Gays Against Gay Marriage? After “Yes,” the Apocalypse By Mrs Vera West

     Believe it or not, there are gays who oppose same sex marriage:

    The same sex vote has been pushed as merely doing the right thing for “equality,” just as the Aboriginal referendum is so pushed. But, there are less than hidden consequences, as the article above notes:

“This Marriage Bill seeks to enshrine Gender Theory into the Marriage Act. You may think there are two genders but actually, there are around 112.
Here are a few (list available at Tumblr):

  • Amaregender: a gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with
  • Biogender: a gender that feels connected to nature in some way
  • Cendgender: when your gender changes between one and its opposite
  • Condigender: a gender that is only felt during certain circumstances
  • Demiflux: the feeling of having multiple genders, some static and some fluctuating
  • Espigender: a gender that is related to being a spirit or exists on a higher or extradimensional plane
  • Genderwitched: a gender in which one is intrigued or entranced by the idea of a particular gender, but is not certain that they are actually feeling it

     Once gender is enshrined in law as mutually exclusive to ‘Sex,’ it opens the door to a range of legal issues. Since marriage was ‘degendered’ in the USA and Canada, ‘Misgendering’ is now considered ‘Psychological abuse’ and will potentially earn you jail time in California and it’s illegal in Canada too, where SSM has been legal for a decade.

     In London, the home of ‘Ladies and Gentlemen,’ this greeting is now considered offensive since marriage was redefined.

     ‘Heteronormative’ terms are removed from Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Drivers Licenses and more when ‘gender’ is enshrined in the Marriage Act.
Terms like ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ are now ‘Hate Speech’ and you can forget forget terms like ‘Mother and ‘Father.’

     And Sexuality/Gender Theory are now compulsory in these countries. Because once Gender Theory is enshrined in Law, it must be taught as normal. It means handing your children over to schools to be indoctrinated to believe their gender is their own choice, that it is fluid, and teachers are encouraged to assist your child to choose and transition to their preferred gender and gender pronouns without your knowledge and consent.

     Redefining marriage isn’t quite as simple as it seems, and the repercussions are far greater than they may appear.
But Aussies are smart. Smart enough to see through the Marxist Agenda playing out before us.

In September, Vote ‘No’ to stop the ‘Gender Madness.’
    This madness will only be stopped by everyone seeking to act at the community level, speaking to friends, family and neighbours, tonight. Nothing stops you going on a walk with your wife and dog, and talking to all you meet. Let me tell you that the universities are full of Yes propaganda, and most young people are going to vote Yes. This is the beginning of the end for Christian values in this country. Fight as if there is no tomorrow, because there will not be if this is lost.

     Labor has already told us that they will be turning up the heat with the extension of section 18C to cover sexual discrimination, among other things. If you thought Australia was already a tyrannical cesspool, then think again, because the elites are only just getting warmed up. They intend to smash tradition into the ground, and grind their high heels in, hard. They never stop and once they have this in, it will be the next agenda.

     All of this conflict will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Earth, and some such as physicist Stephen Hawking, wish to see Mars terraformed because he believes that the Earth is heading to inevitable doomsday, just from environmental issues such as overpopulation alone (he has not said anything on the cultural war question):;
J. Morrison, “Mars Mission,” The Australian, September 11, 2017, p. 10. They are silent about where they go once Mars is destroyed by the same forces of greed destroying this planet. But, I digress.

     The chattering class are saying that a No vote will “break nation’s heart.” The Australian, September 12, 2017, p. 12. This has become a manic politically correct crusade by the new class, to flex their muscles and display their power after the defeat by Trump, which they still have not recovered from. Consequently, it is the moral duty of all nationalists and Christians to oppose the same sex marriage agenda, and deliver a solid No vote.

     Sure, same sex marriage is law in many countries, but as noted above, it is ringing in a multitude of problems, now that the real agenda has been exposed; the deconstruction of the notion of marriage. The idea that most of human history is wrong about the notion of marriage, but modern decadent, decaying society is right, is to my mind absurd. Same-sex marriage is no more a product of natural social evolution, than anything else given to us by the 1960s and cosmopolitanism. It will ultimately fail in the coming social chaos, when all will be lost. 



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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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