Physicists Playing God, or the Devil? By Brian Simpson


Why settle for a good old nuclear war with Russia, when you can destroy the universe in a “look at me, mum” moment? Just what is wrong with the physicists, anyway; is it some sort of physiological or sexual inadequacy? Your guess is good as mine, but to test their hypotheses they are willing to risk all of our lives:

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Communist China Continues its Aggression & Infiltration. Am Email from George Christensen MP

“There is growing concern over Communist China’s military aggression and its infiltration into our nation.

In the past week, Communist China provocatively flew warplanes over Taiwan, to which the democratic island nation responded by deploying its own fighter jets. Such incidents have led the US-based Council on Foreign Relations to flag the distinct possibility of war.

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The US Bio-Weapons Conspiracy By Charles Taylor

Could this be true? Could there really be … shock … horror …conspiracies involving the killing of multitudes of people,  via bioweapons disguised as drug research? And, it is the Russians who are alleging all of this!


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China Rewrites the Bible, and Much More By James Reed


          Ah, China … the things this country gets up to on the road to domination of the known universe. Things like simply rewriting the Bible so that it fits better into its communist-bee hive capitalism world view:

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Rejoice! Australia is Actually Doing Something! By James Reed

Thousands of Aussies have deleted their Facebook profiles, as the battle of the people versus Big Tech heats up. Here is Dr Steve covering it, for that loving optimistic conservativism.

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Green Power? Does it Exist? By James Reed


The US Winter is extra cold, and to make matters worse, power outrages are occurring across the country, with the regularity of electoral fraud ands corruption. It is natural for things not to work in banana republics like the US, but there is the fingerprints of climate change mania and green energy over everything too. What a mess!

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From Two Masks, to Three Shots: Covid Paradise By Mrs Vera West


Beijing Biden in his mask fetish now wears two masks, starving his brain of even more oxygen. Now Bill Gates is upping the numbers of Covid vax shots to three. You can bet it will become a continuous thing, as people end up having tens of thousands of shots, so many that they turn in to pin cushions. At least, as documented here the public are worried about this vax.

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Use It or Loose it By Mrs Vera West


We have been told from numerous scientific studies that the sedentary lifestyle, led by most people now is a killer. The evidence  keeps mounting up.

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Do Lockdowns Work? No! By Mrs Vera West

No lockdown states fare better in coping with the dreaded Black Death, sorry, Covid-1984, than lockdown states. Are you listening Mr Andrews?


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Problems for Out-of -Africa By Brian Simpson

I am pleased to see continual problems and criticisms of the orthodox politically correct view that humans arose in Africa, abut 100,000 years ago. This theory is wrong, and needs dismantling, but like most theories, such as neo-classical economics, survives for ideological reasons.


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The Origins of White Guilt By Brian Simpson

Dr Tom Sunic has recently written on the origins of white guilt. Why is it that most of the white race, but not all, mainly Nordics (Northern Europeans), feel this guilt, which has become a new religion, while it means nothing to Blacks and Asians … witness the Asian nations who do what they want, not to criticise them, but to praise them for their strength:  

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Beijing Biden and China’s Coming Seizure of Taiwan By James Reed

The mainstream narrative, one I used to accept, is that China will invade Taiwan, leading the US to fight a war over it. Wars have started for less. But, I feel that the present Demon-crat (=Demon rat), with Beijing Biden, would welcome China gobbling up Taiwan, and the rest of the world too. They want to see the West annihilated, hating whiteness. It is as simple as that.


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Black Academics Say Race Exists! By Brian Simpson

While the sociology crowd think that they have deconstructed, and/or socially constructed race, a recent paper in the high impact factor journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, takes a slightly different position, which is worth noting: A. Oni-Orisan (et al.), “Embracing Genetic diversity to Improve Black Health,”

Here is the relevant bit:

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The Presence of the Past: A New Science of Life By Brian Simpson


As a biology and maths teacher, I have dipped into both of these books from time to time: Rupert Sheldrake, A New Science of Life, (1981), and The Presence of the Past, (1998). I recall A New Science of Life causing a stir among the stuffy, pompous academics at the time, with one review saying something along the lines, if my memory serves me well, that this is a book for “burning.” Who in science would want to allude to attitudes of the past that oozed intolerance?

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Waiting for Wind By Viv Forbes

Australia’s elected appeasers
Push mad energy plans, just as teasers.
But while coal powers Asians
And nukes help Caucasians
Dumb Aussies sit praying for breezes!


The Last Man of the Sensible Left Rages Against Beijing Joe Biden By Chris Knight

I was given this link by email, and had to modify the URL for conservative readers, easily offended, I understand. But, biting comments.**k-nation/the-gyre-widens/

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Retaining Our Muscles Against Ageing By Mrs Vera West

There is an add on YouTube saying that to retain your muscles as you age you need to take a certain protein supplement. I do not know about this, and would ask for some peer reviewed research papers. Anyway, there is an alternative theory. Say, why does Word suddenly click off causing you to lose everything, even after saving it, done when something politically incorrect is typed? Just wondering before getting clicked off.

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The Origin of Tooth Decay By Mrs Vera West

There is a theory, backed up by archaeological evidence, that cave men did not have tooth decay, at least to any degree of modern times. Nor for that matter did many traditional societies, as Weston Price also noted.

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Gates Against Beef! By Michael Ferguson

Someone opposing the eating of beef, is someone to oppose in my opinion. Now Bill Gates has joined the anti-beef brigade, which is no surprise since he is meddling with everything else.

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The Power of a Potato By James Reed

Never under-estimate the power of a potato, clung by an irate farmer who is being spied on by those dammed drones. That will teach them! And it really does not take much to put a drone down does it?