Big Tech and China are the Best of Mates The Same Team, Really By Michael Ferguson

     It all seems to join up the dots …………………….. Big Tech, Big Vaxx, and Big trouble in Big China.

“Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates’ energetic defense of how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) handled the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic might have been an eye-opening moment for many Americans. The truth is that Beijing has been working on subverting globalist billionaires and Western Big Tech culture since the early days of “economic engagement” with that authoritarian regime. The game of global influence the CCP is playing while its pandemic ravages the world is a game it spent decades preparing for, while the people of the West are still trying to figure out the rules and measure the stakes. Gates raised eyebrows this week by denouncing efforts to hold the CCP responsible for the pandemic it unquestionably unleashed as a “distraction” in which “a lot of incorrect and unfair things” have been said about the Communist regime. He asserted that “China did a lot of things right at the beginning.” Chinese state media immediately declared Gates a hero, a sensible opponent of “bizarre rumors” spread by American critics of the CCP and their “crazy followers,” and began repeating his comments in its propaganda broadcasts, an outcome Gates surely must have known was coming. Anyone who has the slightest experience with the CCP knows that it assiduously studies Western media, pounces on every political and social stress point it detects, and celebrates Westerners who toe the Communist Party line as heroes. This is the murderous regime that claims Americans have no right to criticize it for herding the Uyghur Muslims into concentration camps because we’re still having arguments about racism in our country.

It is especially jarring to hear anyone associated with Big Tech defending the CCP, because its sins were crimes against information: concealing the coronavirus for as long as possible, punishing doctors in Wuhan who tried to speak out, propagating dangerously false information through the World Health Organization (WHO), and posting laughably false numbers about coronavirus infections and deaths. One of the basic laws of the information revolution is GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out. The best system produces faulty results when pumped full of bad data. The CCP pushed garbage data into the global health system. Every leader who took the CCP or W.H.O. seriously, including U.S. President Donald Trump and his top officials, is now being savaged for slow and weak responses to the Wuhan pandemic. It is not surprising to see tech moguls and international business tycoons acting as spokespeople for Beijing. The hideous mistake made by the Western world three decades ago was embracing the globalist faith that “engagement” with democracies will liberalize tyrannies over time. The exact opposite is true. The CCP aggressively uses every bit of economic leverage it has been given to influence media and politics in the Western world, making them more friendly to authoritarianism. We are becoming more like them, not the other way around, and the process begins at the top because the CCP holds a great deal of sway over our captains of industry and commanders of mass media.”

     The deeper cultural explanation for this defecting to China, I think, is that Western intellectuals and technocrats are decadent, and want to see the decline and fall off the West, because it would be fun for them, the way some people enjoy picking their scabs. Naturally, they will try to jump on a new life boat while the ship of the West sinks, because saving their own skin is all-important. But, little do they know that their soft fingers will be smartly smashed by those who are in the new life boats. China has no long-term use for leftist Western intellectuals of the West, they being merely useful idiots, as Lenin once put it, or is attributed to him, incorrectly, but is something the creep would have probably have said if he thought of it.



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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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