What is Regenerative Food and Farming? By Mrs Vera West

This material, a great introduction to the holistic practice of regenerative food and farming, was published a little while back by the good Dr Mercola. It seems to build upon permaculture, integrating wider health concerns into the tradition of holistic agriculture. This is something that will be needed in the future to heal this world of wounds, as it has been called.


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The Entropy of Moral Panic By James Reed

Another great article by racial realist, Lance Welton, on the present-day cult of wokeness/political correctness and the moral panic of the ruling elites. The good news is that moral panics build up like pressure in a pipe, and eventually the pipe splits open. That is likely to occur in the West with all the woke bovine nonsense. The wild card is unemployment, especially of many graduates, who will revolt in anger against the rulers, the Left. That will be interesting to watch. I am ordering in extra beer and peanuts for the event.


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Whoa! Bribes for a Vax? Way to go! But Make it Alcohol for Us Alcoholics Too! By James Reed

What a great idea to have Coviddy incentives to get the jab, as is occurring across the West to deal with vaccine hesitancy, people coy about things like blood clots and other minor maladies, like death, which, of course, is silly. Lottery tickets and sometimes food, maybe a Trump-size cheese burger, two cartons of eggs, whatever left-overs there are. Even slightly off milk could be used.  

But,  gifts of alcohol, cheap plonk is the real way to go! People could get smashed, after giving consent, and any number of vaccines could be pumped into them, increasing profits for Big Pharma … no that is not right … increasing public health by leaps and bounds! For a good bottle of whisky, I would be happy to have all the Covid vaccines simultaneously from every square inch of skin, washed down with 24 rabies vaccines, just in case I get so crazed I start biting dogs and eating Wuhan bats! If one thinks this is weird, please read on:

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China Owns America Now! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

When false President Biden is not sniffing young girls’ hair, or making remarks about ladies with their legs crossed, he is celebrating the fall of America and its domination by China, which is why critics do not call him Beijing Biden for nothing! The American sheeple could resist this now, with the stolen election issue being pursued through lawful protests, like a national strike of the productive, to put the Leftist parasites in line. Trump could have done it. But, that he is content to make a few remarks on the side, between games of golf and cheese burgers, indicates that he is insincere, and likely a plant from the beginning. That none of the conservative sites, even the pseudo white nationalist ones, are calling Trump out, indicates as well that there is no real resistance to our genocide and Great Replacement; it is all just a hobby. A bitter truth, but the sooner it is recognised the better. The same is true throughout the West, maybe with the exception of Le Pen, but if she gets power, we will see. Shafting her dad was not impressive in my opinion.


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Some BLM Want to Kill Even the Little White Lizard Crawling in the Whiter Desert! By Chris Knight (Florida)

The above line is (roughly) from the film Borat, used to satirise White Americans (rodeo scene). But it is equally as relevant to the new BLM protests, where we have activists wanting to kill all white people, no censorship of that one! I understand their pain. But, have these guys sat down quietly, taken handfuls of tranquillers/cocaine, and actually done the math, you know, how many of the white devils they actually have to kill? It’s going to be exhausting! No doubt many white libtards, all so willing to take a knee, might commit suicide on demand, but what about the sorts of people in my little church who go to the rifle range out the back after the Sunday church service? Really, in America, land of the gun, we have no room for this sort of genocide talk. It is just not the way to earn friendships, as most people don’t want to be murdered!


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Deep Rigging; A New Film on the Stolen Election By Chris Knight (Florida)

There is new film coming out on how the 2020 election was rigged, and stolen from Trump, Deep Rig, by someone who did not vote for him, Patrick Byrne. This is all the information I have, but the film will be released on June 16, 2021. When I find the details, I will post them here. Good that the faithful are still hanging on, long after Trump has thrown everyone under a tank.


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If You Think there is Racism and Sexism at Google, You Must be Mad! By James Reed

I like this story as it shows the hypocrisy of the Left, with their insane woke standards, and also of big Tech, so it is a case of two birds with one non-pc stone. When Google employees made complaints about racism and sexism, instead of moral panic at Google, the complainants were regarded as mentally ill, and told to take sick leave!


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South African Cardinal Slams Preferential Black Economic Empowerment! By Peter West (Black Pill Catholic)

Cardinal Napier of South Africa has come out swinging against woke, criticising Black Economic Empowerment, seeing it as racial discrimination, which he compared to apartheid. In his opinion, preferential treatment of Blacks, is discriminatory by definition. Cardinal Napier has also said that BLM is destructive of society. Let’s have him as Pope!


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Musk Apocalypse By Brian Simpson

Elon Musk is regarded with hero worship status by many, yet he has made a plenitude of strange pronouncements, most doomsday, not that that in itself is bad, since even on a good day, I make doomsday statements even before breakfast, let alone second breakfast, or brunch. What is problematic is he thinks terra forming Mars is the answer to the anatomy of human destructiveness. But, if Earth 1.0 goes, so will Earth 2.0 as well, same causes, different planet!


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1984 by 2024? It's Here Now! By Brian Simpson

According to Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, we could enter the world of George Orwell’s 1984 by 2024, unless laws protected people from the march of IT, as seen in China’s “social credit” programs. While that is true, other areas, such as the Covid culture and vaccination ideologies indicts that the world of 1984, is here, but not exactly as Orwell predicted, but totalitarian none the less.   


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Here’s Why Australia Needs Nuclear Missiles, Now! By James Reed

Yep, a shot by China, over our heads, not intended to hit, but to warn. An example will be made of you. We need to begin a nuclear weapons program. If India can have them, so should we. Image the street marches we should have if this society was not so pathetic: Nuclear weapons of mass destruction! When do we want them? Now! How many? Hundreds!


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Creepy Old Man, Joe Biden By Chris Knight

There are still videos out there of Biden sniffing young girl’s hair, and making them very uncomfortable. Then there is his creepy talk, when his minders are not beaming bovine mind-control nonsense into his ear remotely, and his mind is “free,” as far as it can be, to wonder in weird pastures. Like this:


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Mike Adams’ Apocalypse – And Mine! By Brian Simpson

I do not follow Mike Adams here to the idea that this is “the end,” but I still am pondering his material. Joining the dots, if the Covid vaccines are as dangerous as he and others quoted at his site, and that of Dr Mercola, then there is a case for the extinction scenario, or at least the collapse of civilisation one, what we have called the I am Legend scenario, after the 2007 zombie movie where the collapse is vaccine-caused.

Some material discussing the collapse of civilisation is given in the links below. Still, as far as we know, the elites do not have a mass of robotic slaves to replace humans yet, nor is life outside earth practical, with terra forming Mars some way off. So, what gives if there is a drive to extinction? Surely it could only be mass psychosis, a nihilistic urge for self-destruction coming from too much power and too much affluence. But, if we go, they go too! I do not mind so much losing everything, if the evil ones go down with the ship of civilisation.

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Better to be Silent on the Covid Lab Leak Issue than to be “Racist”! By Brian Simpson

“Racism,” fear of being “racist’ is the dead albatross around the neck of the White Race, primarily the Nordic sub-race, since no other race has this sort of knee-jerk Pavlovian guilt complex. Just say the word and some people will fall to the ground frothing at the mouth, rolling in pseudo-pain, attention-seeking in their virtue signalling. Look at me, look how racially aware I am of my intrinsic original sin of whiteness! How trendy! How cool! Any non-white crime that needs to be covered up, just yell “racism” and one is expected to fall to one’s knees in silence. This is white pathology on steroids!

Thus, it has been proposed that the Chinese lab leak hypothesis is “racist.” Ok, let it be “racist.” If it is true, then a racist statement is true, so anti-racism is false! It is self-refuting! Quick, retreat to the safe space at uni!  

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What Comes Next? Cyber Attack and Lights Out? By John Steele

Various internet sites are speculating about a coming cyber-attack which will bring down the internet and grid, so it must be a global thing. I am cautious about this one, since it has the potential of destroying those who aim to use it for their nefarious ends. But, we need to be ever-vigilant, for after 2020, anything is possible. Certainly, the globalists are working on something big, to push us over the edge. They had better be careful they don’t fall over with us, poor dears! Now, get ready for the mother of all URLs:


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All White People are Racists? Dream On! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It is becoming more common than previously for virtue signalling white academics to proclaim that “all white people are racists,” and that “whiteness is racism.” The proper response here, is to close down the universities, and sack the academics, but that is not going to happen before the coming collapse, since these crazies are still useful to the system.

But, I think that this knee-jerk cry of “racism,” is starting to tear pretty thin, and as Whites come to face increasing oppression as they become minorities across the West, as part of the Great Replacement plan, and there may well be a backlash. Still, if there is truth to the thesis that Whites have been the creators of much science and technology, and in fact made modernity, it will be interesting to see how the system keeps going with the White genocide agenda. It would be too bad if it all metaphorically blows up in the elites’ faces, so to speak, like those cartoon cigars. Anyway, Dr Turley’s turn:

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A Real Plague: Rats and Mice By John Steele

I have heard it argued by cat lovers, that the rat and mouse plague in the eastern states, soon to spread nationally, is due to culling of feral cats, by crazy environmentalists. No doubt a decrease in cat numbers has had a part to play, but these plagues happen periodically. It is a serious threat to farmers’ livelihood, as well as to the health of residents. The monsters are wrecking entire houses!

Clearly, this is a real national emergency, that exceeds states’ capacity to act. The federal government needs to get active immediately. As the material below indicates, the vermin are set to invade the cities, with the potential for millions of dollars’ damage. A poison campaign needs to get under way, now! Yes, I know some cuddly native animals will die. But, you can’t make omelettes without breaking a few eggs, and if the feds do not move faster, there won’t be any eggs either!

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Australia: On the Backs of the Sheeple! By James Reed

Of course, we should always treat surveys with a healthy degree of scepticism and critical awareness, but, the surveys still could be right, and as realists we need to take that on board. The Australia Talks National Survey has some disturbing news for our side of the Covid debate, with the majority of people accepting lockdowns and restrictions of freedom. And, apparently 54 percent of those surveyed were fine with the government making vaccines compulsory. Of course, our side of politics will reject all of this, with our eternal belief in “we, the people,” using various rhetorical strategies, but, like the gay marriage debate, maybe this is so, social conditioning is strong for most sheeple. It makes opposition difficult indeed, given this level of social conditioning and brainwashing.  But, opinions can change, especially if adverse effects are going to be as severe as those authorities quoted at this blog believe. We will see.


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Greenhouse Gases Not So Bad, in Fact it’s a “Gas”! By James Reed

I had in mind the Rolling Stone’s song Jumping Jack Greenhouse Gas when typing that, but the point can be made, that the existing climate change models have over-estimated the warming effects from greenhouse gases, thus throwing out projections of temperature increases. The assumption has been made that in the pre-industrial era, the atmosphere had less soot, but ice core samples indicate that this is not so. The research does not show that global warming is not occurring, and about that I have strong opinions, but it does show flaws in present models. Ok, I like that. As Micky Jaggard would say: “it’s a gas!”


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Woke Postage Stamps in Spain! By Richard Miller (London)

We do not get much English language news about what is going on in Spain, but what we do get is hilarious. Like this story about the attempt to be woke by the Spanish postal service in issuing stamps with different skin-colour tones. The problem is that the darker the stamp, the lower the price, which is easily seen as racist. And if it was the opposite too, also racist. And if the same, well, that is White supremacy! With woke, one is damned if one does, and damned if one does not.


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