Uvalde Mass Shooting a Planned Stand Down Operation By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The system itself has begun to criticise police officers for the Uvalde Texas mass shooting, although this could be another smoke screen. The police arrived soon at the scene but did not enter the school building for almost an hour. Distraught parents were willing to go in alone, unarmed, but were prevented, maced and handcuffed. One reason given was that they thought they might get shot! No, not the parents, the police were worried about their hides! Well, that goes with the job, but the general idea is to move quicker than the bad guy and take him out.

 Thus, I agree with Mike Adams, that behind the scenes something more went on, that from above, some directive may have come to hold back to give time for the psycho to kill the children, since this was needed for the Biden gun control push. But, what it shows is that the police, lower agents of the Deep State, cannot be depended upon to “serve and protect.” Well, serve and protect us, they do a splendid job for their masters, the ruling elites, as was shown across the West, form New fork to Melbourne, with the Covid plandemic lockdowns and suppression of protests.          

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Naomi Wolf: The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and The War Against the Human By James Reed

Feminist writer, now Covid plandemic critic, Dr. Naomi Wolf has a new book titled The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human, released in the United States today. This is significant since someone from the Left, has offered a similar critic of the Covid plandemic as the likes of Dr Mercola and Dr Robert Malone. I have always said that in a world is disagreement and sharp political polarisation, when critics from different political perspectives begin saying the same thing, that is likely where the truth lies.


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Vampire Elites Harvesting the Blood of the Young! By Mrs Vera West

The elites have for a long time believed in harvesting biological material from young people in the belief that it will extend their lives. This was often by blood transfusions. Of course, organs such as kidneys were sometimes bought to keep the evil ones alive. But now there is scientific evidence for a practice that was done based upon myth. A Stanford University research team has found that “infusing cerebrospinal fluid of young mice into old mice improves brain function.” This has led support to the idea that young blood can indeed slow down the ageing process. We can see where this leads, as tyrannical elites with money to burn recruit a multitude of poor young people to yield their blood to the vampires of today.


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Iran: Biometric ID for Food Rationing By James Reed

This one was reported at the YouTube site Ice Age Farmer a few days ago, without written material on the web. Christian has his sources, who have documented how Iran is rolling out food rationing via biometric id. There has already been conflict over food shortages in Iran, including riots and the government is pushing through this item of technocratic control; the people have little freedom now, but what they did have will go as the biometric id is a perfect form of Big Brother social control. If the food crisis gets to these levels throughout the West, expect to see food passports, which will be even more tyrannical that the Covid passports. Control food; control people.


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UK Central Bank Warns of Apocalyptic Global Food Shortage … and They Would Know! By Richard Miller (London)

We have been reporting at the blog on the emerging global food crisis. I understand that Aussies are facing rising prices at the supermarket, which along with the increase in fuel prices is trouble. The same here, only worse in the UK.  The Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey,  has said that a food shortage caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine poses an “apocalyptic” threat to the UK. “I’m afraid the one I am going to sound — I guess — rather apocalyptic about is food,” he said. Apart from inflation that will reach 10 percent then go through the roof, there are physical shortages due to the disruptions caused by the war in the Ukraine. A drought in India has also slashed wheat availability as well. David Beasley of the World Food Programme, agreed: “Acute hunger is soaring to unprecedented levels and the global situation just keeps on getting worse … Conflict, the climate crisis, COVID-19 and surging food and fuel costs have created a perfect storm — and now we’ve got the war in Ukraine piling catastrophe on top of catastrophe.” As I see it, this is all going to plan to push the world even deeper into communist style technocracy, which was begun during the Covid plandemic. Utterly frightening times are ahead, and it is remarkable that so many people are not preparing for surviving the dark forces which are about to be unleashed.


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How to Handle Radical Leftists (Spoiler Alert, No Violence at All!) By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The radical leftist group #ShutdownDC is planning to stop the judges of the Supreme Court of the United States from delivering the majority judgment over-ruling Roe v Wade, the abortion on demand case, you know, that the constitution gives a right to abortion, which was regarded as murder up until comparatively recent times. The plan is to stop the judges coming to their chambers. Now the corrupt system, run by Leftists is too rotten to stop this illegal action, but it does not matter. The judgment can be delivered using the internet, something that did not exist in the 1960s where this sort of action began to be cooked up. Let them blockade the courts; I can’t wait to see their faces when the judgment is delivered, and the holy grail of Leftism, is smashed. It is the first of many 1960s idols that must fall.


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Catholic Church, also Part of World Economic Forum New World Order Great Reset By Peter West

It should not be a surprise to anyone following the woke, communist proclamations of the present Pope, that the Catholic church, a globalist, universalist organisation in the best of times, is one organisation leading the charge to the Great Reset New World Order of the World Economic Forum. Father Leonir Chiarello, the Superior General of the Scalabrinian order, a Vatican cleric attending the 2022 Davos Summit, has said that the Catholic Church intends to “implement policies and programs to put into practice the issues considered by the forum.” This will be along the lines of the eight “fundamental themes” which the Davos forum is considering at its annual meeting, including “climate and nature, fairer economics …  health and healthcare, global cooperation, and society and equity.” This will give an enormous scope to put into place a wide range of policies set to undermine national sovereignty, and support ideals of globalist communism, most of which, such as the gender agenda, are quite contrary to traditional Catholic faith and teachings. But that matters little for the present postmodern woke Pope.


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The Loop of Doom By James Reed

Articles at American Greatness.com, which seems an unduly optimistic name to me, since “greatness” seems to have long passed for America and the West, has an article confirming exactly that, the loop of doom, the perfect storm of forces pushing America and the West to destruction. Not only is there high inflation, set to dwarf the 1970s, but a doom loop has been created by the US Federal Reserve, which has the printing presses running hot with money creation to make securities to subsidize the housing market. But, this has become as addictive as heroin to the over-heated housing market, which is now dependent upon this printed money. Stopping the flow will produce a crash, but continuing the flow, it is argued below, will keep generating inflationary spirals. It is an ill wind that blows, indeed.


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Soros and Gates Behind Attack on Elon Musk By James Reed

It should come as no surprise that the orchestrated attacks upon the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, has been done by groups funded by Bill Gates and George Soros. These 26 groups published a letter in May 2022, saying that Musk’s takeover of Twitter takeover of Twitter would “be a direct threat to public safety” and turn the platform into “a cesspool of misinformation.” All that propaganda from just claiming that there should be evenness and fairness in public debate. Clearly these critters have a totalitarian agenda, coming from their Leftist ideology. As detailed below by Epoch Times.com, there are a labyrinth of connections between these groups. Hopefully Musk has the incentive, having been bloodied by this dispute, to set up his own set of orgsanisations.  


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Klaus Schwab and Pfizer’s Albert Bourla have a Heart-to-Heart! By James Reed

We would be mistaken if we thought that globalist did not have “feelings,” Yes Jim, it is feelings, but not as we know it, to paraphrase Spock from the original Star Trek.


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World Economic Forum’s Algorithmic Approach to Suppression of Free Speech By James Reed

We know that the tyrannical globalist World Economic Forum are making the big push now to crush free speech, and have said so at their talkfest. But how exactly do they intend to do this? According to a “freedom of the press” panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, this suppression is best done through use of social media algorithms. Kenneth Roth, the head of Soros-backed Human Rights Watch, said in a speech that algorithmic manipulation should be used in order to promote content from a “subset of society… journalists,” to convey information as “carefully as possible” to the public. In other words, manipulate information. “I don’t focus so much on what should be taken down, the overt censorship, but rather what is being promoted. If algorithms are promoting information that in essence is false or divisive because it is profitable, there I think there is accountability that is quite warranted for these companies.” And who decides that? In other words, IT will be used to prevent one from even finding critical content. This is happening now. For example, try using key words to find what the adverse effects of the smallpox vaccine was when first introduced. I found nothing. As well, articles at this blog, searched even by exact title, seldom come up. So, this censorship is happening right now.


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Guns Do Save Lives By Charles Taylor (Florida)

This story did not make the mainstream media coverage, as these members of the chattering class are, consistent with Leftism, taking an anti-gun agenda. It does not fit their politics to have cases of people with guns preventing massacres. The elites want the general population unarmed because an unarmed population, like Australia, can be easily brutalised and controlled.


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The Weekly US Covid Vax Deaths and Adverse Events from VAERS By Chris Knight (Florida)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), is the principal government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. New data shows a total of 1,277,980 reports of adverse events following Covid-19 vaccines were submitted between December 14, 2020, and May 20, 2022. The data included a total of 28,312 reports of deaths, an increase of 171 over last week,  and 232,694 serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period, an increase of  2,330 compared with last week.


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The Evidence for Antidepressants Causing Mass Shootings By Charles Taylor (Florida)

A Midwestern Doctor, in the light of recent US mass shootings, discusses the role that antidepressants might have played in tipping the killers over the edge. If one Googles “psychiatric medications and mass shootings,” you will soon see from the search results that a lot of energy has been put in by the Left-wing fact checkers in debunking the proposition that psychiatric medications have influenced, if not caused mass shootings mass shootings. However, as documented extensively below, almost all of the young men who were mass shooters, had severe psychiatric problems, and were on these meds. Was it the meds which pushed them over the edge, or would their mental illness have done this anyway? The question needs investigation and free discussion, but the globalist agenda for private gun control is the main agenda.


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The Kill Phase of Globalism By James Reed

Technocracy News makes the case, the same on made by other thinkers such as Mike Adams at Natural News.com,  that the globalists have moved into the “kill phase of their New World Order agenda. Actually, this began with the Covid plandemic, both from the virus itself, if you believe like I do that this was all a deliberate creation and release from a CCP/American Deep State bio-lab, but most of all from the ill-effects of the vaxxes, the effects of which are in the early stages. The elites of Davos and the World Economic Forum this week have been openly gloating about the elimination of free speech, the end of meat, and everything that critics have said was their agenda, but which the Left-wing fact checkers denied. It is most likely that the perfect storm of disasters now unfolding is part of a depopulation agenda, to cull out the useless eaters of the population, people like me, so that the elites, with advanced AI, and selected slaves can live in their communistic dystopia. The battle of the human race is now on.


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Tyranny Unlimited: The Plans for the Apocalypse By Chris Knight (Florida)

It is doubtful that the Australian government has plans like the US does for apocalyptic scenarios, but given what the plans are, that is probably a good thing for Aussies, seeing what the oppressive states did with the Covid mandates and lockdowns. The presidential emergency action documents that have recently been disclosed show but some of the plans the US executive have in the case of a disaster, such as nuclear attack or an EMP strike that takes down the grid. The emergency and wartime powers will achieve in an instant what the Biden administration is doing right now, including giving wide powers of imprisonment, shut down communication networks (that are still working), impose martial law, and perhaps confiscate guns. This poses a temptation for the political tyrants who rule us, and lust for even more power, to set up a false flag, to make it all happen.


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The Sedition of Hillary Clinton By Charles Taylor (Florida)

As is well known, former US Attorney General Bill Barr is no friend of Donald Trump. But, he has concluded that Hillary Clinton engaged in a "seditious" conspiracy against Donald Trump with the strategy of trying to paint Trump as a Russian stooge. Barr has now recommended that Special Counsel John Durham investigate her. "I thought we were heading into a constitutional crisis. I think whatever you think of Trump, the fact is that the whole Russiagate thing was a grave injustice. It appears to be a dirty political trick that was used first to hobble him and then potentially to drive him from office," Barr said. We wait to see if justice will be done, but the Clintons have more than nine lives.


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Questions about the Uvalde Mass Shooting By Chris Knight (Florida)

The web is now featuring numerous pieces raising some fundamental questions about the police response to the shooter in the Uvalde Texas affair. Even the mainstream media are reporting that the police held back and did not storm the building for, according to some reports, up to one hour. As well, parents who wanted to go into the building themselves were maced and handcuffed. It was admitted by the authorities that the police held back as they di not want to get shot! So much for the anti-gun rant that the police will save you! But, there is more I believe, Mike Adams doing his usual good work. What does not make sense is how the shooter, with no know employment was able to buy equipment that would cost up to $ 8,000. Where did the money come from to buy the expensive equipment?


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Civilisation Needs Fossil Fuels, Not Renewables By James Reed

Time magazine has a piece which makes some important points regarding fossil fuels. These are not just used for petrol/diesel cars, so that supposed electric vehicles can replace them, when these cars are not blowing up and/or, catching on fire.  In addition, fossil fuels are needed for creating cement, steel, plastics and ammonia, the later essential for fertiliser manufacture. There are no readily available substitutes for these materials, and no effective replacement for fossil fuels in their manufacture. Thus, this shows the delusion of the Green plan to abandon fossil fuels, unless the real Green goal is to destroy Western civilisation and allow the global domination of the number one love of the life of the Left, communist China.


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The Great Replacement of Western Civilisation By Richard Miller (London)

Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, an Italian journalist and author, ploughs in on the issue of the Great Replacement of white Europeans. We notes that the mainstream media is not covering this, which is not surprising, because they have an active role in promoting this act of racial vengeance, as all Leftists have, it is in the political DNA. He notes that there is a growing number of diverse politicians that are radical advocates of mass immigration of their own ethnic group, which will fuel the Great Replacement. "What we see in big cities today will be normal for the whole country in the future. In a city like Frankfurt, we will have between 65 percent and 70 percent." — Herbert Brücker, head of migrant research at the Federal Institute for Employment Research, Die Welt, April 11, 2019. "The massive vote for Mélenchon is proof that the strategy of community victimization that began in the 1990s produced what it was intended to produce in one or two generations. Mélenchon gathered a large part of the Muslim vote, which obviously does not make it a Muslim or Islamist party, but only a 'cuckoo' party. Like the cuckoo hatching its eggs in the nest of a bird of another species, a cuckoo party shelters and protects ideas that are not its own. The Muslim Brothers have a strategy that they expressed in their plans from the 1980s: to form an alliance with the most docile parties to propagate their ideas". — Florence Bergeaud-Blackler, anthropologist, Marianne.net. April 22, 202


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