compensation for the damage, which was severe enough to require a complete demolition of the house. "Under no circumstances in this country should the government be able to blow up your house and render a family homeless," Leo Lech, the homeowner, told NPR after the court ruling on Wednesday. The raid that left Lech and his family homeless had nothing to do with any of them. They weren't even home when an armed shoplifter broke into their house on South Alton Street in the leafy Denver suburb of Greenwood Village. Although the burglar was armed only with a handgun and was fully barricaded inside the home, local police responded as if they were confronting Osama bin Laden. "Unleashing a display of force commonly reserved for the battlefield, the tactical team bombarded the building with high-caliber rifles, chemical agents, flash-bang grenades, remote-controlled robots, armored vehicles, and breaching rams—all to extract a petty thief with a handgun," wrote Jay Stooksberry in the December 2017 issue of Reason. At one point during the two-day operation, the cops drove an armored vehicle through the home's front door. When it was all over, the house was unlivable. Greenwood Village condemned the structure, forcing Lech to have it torn down, and the city offered a measly $5,000 to cover the damage.

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Immigration Drags Down Wages By Chris Knight

     In the sacred free market, the god of the libertarians, where people are treated as just another resource, the iron laws of supply and demand mean that mass immigration drags down wages, and no nonsense about migrants creating jobs eliminates this, as any such jobs get soaked up by the flood of mass immigration. Just ask Trump:

“President Donald Trump touted the wage gains for Americans in the lowest income brackets, adding that that the open borders policies of the Democratic Party threaten those gains. “Since the election, real wages have gone up 3.2 percent for the median American worker,” Trump said in a speech Tuesday to the Economic Club of New York. “But for the bottom income group, real wages are soaring. A number that has never happened before. Nine percent.” Wage gains for those near the bottom of America’s economic ladder have been particularly strong this year. The lowest-paid Americans saw weekly earnings rise by more than 5 percent in the second quarter from a year earlier, according to a quarterly survey of households produced by the Labor Department. Workers with less than a high-school diploma saw their wages grow nearly 6 percent. “That may mean you make a couple of bucks less in your companies,” Trump said. “And you know what? That’s okay. This is a great thing for our country. When you talk about equality. This is a great thing for our country.”

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The Black Pill of Michel Houellebeq: Serotonin By Peter West

     Michel Houellebecq is back with new book entitled Serotonin, named after the sleep hormone, of course. I have not read any of his work, but people on other websites much smarter than me, think he is grand, and who am I to disagree? Indeed, that last sentence, when first typed had not one correct word in it. Anyway, enough self-praise, this French writer, has been accused of racism, misogyny and Islamophobia, and was once hit by Frances’ race hate laws, getting off, so he must be doing something right.

     As I do not have the money to buy books, even struggling to pay bills, I seek out reviews and hope for the best. Apparently, this French guy writes about the impending collapse of Western civilisation, something of mild interest to me:

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No Speaky English By Paul Walker

     It is good to see that the justice systems is all lubricated and smooth working. Relax and smell the roses, while they last. Maybe the terrifying climate change bushfires will cook them, so make the most of it!

“A Sydney man accused of meeting a drunk woman outside a pub and raping her in a laneway has been bailed after a court noted he can’t speak English. Sayer Hamood Jaber Alenezi, 38, faced Parramatta Bail Court on Saturday on two counts of aggravated sexual assault. Police allege he approached a 22-year-old woman about 1.30am on Sunday outside the Courthouse Hotel on Oxford Street after she lost touch with her friends inside the pub. The pair then walked about one kilometre to Turner Lane in Woolloomooloo, where the woman says she was twice sexually assaulted by the man. “The complainant appeared to be targeted by the accused due to her intoxication and that no doubt will be part of the prosecution case,” police prosecutor Mr Kwong told the court. “(Her being a stranger) contributes to the risk of endangering the community.” But while their movements towards the laneway were caught on CCTV, there isn’t any footage of the alleged rape, the court was told.”

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Climate Change and the Bushfires By Pyjamas Reed

     The point has been made before by people vastly more knowledgeable than me, that the fires that are now burning down the eastern states, are not a product of climate change, but of poor, or non-existent forest management. National parks have been under the spell of Left-wing environmentalism since, who knows when. Thus, in the name of preventing carbon emissions, back burning, and hazard Reduction burns have diminished, and as usual vast amounts of combustible material has been allowed to accumulate. Cattle, which could have removed a lot of the vegetation, were banned of course, as cattle eat grass and fart. Consequently, we have the Left and Greens proclaiming that bushfires are clear evidence of climate change, and that fires at present are out of control. Hence the need to fix the climate. But, even if this was true, it will take decades to do, if it can be done at all, while bushfires are a now-problem, burning while my pain-stricken hands type this. Hence, it all comes down to bushfire management, strategies to reduce the present intensity of bushfires, and thus when fires occur, making them relatively easier to control. Fuel reduction burning is a key part of this. But that involves fighting fire with fire, and that in turn generates CO2, which is toxic for the morally pure environmentalist. Thus, for them, it is better to let the entire forest burn down, with all the cuddly furry animals, than to break some egg shells and burn off the material that will ultimately produce the next towering inferno.

The Mainstream are Celebrating the End of America as We Knew It By Chris Knight

     The end of white majority America is fast approaching, probably quicker than the official figures, since official statistics (e.g. unemployment figures) are usually lies to serve the political masters.

“The United States is undergoing a transition perhaps no rich and stable democracy has ever experienced: Its historically dominant group is on its way to becoming a political minority—and its minority groups are asserting their co-equal rights and interests. If there are precedents for such a transition, they lie here in the United States, where white Englishmen initially predominated, and the boundaries of the dominant group have been under negotiation ever since. Yet those precedents are hardly comforting. Many of these renegotiations sparked political conflict or open violence, and few were as profound as the one now under way. Within the living memory of most Americans, a majority of the country’s residents were white Christians. That is no longer the case, and voters are not insensate to the change—nearly a third of conservatives say they face “a lot” of discrimination for their beliefs, as do more than half of white evangelicals. But more epochal than the change that has already happened is the change that is yet to come: Sometime in the next quarter century or so, depending on immigration rates and the vagaries of ethnic and racial identification, nonwhites will become a majority in the U.S. For some Americans, that change will be cause for celebration; for others, it may pass unnoticed. But the transition is already producing a sharp political backlash, exploited and exacerbated by the president. In 2016, white working-class voters who said that discrimination against whites is a serious problem, or who said they felt like strangers in their own country, were almost twice as likely to vote for Trump as those who did not. Two-thirds of Trump voters agreed that “the 2016 election represented the last chance to stop America’s decline.” In Trump, they’d found a defender.”

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Jewish Conservative has Door Broken Down and Arrested by the Friendly UK Thought Control Police By Richard Miller

     I do not know who this person is, but surely, they must have thought very bad thoughts for the warm and cuddly UK police to break down the door. Why, in the US he probably would be gunned down, or an air strike called in, maybe taking out the entire neighbourhood (collateral damage).

“On Tuesday the 22nd October, at approximately 07:15, whilst I was getting my four-year-old child ready for school, there was a rather aggressive knock at my front door. I opened the door and found a whole bunch of police officers who wanted me to come out and ‘talk to them’. Knowing what the modern day British police are like in too many cases, which is thuggish and dishonest, I shut the door in their faces. The police do not turn up mob handed merely to have ‘a chat’. Instead I picked up the handset for my entryphone, which is remotely recorded, and spoke to the officer’s via that method. I politely requested that they state the reason why they were at my front door and they said ‘we just want to talk’ and ‘you must come outside to speak’. They refused my request that I would speak to them via the window and insisted that I come out. Whilst this was going on I was watching what was happening on CCTV, the footage of which is now secured off site. I could see at least six police officers swarming around my front garden and to my back garden to which they had gained access. There were I observed, four officers in the front and two in the back.

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Germany Wants the US to Commit National Suicide with It By Richard Miller

     Talk about proposed suicide pacts; Germany’s elites want the US to abandon nationalism and be as deracinated as it is:

“German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the United States to be a "mutually respectful partner" and reject nationalism, in a clear salvo aimed at US leader Donald Trump as Germany on Saturday marked 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Recalling the United States' key role in helping to bring down the hated Wall separating communist East Germany from the capitalist West, Steinmeier said he still hears the late American president Ronald Reagan's cry of "tear down this wall" at the iconic Brandenburg Gate. But in a swipe at Trump's America First policy and his insistence on building a wall on the southern border with Mexico, Steinmeier voiced a yearning for a return of the transatlantic partner of the past. "This America as a mutually respectful partner, as a partner for democracy and freedom, against national egoism -- that is what I hope for in the future too," said Steinmeier. The German president's sharp words, as he opened festivities at the spot where Reagan once stood, underlined growing tensions between the traditional allies. Germany has been deeply rattled by Trump's go-it-alone attitude on issues ranging from Iranian nuclear policy to trade with Europe and climate change. From Washington, Trump sent a message of congratulations for the commemoration, adding that the US "will continue working with Germany, one of our most treasured allies, to ensure that the flames of freedom burn as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the entire world to see."

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Dealing with Demons By Peter West

     Whatever it is that Pope Francis believes in, he has made it clear that the devil is a real person, and the Vatican has formally recognised the International Association of Exorcists, a group of 250 priests in 30 countries co-founded by Italian priest Gabriele Amorth. Father Amoerth claims to have personally rid the world of 160,000 demons, and counting! Keep up the good work! Here is some material on the state of demons in the US:

“No official data are available, but church leaders say there are more Catholic exorcists in the U.S. today than at any time in recent memory. They arrive with a crucifix, a book of prayers, holy water and a conviction that the Holy Spirit is at their side. Infrequently summoned for decades, Catholic exorcists say they are now being beckoned across Minnesota and the nation, as pleas from the faithful to “cast out the devil” are on the rise.
“Sometimes they hear voices in their heads,” said Bishop Andrew Cozzens of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. “They have reactions they don’t understand. Fits of rage. Sometimes it’s a depression they just can’t shake and psychologists can’t help.” Exorcism, often considered a relic of the Dark Ages, is making a 21st-century comeback. Catholic dioceses, including in St. Cloud and Winona-Rochester, say they now are sending their exorcists to a new U.S. institute that trains spiritual warriors. No official data are available, but Catholic leaders say there are more Catholic exorcists in the United States today than at any time in recent memory. “When I first was appointed as exorcist in 2005, I knew of only a dozen exorcists in the United States,” said the Rev. Vincent Lampert, exorcist of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and one of a handful of American exorcists public about their work. “Today I’d say there are at least 175 — and more each year.”

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Life in a Socialist Paradise: Venezuela By Paul Walker

     With surveys indicating that a majority of young people, born after the time when the horrors of communism were well exposed, are supportive of communism, or the milder socialism, it would be good for them to think about how things are going in a modern socialist paradise, Venezuela. It is a place where one had better learn to live without electric lights, for it is power down, a lot:

“Venezuela has always had trouble maintaining a functional power grid. I lived in the city of Punto Fijo from 1992 to 1996, blackouts were occasional back then. But those woes of times past are nothing compared to the catastrophic collapse of our power grid that started almost a decade ago. Twenty years of Bolivarian Revolution bought about glaring mismanagement and underinvestment in our power grid. Our electric sector was nationalized in 2007, which – you guessed it – is when the power tribulations truly began to plague Venezuelans. Experts have warned for years of the imminent collapse. Some states, such as Zulia, my birth state, have been suffering a gruesome power rationing for years. The much-anticipated collapse finally happened on March 7, 2019. The entire country was thrown into the Middle Ages in a snap. I went thirty hours without power. It returned to my area for approximately twelve hours. Then I was met with another thirty-hour blackout. As expected, Maduro blamed the incident on America. He hasn’t offered an official explanation beyond stating that it was an “Electronic coup” and a “cyber attack.”

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The Leftist Legacy of Mass Immigration By Chris Knight

     The Left have championed mass immigration in the post-World War II period because they see it as changing the political landscape so that Leftist parties will eventually never be dislodged, and elections rendered more useless than they are now. Witness the following gloating:

“A “tidal wave” of mass immigration has “tilt(ed) the field toward the Democrats” in the state of Virginia, the New York Times admits. Last week, Democrats took control of Virginia’s House of Delegates and the State Senate. Now, the Democrats hold power over the state’s legislature, the governor’s seat and the lieutenant governor’s seat — the first time since 1993 that this has occurred. The New York Times now admits that four to five decades of mass immigration — where about 1.2 million legal immigrants are admitted to the United States every year — has shifted Virginia into a blue state: Not long ago, this rolling green stretch of Northern Virginia was farmland. Most people who could vote had grown up here. And when they did, they usually chose Republicans. [Emphasis added] The fields of Loudoun County are disappearing. In their place is row upon row of cookie-cutter townhouses, clipped lawns and cul-de-sacs — a suburban landscape for as far as the eye can see. Unlike three decades ago, the residents are often from other places, like India and Korea. And when they vote, it is often for Democrats. [Emphasis added]

“It’s a totally different world,” said Charles Poland, 85, a retired history professor whose family has lived in Loudoun County for four generations. His family farm is now dotted with subdivisions filled with four and five-bedroom homes that sell for $750,000. The family legacy is a road named Poland. “If my parents came back today, they wouldn’t recognize the place. The changes came like a tidal wave.”

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Letter to The Editor - They should not follow a separatist path that is against the true interests of the nation

To The Age        Rachel Perkins is living in a dream-world if she believes that "Australians should unite behind the Uluru Statement from the Heart" ("Director calls for Indigenous action", 15/11), for it is a fundamentally divisive document seeking to unjustly privilege a tiny majority of Australians over the rest of us. Claiming that we should "set aside" our differences, she is busy insisting that new ones should be created. There is no "cult of forgetfulness" involved. We all know that the Aboriginal tribes lost control of the continent to British settlement, a happening that cannot be reversed. Aboriginal culture and history is widely honoured and rightly so. However, in 2019 Australians having Aboriginal ancestry should accept the fact that, constitutionally, they are on a par with all other Australians. They should not follow a separatist path that is against the true interests of the nation.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave 

Letter to The Editor - She wants to divide while at the same time claiming to unite

To The Australian        Rachel Perkins states, in the latest effort to promote an unjust privileging of a small minority of Australians over others ("At the heart of the voice is just our desire for honesty", 15/11) that Uluru (or Ayers Rock) is "the symbolic and spiritual heart of our nation." Whose nation? And on what grounds does she make this claim? How can that stone monolith be the centre of a political order, founded originally by Britain, which is rightly described as a commonwealth? Yes, a wealth shared by all Australians, the great majority of whom have no Aboriginal ancestry. Ms Perkins also claims that she feels "uniquely Australian", but in reality there is no such uniqueness for her or any other Australian. What she means is that she has her own unique ethnic ancestry. Each other Australian can claim the same for himself or herself, but it does not pertain at all to their constitutional status as Australians. There is something fundamentally contradictory in her claims: she wants to divide while at the same time claiming to unite.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic