How Feminism Re-Rapes Rape Victims By Mrs Vera West

     When it suits them, feminists and the Left push “believe women,” on sexual assault offences/allegations, when the agenda is to take down a conservative, but when one of their own commits alleged sexual offences against women e.g. Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, why they all join ranks and attack the victim. It that is not corruption, nothing is!

“What’s happening to Tara Reade at the hands of the corporate media, feminists, and Joe Biden is a disheartening return to the 1990s, to the infamous Bill Clinton era. Reade has come forward with one of the most credible sexual assault allegations we have seen in a very long time. She alleges that in 1993, while working in his Senate office, then Sen. Biden (D-DE) sexually harassed her, sexually assaulted her, and then fired her in retaliation for filing a harassment complaint. Tara Reade is Joe Biden’s eighth accuser. Tara Reade has five witnesses who corroborate she told them about the alleged assault at or near the time. If her claim is eventually debunked, Tara Reade risked prison last month by filing a formal criminal complaint against Biden. We now have video of Tara Reade’s anguished mother calling into a 1993 edition of CNN’s Larry King Live to ask advice about her daughter’s problems with a “prominent senator.” Tara Reade has challenged investigative reporters to dig into her story. Finally, Tara Reade is calling for Biden to make his Senate papers available in the hopes her harassment complaint will be found. Tara Reade is behaving like a woman with nothing to hide. Joe Biden denies the allegation, but is behaving like a man with everything to hide. And in an effort to allow Biden to hide straight through to the November election, and in an effort to personally destroy Tara Reade, Biden, feminists, and the media have decided to resurrect the Clinton-era Playbook. Those of us old enough to remember the 1990s, the way in which the media and feminists circled the wagons to protect Clinton, are very familiar with these cynical tactics.

For eight long years, we watched as the media smeared Paula Jones (Clinton would eventually settle his sexual harassment lawsuit with her for more than she originally asked) as trailer trash, attacked lifelong Democrat Kathleen Willey as a gold-digging widow, attacked Monica Lewinsky as a crazed stalker, and ignored Juanita Broaddrick’s credible rape allegation. When these women refused to be ignored, they were smeared by a media determined to protect a Democrat. When they demanded justice, the Clinton Machine sent out its surrogates to lie on Clinton’s behalf. When these women went public, so-called feminists came right out and said they didn’t care. And now it’s happening again. Despite Reade’s increasing credibility, despite #MeToo-era feminists and the media assuring us the hideous Clinton era would never return, along with the Biden Machine, they’re all using the exact same playbook to destroy Tara Reade. To begin with, just like Bill Clinton did, Biden is refusing to be transparent. In this case, he will not allow anyone to look at his Senate papers (not even a trusted judge). Further, Biden has still not given his version for Reade leaving his Senate office in 1993. An intern who worked under Reade says Reade abruptly disappeared one day. Biden has still not explained his version of why she left, nor have the media asked him for his version.”

     Biden does not need to do anything. He is the bunny that the elites have assigned the task of destroying America for the China New World Order. Apparently, he can do what he likes, being protected by those beyond the rule of law.



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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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