The End of Free Speech By Charles Taylor

     In Europe, to protect the ethnics at the expense of native European populations, severe restrictions on free speech are imposed. While jihadists essentially are free to advocate what they desire, such as rape and genocide rhetoric, for Whites,  even “racist” memes now can land them in jail on terrorism charges, along with having copies of a book freely purchasable on, according to this article:

     This shifts things to a new level, since the same things done by Left groups does not merit punishment. Hell, even rapists get off with a warning if you belong to the right ethno-racial group:
In Sweden the police cannot even cope  with the  large number of rapes since migrants came:

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Gays Against Gay Marriage? After “Yes,” the Apocalypse By Mrs Vera West

     Believe it or not, there are gays who oppose same sex marriage:

    The same sex vote has been pushed as merely doing the right thing for “equality,” just as the Aboriginal referendum is so pushed. But, there are less than hidden consequences, as the article above notes:

“This Marriage Bill seeks to enshrine Gender Theory into the Marriage Act. You may think there are two genders but actually, there are around 112.
Here are a few (list available at Tumblr):

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Letter to The Editor - Would that Really be in the Interests of Society and the Nation?

     Alan Baker has touched on the most essential aspect of the marriage debate (8/9): ‘the importance of children being raised, wherever possible, by their biological mother and father.’ Every Australian who has had the good fortune to be so raised should think carefully about how a ‘yes’ vote might militate against this. It might also facilitate future legal action on the grounds of ‘discrimination’ against anyone expressing this view. Would that really be in the interests of society and the nation?
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

All the Fun of the Decline: 4-foot Swords and Collapsing Multicult Narratives By Peter West

     Oh, it’s almost like writing in the free-wheeling style for a trendy magazine, maybe like Taki, but here I go stitching together bits and pieces to make a media meal. Why, the Beatles on Abby Road did it (“junk…just bits of songs thrown together”: John Lennon), and if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me, as I am not a millionaire socialist. But, I will just need to get a trendy Alt Right haircut, short on the sides long at the top. Only problem here is baldness, and old age.

     First cab off the rank is a Muslim who said that rape was worse at the beginning, but got better: I suppose it is not unlike mass immigration; well, no, actually, the exact opposite. As you would imagine, the White Western feminists, eternal defenders of women’s rights (i.e. themselves and pay levels), said nothing as usual, since ethno-race trumps feminism, and agendas must never be put in conflict even if they are logically incompatible.

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Letter to The Editor - ALP Will Ignore Any ‘NO’ Victory

     Your editorial (‘The survey’s on, so vote “yes” for justice’, 8/9) fails to consider the other parties whose interests are at stake in this plebiscite. Foremost among them are children. I am so grateful that I was raised in a family with a father and a mother, and I urge all Australians who have enjoyed similar good fortune to ask themselves whether they would really be happy to have been brought up instead by two men or two women?
As for Bill Shorten’s promise that the ALP, if elected to government, will ignore any ‘no’ victory, that suggests a bullying and fanatical attitude and tramples on democratic principle.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Feminism Going Over the Top, Literally By Mrs Vera West

     Here is a good article about feminism’s anti-biology ideology, that sex/gender differences don’t exist, except for those which feminism finds politically useful to admit:

     On a practical level, here in Australia we have women having to complete only FOUR pushups as a component of their physical for the Australian army, as part of a campaign to double the number of female troops. This is clear discrimination, and an open admission that females have, in general less upper-body strength than males. The same madness of physical dumbing down is occurring in the fire brigade, where the need to carry people from burning buildings could endanger lives:

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Letter to The Reverend

Rev Peter Sandeman
CEO Anglicare
     Your article in the Advertiser today, in support of Same Sex Marriage is another disappointing contribution from the sources we expect to be promoting the virtues of traditional marriage which is so definitely described in the Bible.
You must be a product of the very clever and subtle brainwashing that has been evident over the last thirty or more years.  Just think back to your parent’s time and try to imagine church leaders advocating SSM being welcomed in the community  -  even where the clergy would assist with the ceremonies!
Why should the church reverse its policy?  Will it soon be acceptable or even good to steal?

     You mention our multi-cultural society and how it has resulted in the need for change.  If such a policy requires a Christian based society to change its fundamentals; then it is a pity our political and spiritual leaders did not forsee the problem and resist multi-culturalism.  We have been so weak in defending our Christian culture that the ‘multicults’ have used the opportunity, wherever there was a chink in our armour, to inject contrary ideas.

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Troubles in Transgender Paradise By A Boy Called Sue (Psss…It’s Uncle Len, in Disguise!)

     I have nothing against transgender people – some of my best friends are transgender. It means having blue hair, doesn’t it? There are lots of such ladies in the nursing home I visit, where I get to talk to them, and eat their scrap sandwiches, or is that sandwich scraps? Or, just scraps? I hope that I have got my facts right and are not making a fool of myself. But, then, using comas with precision, how would that be even possible?

     Well, some transgender folk in America have hearts that are not filled with the warmth and love for all humanity that I have: 
    Consider transgender reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, who, I was utterly amazed to learn, supports President Donald Trump. See, she is a good person, and all those internet jokes are just sick. Anyway, she said that Trump was “very much behind the LGBT community.” Truly amazing.

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How to Defeat the Same Sex Marriage Agenda: Multicultural Australia to the Rescue By Mrs Vera West

     We all know, as conservatives that a successful “Yes” vote in the coming plebiscite will involve as yet unknown erosions of freedoms, especially religious freedoms:

     Once same sex marriage is in, a fanatical politically correct Labor will push things to the next level, with a LGBTI taxpayer funded watch dog, like the present system for racial thought control, which will view any debate as hate speech. Laws will be changed to make race hate encompass LGBTI issues. Then, they will move to the next level, and the level after that, and on and on, until traditionalists are crushed under the boot. It reminds me of the scene from the old Spider-Man 1 movie:

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Fat, Glorious Fat, Glorious Fat (With a Dollop of Lesbianism) By Mrs Vera West

     Play in the background “Food, Glorious Food”: from the musical Oliver (1995), based upon Charles Dickens’ classic novel Oliver Twist (1838). But today, replace “food’ with “fat.”

     Showing that fat is a feminist issue:, Arizona State University Professor Breanne Fahs, a self-described “fat woman,” who teaches Women and Gender Studies at the said university, was surprised when the women in a survey she conducted thought that gaining 100 pounds was a negative thing, while she thought that getting fat was a “liberatory” experience. A “lavatory” experience would also be an option. Which just goes to show that one woman’s fat is another woman’s poison.

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"There is nothing homophobic about supporting traditional marriage." - John Howard, former Australian Prime Minister


     Please do not be intimidated or cowed into thinking you cannot speak up for traditional marriage and for family and for children. You can and you should. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up in the face of this attack on our society's foundations.

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Carrying the Mattress of Political Correctness By James Reed

     A story showing the degeneracy of the universities, as reflected in the wider society, is the saga of the mattress, as discussed by Bettina Arndt in The Australian, but covered by many others for a long time in the US:

“Last week the long saga over the Columbia University mattress girl came to an end. It was a costly lesson for the New York university and a sign that buying into the notion of a “campus rape culture” can prove a big mistake for esteemed centres of higher learning. Australian universities take note.
In 2015 the mattress girl, Emma Sulkowicz, became a global celebrity by turning what was found to be a false rape allegation into performance art by carrying her mattress with her everywhere on campus. She was protesting against Columbia’s decision not to take action against a young German student, Paul Nungesser, whom she’d accused of choking and anally raping her.
Columbia has now reached a confidential settlement with Nungesser following his lawsuit claiming the university supported “an outrageous display of harassment and defamation” by allowing Sulkowicz for three years to use her mattress to hold campus protests where people openly called him a rapist. Sulkowicz was given academic credit for the performance as part of her visual arts major and was allowed to carry the mattress in her graduation ceremony.
It’s most unlikely any jury would have convicted Nungesser given the facts of the case. There’s a Facebook message from Sulkowicz to Nungesser two days after the alleged rape saying she was keen to join in a party in his room. A month later she sought more contact: “I want to see youyououo¬you”. The following month she messaged: “I love you Paul. Where are you?” Hardly surprising that the university’s investigation found Nungesser not guilty of assault.
Similarly murky facts emerged in accusations made by two other women about Nungesser. Investigations were held. The man was found not guilty.”

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All the Referendum News By Bruce Bennett

     The “indigenous recognition campaign ditched”, headline, refers to the abandonment of the Recognise Campaign, which gobbled up tens of millions of our taxpayer’s dollars over the last five years. This is a specific campaign, distinct from the entire referendum issue.

     Therefore, do not mistake this piece of news for any end of the Aboriginal constitutional recognition threat. Aboriginalists and the politically correct establishment have abandoned any “minimalist” proposal, and have showed their true colours, by now advocating substantial constitutional reform, with a referendum probably being held in May 2018. The main issue will be to add an indigenous voice to parliament, which I see as being to implant a new Aboriginal overlord committee to rule over Australia. As every law impacts on Aboriginals, there will be an influence over all Australian laws, and the culture of subservience set up. The sovereignty of parliament will be lost, and that is the clear agenda.

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Uncle Len’s Amazing Transgender Encounter By Uncle Len, the Gender-Suspender

     Have I got a story for you…I am so excited that I just dropped a slimy sandwich which I rescued from the dumpster last night. Already the cockroaches are fighting for it on the floor of the shed, but once I finish this article, I will fight them all for it. This time, I may even win.

     I have met my first transgender person, and found her, or him, to be well…just a person like me. Here is how it happened. I was going through bins on North Terrace, Adelaide, looking for food, which the rich Asian students usually throw out. For new readers, I add the footnote that I am the resident homeless, near-senile dispossessed Anglo, a living symbol of your future. Right. Now where was I?

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The End of Sperm By Mrs Vera West

     Although this issue has been discussed before here, the context has been about the decline of the sperm quality of Western men, which a recent study concluded has fallen by more than 50 percent in 40 years, and is not slowing down:
How is that for a URL reference – somewhat self-defeating I think. Here is the old-fashioned reference:
H. Levine (et al.), “Temporal Trends in Sperm Count: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis,” Human Reproduction Update, 2017, pp. 1-14.

     Now this research has been quoted in the media as allegedly showing that Western sperm quality is undergoing decline. Gloating non-Whites, primarily Muslims have ground it in. Yet as Mike Adams has noted   there is still evidence that the decline in sperm quality is worldwide, and not exclusively due to factors such as diet, although that may be a contributing factor. The analysis had some indication that the decline in sperm quality was worldwide, including in still developing countries.

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Letter to The Editor - Being Named on a Partner’s Death Certificate

     The Prime Minister is right (‘Hate mail - Fears of malicious campaign’, 10/8) that, during the run-up to the marriage postal vote, ‘the views of all sides should not be censored, even if offensive and extreme.’ That is an essential aspect of free speech. On this question there are obviously powerful arguments on both sides: it is not a simple black-and-white matter. Views which one commentator sincerely believes to be truthful and relevant may well appear to an ideological opponent as ‘misleading and deceptive’.
     Is a compromise possible? Defenders of traditional marriage are unlikely to object, for example, to gay partners having ‘rights such as next of kin or being named on a partner’s death certificate’ (Letters).
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Orthodox Finance and Collectivist or Communist Movements are Symbiotic and Mutually Supporting By Wallace Klinck

     Marxist and extreme political ideologues in general typically do not debate.  Their characteristic strategic behaviour is to misrepresent, condemn and intimidate.  

     Their aim is to create social chaos, leaving an opening for them to seize the reins of political power.

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A Footnote to My Criticisms of the Pope By Peter West

     If readers think that I am giving the Pope a hard time, a product of my own Catholic dark night of the soul, then have a look at the seething, blistering attack made by Mike Adams. I won’t quote in detail because it may not even be legal, at least by civil law standards:
     We do live in uncivil times.

Mark Steyn - Speech to the IPA's Gala Dinner in Melbourne 2016

Letter to The Editor - They Might Have Made a Mistake

     The Coalition will be both sensible and ethical to continue its call for a plebiscite rather than a free parliamentary vote to determine whether Australia should significantly change its legal definition of marriage. Here are some answers to Peter van Onselen’s advocacy (‘Opposing gay marriage vote will hurt conservatives’, 15-16/7).
     There have been plebiscites in our history before and the seriousness of this present controversy demands another, if not a referendum. Moreover, the ALP wants a plebiscite on a republic. Now, while the plebiscite result might not be binding, if it proves favourable to change, it would undoubtedly be honoured by the parliament and opponents of change would not feel betrayed, which would be good for national unity.
     Opinion polls results are not always reflected in actual voting; nor do we want to live under government by such polls.
     That other Anglophone nations have gone one way does not mean we must follow; they might have made a mistake, for it is simply not true that their decisions have been happily accepted by supporters of the traditional definition of marriage. On the contrary, there is great concern at certain subsequent developments and other mooted possibilities.
     Finally, a free parliamentary vote, no matter what its result, would not be a truly representative way to proceed.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

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