Lawyers commenting on NSW Abortion Law changes By Neil Foster

     I am a member of an informal coalition of practicing lawyers and legal academics which goes by the name of the "Wilberforce Foundation". A number of us have signed off on a press release designed to make it clear that comments from the "Australian Lawyers Alliance" supporting the proposed changes to abortion laws in NSW do not represent the views of all lawyers. The statement follows.

     The Wilberforce Foundation is a coalition of lawyers and legal academics committed to the preservation and advancement of the moral foundation of the common law, rights and freedoms. Recently, the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) came out in support of the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill. Whilst the ALA is a national organization representing lawyers, academics and other professionals dedicated to protecting and promoting justice, freedom and the rights of the individuals, it is important to note that it does not speak for all of us. Lawyers, like any member of the community, can have diverse views on morally controversial issues like abortion. The Wilberforce Foundation opposes the bill and disagrees with the ALA’s claims that there are dangerous consequences for women and doctors from the continued criminalization of abortion.

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World War III, A Coming By James Reed

     Good old, has just the right blend of economic doom and unrelenting apocalypse to keep my interest. Its coverage of the build up to World War III, is highly informative, even, entertaining. In a nut shell there are there major developments that could kick the can over the line. These are the Middle East, China and North Korea.

     Israel and Iran are already at war, with Israel attacking Iranian military targets within Syria. These were Iran-run bases, attacked by F-35 jets. Iran could retaliate by hitting targets within Israel which will set off the long-awaited Middle East War. Israel could use nuclear weapons if it was felt that there was an existential threat created. So would I if I had them and my flat was under attack, although the paradox is that I would go down in the bang. That would be interesting.

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The Magic Racism Laser Gun! The Ultimate Argument Nullifier By James Reed

     Here is a good article worth reading, about the inane smear by Leftists using “racism,” spraying it around like kiddies with a hose. The term is vague enough to cover virtually everything that the Leftist and globalist establishment do not like. Thus, even people like the late Professor Garrett Hardin, are slammed as “racist,” even though I don’t think the word “race” is mentioned in his ecological work dealing with immigration. No matter, if you can get the Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction going, then all well and good.

“In theory the concept of “racism” had potential. But the only reasonable definition of the term was that it referred to an irrational hatred of a racial or ethnic group in a world where many fears and hatreds, including group fears and hatreds, may be entirely rational. … Sadly, however, such an objectively unarguable definition of the term leads to some radical and—for ethnomasochist Whites—disturbing conclusions, namely that Whites, by and large, are seldom guilty of racism, while almost every other group is knee deep in it. But it seems that many Whites don't even want their group to be in the right with regard to racism. This is because what they really use the concept for is not to define their relations with other racial groups, but instead to intraracially define their relations with other Whites. Yes, in short, Whites mainly use racism to seek a moral authority and advantage over other Whites, with non-Whites playing what is mainly an auxiliary role. But now it seems Trump is ruining this cosy little set-up by changing racism from a cosy intraracial, White-on-White thing, where one White person angrily denounces another for "racissssssm!" to one where everybody bandies the word around all the time to everyone else—White on White, White on Black, Black on White, Black on Black on Hispanic on Asian, Asian on Black and White on X, Y, and Z ethnicity or religion—until you create a virtual spider’s web of cross accusations. For a long time White Conservatives and other Right-wingers laboured under the burden of being the term’s original targets. They resented the advantage that the R-word gave Leftist Whites over them, especially as this was an inversion of the moral superiority that right-wingers enjoyed over Left-wingers when moral inferiority was defined by sexual and toxicological incontinence.”

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Banning Killing Europe By Richard Miller

     Political censorship by Big Tech continues, by the day. Now the film Killing Europe has been removed because well … Islamophobia:

“A documentary by independent filmmaker Michael Hansen about mass migration and Islam in Europe, entitled Killing Europe, has been removed by Amazon from its Prime Video service. Amazon cited “quality assurance” concerns — despite the fact that the documentary had been hosted on the platform since 2017 without issue. Amazon’s censorship came shortly after Breitbart News covered Hansen’s new documentary, Killing Free Speech, which addresses the rise of Antifa and big tech censorship in the United States. In its message to Hansen, Amazon said his previous documentary (which is still available on YouTube) does not meet “customer content quality expectations.” Amazon would not respond to repeated requests from Hansen for the company to specify what content failed to meet its criteria. The documentary had previously been hosted on Amazon since 2017.”

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Time Travel Quantum Mechanical B. S. By Brian Simpson

     The media have reported that physicists have engaged in a time travel experiment, using quantum mechanics, which is the next best thing to miracles and magic, and wow, it is science wrapped in complex mathematics so anything goes:

     The paper operates in the context of whether there are violations of the “arrow of time,” that we observe, for example, a burning cigarette turning to ash, but not the reverse. The ash does not spontaneously reconstruct back into the cigarette. There is an identification of the arrow of time with time travel; that if an experiment showed the analogue to the cigarette ash reconstructing itself, then time would be reversed. They then show that there is an exotic experiment in quantum mechanics, the theory of the actions of elementary matter, that allows this.

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Sweden: Hobo Nation By Richard Miller

     In Sweden, anything is possible, there are no limits. We can never go to sleep believing that peak absurdity has been reached, as Sweden will always rises up and meets, and exceeds the expectations of clown world, sometimes quite literally:

“In recent years, the Nordic nation has seen an upward trend in robberies, with 2018 becoming a new peak. Last week, an 18-year-old man was robbed and murdered in Gothenburg. The perpetrators stabbed the young man and took his cellphone and necklace. Since the case triggered strong reactions and a passionate debate, TV4 offered tips to other Swedes on how to protect themselves from getting mugged. Sven-Erik Alhem, the chairman of the Victim Support group, suggested “dressing poorly” and looking “like you don't own anything”. “It may sound strange to behave in this way, but looking poor can really reduce the risk of violent crime in the form of robbery”, Alhem explained. Alhem also stressed that muggers often bear knives, which are “easy to apply”. The expert likened robbers to predators in looking for the weakest animals. According to him, a young person is much more likely to get mugged than a “Rambo character” adult. He also stressed that being mugged can result in life-long trauma. However, this advice wasn't well received by many Swedes. Journalist and columnist Chang Frick posted a sarcastic “expert's guide” on how to perfect the “hobo look” for one's personal safety. Frick suggested a systematic approach that included “skipping the hairdresser”, “growing a tousled beard”, “wearing generic stain-covered clothes with no brand name”, “cheap and worn shoes”, “wearing oddities like a knitted hat all year round”. According to Frick, “dressing down” should be accompanied by using older smartphone models, preferably with a broken display and avoiding jewellery of all sorts. Furthermore, since “simply having a bag” is a risk factor as a mugger may suspect in contains anything of value, Frick suggested putting your stuff in a plastic bag from your nearest grocery store. “Last but not least, your bearing is important. Go around with a hunched back, wandering gaze and act a little breathless”, Frick concluded his tips.”

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Letter to The Editor - I fear that foolish change of our political order could lead to a quasi-Marxist tyranny

To The Australian     David Hind asks of Australians generally (9/8): "What are we afraid of?" Why the opposition to Aboriginal constitutional recognition? Well, immediately I'm afraid of the damage such a move would do to the Constitution, which currently treats all of us on equal terms. I'm worried about the abandonment of ethical principle involved. Also, I don't welcome the prospect of unelected judges of the High Court being given more power at the expense of parliament, especially when I consider the court's track record from Mabo until its latest damage to free speech. Finally, I fear that foolish change of our political order could lead to a quasi-Marxist tyranny here and/or the setting up of an Aboriginal nation (thanks to the extension of land rights legislation) which might invite China to become its ally. I like the Australia that my ancestors established here and I want to pass it on to my descendants.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Letter to The Editor - Ken Wyatt should go further than warn of problems if a referendum fails

To The Age        Anthony Albanese is being unrealistic on Aboriginal affairs ("Albanese in Indigenous 'voice' push", 3/8). The "gap" in living conditions between Aboriginals and the rest of us is unlikely to be closed, because of the lower intellectual capacities of Aboriginals as a group. Facing realities of ethnic differences is scientific; not facing them is superstitious and political opportunism. Asserting that "we are all diminished" if the Constitution is not invaded to satisfy selfish demands from "indigenous" leaders is just hot air, as is the belligerence shown towards the Constitution by an Aboriginal leader at the current Garma festival. As for any manufactured "bipartisanship" among the major political parties, that won't alter the resistance by ordinary Australians to a policy of national suicide. Ken Wyatt should go further than warn of problems if a referendum fails. He should admit that this particular campaign is a dead duck with the punters.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Do White Lives Matter? Of Course Not! By Chris Knight

     The recent US shootings have enlivened the “whites are killers meme,” even though the whites who killed, killed whites, as well as everybody else. These events are beyond mere race hate, as the Left like to portray it, granted that that is but one element, for there is the more recent Antifa communist shooter in Dayton Ohio, who breaks the mould. Rather, this is all part of the breakdown of civil society in America, and there is no reason to suppose that the same will not occur elsewhere in the West. Forget about blaming guns, for if guns are not available knives will be used, as in the explosion of knife crimes in London and Sweden, covered elsewhere.

“But this is what happens when we raise an entire generation without any values whatsoever. These young people are just doing whatever seems right in their own eyes, and similar things are happening all over the nation. For example, a “flash mob” recently stormed into a North Face store in Wisconsin and stole $30,000 worth of merchandise… A band of shoplifters who formed a ‘flash mob’ and rushed into a North Face store are accused of stealing $30,000 worth of merchandise, according to a report in the Kenosha News. Dramatic video obtained from the Pleasant Prairie Police Department shows the group of ten shoplifters walk into the store, before quickly grabbing as many items as they can carry and rushing out. How cold-hearted do you have to be to do something like this? An even larger flash mob stormed a Walgreens in Philadelphia on the 4th of July… Philadelphia police have released surveillance video showing dozens of teens vandalizing and stealing from a South Street Walgreens on the 4th of July. The incident happened at the store on the 1800 block of South Street in the Graduate Hospital section of the city. If things are this crazy now, what will things look like when economic conditions get really bad and those young people get really desperate?

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Could one simple question end the abortion debate? By Akos Balogh

Original article:

Our Brothers, the Mosquito By James Reed

     I have written so many articles attacking so many people I can’t remember if I once argued that animal rights activists will be defending the rights of mosquitos next. Well, guess what? My reduction ad absurdum has been rejected, by these wild and woolly folks, who now are  granting rights to mosquitos:

“People should not kill mosquitoes but allow them to take "blood donations", a French animal-rights activist has said. Aymeric Caron, a television presenter, said the insects sucked human blood to obtain protein for their eggs, which was “embarrassing for anti-specists who realise they are being attacked by a mother trying to nourish her future children”. Anti-specists are those who oppose discrimination against any species, usually animals. But British animal-protection workers said his comments were “a step too far” and were “an unhelpful distraction”. Mr Caron, who counts himself as an “anti-specist”, said animal lovers should allow the insects to bite, except in Africa, where they would risk catching malaria.”

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Neoliberalism Has Met Its Match in China By Ellen Brown

     Ellen Brown is an attorney, chairman of the Public Banking Institute, and author of thirteen books including her latest, Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age. 

     When the Federal Reserve cut interest rates last week, commentators were asking why. According to official data, the economy was rebounding, unemployment was below 4% and gross domestic product growth was above 3%. If anything, by the Fed’s own reasoning, it should have been raising rates.

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US Gun Bans: Next Step in Civil War II Thanks to Leftist Globalist Trump By Charles Taylor

     Trump, as the globalist puppet that he is, has responded to the two shootings by focussing largely on the El Paso one, condemning white supremacism, which he never defined, but which is defined for him by the anti-white establishment as simply white survival, and of course, never singling out Antifa Leftism, behind the more recent Dayton shooting, except for putting it down to mental illness, not ideology.

     Consequently, there will be new red flag laws, similar to what exists in socialist countries like yours (Australia), where if the authorities think that you are a “problem” they can take your guns, and probably lock you up, or get a psychiatrist, USSR style, to lock you up – all without due process of the law. That, in itself, is an assault upon liberty far worse than any number of shootings, which are occurring right now in our cities by gangs with illegal guns, and will continue to occur. The same social media companies that censor conservative groups, will under the Trump legislation be playing the key role in this policing. This is utterly dangerous given how vindictive these companies are, with numerous examples of their injustices, and their clear radical Leftist agendas. Just let the wolves guard the chicken coop. This is beyond insane and can only indicate that Trump is just a part of the conspiracy, from the beginning. Yes, he played 4-dimensional chess …  for the globalist team.

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China Weighs in on the US Debate By Chris Knight

     Communist China has taken a plunge in the deep end, claiming that White nationalism is deep in Trump’s mind, he is a white supremacist, and that civilian guns are bad:

“More importantly, although US President Donald Trump called the El Paso shooting a "hateful act" on Twitter, he has not yet recognized the seriousness of the white supremacist problem. What's worse, white nationalism is deeply rooted in Trump's mind. This can be seen from his attitude toward immigration, his insistence on building a border wall and his racist tweets. Instead of resolving the problem, he is even inciting white American people's hatred. Hundreds of people, some holding signs reading "Coward Congress," gathered in Washington to protest for stricter gun control after the El Paso shooting. The US urgently needs gun control as the US society makes more people feel insecure. But simply controlling guns does not help control the hatred growing within the US society. If the shooters' hatred is not eliminated, they can still use other weapons to vent their anger on innocent people. A society is abnormal if it is full of hate crimes. How can a country be great again if lonely haters are everywhere? The US trouble does not come from outside, but from within. Washington should not use external issues to cover up its internal problems. The 2020 US presidential election is coming and the candidates all voice their own views. But no matter who is elected, he or she needs to face squarely the increasing hate crimes in the country. This is the most serious problem the US president has to face. How can Chinese people forecast Washington's next step? We pay attention to whether the US can bridge the huge social divide and whether hate crimes can be successfully controlled in the country.”

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A False Flag? Or, Partly? By Charles Taylor

     Dear Aussie friends, you are not getting the full story about the recent US shootings. The idea that these were done as act of white supremacy, can be challenged by evidence such as this:

“The shooter could not have uploaded the manifesto at all. The owner of the anonymous message board 8Chan, Jim Watkins, has unequivocally stated that the manifesto which was said to have been posted by the El Paso Walmart shooter on his website was not actually posted by the killer. Just moments before the deadly shooting in El Paso on Saturday, a sinister four page long manifesto was posted to 8Chan by someone who claimed to be the shooter. However, Watkins, an Army veteran, asserted that the shooter actually posted on Instagram prior to the attack — and whoever uploaded the manifesto to 8Chan was not the person who committed the heinous act. “First of all, the El Paso shooter posted on Instagram, not 8Chan. Later, someone uploaded a manifesto. However, that manifesto was not uploaded by the Walmart shooter,” Watkins asserted in his video statement. “I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but it was not uploaded by the murderer. That is clear, and law enforcement was made aware of this before most people had even heard the horrific news.”

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The System does Not Like Reasoned, Scientific Argument By Charles Taylor

     Science is useful to the Establishment, only so long as it delivers the answers that the system wants. When people use it to question the ruling narratives of the day, which in the US at the moment is centred around shootings confirming the Left view of the universe – then watch out, even if you are a celebrity, non-white astrophysicist:

“Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is facing backlash from rock band Smash Mouth and gun control advocates after he took to Twitter to compare the number of deaths from the latest mass shootings to that of other causes, such as medical errors and suicide. “In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings. On average, across any 48hrs, we also lose…500 to Medical errors, 300 to the Flu, 250 to Suicide, 200 to Car Accidents, 40 to Homicide via Handgun,” Tyson said after the deadly mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. “Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.” With more than 73,000 responses to his tweet, Tyson also faced scrutiny from other prominent figures who were quick to responded to his tweet. “Cold take, Neil. 200+ Americans died from gun violence in the past 48 hours,” Moms Demand Action founder and gun control activist Shannon Watts responded.“Your data is wrong Neil. In the past 48 hours, 200 people were killed with guns and many more were injured while a powerful organization lobbies to protect its interests,” writer and lawyer Amee Vanderpool wrote in response to Tyson. “Maybe you should add some emotion to your game, because your data collection sucks.”

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If You Love Trump Then You are Responsible for the Killings Too! By Charles Taylor

     The title of the article is: “The El Paso Killer Loved Trump. Do You? Then You’re Responsible, Too.” A great title. Concise and power-packed with logic.

     What, even after Trump condemned white supremacism, and moved for more gun control? Sure, not good enough. It’s all white racism, see:

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This Should be Interesting: The Communist Antifa Mass Shooter By John Steele

     The latest US mass shooting is by a communist Antifa type:

“Connor Betts was named by police as the body armor-wearing, masked gunman who fatally shot at least 9 people, including his own sister, while wounding at least 27 more, in a popular bar and restaurant district in Dayton, Ohio. Betts was 24 and from Bellbrook, Ohio. Witnesses said he was wearing all black when he opened fire. Betts was killed by police, with six officers firing at least one round, and officials said the carnage might have been even worse were it not for their quick response. On social media, the suspect’s biography started to emerge. On his Twitter page, reviewed by Heavy, he described himself as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” He wrote on Twitter that he would happily vote for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, was upset about the 2016 presidential election results, and added, “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding.” The Greene County Board of Elections lists his party as “Dem.” So, we have a Leftist shooter instead of the usual right winger. Will the anti-gun lobby now advocate gun control so enthusiastically or will they wait until the next round of shootings? If terrorism, according to the mayor of London, is just the price one pays living in a big modern city, then mass shooting could be viewed as an extension of that principle. But, we can bet that the narrative played out is that ideology had nothing to do with this. But, if a shooter mentions an 1890 book on Darwinism, well, that is fascism, pure and simple.

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France Dissolves By Richard Miller

     Things are bad in France. What else could they be with the minute Macron getting the French parliament to almost completely ban the right to protest and the presumption of innocence? This is the real face of the globalist state. Hate speech laws are so vague and wide-ranging that almost anything the elites want can be prosecuted. "The West no longer knows what it is, because it does not know and does not want to know what shaped it, what constituted it, what it was and what it is. (...) This self-asphyxiation leads naturally to a decadence that opens the way to new barbaric civilizations." — Cardinal Robert Sarah, in Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse ("The Evening Comes, and already the Light Darkens”).

“Macron does not appear authoritarian, however, with violent anarchists. When facing young Arabs and illegal migrants, he looks positively weak. He knows what the former interior minister, Gérard Collomb, said in November 2018, while resigning from government: "Communities in France are engaging in conflict with one another more and more and it is becoming very violent... today we live side by side, I fear that tomorrow it will be face to face". Macron also knows what former President François Hollande said after serving his term as president: "France is on the verge of partition". Macron knows that the partition of France already exists. Most Arabs and Africans live in no-go zones, apart from the rest of the population, where they accept the presence of non-Arabs and non-Africans less and less. They do not define themselves as French, except when they say that France will belong to them. Reports show that most seem filled with a deep rejection of France and Western civilization. An increasing number seem to place their religion above their citizenship; many seem radicalized and ready to fight. Macron seems not to want to fight. Instead, he has chosen to appease them. He is single-mindedly pursuing his plans to institutionalize Islam in France.

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Rats Do Not Lie! By Charles Taylor

     The truth of rats; it could be the title of a postmodern film, but it describes an ironic live news shot about Trump’s claim that the city of Baltimore was “infested.” There on clue, the largest rat many people have ever seen runs through the film, almost on cue.

     I like it how reality has a way of directly refuting the lies of liberalism. And, nor do “hood rats,” to use the Baltimore expression for gang bangers, lie, much of the time. They are just too busy with their day jobs of killing each other:

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