The Ultimate Cosmic Conspiracy Theory By James Reed

     While people have hobbies, such as chess, and fishing, my hobby is researching conspiracy theories, always hoping to find the ultimate conspiracy, that explains the entire universe. This is the  cosmic comic meta-political theory of everything. Seems like the same thing bugs Mike Adams over at Natural, as well:

     First consider all of the problems we face:

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Letting Them All In! Open Borders Australia By James Reed

     The Left want to empty the camps and open the borders letting everyone in, because, well, that is just the socialist thing to do. So, how will that one go?

“More than 10,000 asylum-seekers, who arrived in Australia under the open-border policies of the Rudd and Gillard governments and are still being processed almost a ¬decade later, would be given permanent protection and a pathway to ¬citizenship under a Shorten ¬government. The pledge to end Labor’s boat arrivals hangover by offering the remaining asylum-seekers permanent residency through the abolition of the government’s temporary protection visa system came as The Australianestablished that the cost of managing the ongoing caseload of applicants had reached more than $2 billion. Figures obtained by The Australian through the Department of Home Affairs showed that, at the end of last month, 10,600 asylum-seeker cases,  Bill Shorten’s office said that under the Opposition Leader’s policy, which is expected to be ¬reconfirmed at next week’s ALP national conference in Adelaide, the “legacy caseload” of asylum-¬seekers would be granted permanent protection under a Labor government. This would give immediate permanent residency with full work and welfare rights to the remaining asylum-seekers — regarded by the Morrison government as illegal arrivals because they travelled by boat. It would also end the last remnants of Labor’s 2008 policy, which has been widely recognised — even within party circles — as a policy and humanitarian disaster.”

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Obama’s Peace Prize By Bruce Bennett

     If one wanted any more proof that politically correct politics rules almost everything in this insane world, consider the 2009 Nobel peace prize given to President Obama, for what? Being a multiracial? Clearly, he was at the start of his presidency, and had not done much at all. Anyway, the truth is now out about this, for the record:

“Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama in 2009 failed to achieve what the committee hoped it would, its ex-secretary has said. Geir Lundestad told the AP news agency that the committee hoped the award would strengthen Mr Obama. Instead, the decision was met with criticism in the US. Many argued he had not had any impact worthy of the award. Mr Lundestad, writing in his memoir, Secretary of Peace, said even Mr Obama himself had been surprised. "No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama," Mr Lundestad writes. "Even many of Obama's supporters believed that the prize was a mistake," he says. "In that sense the committee didn't achieve what it had hoped for".

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The hypocrisy of the Gun Banners By John Steele

     Hollywood is big on the banning of the private ownership of firearms, yet in all the Hollywood movies produced, there may be more rounds fired through guns that ever occurred in a war. Actors who have made a living playing tough guy gunmen, proclaim the evils of guns. Just imagine if the same thing as done with cigarettes, that one cried about the evils of smoking, while growing tobacco.

“Anti-gun Hollywood celebrities enjoyed presidential-level protection by barricades, bomb-sniffing dogs, armed guards, LAPD officers, and numerous security checkpoints as they arrived for the 2019 Golden Globes. Security was reportedly ramped up after last month’s triple stabbing at a Manchester railway station on New Year’s Eve. “The recent attacks in Europe only reinforce that nothing can be left to chance tactically and strategically,” a Los Angeles law enforcement official told Deadline. “Our plan is to have eyes everywhere and shut down any possible disturbance that could arise long before it gets anywhere near the venue or the event.”

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The Great Wall of America: On Declaring a National Emergency By Charles Taylor

     President Donald Trump appears to be not backing down on the so-called shutdown of the Federal government over the Great Wall of America issue. That is good to see, if he can stick to it, because the Democrats  have already moved to impeach him, much for the same reasons that our own Fraser Anning is now attacked, that is, only progressive views are to be permitted, and anyone disagreeing with them is beyond the pale, and should just be replaced. That is the way the liberal-Left-globalist mind now works. Ok, I am in America, not in Australia and did not see the rally that is causing all the trouble, but  I take it that some really  bad people did some really wicked bad hand movements. Well, condemn  them, that is what is done nowadays, and I certainly don’t support them, my pappy having fought in WWII, and my uncle dying from a sniper round. But, not everybody did the movements and it was a minority that did. Should everyone therefore be condemned for the actions of a few baddies, in a type of collective punishment, beloved of communist regimes? If so, will that apply to the Left, and when antifa beat up people, will the whole Leftoid team therefore be condemned? You can bet that this won’t happen, because morality today is a one way street.

     President Trump, even according to the Democrats has the authority to use the military to build a wall. I mean if America can fight endless wars in the Middle East, why can’t it be permitted to secure its own borders? Anyone would think that the ruling elites wanted the place to be swamped!

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China Erasing Ethnic Identity By James Reed

     Beloved critics don’t get excited, the title is paraphrased from The New York Times, your friendly neighbourhood newspaper. So, relax while we talk about erasing ethnic identity. Or better still, how about on a sensitive topic like this one, we just hide under the wings of The New York Times, and let them do the heavy lifting?

“Mr. Mamut and more than a hundred other Uighur intellectuals who had successfully navigated the worlds of academia, art and journalism became the latest targets of a sweeping crackdown in the region of Xinjiang that has ensnared as many as one million Muslims in indoctrination camps. The mass detention of some of China’s most accomplished Uighurs has become an alarming symbol of the Communist Party’s most intense social-engineering drive in decades, according to scholars, human rights advocates and exiled Uighurs. As the guardians of Uighur traditions, chroniclers of their history and creators of their art, the intellectuals were building the Central Asian, Turkic-speaking society’s reservoir of collective memory within the narrow limits of authoritarian rule. Their detention underscores the party’s attempts to decimate Uighur identity in order to remold the group into a people who are largely secular, integrated into mainstream Chinese culture and compliant with the Communist Party, observers say.

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The Disadvantages of Men By Mrs Vera West

     OK dear  feminists, I know that at morning tea, when you eat your cream cakes, you flick on the internet to see if I have written any further critiques of your weird worldview, and laugh at me the  “silly old so and so.” So, now that you are comfortable in your genre gender neutral arm chair, consider this challenge; that a case has been made that men are now the disadvantaged sex in the West:

“Scientists have invented a new way of measuring gender equality and claimed it shows men are more disadvantaged than women in most developed countries. Researchers from the University of Missouri and University of Essex in the United Kingdom said previous ways of measuring inequality are ‘biased to highlight women’s issues’. Their Basic Index of Gender Inequality (BIGI) instead measures three factors: educational opportunities, healthy life expectancy and overall life satisfaction. The academics calculated scores for 134 nations and used the results to suggest men are more disadvantaged than women in 91 nations.

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Exercise Lowers the Risk of Stroke By Mrs Vera West

     There is no doubt that we journalists at this noble site, suffering from psycho-political warfare, are prime candidates for stroke and generally bad cardio-vascular adventures. Clearly people like James Reed needs to go on the wagon; he has been good and given up smoking, but with the money he saved he apparently just waste it on more cheap plonk. As for Uncle Len, nobody has heard from him, and he may have died on that hot December day in his galvanised iron shed, but I have yet to smell anything here in Melbourne. Somebody in Adelaide needs to be brave and see if there is a body, and if the body has a pulse. As Trump would say, “sad.” Still there is hope, and that involves the simple task of walking for 30 minutes a day; child’s play, really.

“Recent research shows that you can prevent stroke by doing light exercises. The study, performed in Sweden and published in the journal Neurology, suggested that walking for at least 30 minutes every day may cut your risk of stroke. The study’s researchers recruited 925 patients with a first clinical stroke admitted to Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden from 2014 to 2016. The average age of the participants was 73 years at the time of becoming ill. They looked at the participants’ stroke severity based on data from two Swedish stroke resisters. Stroke severity was assessed based on eye, arm and facial movements, awareness level, and speech and communication abilities. Four out of five patients or 79.8 percent of the participants had a mild form of stroke. Those who suffered from a stroke reported on how physically active they were before the stroke occurred. Fifty-two percent reported that they had been physically inactive. Participants who reported that they were engaged in light physical activity, such as taking a walk for four hours or more each week, or moderate exercises, such as running or swimming two to three hours each week, tend to suffer from milder strokes rather than severe strokes. Light physical activity and moderate physical activity were found to be equally beneficial.”

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The Republic and the End of the States By James Reed

     It is interesting how the Australian Republicans are mostly globalists, support the Asianisation of Australia, are crazy about multiculturalism, yet argue that with respect to the republic, well “we” need out own Australian head of state. It is simply inconsistent, since their general globalism, undermines their selective nationalism on this issue. So, there must be a hidden agenda. A recent article by Hal E.P. Colebatch, “How a Republic Would Abolish the States,” Quadrant, January 1, 2019:     gives us some insights.

     First, is the centralist philosophy behind the champions of the Republic and state abolition:

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The Decadent Culture of Victimhood By Chris Knight

     One of the most disgusting, indeed shameful things to be spewed from the university system in the West is a culture of victimhood, which is a by-product of political correctness. People lose their identity as individuals and pursue resources through claiming minority status. Often this means lying about ethno-racial origins, and sometimes these rotters come unstuck. Anyway, there is a new book all about this.

“Two sociology professors from across the country teamed up last year to publish a book on “victimhood culture.” The book, entitled The Rise of Victimhood Culture, was published in 2018 by Professor Bradley Campbell of Cal State Los Angeles and Professor Jason Manning of West Virginia University. The book addresses the “victimhood culture” trend that is especially popular on college campuses. Young Americans now proudly exploit their minority statuses for personal gain. Those who support this new cultural development believe that there is something noble about belonging to a minority group. As a result, some young people use their minority status to destroy others for minor and even accidental slights. The book was highlighted by a recent report by The College Fix. The two professors argue that “victimhood culture” is the new source of cultural pride for American youth. In previous eras, pride was derived from one’s financial status, honor, or dignity.”

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China’s Colonisation of Africa By James Reed

     As the Western anti-colonial forces have driven Western powers out of Africa, the Chinese have walked in, and are conducting an unopposed, by the Western Left that is, colonisation of Africa, beginning with vast loans, and when the inevitable default occurs, outright ownership of resources:

“Back in 1885, to much fanfare, the General Act of the Berlin Conference launched the Scramble for Africa which saw the partition of the continent, formerly a loose aggregation of various tribes, into the countries that currently make up the southern continent, by the dominant superpowers (all of them European) of the day. Subsequently Africa was pillaged, plundered, and in most places, left for dead. The fact that a credit system reliant on petrodollars never managed to take hold only precipitated the "developed world" disappointment with Africa, no matter what various enlightened, humanitarian singer/writer/poet/visionaries claimed otherwise. And so the continent languished....  until 2012 when what we then dubbed as the "Beijing Conference" quietly took place, and to which only Goldman Sachs, which too has been quietly but very aggressively expanding in Africa, was invited. … 

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The Attack of the Killer Cars! By Brian Simpson

     I hope that readers are still in holiday mode, because this one shocked even sleepy old me: your high tech car can be hacked and used by terrorists!

“Your laptops, computers, smartphones, or smart appliances are not the only things that are susceptible to hacking. Modern cars could be remotely hacked by terrorists and turned into lethal weapons, a computer scientist has warned. The warning was made by Justin Cappos from New York University. Cappos has stated that cyber criminals working for enemy states could hack and remotely control any car built after 2005 to turn them into weapons that could kill millions of people. Even some cars that were manufactured as far back as 2000 could be susceptible to hacking. “Many of our enemies are nuclear powers, but any nation with the ability to launch a cyberstrike could kill millions of civilians by hacking cars. It’s daunting,” Cappos expressed. Cappos explained that once hackers are connected to the network, they can communicate with any device and can send messages to the brakes to stop and turn off the power steering. He added that car components would not be able to identify where the messages were coming from and would not be able to tell if these messages were true.”

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I survived communism – are you ready for your turn? By Zuzana Janosova - den Boer

Published on January 1, 2019

     “It was scientifically proven that communism is the only social-economic system providing the masses with justice and equality – 100% of scientists agree on this. The topic is not up for debate!”, so proclaimed my professor during one of his lectures on the subject ‘scientific communism’, while the country of Czechoslovakia was still under communist control. I was reminded of his blustery pronouncement the first time I encountered the spurious claim that “a consensus of 97% of scientists agree global warming is man-made.” Most people don’t question scientific statements because they think they are facts. They do not understand that scientific statements must always be challenged, because Science is not about ‘consensus’; ideology is.

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The Racism of Plants! By Brian Simpson

     Take in the 1970s when I was either in high school or university/teacher’s college, there was a popular book entitled, The Secret Life of Plants. I never got to read it, but the theme was that plants were not mere messes of chemicals, but higher life forms. That view, now seems to be getting some support, with the case to be made that plants may favour their own kind, and thus be, what the new regime calls, “racists”:

“For people, and many other animals, family matters. Consider how many jobs go to relatives. Or how an ant will ruthlessly attack intruder ants but rescue injured, closely related nestmates. There are good evolutionary reasons to aid relatives, after all. Now, it seems, family feelings may stir in plants as well. A Canadian biologist planted the seed of the idea more than a decade ago, but many plant biologists regarded it as heretical—plants lack the nervous systems that enable animals to recognize kin, so how can they know their relatives? But with a series of recent findings, the notion that plants really do care for their most genetically close peers—in a quiet, plant-y way—is taking root. Some species constrain how far their roots spread, others change how many flowers they produce, and a few tilt or shift their leaves to minimize shading of neighboring plants, favoring related individuals.

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How About This for a Newer, New World Order! By James Reed

     We are of course opposed to globalism in all its forms, because it is a form of centralisation of power, that ultimately erodes individual freedom. But, in the imperfect messy world of real politics, there may need to compromises for a time to counter even larger tyranny. Thus, maybe for the short term, not all globalists adventures will be equally bad, and some may retain enough freedom for future generations to work at dismantling them, once the real evil ones have been defeated.

     The proposal has been made by Brazil’s future chancellor Ernesto Araújo, in his document “For a Foreign Policy of the Brazilian People,” for the creation of a Right wing alignment of the US, Russia and Brazil, to counter the left/communist axis of China and Western Europe, and to defeat globalists to “resist the demonization of national sentiment, the crushing of faith (especially Christian faith), which rejects the emptying of the human soul and its replacement by anaemic dogmas that serve only the interests of world domination of certain elites.”    If this counter to the communist New World Order can be got up and running it may give us some breathing space to try and get sanity back into the world.

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Go Vegan and Die? Man Wants Us to Eat More Red Meat, The Food of Champions! By John Steele

     Here is an item from the light and fluffy department, where a man decides to give vegans a serve. I have nothing against vegetables; some of my best friends are vegetables! But vegans often get so up on their high and mighty, looking down on us meat eaters from imagined lofty moral high grounds. Anyway, even though this video is in Dutch, you can enjoy the site of a man chomping away on a great slab of raw meat, while vegans around him, faint from the microagressions. Well, not exactly, these lovers of peace have got a big cop on the scene to deal with the carnivore. 

Ireland Takes it to the Next Level By Mrs Vera West

     You have to hand it to Ireland, it is firing on all politically correct cylinders, with the first waves of abortions soon, and now and extension of domestic violence laws to criminalise emotional abuse:

“Psychological and emotional abuse in intimate relationships is now a crime in Ireland. The Domestic Violence Act 2018 went into effect on Tuesday and provides new protections for victims of "coercive control," a type of emotional and psychological abuse aimed at stripping a person of their self-worth and agency. Although psychological and emotional abuse -- including controlling behavior, isolation, and threats of violence -- can be more difficult to recognize than physical violence, it can be just as damaging, experts say. Ireland's Minister of Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan said in a statement Wednesday that the new law "recognizes that the effect of non-violent control in an intimate relationship can be as harmful to victims as physical abuse because it is an abuse of the unique trust associated with an intimate relationship."

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Impeaching the Donald By Charles Taylor

     The US Dumocrats, tools of the psychopathological globalists, are moving quickly now, given their false sense of power to attempt to impeach President Donald Trump, because, well, no one is permitted to have the beliefs that he has, and the deplorables need to be replaced by migrants. There needs to be, in this worldview, more politicians like the Muslim-elect, Rashida Tlab, who talks like a real “lady”:

“Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who made history this week as one of the first two Muslim American women sworn in as members of Congress, has sent some people into spasms by talking about impeaching President Donald Trump and using a four-letter word in the process. “And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Mama, look, you won. Bullies don’t win,’ and I said, ‘Baby, they don’t,’ because we’re going to go in there and we’re going to impeach the mother**ker,” she told a crowd of supporters on Thursday night celebrating the new Democratic majority in the House. It was entirely predictable that conservatives and Trump supporters would erupt with faux outrage at hearing foul language from a Democrat. And Trump ? the president who famously spoke of grabbing women “by the p**sy,” called Haiti and some African nations “sh**hole countries” and who has even publicly hurled “motherf**kers” himself ? said Tlaib “dishonored her family” with the comment.”

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Britain, Doing its Best for National Suicide By Richard Miller

     Do not speak of “Great Britain,” for there is little now which is great about this once noble land, as it swiftly, but surely sinks into the muds of history:

“The UK has reportedly spent over £200,000 ($254,000) on the welfare of a hate preacher deported on terrorism charges. The revelation has raised the ire of the public, and a British pundits didn’t mince their words live on RT. Abu Qatada, who requested asylum in the UK in 1993, was deported to his home country of Jordan in 2013 for posing a threat to national security. Now, it has emerged that Qatada’s meetings with doctors and human rights workers in Jordan were actually funded by UK taxpayers for three years, and cost a hefty £200,000 ($254,000), the Times revealed. A legal battle to deport him is said to have cost more than £1.9million ($2.4 million). “In the first place, Abu Qatada should never have been granted asylum here… And then you think about all the money, all the welfare payments he and those around him have ‘parasited’ of the UK taxpayer,” argued David Vance, a rightwing political commentator. However, he was challenged by Keith Best, a former conservative politician and now CEO of Survivors UK. “Your recipe is one for anarchy,” Best responded, saying that the UK, like other “civilized countries,” is obliged to grant asylum to anyone who fears persecution and oppression. It’s “pretty imbecilic” to look after a “terrorist mastermind” and his safety back in Jordan, Vance insisted. That money could be better spent looking after the victims of terrorist attacks, he said. However, Best noted that Abu Qatada was acquitted of terrorism charges in Jordan because the evidence was tainted.”

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The End of “Mankind” (the Word) By Richard Miller

     At first blush I thought that the balloon had gone up, and it was the end of mankind. Well, heaven would be nice. But, then, I saw the fine print, namely that the EU insane thought police were banning the word “mankind.’ Presumably, the transhuman agenda of eliminating the human race, as Mike Adams thinks is going to happen, will be next cab off the rank:

“Liberal dogma now dictates that words beginning with the letters “m-a-n” are now “gender-biased” tools of the patriarchy which must be criminalized — at least in the European Union. The EU has decided to ban the use of “gender-biased” words and will be moving towards more gender neutral language. The outlawing of gender-specific language and more is all part of the new paradigm laid out in their new guide, Gender Neutral Language In The European Parliament. The policing of language is soon going to reach its apex — and it’s not going to be pretty. Language has a powerful effect on the way we think and feel. The erasure of male identity in language signifies a much greater problem than just battling so-called gender bias. Recall Ayn Rand’s Anthem, a dystopian fiction novel in which the notion of individuality has been erased entirely; gender-specific pronouns are not used. There is no “I,” only “we.” Perhaps it sounds a bit far-fetched, but every path begins with a single step — including the path to tyranny. Outlawing male identity and gender-specific language in government is only the beginning. And while the English language is being obliterated, identity and individuality may just be going down with it.”

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