Transgender Marriage

We received the following email today:

    Launched today in the wake of the High Court decision, explains why there is a mismatch between the postal survey question and the bills put forward in parliament. 

     “Attorney General George Brandis is wrong to claim the postal survey is only about ‘allowing same sex couples to marry’. His own department has confirmed that non-binary gender identities are included if marriage is redefined as the union of any 2 people,” said Patrick Byrne researcher for the Australian Family Association.

     “Our new site claims upfront that, ‘It's really transgender marriage, no matter what the postal ballot says’ and then explains how this is possible,” said Mr Byrne.

     “This means schools would have to teach kids that their gender is fluid, that marriage can be gender-fluid, (e.g. Pangender married to Astralgender) and boys who identify more as a girl can use the girls’ facilities,” said Mr Byrne.

     See all the claims and references at



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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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