This shifts things to a new level, since the same things done by Left groups does not merit punishment. Hell, even rapists get off with a warning if you belong to the right ethno-racial group:
In Sweden the police cannot even cope  with the  large number of rapes since migrants came:

     I could go on for pages, but, does anybody see an inconsistency here? Anyone? Please!

     Then we have old Donny Trump, supposedly the defender of American,  caving in to the politically correct elite who seek to bury his presidency, signing a Republican/Democrat resolution “condemning” so-called “hatred”: Trump himself is called a “white supremacist” by the deranged new class, so the resolution may bite him on the bum. As well, while the resolution condemns Alt Right violence, it is silent on violence by terrorist groups such as antifa:

     Day by day, Trump is revealed as a pathetic figure, who has no intention of fulfilling his electoral promises. The anger of the deplorables will continue to grow, as the vicious system continues its program of genocide.

     Maybe the good guys cannot win, but be aware, that people may get to the point that winning no longer matters, that the globalists losing, may be more important. Better a charred and burnt out planet, meaninglessly orbiting the sun until it is incinerated, like cosmic garbage, than the globalists succeeding in creating their wasteland, where freedom is gone, and people are naught but mindless mechanisms.