All the World Could Become the Plaything of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) By Brian Simpson

     Where would I be in my coverage of the coronavirus pandemic without the site, giving me the juiciest most paranoid news fir to print? Why, I would simply go through dozens of other sites, wasting much of my day.

     How about predictions that the coronavirus could infect up to 5 billion people. What! Not the entire human race?

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Over the Top Cultural Cringing By Chris Knight

     Biden in his bid to get the Democrats presidential nomination is getting desperate as Bloomberg blows over him … it is truly amazing what billions can do. Thus, the man who has problems keeping his hands still

is now defaming ordinary Americans with a vengeance. Why, illegals are more American than any one. Well, are they going to vote for him, or will they just go for the Bloomberg/Hillary Clinton team of orcs?

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Saddened at the White Man’s Emasculation (Me, Too) By Charles Taylor

     These comments have been scattered across the internet, so it is convenient to present them here as well. In a recent speech given by Ernest Tigori, an Ivorian intellectual and political activist, exiled in France, and winner of the Nelson Mandela Prize for Literature in 2017, and author of the book L’Afrique à désintoxiquer (“Detoxifying Africa”), he explains why it is crucial to for Europe to escape eternal repentance for its alleged crimes in Africa, and lead Africa out of infantilization. Tigori is a sharp critic of the African ruling class, whose corruption is fuelling African migration. Oh, needless to say, Tigori is a Black intellectual …

“It saddens me to see the white man too emasculated to put up any resistance
Regarding Europe, Tigori warns that uncontrolled migration from the South to the North shore of the Mediterranean may destabilize it beyond repair and that ethnic wars could well be looming on the horizon. “It saddens me”, he says,” to see the white man beating his breast over and over, too emasculated to put up any resistance to people who’ve come to threaten him on his own doorstep”. He believes that a toxic mix of guilt, “human rightsism”, political naivety and crass ignorance of History have a debilitating effect on Europeans’ capacity to fight the invasion. He accuses the corrupt African leaders of destroying the lives of hundreds of millions of human beings in all impunity but is equally critical of the ideologues who are paving the way for them. They should stop blaming it all – slavery, the slave trade, colonialism, neocolonialism, and racism – on a forever repentant Europe, which now has to carry the burden of this mass immigration to atone for its supposed sins against Africa. Tigori explains how the History of black Africa from the 15th to the 20th centuries has intentionally been falsified in the 1940s by Stalinist strategists and their Communist followers, whose covert aim it was to tarnish the image of Western European nations, in order to drive them out of their colonial possessions and take their place. Up until now, that is 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the lies have stuck. He has harsh words, too, for fake humanists and do-gooders, wolves in sheep’s clothing who jump on the humanitarian bandwagon to better conceal their motives. These predators are deft at playing gullible public opinion like a fiddle, while reaping juicy profits in their smuggling rings and transnational underground networks. The myth the author debunks is twofold. No, Europe is not responsible for the practice of slavery in black Africa, nor is it guilty of colonial crimes. And, no, Africans did not allow themselves to be enslaved or colonized as “poor hapless victims”. He goes on to explain how the myth of Europe’s debt towards Africa is perpetuated by certain powers that have a stake in keeping it alive. This myth, born out of Cold War Soviet anti-Western propaganda, is now serving another variety of the same agenda.

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LGBTQ+ and Intolerance of Traditional Christianity? By Chris Knight

     The view of evangelist Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, after having his planned tour of the UK objected to on “hate” grounds by LGBTQ+, is that The Lobby is intolerant of traditional Christianity:

“Prominent evangelical pastor Franklin Graham said Sunday that LGBTQ activists are trying to ban “the truth of the Gospel” from British society by having him barred from preaching in the UK. In parallel posts on Facebook and Twitter, Rev. Graham lamented efforts “by LGBTQ activists” to have his eight-city evangelistic tour across the UK cancelled. Opposition to the Gospel shouldn’t really surprise us. Jesus warned that it would come,” Graham wrote. “As you may know, my eight-city evangelistic tour across the UK has been met with resistance by LGBTQ activists who inaccurately claim that I am homophobic, Islamophobic, and say that I speak hate.” “Anyone who knows me or has heard me speak knows that this really isn’t true — but, I DO preach the TRUTH of the Gospel. Could it be, rather, that these folks are truthophobic or free-speech-ophobic?” Graham asks. Like many Christians, Rev. Graham has not hesitated to voice his disagreement with the 2015 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to impose same-sex marriage on the nation in Obergefell v. Hodges. Appealing to biblical morality, Graham has continued to assert that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, which was the predominant belief of humanity for all of history. In his dissent from Obergefell, Justice Samuel Alito presciently wrote that the decision would be used to hurt Americans who may not share a contemporary view of marriage as a malleable, fluid arrangement between an unspecified number of unspecified persons. “It will be used to vilify Americans who are unwilling to assent to the new orthodoxy,” he wrote. In his Facebook post Sunday, Rev. Graham cites Australian Martyn Iles who asks if society “has become so ‘tolerant’ that it is now intolerant of mainstream Christianity.” “This is really a fight for truth, and the Gospel is what is really being ‘banned’ from these venues,” Graham writes. “It really boils down to the fact that they disagree with the message.” Speaking the truth of Christianity to people, even when the message is unwelcome, is “love speech,” Graham asserts, the opposite of hate speech.”

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Terrorist Migration By Richard Miller (London)

     Todd Bensmamn published a backgrounder monograph, What Terrorist Migration Over European Borders Can Teach About American Border Security in November 2019. The key findings are relevant not only to the United States, but for all countries in the West, struggling to survive the black magic of migration. The key points are summarised:

“At least 104 Islamist extremists entered the European Union’s (EU) external borders using long-haul irregular migration methods between 2014-2018, establishing proof-of-concept for a previously theoretical terrorism travel tactic over borders. • Of the 104 migrant terrorists identified for the 2014-2018 period, 28 successfully completed attacks that claimed the lives of 170 victims and wounded 878. An additional 37 were arrested or killed plotting attacks, and 39 others were arrested for illegal involvement with foreign terrorist organizations. • A majority of the 104 terrorists applied for international protections such as asylum and were able to remain in European nations for an average of 11 months before attacks or arrests for plots, demonstrating that asylum processes accommodated plot incubation. • While total numbers of migrant-terrorists were a fraction of overall irregular migration, their activities demonstrate that small numbers present outsized threats to the United States should only a few strike here. In Europe, a relative few upended longstanding political power balances, prompted a major military campaign, forced massive public expenditures on new security policies, prompted the UK vote to exit the European Union, and disrupted the free movement of people within the Schengen zone. • American security and counter-terrorism intelligence measures likely have prevented some migrant-terrorists from conducting attacks and may partly explain the absence of attacks to date from over the U.S. southern border. However, an elevated threat of terrorist infiltration via the border persists due to neglect and exploitable flaws in the American measures.”

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Coronavirus (Covid-19),Africa and Beyond By Brian Simpson

     The White House is highly suspicious about China’s official statistics on the number of people infected with coronavirus (Covid-19), indicating that China is lying, something that American Renaissance magazine should consider the significance of, given their East Asian superiority thesis. Anyway, Trumpery and co are likely to be right about this because Covid-19 is more infectious than has been previously thought:

“Researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico have pre-published a new study in the journal medRxiv (associated with the British Medical Journal) that says the actual basic reproductive number, or R0, for novel coronavirus is somewhere between 4.7 and 6.6, as opposed to the 2.2 to 2.7 range being claimed by government health authorities. While the study has not yet been peer-reviewed as of this writing, its abstract explains that “extensive individual case reports” on this constantly evolving global outbreak reveal that the R0 estimates put forth by those “in charge” are essentially flawed. After evaluating these case reports and assessing them alongside estimated key epidemiology parameters, including the virus’ incubation period – we now know the incubation period to be closer to a month as opposed to just two weeks – the team determined that each coronavirus-infected person can potentially infect nearly seven others with the disease. “Integrating these estimates and high-resolution real-time human travel and infection data with mathematical models, we estimated that the number of infected individuals during early epidemic double every 2.4 days, and the R0 value is likely to be between 4.7 and 6.6,” the paper explains.”

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On Stealing Land: South Africa By Bruce Bennett

     Last I heard, the  South African government was going slow on taking land from Whites and giving it to Blacks, when President Trump tweeted about the need for the US to investigate this. But, things are now full speed ahead:

“The Institute of Race Relations launched an open-letter campaign last week asking prominent banks in South Africa to clarify the implications of expropriation without compensation. What the IRR wants to know is; who would pay off bonds of property that gets expropriated, the banks or the mortgage holder? With the debt-to asset ratio in the agricultural sector being particularly high; it could prove to be a tricky situation if the state decides to expropriate farms. Farmers will not be able to service the loans they take out and for the banks there would be nothing to repossess as the property is now owned by the state. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development recently revealed it had no discussions with the country’s banks about being compensated for loans against property that is expropriated with Agriculture Minister Thoko Didiza indicating that she was waiting for the bill to be finalised. Nicholas Babaya writes in the Daily Friend that CEOs should be more vocal “in their opposition to the constitutional amendment which is proposed” and is accusing the banks of “playing along” to avoid being in the firing line. – Linda van Tilburg

CEOs should stop sitting on the fence about their clients’ property By Nicholas Babaya

     One of the remarkable results of the saga regarding amending the property rights section of the Constitution is the relative silence coming from corporate top-brass at South Africa’s financial institutions. Banks and other financial institutions are – in the vast majority of cases – the way South Africans finance expensive property such as houses, agricultural land, vehicles, factories, and many other assets. Many have tried to frame the proposed constitutional amendment in terms of some kind of focus on agricultural land, but really when one understands this change in policy in light of the National Democratic Revolution of the governing African National Congress (ANC), it is clear that this is very much about property in general. The ANC’s policies have been progressively more and more about state control. Poor black South Africans living in RDP houses do not own the title deeds to the land on which they live. Failing state-owned enterprises are kept afloat by getting pumped full of taxpayers’ rands. In just over ten years, Eskom’s debt securities and borrowings have increased by over 1000%. Now Fikile Mbalula has announced the government is looking to establish another state-owned enterprise (SOE), this time a shipping carrier – largely for the purposes of transformation. Given the unmitigated failure to make a profit at so many other SOEs, this might seem insane, but it’s not insane if the purpose was never to make a profit in the first place. Fundamentally, the ANC believes in state intervention in the economy to drive social engineering – the dead loss is of no concern. I remember hearing Malusi Gigaba express these sentiments in a speech he gave at my alma mater Rhodes University last year. It was not that SAA was unsuccessful, we were just viewing “success” according to the imperialist Washington Consensus.

     When translating this view of “success” into the realm of property ownership, the implications of potential government expropriation of property should be making alarm bells go off  for financial institutions which grant loans against property as collateral. Should a person’s property be expropriated with compensation, is that person still liable to pay off their bond? It would be a bizarre situation in which people might default on their debt while having little to be repossessed by the bank. Nedbank CEO Mike Brown himself has stated that EWC could cause “a classical banking crisis.” So why then have CEOs of financial institutions not been more vocal in their opposition to the constitutional amendment which is proposed? Surely these intelligent CEOs and board members of banks must be aware of the serious consequences which expropriation of property without compensation will have on their clients? Unfortunately this fits in with a general trend of business cosying up to government in the hope that they might get a seat at the negotiating table. The agricultural community has perhaps already seen this, with Dan Kriek initially getting a seat at Cyril Ramaphosa’s 2018 Advisory Panel on Land Reform but later distancing himself from that panel’s recommendations for EWC. Kriek has since resigned (the official statement said it was “due to health and stress-related reasons”), and now farmers are facing terrible drought on one hand and government threatening to steal their property on the other. It is certainly understandable that big business in South Africa would want to have a good relationship with government. Government spending makes up a large proportion of GDP and the ANC is constantly finding new ways of involving itself in the economy, either through more failing SOEs or harsh regulatory environments – especially in the case of mining and infrastructure development, the latter of which consists of many government tenders. Perhaps big businesses in South Africa believe that by cosying up to the bureaucrats in Pretoria and “playing along” in the legislative process they may avoid being in the firing line. Take a look at this interview with Mike Brown from Nedbank, and how he gingerly mentions his opposition to EWC while still sounding supportive of “the process.”

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Cold War 2.0 By James Reed

     Welcome to the new Cold War, with China now taking the place of the USSR:

“It’s the world’s second largest economy in nominal GDP and, with 1.4 billion people, the most populous nation. It boasts the world’s largest military force with 2.2 million active personnel and another 510,000 in reserve. It has financially colonised much of the South Pacific, central Asia and Africa. Now it is buying influence in Europe, with heavy investments in Greece, including ownership of the port of Piraeus. China is home to the world’s most extensive expressways and high-speed railways. There are 298 airlines and 235 airports. According to Credit Suisse, for the first time there are more rich people in China than in the US. Of the world’s wealthiest 10 per cent, 100 million are Chinese, 99 million are American. China is also home to 12 of the 100 largest companies in the world. Yet the UN still recognises China as a “developing” country. At the World Trade Organisation, it enjoys the same “special and differential treatment” as Zimbabwe and Haiti. Naturally, Beijing sees no reason to give up this self-declared status, claiming the preferential treatment it enjoys is a “fundamental right”. Commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng recently -described China as the “largest developing country in the world”. That it certainly is. The WTO does not define a developed or developing country. Nor does it provide benchmarks or guidance. This is left entirely to the discretion of -individual members.

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Nuclear Waste Dumps for Everybody! By Bruce Bennett

     I think it was Bobby Hawke who wanted Australia to be the nuclear waste dump of the world. Well, I guess the gear has to go somewhere and Australians are ants on the world stage, so what does it matter if we get irradiated? One past proposal had it that there would be a waste dump in South Australia, left uncovered until enough dough was saved up to properly cover it. By that time all the glowing goodies would have blown over to multicult New South Walers, radiationally enriching it with diverse radiation. Anyway, onto today’s main presentation:

“It is an expanse of paddocks as far as the eye can see but this stretch of brown dirt represents a new hope for a tiny Eyre Peninsula town. The Napandee farming property, on Kimba’s northwestern outskirts, is earmarked as the location for Australia’s newest nuclear waste site, 465km from Adelaide. Yesterday’s contentious announcement, made after nearly five years of consultation, reviews, protests and angst, has also sparked a new wave of optimism for the Eyre Peninsula town of just 629 people. Against the backdrop of declining population growth, farming challenges and a severe drought, supporters say the Federal Government’s decision gives the town a real chance to succeed and stave off extinction. However, several hundred opponents protested on Sunday and vowed the fight would continue. Locals in favour of the radioactive storage facility hope it will generate a multimillion-dollar economic boon, together with a much-needed cash injection into health services, education and infrastructure. Grandfather Jeff Baldock, 62, who operates a 7500 ha cereal and sheep farm with his three children, told the Sunday Mail the facility would help secure the area’s future. “Imagine the money that will flow through the wider Eyre Peninsula community,” he said. “It will be hundreds of millions of dollars. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a supply of jobs bringing more money that we can use to create other industries. “This is good for the future of Kimba. We are absolutely thrilled for the community. It provides another industry in town that doesn’t rely on farming, which is huge.” His sons, father of four Andrew, 37, and father of two Mark, 35, said the risks were minimal compared with the rewards. “If small towns don’t think outside the box and diversify their economy, they will continue to decline,” said Andrew, a former carpenter who returned to the family farm from Adelaide, where he met his wife Dale, 33. “We are doing this so our kids and their kids and then their kids can have a future. “I can’t think of another industry that will be guaranteed for 100 years. “The future now looks bright for Kimba in the long term. And we just want a sustainable future for our community.”

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Girls v Transgenders By Ian Wilson LL. B

     The sheer beauty of law suits and litigation has always made my pulse rate increase, and put a smile on my face, however cloudy the day, because in suing, things get decided, and there is certainty in an uncertain, nay, chaotic world. Politics goes around in a circle, but law is constrained by economic necessity and the unending desire to allow the smooth flow of commerce through the alimentary canal and bowels of society. Let’s consider the coming battle between women born with vaginas and other female parts, including genetics, versus transgendered people, as an example of the music of law in action:

“The families of three female high school runners filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from participating in girl’s sports. Selina Soule, a senior at Glastonbury High School, Chelsea Mitchell, a senior at Canton High School and Alanna Smith, a sophomore at Danbury High School are represented by the conservative nonprofit organization Alliance Defending Freedom. They argue that allowing athletes with male anatomy to compete has deprived them of track titles and scholarship opportunities. “Mentally and physically, we know the outcome before the race even starts,” said Smith, who is the daughter of former Major League pitcher Lee Smith. “That biological unfairness doesn’t go away because of what someone believes about gender identity. All girls deserve the chance to compete on a level playing field.” The lawsuit was filed against the Connecticut Association of Schools-Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the boards of education in Bloomfield, Cromwell, Glastonbury, Canton and Danbury. “Forcing girls to be spectators in their own sports is completely at odds with Title IX, a federal law designed to create equal opportunities for women in education and athletics,” attorney Christiana Holcomb said. “Connecticut’s policy violates that law and reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women.”

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Feminist Sweden Pretty Serious about Punishing Rape (But Not Done by Non-whites) By Richards Miller

     What can I say?

“A 19 year old man has been convicted by the Swedish court of appeals for “sexually taking advantage” of a 13 year old girl. The prosecutor was looking to get him convicted of rape against a minor, but the Swedish court decided to only convict him of “taking advantage” of the young girl reports Swedish news site Samnytt. The man, who is a citizen of Somalia, had been messaging the girl on Snapchat where he said he wanted to have intercourse with her, despite the girl telling him her age. He had asked to meet up with the girl, and after meeting at a shop they went home to his apartment where he locked the door and proceeded to have intercourse. He had both anal and vaginal intercourse, and according to the girl, she was “biting her tongue” during this because of the pain. She “couldn’t sit down for two days” afterwards and she got anxiety and had trouble sleeping. According to the court, the girl sustained injuries from the intercourse. The age of consent in Sweden is 15. Despite this, the court did not convict 19 year old Hussein of rape against the 13 year old girl, but instead he was convicted of “sexually taking advantage” of her. The man received residence permit in Sweden by the migration authorities on the 13th of April 2016. On the 9th of March 2019 he was arrested by police. On the 6th of May 2019 Mora District court sentenced the man to a suspended sentence, 75 hours community service and ordered to pay SEK 15 000 ($1 579) damages to the girl. On the 6th of December 2019 Svea Appeals court upheld the sentence, but increased the damages to be paid to SEK 25 000 ($2 632). Here is an excerpt of the court ruling translated into English. The prosecutor urged that the court of appeals should convict Hussein for rape against a minor instead of sexually taking advantage of a minor, and for the sentence to be prison. Regarding damages for pain, the court of appeals does not question that the plaintiff has suffered mentally after the event and that it has affected her school work. However the presented evidence is, with taking into account what the plaintiff and her mother has told about her wellbeing before the event in this case, not such that other factors than Husseins can be ruled out to have affected her wellbeing. The court of appeals changes the district court ruling only such that the damages that [name redacted] should pay to NN3 is set to SEK 25 000 and rent as stated by the district court ruling.”

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Robotic Farms By Brian Simpson

     Things are tough for the small farmer, and getting tougher. The future is likely to be Big Agri run by China, with robots doing the work:

“In a research field off Highway 54 last autumn, corn stalks shimmered in rows 40-feet deep. Girish Chowdhary, an agricultural engineer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, bent to place a small white robot at the edge of a row marked 103. The robot, named TerraSentia, resembled a souped up version of a lawn mower, with all-terrain wheels and a high-resolution camera on each side. In much the same way that self-driving cars “see” their surroundings, TerraSentia navigates a field by sending out thousands of laser pulses to scan its environment. A few clicks on a tablet were all that were needed to orient the robot at the start of the row before it took off, squeaking slightly as it drove over ruts in the field. “It’s going to measure the height of each plant,” Dr. Chowdhary said. It would do that and more. The robot is designed to generate the most detailed portrait possible of a field, from the size and health of the plants, to the number and quality of ears each corn plant will produce by the end of the season, so that agronomists can breed even better crops in the future. In addition to plant height, TerraSentia can measure stem diameter, leaf-area index and “stand count” — the number of live grain- or fruit-producing plants — or all of those traits at once. And Dr. Chowdhary is working on adding even more traits, or phenotypes, to the list with the help of colleagues at EarthSense, a spinoff company that he created to manufacture more robots.

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Judges Acting to Increase Criminal Diversity By Richard Miller

     This is where diversity, open borders immigration and politically correct judges lead, a dangerous brew indeed, coming from the degenerate U-deKay, once known as “Great Britain,” today, generally far-from-great, Britain:

“Dozens of Jamaican criminals whose deportation was blocked by judges at the last minute included a knife killer and a rapist, prompting anger from government figures tired of the “farce” of judicial review. There was something of a controversy surrounding the charter flight, which originally involved up to fifty serious criminals, because the migrants involved came to Britain in their youth — although the general public seemed markedly less concerned about it than left-liberal politicians and members of the establishment media. In the end, only 17 criminals were successfully deported, after the Court of Appeal decided that a three-day mobile phone mast outage meant that another 25 did not have adequate access to legal advice on their cases. The 25 rescued criminals, who may now have to be released on bail while the Government seeks to rectify the situation, included Fitzroy Daley, who stabbed a man to death outside a pub in London, and Fabian Henry, who “raped a teenage girl in Bristol and groomed and abducted another”, according to The Times.

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Mainstream Media Say: No Sexual Spectrum! By Mrs Vera West

     I covered articles documenting academics, few that there are with any guts now, and others, who have said that men and women exist, and been destroyed. Now we have the Wall Street Journal saying that sex is binary, and thus launching a critique of transgenderism. As to be expected, there is a pay wall, but who cares about that when can pay for a subscription, and give us all the goodies?

“The Wall Street Journal has issued a throwdown to the gender lobby, insisting in an op-ed Thursday that sex is binary and there is no “spectrum.” “In humans, reproductive anatomy is unambiguously male or female at birth more than 99.98% of the time,” note biologists Colin M. Wright and Emma N. Hilton. “The evolutionary function of these two anatomies is to aid in reproduction via the fusion of sperm and ova.” “No third type of sex cell exists in humans, and therefore there is no sex ‘spectrum’ or additional sexes beyond male and female. Sex is binary,” they assert. As the American College of Pediatricians concurred in 2016, the exceedingly rare disorders of sex development “are all medically identifiable deviations from the sexual binary norm, and are rightly recognized as disorders of human design. Individuals with DSDs do not constitute a third sex.” The WSJ writers are responding to what they call a “dangerous and anti-scientific trend toward the outright denial of biological sex,” which sees male and female as “arbitrary groupings.” While sexual ambiguity does occasionally occur, the authors note, “intersex individuals are extremely rare, and they are neither a third sex nor proof that sex is a ‘spectrum’ or a ‘social construct.’” The WSJ essay echoes concerns increasingly being voiced that modern society has rushed into a dangerous social experiment based on less than flimsy scientific foundations. “The concept of changing one’s biological sex is, of course, nonsense, as sex is determined by unalterable chromosomes,” wrote researcher Jane Robbins for Public Discourse last October. “An individual can change his hormone levels and undergo surgery to better imitate the opposite sex, but a male on the day of his conception will remain a male on the day of his death.”

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The Collapse of French Civilisation By Richard Miller

     The majority of French people see France as heading towards collapse. Although a sizable percentage believe that climate change and overconsumption will be the main cause, the majority cause, totalling up the numbers, is through mass immigration and civil war, which are interrelated.

“A survey released by polling firm Ifop has claimed that more than six in ten French people think that French civilisation as we know it will collapse. The survey noted that a third of the people who believed in the collapse think it will occur in a brutal fashion and put the time frame for the collapse within the next 20 year or so. One of the chief reasons stated by respondents as the prime cause of a potential collapse is climate change, with 27 per cent stating that climate factors and overconsumption will spell the end for French civilisation, French media outlet L’Aisne Nouvelle reports. Around 15 per cent of the respondents said that mass migration would be the cause of the collapse, while another 14 per cent stated that internal conflicts within French society, or even civil war, could precipitate it. Many have warned of a potential civil war in France, including leading radical Islam scholar Gilles Kepel, who stated in 2016 that the “Jihadi Generation” had a goal to destroy Europe in a civil war and rebuild an Islamic society in the aftermath. The following year, Belgian historian David Engels made a similar prediction saying that “in 20 to 30 years Europe will have become an authoritarian or imperial state, after a phase resembling civil war and decay.”

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Monogamy is Healthy! By Mrs Vera West

     We here at,, being Christians, primarily support monogamy, and that is marriage between a man and a woman, because of good religious reasons. But that does not mean that there cannot be scientific reasons also given as supplement.  Thus, multiple sexual partners expose people to a greater chance of coming into contact with dangerous organisms, and mechanisms that lead to diseases like cancer.

“Playing the field could be putting people at much greater risk of being diagnosed with cancer, a study reveals. Those most likely to be diagnosed are people with ten or more sexual partners throughout their lifetime. And among women, a higher number of sexual partners is also linked to heightened odds of reporting a limiting long term condition, the findings indicate. Few studies have looked at the potential impact of the number of sexual partners on wider health outcomes, so researchers from Anglia Ruskin University drew on information gathered for the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, a nationally representative tracking study of adults aged 50 and above living in England. Almost 6,000 people with an average age of 64 were asked to rate their own health and report any long standing conditions. The average age of participants was 64, and almost three out of four were married. Some 28.5 per cent of men said they had had 0-1 sexual partners to date; 29 per cent said they had had 2-4; 20 per cent reported 5-9; while 22 per cent said 10 or more. The equivalent figures for women were: just under 41 per cent; 35.5 per cent; just under 16 per cent; and just under 8 per cent. Those who reported a higher tally of sexual partners were more likely to smoke, drink frequently, and do more vigorous physical activity on a weekly basis. Compared with women who reported 0-1 sexual partners, those who said they had had 10 or more, were 91 per cent more likely to have been diagnosed with cancer. Among the men, those who reported 2-4 lifetime sexual partners were 57 per cent more likely to have been diagnosed with cancer than were those who reported 0-1. And those who reported 10 or more, were 69 per cent more likely to have been diagnosed with the disease. While the number of sexual partners was not associated with reported long standing conditions among the men, it was among the women. The findings chime with those of previous studies, implicating sexually transmitted infections in the development of several types of cancer and hepatitis, suggest the researchers.”

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There is No Climate Emergency By James Reed

     This is good to see, when so much hype is being sprayed about an alleged climate crisis, that at least some bodies of scientists are standing up and saying: No! And, they are standing up to the tyrannical UN:

“On the same day last week that Greta Thunberg made an impassioned speech to the United Nations about her fears of a climate emergency, a group of 500 prominent scientists and professionals, led by the CLINTEL co-founder Guus Berkhout, sent this registered letter to the United Nations Secretary-General stating that there is no climate emergency and climate policies should be designed to benefit the lives of people. Here’s the press release, here’ the list of 500 signees, and here’s the opening of the letter:

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Vegan Goes Carnivore; Loves it! By Mrs Vera West

     Myself and I think James Reed have ben critiquing veganism here, not because we have anything against a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, but because veganism, is obsessive, and highly political, tying up with climate change, as my articles on climate change and the coming meat bans have documented.

“A formerly vegan influencer revealed to her fans that she spent 30 days eating nothing but meat and animal products. She also revealed that the new diet had some surprisingly positive effects on her health. Alyse Parker, who has over 200K Instagram followers and over 700K Youtube subscribers, explained her decision on Instagram. In a post, she revealed that she decided to try the Carnivore Diet after hearing about all of the health benefits from friends who switched from being vegan to eating only meat and animal products. Parker explained, “I had my own fair share of health struggles and eventually reached a breaking point where I was willing to try anything to function properly again.”

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Crimes of the Illegals By Chris Knight

     The Democrats want to empty the jails, take away guns, primarily from white Americans, and open the already porous borders. So, where will this lead? Harmony and peaceful co-existence, or survival of the fittest?

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported on Wednesday that hundreds of Orange County Jail inmates on whom the agency had active detainers were re-arrested over the past two years on charges including rape, assault with a deadly weapon and child sex offenses -- after local authorities released them without notifying ICE. According to county data, officials at the Southern California jail didn't notify ICE when it released 2,121 inmates with detainers on them over 2018 and 2019. Over that same period, another 1,315 were released "to ICE upon completion of their local sentences in accordance with" California's sanctuary regulations laid out in Senate Bill 54, an ICE press release said. According to ICE, 411 of the released inmates have been rearrested and booked into the Orange County Jail on additional charges, which also include domestic violence, identity theft, and driving under the influence. The agency's statement noted that number does "not account for individuals who may have been released and committed crimes in other jurisdictions." Senate Bill [SB] 54, which became law in 2017, prohibits state and local law enforcement agencies from detaining illegal immigrants for violating immigration laws except in cases where they have been convicted of serious or violent felonies. Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Don Barnes has called the policy a "social science experiment" undertaken by lawmakers in Sacramento.”

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