Londonistan: Christian Churches Close but Islamic Call to Prayer Heard by All! By Richard Miller

     Of course, it is symbolic of the future of the UK, looking ahead a few years, something the white capitalist would find inconceivable, operating in a paradigm where all that counts are the money-grubbing markets of today.

“A London suburb totalling a mere 15 square miles in size and with a population of less than 300,000 people has granted permission for the first time to nine mosques to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer during Ramadan.
The news was published earlier this month in an article in The Metro, which included a video of the “Adhan” being chanted above from the roof of a mosque in Waltham Forest. Waltham Forest is one London’s 32 boroughs, each of which has its own elected local council. Clare Coghill, the leader of Waltham Forest Council, said that the Adhan being broadcast was “an alternative form of connection” for Muslims, with mosques currently closed along with all other places of worship in the U.K. as part of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. “Ramadan is normally a time for the Muslim community to come together to pray and break their fast,” she said. “Like many aspects of all our lives, this has been affected by Covid-19 and the requirement to remain socially distant. As an alternative form of connection during this special month, the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques contacted the council to request that as an alternative to congregating they announce a short call to prayer at a number of mosques adapted to remind worshippers to stay at home,” she continued. “The council considered the request as it would with any religious or faith group looking to responsibly worship during this difficult time. Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim community.” The Adhan will be broadcast each day at sunset, with an additional broadcast each Friday. The words in the Adhan state: “Allah is the greatest. I bear witness that there is no god except Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Come to prayer. Come to salvation.” Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the senior Catholic cleric in the U.K., marked the beginning of Ramadan by joining a host of religious leaders in an interfaith event titled “Ramadan at Home,” organised by the Naz Legacy.”

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A Manufactured Panicdemic By Mrs Vera West

     Although 9/11 was the main cause, the anthrax crisis of 2001, forgotten by many, led to the US government romping in their PATRIOT Act, winding back personal freedoms. The same is occurring now with Covid-19, with the lock-down, imprisonment powers, and tracking and surveillance, that would have been unheard of but a year ago. The mainstream is protective of the notion that SARS-Cov-2 arose naturally, with President Trump being the most notable dissenter, even though there is evidence that the virus was created in a lab. So, what lies behind all of this? Here is Dr Mercola interviewing Dr Meryl Nass, a leading vaccination critic on the shape of things to come, soon:

“Like everybody else, I wondered whether this was a natural jump from a bat or some other animal to humans and scratched my head about it,” Nass says. While she’s not a virologist, she does have a three-decade background in biological warfare and is aware of what’s been created in the past, what it takes, where they may be made, and how it has been done. “So, I remained curious. Then on February 19 online, and in the March 7 print edition, a group of scientists had a "Correspondence" published in The Lancet, and it was a very curious piece to me. It didn't make sense. And these were very prominent signatories, including the former head of the National Science Foundation, one of the former top people at CDC, the director of the Wellcome Trust, coronavirus researchers and funders, and other prominent people. What they said is, ‘We need to quash the rumors that this came from a lab. That is a conspiracy theory and we need to get rid of it. They wrote: ‘The rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumours and misinformation around its origins. We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.’

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A Super Rip Off By Bruce Bennett

     The light-hearted article of the day. I thought that Super-man was a bit of a rip off of Nietzsche’s idea of the overman/super-man, but no, there was someone before the big blue boy scout:

“In 1930, a new adventure story offered American readers a cutting-edge hero — a man with titanic strength, bulletproof skin, and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound — but his name wasn't Superman. The character was Hugo Danner, protagonist of a luridly bad novel titled Gladiator, by Philip Wylie. The Superman we all know, created by Jerry Siegel, wouldn't appear on the cover of a published comic book until eight years later. Reading Wylie's Gladiator alongside this new movie delivers a particularly weird experience for a whole bunch of reasons. One of them being the possibility that the very aspects of Snyder's new Superman that felt the most fresh and game-changing turn out to be perhaps not so new at all. Looking past the nonsense, the book remains hard to read without suspecting the Man of Steel's original creator, Jerry Siegel, did some significant borrowing back in 1938. Hugo Danner comes from a small, rural town (Colorado instead of Kansas, but still); Danner spends a great deal of his time concealing his strength; as a young man, Danner even builds himself a remote fortress where he could find solitude. "I can do things, Dad. It kind of scares me," Danner says early in the book. "I can jump higher'n a house. I can run faster'n a train." Later on, Danner come out with this: "I'm like a man made of iron."

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Pandemic Persecution By James Reed

     That’s the spirit, never led a good crisis go to waste, and milk its toxins for all it is worth, especially if you are tyrannical Marxist/Maoist regime with a hatred of religion, the Covid-19 pandemic is yet another excuse to smash religious groups, not just Christians:

“Since early 2020, China has been doubling down on its already extreme suppression of religious freedom, and the Covid-19 outbreak has done nothing to curb the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) enthusiasm. If anything, the virus outbreak has served as an excuse to crack down even more on freedom of religion. In February, for instance, officials came to inspect whether a church in Henan province was implementing lockdown instructions, but, according to one church member interviewed by Bitter Winter, "seeing some bible verses written on a blackboard they said, 'China is the land of the Communist Party, and we are not allowed to hold religious beliefs'". The officials then "smashed everything in the venue and left, locking the door..." The CCP also continued its crackdown on The Church of Almighty God (CAG), a group China banned and that it considers a "dangerous cult". Between February and March, authorities arrested at least 325 members of the group "as a result of investigations in the name of epidemic prevention". One member of the group, who had been released, said that the police had "threatened to send her to the coronavirus epicenter in Hubei Province to be infected if she continued practicing her faith". At the height of the epidemic in early February, authorities in the province of Shanxi "launched a special crackdown campaign against the CAG, encouraging masses to report on its members". A government employee from Anhui province said that he had been instructed "not to delay investigations into CAG members because of the pandemic: On the contrary, government personnel should use preventive measures as a pretext to enter residents' homes".

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The Black Jogger Case By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     America is a white racist Nazi bad, bad, wicked, country that likes to shoot Black joggers; that is the narrative that the liberal media and the Left have developed on the slain Black jogger case of Ahmaud Arbery, killed by two whites. Joe Biden said that he was killed in cold blood, and NBA “superstsar” LeBron James raged: “We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME [sic] we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can’t even go for a damn jog man!” Perhaps he should try jogging in his best trendy gear in certain parts of Africa and see how safe it is. Jim Goad has written about the “jogging” activities of Arbery, captured on video tape:

“…surveillance footage shows Ahmaud Arbery in mid-stride as he vigorously jogs down the block. It also shows him working up a sweat by walking around outside a construction site. It also shows him “jogging” through that half-constructed house for over three minutes. And, in the video that shocked a world that apparently doesn’t pay close attention to what’s actually on the tape, it finally shows him running—around the side of Travis and Greg McMichael’s pickup truck, then making a sharp turn and sprinting straight back toward Travis McMichael, whom he attacks and begins wrestling for the gun. “It’s not nearly as dangerous to jog while black as it is to attempt grabbing a loaded gun out of someone’s hands.”

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Trump and the Money Men Show Their True Colours By Chris Knight

     It was all so predictable; President Donald Duck, who could have prevented the lockdown by shutting the borders fast, as many other nations, such as Mongolia did, but did not since the US is a cuck for migrants, including China, now faces the grim economic prospects of paying people decent unemployment benefits, after destroying their jobs, or let them starve, constraining their dying protests by the guns of the military. A version of this problem will face Australia too, of course. Most of the jobs that have been lost are gone for good, because economies are not like light switches, that can be turned on or off, but more like organisms, who when shot through the heart, simply die:

“The Trump administration, top Republicans and powerful corporate lobbyists mounted fresh opposition Thursday to extending enhanced unemployment benefits to the growing number of Americans who are out of work, raising the prospect of significant cuts to their weekly checks unless lawmakers act by the end of July. The latest round of threats came hours after U.S. government released dour new jobless figures showing an additional 2.4 million Americans sought unemployment aid just last week, further compounding an economic crisis that already rivals the Great Depression in its severity. Over the span of nine weeks, more than 38 million Americans have filed unemployment claims across the country because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In March, Congress passed a law that gave people filing for unemployment benefits an additional $600 each week until July. The debate about whether to extend those benefits this summer has touched off fierce debate in Washington over the extent to which continued aid is necessary to stimulate a sagging economy. Some White House officials and Republicans say the extra payments are creating a disincentive for people to return to the workforce, potentially holding back the economic recovery. But so far there is no consensus over how to proceed, with some calling for phasing out the benefits entirely and others supporting a one-time payment that could encourage Americans to return to work.

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Against Lockdown By Chris Knight

     Closed borders? Really? Flights from Wuhan, ground zero of the Wuhan flu, continue to the US, which seemingly cannot shut its borders if its life depended upon it:

“Flights are continuing to land in the US from Wuhan and the rest of China and Europe despite the travel ban put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. According to Flight Tracker data, people are arriving into the US every day from the countries that have been blamed for sparking the outbreak across America, with flights even touching down from Wuhan where the global pandemic originated. This comes as warnings mount that passengers are not being screened properly for the deadly virus on arrival into the US and as questions are being raised over how - if at all - the mandatory 14-day quarantine for returning travellers is being enforced.
According to Flight Tracker, five flights had landed into New York airports JFK and Newark from London, UK, airports by 4:30p.m. ET since the start of the day Wednesday. More flights are also scheduled to land later into the evening and night.”

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UK Decay By Richard Miller

     Thanks to the site Trad for the references, which show that the UK is even more decayed that I had thought. It is a wide-ranging depressing read, and here I will only give a snip from the child rape grooming article, since this phenomenon brings it all together. If a nation cannot defend its children from predators, and in fact allows it all to occur, then it is finished. All over red rover.

“Earlier this week, Lord Pearson continued his questioning of the government over the recent report on police and local authorities’ failures to tackle grooming gangs. The answer revealed that the government has not even estimated the number of victims over the years.

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Anastasia Lin: China, Friend or Foe (Spoiler: Foe) By James Reed

     Readers may enjoy listening to someone much easier on the eye, than I am on the word, the delightful Anastasia Lin, who won the Miss World Canada title in 2015. However, the Chinese commos refused her an entry visa for the Miss World 2015, held in China, declaring her persona non grata, even thought she was a Canadian citizen. China did not like her criticism of their human rights record. So, she was off on her further critical adventures and you can listen here, straight from the filly’s mouth. Obviously sweet and eye candy, if we are allowed to say that still, but with a clear message, to beware of China. 

Melinda’s Inverted Cross By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     There is controversy about Melinda Gates wearing an upside down cross, which the paranoids, like yours truly, take as a Satanic symbol. Of course, the mainstream hoses this down, with, not to be confused with the ever-lovable Snoopy of Charlie Brown fame, saying it is is false news, because, well, the upside-down cross was used by Saint Peter, which is true. Further, the upside-down cross is not accepted as the official symbol of the church of Satan, stand back, evil. The Sigil of Baphomet, a goat’s head inside an inverted pentagram, is the official insignia. God protect us. So, does that end it? Well, Google a bit, and one will find many Satanists using this symbol anyway, it is popular, it is an inversion for whatever reason. So, Snopes does not consider that this could be an unofficial symbol, like many  hand signs used  by neo-Nazis and other fringe groups. Why would such a figure use a symbol that is of contested meaning at best, when she could have not worn anything at all? By that I mean, not going naked, a truly terrifying thought, but not wearing any jewellery? Or, maybe a gold syringe, perhaps?

More Useless Energy Policies By Viv Forbes

25 May 2020,      The Australian Minister for Promoting Useless Energy thinks that hydrogen fuel, carbon capture and storage, soil carbon and biofuels are priorities for energy policy and greenhouse gas reduction. If that’s the best our leaders can come up with, Australia should have voted Green last election to speed the inevitable recession and blackouts that will eventually kill this tsunami of energy nonsense. “Hydrogen” does not supply net energy – burning it can return some of the energy used to produce it from hydrocarbons or electrolysis of water. It is an expensive explosive gas that makes less sense than Snowy 2 - more energy in than out! Moreover, we have no infrastructure that can safely store, distribute or use hydrogen in our transport fleet, energy network or smelters. Governments should not force energy consumers or tax payers to promote Canberra’s thought bubbles - let the “green hydrogen” entrepreneurs risk their own or shareholders’ money. “Carbon capture and storage” is another dumb idea. To capture CO2 emissions from coal, gas or biomass power stations consumes a lot of energy to separate, store, pipe and pump it underground (hoping it will stay there). It would be far better leave non-polluting CO2 in the lower atmosphere and surround every power station with crops and forests hungry for the CO2 plant food so essential to their growth.

     Trying to extract CO2 from the atmosphere is even dumber because the mighty oceans will quickly release CO2 from their huge stores to restore equilibrium between atmosphere and oceans. Even if it could be done, it is a bad idea – why steal plant food from grass, crops and forests? “Soil carbon” is green-speak for what every sensible pastoralist tries to do – increase the humus and biological activity in soil. The quickest way to do this is via keyline/contour ripping to retain water in the soil (as shown in Australia by P A Yeoman), and by managed periodic heavy impact of grazing animals to promote pasture growth (as shown in Africa by Alan Savory). But it is total nonsense to turn “carbon farming” into a costly rural rort run by a bureaucracy of soil samplers and modellers who think it will cool the climate. “Biofuels” are another way to waste energy, food crops and trees to do jobs better done by coal, gas and oil - a crime against humanity and the environment. If our Minister for Promoting Useless Energy is determined to sequester and store carbon, there is only one sensible way - restore the forestry industry. Harvest mature forest trees for poles, posts, sleepers, paper, cardboard or dance floors. Then replant with new trees. Young trees grow rapidly and extract much CO2. But old trees reach a stage of carbon equilibrium when the CO2 they extract in summer is equal to what they lose as leaves, branches and trunks fall to frosts, droughts, bushfires and termites.

Hundreds of Children Brain Damaged by the Swine Flu Vaccine to Receive $90 Million in Financial Compensation from UK Government

     The H1N1 vaccine fiasco ordered by the (corrupt) WHO Director General is of relevance to the current debate on a COVID-19 vaccine. The 2009 swine flu vaccine caused severe brain damage in over 800 children across Europe, and the UK government has now agreed to pay $90 million in compensation to those victims as part of a vaccine injury settlement. This is the same swine flu vaccine that the entire mainstream media ridiculously insists never causes any harm whatsoever.

Salute King Coal By Viv Forbes

     Today in SE Queensland (the “Sunshine State”) it is wind-less, cloudy and cold. We need electricity to brew coffee, cook dinner, warm a cold house and pump water. There is no solar or wind power being generated and no giant batteries releasing stored energy. Where does our electricity come from when we need it most? It comes mainly from the old reliable, King Coal, with maybe a bit of hydro and gas. Lord save us from Green Energy dreamers who would have us freezing in blackouts when stoves, heaters and TV’s switch on tonight.

Computer virus spreading? By Viv Forbes

     The job-keeper scheme must use the same computer models as the climate emergency crowd and the Covid forecasters. All run hot. Maybe there is a computer virus spreading?

The Myth of Social Distancing By Peter Ewer

     The great corona freak-out seems to be dragging on forever, and the postman said to me this morning, that this will go on for the rest of the year, maybe forever, as new bugs are given to us by China in its generosity. I found this article, while looking for cheap paint to do the wood holding my gutters up, the story jumped up on the right of the screen, and I caught it, before it disappeared back into the surf:

“An infectious disease expert says he caught the coronavirus through his eyes on a flight to New Orleans that was “packed in like sardines,” according to a report Thursday. Dr. Joseph Fair — a virologist and epidemiologist who has spent decades studying deadly viruses such as Ebola — was wearing a mask and gloves on the April 24 plane trip to New Orleans but fell critically ill soon after. “I had a mask on. I had gloves on. I did my normal wipes routine, everything like that. But, you know, obviously you can still get it through your eyes,” Fair, 42, told NBC’s “Today” show in an interview from his hospital bed. He said the airline did not abide by social distancing measures — which he believes led to him catching the virus after droplets touched his eyes. He didn’t reveal the name of the airline he flew on or where he was coming from. “You know, that’s one of the three known routes of getting this infection that we don’t pay a lot of attention to. We tend to focus on the nose and mouth because that’s the most common route,” he said. “Droplets landing on your eyes are just as infectious and of course I wasn’t wearing goggles on the flight.” Four days after the flight, Fair said, he became sick with severe flu-like symptoms that spiraled into “a kind of walking pneumonia,” landing him in a hospital. He said it felt like he could only breathe 25 percent of the air he tried to inhale, but was given oxygen instead of being intubated. Over the next few days, he improved dramatically, he said.”

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Big Pharma, Profits and Vaccine Optimism By Mrs Vera West

     The Bill Gates school of vaccine optimist has a few problems. For a start, the Pentagon, nothing to do with Satan, who seems to be cropping up everywhere nowadays, has a leaked memo warning that a vaccine will not be available until 2012, sorry, 2021, that new outbreaks in China may signify a mutation, and other smart people have their doubts. Here it all is, neatly summarised, which took me over an hour to dig out, and work out, leaving me exhausted:

“The Defense Department should prepare to operate in a "globally-persistent" novel coronavirus (COVID-19) environment without an effective vaccine until "at least the summer of 2021," according to a draft Pentagon memo obtained by Task & Purpose. "We have a long path ahead, with the real possibility of a resurgence of COVID-19," reads the memo, authored for Secretary of Defense Mark Esper but not yet bearing his signature. "Therefore, we must now re-focus our attention on resuming critical missions, increasing levels of activity, and making necessary preparations should a significant resurgence of COVID-19 occur later this year." Despite its grim forecast, the draft document lays out a framework for the U.S. military's proverbial reopening, which includes the resumption of training exercises, increased operational tempo, and the repositioning of forces and supplies to fight the global pandemic. The memo was prepared by Kenneth Rapuano, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and global security, and is intended to update previous guidance issued by Esper on April 1, 2020. It's unclear if Esper has seen the memo. The document has not been officially released, and could see changes since being circulated among the military services at the beginning of May for feedback, a defense official said on condition of anonymity.

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If the Left Disappeared … By James Reed

     If Thanos of the Marvel film, Avengers, who has magic gems that enables him to snap his fingers and make anything disappear, decided to do something useful and snap away the Left, what then? I have thought about this, but Brett Stevens writes, perhaps smoking a good cigar, while I drink cheap plonk, not getting very far at all:

“Most of us shared the feeling that if all of the people who needed government were to be moved by freight to Mexico and left there, absolutely nothing would be worse; in fact much would be better, although sandwiches and lattes might be more expensive. The hipsters, neurotics, Leftists, mentally disabled, insane, sociopathic, selfish, schizoid, fatalistic, and hateful people would all just… go away. They did, temporarily, during both the government shutdown and the COVID-19 lockdown. You will not hear this in the media, but people are soul-tired of modern society. It promised them leisure time and instead gave them a treadmill, constantly working to pump up our GDP so we could afford more debt and entitlements for “the poor” and minorities. They realize that the functional parts of society are few, and that those need to stay in play, but if all the other stuff — academia, government, media, diversity, anti-poverty, ideology, the UN, the WHO, consumerism, entitlements — disappears, nothing important will be lost and life will go on better than before. They recognize that Leftism has power over all of the institutions of government and much of industry, as well as all media, and they are rebelling against this Leftism because it has made a miserable existence out of what should be the most prosperous country on Earth.

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The Monster Spawn of Chairman Mao By James Reed

     I always felt that the present regime of political correctness, with its manipulative nasty mind-controlling aspects was much like the Chinese cultural revolution under Chairman Mao, with the enforcement of “correct” thinking and ideas. I saw some white guys who were Maoists at university in the 1960s/1970s, and they were dogmatic “dialectical” fruitcakes. Just read some of crazy Mao’s writings and be afraid. Yet, this regime of communism continues on today, with complete continuity with the past. The Irish, which I have just discovered, does a terrific job nailing this:

“The new Red Guards
Just finished Wild Swans, over 700 pages of densely-packed print but a real page-turner nonetheless. It traces the experiences of a Chinese family spanning three generations up to the late nineties. The author's description of life during Mao's Cultural Revolution was particularly harrowing. And instructive because of the similarities between what happened then under the Red Guards and is happening now under the Woke Generation. Guilt was no longer determined by the rule of law, the presumption of innocence (such as it was) abandoned. Replaced by mob denunciation arising from a perceived lack of ideological purity, or something you said a long time ago, or being once seen in the company of somebody now out of favour. Just like today in the West ritual denunciation was followed by grovelling confessions - which were never enough. In fact as we see with today's "liberals" such grovelling - for some reason - seems only to elicit even greater fury, fuelling demands for re-education but with no guarantee of rehabilitation. Humiliation was a powerful weapon, breaking the spirit of even the most resilient. And the more truthful and accurate the defence the more frenzied became the torment, reminding us of Orwell's "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it".

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Have A Look at the Ancho-Tyranny System; The Case of Dr Judy Mikovits By Mrs Vera West

     The League has featured one excellent video about Dr Judy Mikovits, and here is a bit more information. In a nut shell, Dr Mikovits previously had a distinguished career as a cellular and molecular biologist. However, things changed once her research team discovered the inconvenient fact that many vaccines are contaminated with gamma-retroviruses, a product of the use of contaminated animal cells. She stated that gamma-retroviruses can cause numerous serious diseases such as cancer. She believes that the virus causing Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, may in fact activate previously dormant retroviruses causing Covid-19. The documentary Plandemic details this research. As expected today, the film is being censored by Big Techy, but people, bless them, keep putting it up. As well, Dr Mikovits has a book, Plague of Corruption, which is a best seller. I expected Amazon to have banned the book, but it is there, listed as a best seller, hardcover is $ 19.20, so get it when you can.

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The Right Stuff Indeed. It’s the Vibe! By James Reed

     As was said in the iconic Aussie movie, The Castle, “it’s the vibe.”

“A student activist, facing expulsion from the University of Queensland over his activism criticising Chinese influence on campus, has walked out of a disciplinary hearing at the university. Drew Pavlou faced a disciplinary hearing Wednesday morning following his protests and social media posts last year criticising UQ’s ties with Chinese -government institutions and of the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s record on human rights. The 20-year-old philosophy student, who organised a campus protest last July in support of the Hong Kong independence movement, attended the hearing with his barrister Tony Morris QC, a well-known advocate of freedom of speech. After walking out, Mr Morris said the disciplinary panel had denied a request that Mr Pavlou be allowed access to certain internal documents he sought for his defence. Mr Morris also questioned the integrity of the disciplinary process, saying two of three panellists were paid employees of the university. Before the hearing, Mr Pavlou said he expected to be expelled from the university and would appeal the case in Brisbane’s Supreme Court and the High Court, if needed.  “I’m confident, it’s Mabo – it’s the vibe,” Mr Pavlou said, quoting the famous line from the Australian movie The Castle about a suburban family who successfully fought the forced resumption of their home in the High Court. After the hearing, Mr Pavlou said UQ was “demonstrably carrying out a political vendetta against me”.

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