Big Tech Interferes with Elections More than Russia Could By Chris Knight

     Forgive me, but whenever I hear about election interfering, I think of paedophiles doing the dark deeds that they do. You know, that includes these establishment types:

     However, while Big Tech has moved to censor everybody they don’t like, and the Democrats are still playing the record “Russia gave the election to Trump by exposing our dark and nefarious deeds,” in reality, Big Tech wanted Hillary Clinton in to push their globalist agenda, and worked at it:

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The Mafia and 9/11: Conspiracy Over-Drive By Chris Knight

     You know the usual 9/11 conspiracy theories. But, a while back I stumbled over the twisted steel girders of this one, that involves the Mafia. Who knows, maybe everyone got into the show:

“This scam begins by having an architect specify expensive materials, which are then “liberated” from the construction site by nefarious actors, and replaced with cheap imported varieties which are then approved by (bribed) inspectors. The criminals pocket the difference in cost between the high-quality materials and the inferior substitutes. Rumor had it that New York architects got wise to this and began to design buildings that used quite a bit more steel because they knew that the construction would involve materials a few grades below what was originally designated. That would keep the buildings aloft for the half-century required for all parties to escape prosecution. Not only that, but law enforcement was aware of the problem in the 1980s, revealing a wide breadth of afflicted construction projects. Says Thomas Galvin, former chief executive of the convention center and now president of Xerox Realty Corp:

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Letter to The Editor - Critics of Jews in public forums have a commensurate duty to avoid giving unjustified and unnecessary offence

To The Australian        Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is right in principle that Jewish people, like all other religious and/or ethnic groups, should not be immune to public criticism ("Criticism of Jews 'is free speech'", 19/11). Moreover, questioning "the Holocaust death toll" is not unethical if it is based on evidence and reasoned argument and is not malicious. Jews and their friends should ensure that the term "anti-Semitic" is not misused to shut down open debate in areas where Jewish interests are involved. On the other hand, critics of Jews in public forums have a commensurate duty to avoid giving unjustified and unnecessary offence - and to balance negative comment by noting the wonderful contribution made by Jews to human culture and civilization.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Without America, France would be German By Chris Knight

     The battle between Presidents Trump and French globo president Macron continues. Trump has fought back against the Mac attack, saying that France would be speaking German today if not for the US war effort:

“President Donald Trump is hitting back a second time against French President Emmanuel Macron after calls for an E.U. “army.” This time he didn’t stop at one tweet. Early Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted, “Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two – How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!”

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Migrants lie? How is That Even Possible? By James Reed

     Thanks to Denis who forwarded this incredible story, from a site I had not heard of, which does not mean much because I have not heard of very much at all in this large and diverse, culturally rich world. Like lying migrants for example, who in the wildest stretch of their imagination, would even contemplate that migrants, who are all rocket scientists, if given half a chance, would lie?

“Documentary film-makers Lauren Southern and Caolan Robertson have released shocking new recordings in which the director of a major NGO in Europe told their undercover team how she teaches migrants to lie and pretend to be persecuted Christians to border police. Ariel Ricker, Executive Director of Advocates Abroad, was caught in the recordings admitting that the asylum process is simply theatre. “This is all like a big theatre production, everyone has a part to play and a refugee has to act the part of the refugee in trauma for the interviewers, but it is extremely difficult to do this because unless they are taught how to be this character, this actor, then they go about it usually the opposite way,” Ricker says. Ricker’s NGO, Advocates Abroad, provides legal aid to refugees and migrants seeking asylum in Europe. They have 380 staff members that are primarily involved in preparing refugees and migrants for their asylum interviews. In 2017, they worked with over 15,000 refugees. Southern’s team points out that they also recently campaigned with 12 British MPs to raise $100,000 in donations. In the shocking undercover video, Ricker also admits to teaching the migrants how to cry, to “act the part” of the “refugee in trauma” and even throw up to show extreme emotion.

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Here Comes the Republic Again … There goes the Constitution (If We Let Them) By James Reed

     God is taking more time than I thought He would take, ending the tragicomedy that we call modern life (I have in mind Sodom and Gomorrah). So we enter the next cycle of madness where the elites tell us that a Republic is “nationalistic” and that we need an “Australian,” president, even though these same people want to Asianise Australia, are generally cucks for the Communist Party of China, and are total globalists. Could they be telling some fibs, just to get their demonic claws on the constitution?

“Australians will be asked to vote on a republic in a $160 million national plebiscite under a Labor plan that rejects a postal survey in favour of a public ballot to resolve decades of dispute. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has signed off on the funding plan to ask voters a "yes or no" question in the next term of Parliament, without any funding for official campaigns for or against the change. The plan assumes the same cost as the federal government’s original plebiscite on same-sex marriage but is double that of the postal survey eventually adopted and run last year. The Labor spokesman on an Australian head of state, Matt Thistlethwaite, said the recent visit to Australia by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would not hurt the case for a republic but the nation needed stronger political leadership to make the change. "I’m conscious that if you talk to the average Australian at the moment it’s probably not in their top 10 list of priorities and I understand that," he said.”

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Ungovernable America; A Coup Without Firing a Shot By Charles Taylor

     The stupid evil US party, the Democrats, have moved to conduct civil war by making America ungovernable without yet, “firing a single shot”

“The Democrats prepare a “subpoena cannon” aimed at over 85 people in President Donald Trump’s sphere. These subpoenas will not come out at once. Democrat California Rep. Adam Schiff, who will take over the House Intelligence Committee, told Axios that the committee will “prioritize what they view as the most pressing topics, which he says range from Trump’s potential business dealings with Russia to where things currently stand with North Korea.”

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Immigration Leads Inevitably to Boom! Boom! Boom! By Chris Knight

     The caravan of illegal invaders, said by the Left to be poor desperate people, had suddenly given rise to most of South America wanting to come to America, so that North America becomes South America. Then, I suppose, they will want to go to Europe and eat that, which I am not explicitly saying is a bad thing, just a thing:

“Five million poor Central Americans want to migrate into the United States’ communities and workplaces, according to a report by Gallup. The caravans of economic migrants moving northwards to the U.S. border “actually represent a relatively small fragment of a much larger group of people in their own region — and around the world — who say they would like to move to the U.S. if they could,” said Gallup. The five million number is one-in-three adults in Central America, the survey firm said. But average birth rate and family size in Central America are roughly twice as large as in the United States, so the migration of 5 million could lead to the birth of at least 5 million additional people after the migrants get jobs in the United States.”

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Hundreds of Consumers, Business people and Scientists say: “Get out of the Paris Agreement.” By Viv Forbes

     A new lobby group comprising scientists, farmers, consumers, small business and big business is urging both sides of Australian politics to put aside party interests and global agendas to focus on what's best for Australian business, workers, consumers and the environment. The Saltbush Club calls for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and to cease financing or supporting the international bodies promoting it. It challenges the whole idea of a consensus on man-made global warming. Jerry Ellis, retired chairman of BHP, and Founding Chairman of the Saltbush Club says:

"It is clear that Australia’s push to meet the Paris carbon dioxide emission targets is leading to higher electricity prices and unreliable supply. We have lost the balance between working for environmental outcomes and working for economic outcomes. These things need to be balanced, and this balance is missing with the Paris Agreement. The world would be a better placed with strong economies generating money to spend on poverty, health, infrastructure and the environment."

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Blowing the Lid on the TPP By James reed

     Good to see Fraser Anning exposing the TPP for what it is, something that seems necessary in each of its rebirths:

Senator Anning blows the lid on TPP, UN Lima Declaration that sold out Australia

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Making Conservative White Women, Oh So Guilty By Chris Knight

     Here is yet another spin in the cultural wars; making white women feel guilty for following Trump. No stone must be left unturned:

“Trump supporters are not only deplorable, they also exhibit a “peevish, racist cruelty,” declares the Guardian newspaper Friday, which makes white women who vote Republican especially guilty. The 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump in 2016 bear out “the conventional wisdom that white women would rather choose the racism espoused by the Republican party than join in the moral coalition represented by men of color and other women,” writes Guardian columnist Moira Donegan in an over-the-top essay. While white men “support Republicans at alarming rates,” she states, white women should know better since they are themselves victims of sexism.’

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If Macron is a Globalist, Why Should America Pay for His Ravings? By Charles Taylor

     French president Macron has gone on the attack against nationalism, targeting Trump, and even wanting a New World order EU army. All of this and more came out at the Paris peace Forum, where he hoped to shine like a star, but France did not foot much of the bill:

“You see, even as Macron is zapping Trump for being a nationalist, the French president will be pushing, in Trump’s absence, a whole new initiative built around—you guessed it—globalism. As the Post also reported, “The president plans to fly home just as Macron’s Paris Peace Forum kicks off for three days of meetings aimed at galvanizing global action on shared challenges, such as climate change.” The Post quoted Thomas Wright, a Europe expert at the Brookings Institution, saying that Macron planned the Paris Peace Forum as “a counterpoint to ‘America First.’” Thus we can see: All the “Macron Attacks Trump” headlines are part of a deliberate strategy. … Under “Main Partners” and “Grand Partners,” we see such liberal reliables as the Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations. That last group, of course, is the outfit founded and funded by George Soros; just in 2017, he gave his philanthropic tool another $18 billion. So we can see: Macron has done a great job of rounding up the usual suspects of limousine liberalism. 

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Letter to The Editor - The power of big money over policy also needs brave attention

To The Australian        Paul Kelly's review of David Kemp's new history of Australia reads like a sensible endorsement of a sensible study ("Brave new world: our story inspired by liberalism", 14/11). As usual, however, Kelly rather under-emphasizes the importance of conservatism in the present time. An argument can be put that by its nature liberalism tends to erode and needs regularly to be brought back to wisdom by conservatives. That erosion can be observed in the Liberal Party itself: there has been a falling away towards radicalism, leading to a dangerous split that damages the party's capacity to retain power. The most important tasks for conservatives now are to safeguard our monarchical political structure, to protect and enhance intellectual freedom and to foster honest public dialogue about matters involving ethnic and religious conflict. "Things will have to change in order to remain the same," was the wise observation of Giuseppe di Lampedusa in his great novel The Leopard. What conservatives must not do is bow to political and religious correctness, for there are important trends in our cultural life that need to be challenged and substantially revised. The power of big money over policy also needs brave attention.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Macron Talking More Globobbledegook! By Richard Miller

     Is the French president Macron the mighty macaroni, competing with the Pope for stupid globalist comment of the week? Or, is this just something that low T type of men engage in?

“With President Trump already under fire as he attended the World War I centenary commemoration events in Paris for skipping a planned visit to Belleau Wood battlefield and cemetery due to heavy rain, French President Emmanuel Macron used the ceremony's culmination on Sunday to issue a firm condemnation of nationalism. Amidst a steady drizzle and just feet from world leaders including Presidents Trump and Vladimir Putin, Macron emphasized a theme which he said led to the irreversible build-up of tensions that caused the outbreak of WWI. Macron said: “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism, nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.”

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On Becoming a Minority, Then Disappearing Down the Drain of History By Richard Miller

     At least some European leaders, unlike the fools whose obese buttocks warm, and ultimately crack the vinyl of  the seats of Parliament House, Canberra, are aware of the demographic threat to the White West, as shown by the speech of the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán at the Congress of the European People’s Party, November 8, 2018:

     First, Europe’s identity is based on the nation state, contrary to French president Macron, and Christianity as its core spiritual belief:

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Diversity Working Just Fine; Melbourne Terror Attack By Peter West

     By now everybody has heard the report of a Somali-born terrorist, who stabbed three shoppers in Bourke street Melbourne, and was then shot to death by police. ISIS has claimed him as one of their boys, so that looks pretty much like a clear-cut case of terrorism. Well, one would have thought so.

     But, surprise, surprise, when the otherwise quiet, politically correct pm spoke up about it, well, there was the usual response from the usual experts:

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Antifa is Not Violent! What?! By Chris Knight

     Following the home invasion attack upon the home of Fox news’ Tucker Carlson, the mainstream false news globalist-fanatic media, have responded in pain to a PayPal ban on antifa, which they insist cannot by any stretch of the imagination be compared to the terrible Alt Lite Proud Boys, who fight back against antifa in protests:

     I will spare you the Left wing argument, and go straight to critique. There are so many cases of antifa fighting, bashing, sucker punching people, that the claim has no credibility. A petition to the White House, for formal recognition of antifa as a terrorist group, which required 100,000 signatures received 368, 423 and a pathetic response by the ever-weak President Donald Duck.

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The Cult of Genderism By Mrs Vera West

     The Trump administration is throwing the politically correct into a tailspin, with its move to accept that there are only two genders, and that these are biologically defined. That means that there are not an infinite number of genders, as the radical Left proposes:

“Though it’s still a rumor, reports indicate that President Trump is planning to establish solid guidelines that define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.” In other words, “male” and “female” would be the only genders allowable on the “spectrum,” restoring the true binary definition of sex that’s existed since the beginning of time. It’s common sense to those with the ability to think rationally. But to the Left, it’s discrimination and (fill -in-the-blank)-phobia. Anyone who subscribes to the notion that humans only come in two varieties, man and woman, is a bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic racist, according to the deranged Left.

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Open Globalist Cultural War By Charles Taylor

     The Neocons may be worse that the Left, but at this late stage of degeneracy, who knows? What is clear is that there is now a clear division, not between Left and Right, but between the nationalist, who favour localism, and non-collectivistic policies, and the New World Order, generally communist/cultural Marxist globalists. These globalists range from the antifa types, right up to the vampire, raceless, faceless, super-capitalist class, that control the global economy through the black magic of finance. America is a clear example of the “great divide,” where 50 percent of the sheeple elected openly socialist candidates:

     During the election campaign, Fox News refused to run the Trump caravan ad:

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The US Election of Demographic Replacement: Age of Tribalism Dawns By Charles Taylor

     The US elections went basically as predicted, with the Democrats gaining the House, but the Trumpster Republicans getting a firm grip on the all-important Senate, which unlike the Senate in Australia, has real teeth. This is therefore, overall a victory for Trump, but also a clear wakeup call, as even the neo-cons are saying that the Democrat victories were because of changing US demographics, that is, that the country is becoming majority  non-white, and quicker than academics predicted:

Bill Kristol@BillKristol

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