First They Came for Race, Then They Came for Gender, Then They Came for a Relaxing Coffee By Mrs Vera West

     Sex, gender, and all of your values are all social constructions, even social constructions are social constructions, making them meta or higher order social constructions. For this philosophy, we need go no further than Teen Vogue:

“Teen magazine, Teen Vogue, is at it again, diving headlong into contentious politics and calling it “science” — this time with a video titled, “5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender” that proposes that “binary is bulls**t.” The video features a group of speakers telling teenagers that traditional gender roles are not “scientific.” The speakers scoff at the idea that a person with a penis has to be a boy and a person with a vagina is by nature a girl. Some of the sage comments include that of Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele, who is seen saying, “I’m here to tell you that binary is bulls**t.” Next up, author Katrina Karkazis sneers at the idea that “sex typically refers to your biological traits.” But Karkazis goes on to insist that gender is not about binary sexes but is instead about “ideas” about sex. “Gender is about your identity, your expression, and it’s often based on ideas about sex.” Another segment warns the young target audience that “This idea that the body is either male or female is totally wrong.”

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Recycling the Refugee Children By Charles Taylor

     We all know that with global warming, or is it cooling now, no, it is still warming, there is a need to recycle stuff rather than throw it in the streets, which is what I would prefer. That is all fine, but Mexican cartels are way ahead of everyone in the recycling philosophy, and now recycle refugee children!

“Meanwhile, outside of faulty federal laws, Democrats, and wishy-washy responses from the Mexican government, the cartels south of the border are mostly responsible for the humanitarian abuses of children and “families.” That includes, by the way, recycling children kidnapping them and giving them “to an adult to cross the border, present themselves as a family,” Nielsen told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tuesday, The Daily Wire reported. “We’ve broken up so-called ‘child recycling’ rings, if you can believe it, in the last couple of months, which is where smugglers kidnap a child,” she said. “Once they get in, because, as you know, we can only hold families for 20 days, they send the child back and bring the child back with another family – another fake family, another adult,” Nielsen added. She noted further:

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Transgender USA, All the Way By Mrs Vera West

     Here is the latest transgender news straight from the US. Expect the same in Australia, maybe tomorrow:

“A large number of Democrat politicians in Congress want to take away the power of local schools to make their own rules, regarding gender and sports. House Democrats overwhelmingly voted for a bill on Wednesday, that would force all schools to allow boys who claim to be transgender, to compete against natural-born female competitors. All but one of the 235 members of the Democrat caucus along with two left-wing Republicans are co-sponsoring a bill they are calling the “Equality Act.” The bill would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to force schools to allow transgenders to play on school sports teams that correspond to their “chosen” gender. Sarah Warbelow, director of the far-left activist group Human Rights Campaign, praised the bill, according to Daily Caller. “Opponents of equality in athletics for transgender athletes have argued that girls who are transgender have unfair physiological advantages over cisgender girls and as a result, will dominate women’s competitive sports,” Warbelow said in her written statement. Warbelow also claimed that it is not “rooted in fact” that biologically male athletes claiming to be female will outperform their female competitors. By contrast, Julia Beck, the head of the Women’s Liberation Front, testified against the bill during a House hearing saying that such a law would allow men to “dominate female sports.”

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Gillette Continues to Shave the Way to Our Brave New Future By Mrs Vera West

     After attacking “toxic,” that is white masculinity, the hair removal firm Gillette has moved on to bigger, and hairier things. Let’s just quote this, as it is too difficult to write without shaking hands, or getting hair in my eyes:

“Gillette’s new Gillette Venus advertisement campaign features morbidly obese women and transgender models. The company claims “ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown,” but it has experienced resistance and widespread mockery on social media. An advertisement featuring one obese model for the campaign, Anna, was captioned, “Go out there and slay the day.” “Venus is committed to representing beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and skin types because ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown,” declared Gillette in a Twitter post. “We love Anna because she lives out loud and loves her skin no matter how the ‘rules’ say she should display it.” The advertisement faced criticism from social media users who claimed Gillette should not be promoting unhealthy lifestyles. “99% sure the woman in the photo is on an anti-depressant and/or statins. I have several loved ones that are obese. I’m all for making ppl feel comfortable in their skin, but let’s not glamorize obesity, please. It is NOT healthy. Supportive is fine. Encouragement is cruel,” commented one user, while another proclaimed, “My uncle died from diabetes complicated by him being obese. Please, don’t promote unhealthy lifestyles and pretend THIS is beautiful.”

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Western Feminism, Multicult Relativism and Women’s Rights By Mrs Vera West

     With all the feminist sensitivities about every pc issue in the West you can throw a cat at, including throwing cats, surprise, surprise there is nothing much about the sale of  young women in Africa:

“OBANLIKU, Nigeria—Monica, 16, is one of two sisters sold as wives to men who found their photographs on their father's Facebook page and contacted him. She and her 14-year-old younger sister never wanted to get married until they completed their secondary education in Ogbakoko, a small village in Obanliku Local Government Area in Nigeria’s south-central Cross River state. But the teenage sisters fell victims to a culture which subjects little girls, some as young as 10, to de facto slavery through a tradition called “money marriage.” The sisters belong to the Becheve community, a large tribe of 17 villages in Obanliku where there is a long tradition in which young girls—often referred to as “money women” or “money wives”—are sold in exchange for food or livestock or cash, or to settle debts.

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Is The Contraceptive Pill Racist? By Mrs Vera West

     Now it looks like even the contraceptive pill is racist in the brave new world of political correctness:

“A study published in August in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, however, suggests that women on the pill undergo a shift in preference toward men who share similar MHC genes. The female subjects were more likely to rate these genetically similar men’s scents (via a T-shirt the men had worn for two nights) as pleasant and desirable after they went on the pill as compared with before. Although no one knows why the pill affects attraction, some scientists believe that pregnancy—or in this case, the hormonal changes that mimic pregnancy—draws women toward nurturing relatives. Women who start or stop taking the pill, then, may be in for some relationship problems. A study published last year in Psychological Science found that women paired with MHC-similar men are less sexually satisfied and more likely to cheat on their partners than women paired with MHC-dissimilar men. So a woman on the pill, for example, might be more likely to start dating a MHC-similar man, but he could ultimately leave her less sexually satisfied. Then if she goes off the pill during the relationship, the accompanying hormonal changes will draw her even more strongly toward more MHC-dissimilar men. These immune genes may have a “powerful effect in terms of how well relationships are cemented,” says University of Liverpool psychologist Craig Roberts, co-author of the August paper.”

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The End of Sex By Mrs Vera West

     For most of us here, sex is but a fading memory (I speak mainly for myself, and people like James Reed), but misery loves company, and many Americans, even the young, are putting sex in the too hard basket.

“The number of U.S. adults not having sex has reached a record high, according to a Washington Post analysis of data from the General Social Survey. Twenty-three percent of respondents, or nearly 1 in 4, reported having no sex in the past year, according to the Post. More than 30 percent of adults reported having monthly sex and nearly 40 percent reported having sex weekly or more. Young men between 18 and 30 years of age saw one of the biggest declines in sexual activity, with 28 percent saying they had no sex over the last year. The same data from 1989 shows just 14 percent of men of the same age range reporting no sex. Young women in the same age range, however, report higher rates of sexual activity, with only 18 percent saying they had no sex in the past year.

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Double-Banger Births! By Brian Simpson

     This is something that I once pondered, but now I need to ponder no longer, since a woman can give birth, then give birth again, a month or so later.

“When a woman in Bangladesh gave birth to her first child in February, everything seemed pretty normal. But she shocked her doctors when she went into labor again only about a month later, this time giving birth to twins, according to news reports. How is this possible? The woman had two uteruses, a condition called uterus didelphys, and she was carrying babies in both wombs. The 20-year-old woman first gave birth to a baby boy in late February, and was released from the hospital after a normal delivery, according to CNN. But 26 days later, she started having lower abnormal pain, and went to a different hospital. That's when doctors performed an ultrasound and saw that she had two uteruses, and was carrying twins in one of them. The doctors performed an emergency cesarean section to deliver the twins.

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Joe Biden Wants to Dismantle White Man’s Culture: He Should Start by Resigning! By Chris Knight

     If the editor is still running the politically correct absurdity of the week contest, here is my entry:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden urged Americans to tackle a "white man's culture" dating back centuries that has allowed violence against women to perpetuate. Biden has long worked to prevent violence against women, but his comments are notable coming amid speculation that he is close to entering the 2020 Democratic presidential field, the most diverse in history. "We all have an obligation to do nothing less than change the culture in this country," Biden said at an event at the Russian Tea Room in New York City Tuesday night, which was hosted by the Biden Foundation and It's On Us, honoring students who have worked to end sexual assault on college campuses. "This is English jurisprudential culture, a white man's culture. It's got to change."

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On Replacing Women Workers by Robots By Mrs Vera West

     So, what was the feminist revolution all for, when women workers are going to be the ones hit hardest by the robot revolution?

“Women in Britain are much more likely than men to be working in jobs that are threatened by the advance of technology, the country’s statistics office said on Monday. Women held more than 70 percent of the 1.5 million jobs believed to be at high risk of automation, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. The three occupations with the highest probability of automation were waiters, shelf-fillers and elementary sales roles, the ONS said. But well-educated women were more at risk than men too.”

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Roosh on the Unnatural Life By John Steele

     Here is neo-masculinity author Roosh v, presenting a critique of the “natural life”:

“When man moved from the village to the city, he traded bodily suffering for mental suffering, yet the sum of his suffering remained the same. If anything, he has chosen a new kind of suffering that is much harder to solve. It robs him of his sleep, blocks his ability to connect with the opposite sex, and silences the sound of the river. He believes he made a good deal as he sits in his air-conditioned office, but he’s sitting in an air-conditioned office, wondering how he will get his next hit of external stimulation and pleasure. Year by year, he is gradually taken away from anything resembling a natural life, trading it for one of excess, anxiety, and neverending cycles of self-help.

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US Abortionists Cutting Babies’ Throats, but Not Discriminatory! By Mrs Vera West

     With all of the debate about the evils of discrimination, one would have thought at first glance that abortion would be such a discrimination, against the life of a living being, just as animal rights folk argue in parallel. But, no, the hypothetical right to life of the foetus is always trumped by feminist values, so that infanticide is now effectively permitted in New York.

     And, this:

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Wearing Head Scarfs All the Time By Mrs Vera West

     New Zealand women wore head scarfs similar to the traditional hijab, to show their support for the victims and for Islam, which cannot be other than a good thing:

     There are many photos of the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern in such a head scarf:

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Get Your Pronouns Right! By Mrs Vera West

     In these tense times, getting one’s pronouns right is important, if freedoms are to be preserved:

“When Caroline Farrow, a Catholic commentator, and transgender rights campaigner Susie Green, agreed to take part in a television debate about a controversial Girl Guides policy, producers would have expected differences of opinion. But while the conversation on screen was certainly heated, it was what happened off-air when the pair continued the debate on Twitter that resulted in a six-month-long police investigation. Mrs Farrow, a mother of five with strong religious views, allegedly used the wrong pronoun when referring to Ms Green's transgender daughter. Ms Green was so angered by what she described as a "distressing and spiteful" attack that she lodged a formal complaint with Surrey police. On Monday night, they contacted Mrs Farrow and asked her to attend a voluntary police interview. The response by a police force which, like all others, is struggling to cope with violent crime and knife violence, will raise eyebrows and further fuel the debate around police priorities.”

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Japan and the Sterilisation of Transgender People By Mrs Vera West

     With all of the sad news around at the moment, I am sorry to report on this real shocker, coming from Japan, which is not a “white” country, but race, and even colour does not exist, just like gender and sex which are pure social constructions, but the Japanese have not caught on to this yet:

“Should transgender people be sterilised before they are recognised? Earlier this year Japan’s Supreme Court decided that the answer is yes. Takakito Usui, a transgender man (i.e., someone who was born female but identifies as male), had sued over a requirement that, to be officially designated a man, he has to have his ovaries and uterus removed (as well as have surgery to make his genitals look male, be over 20, single, have no minor children and have been diagnosed as suffering from “gender-identity disorder”). He argued that all this violated his right to self-determination and was therefore unconstitutional. The court disagreed. Human-rights groups say demanding irreversible surgery is outrageous. Although several Asian countries, including South Korea, have similar laws, Western countries that once also used to require sterilisation, such as Norway, France and Sweden, no longer do. In 2017 the European Court of Human Rights called for the change in all 47 countries under its jurisdiction. Sweden has started to compensate transgender people who underwent mandatory sterilisation.”

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Mums Making Porn! What! What! By Mrs Vera West, the Disgusted Granny

     This one must surely win the absurd story of the week prize for me, yet again. In fact, as long as this contest has been running, for a few weeks now, I forget how long, I have won. That comes from spending long hours on the internet, selecting only the juiciest, most succulent and fresh fish …  I mean stories, for your taste buds. Like this one, about a group of mothers so disgusted with online porn that their kiddies were watching, that rather than trying to ban such porn, or talk to their kids, they decided to make wholesome porn. Just like home style cooking, I suppose, only putrid:

“A group of five mothers were so disgusted by porn they found online they decided to make their own X-rated film that they would be happy to show their children. The women made their adult movie as part of a Channel 4 TV show called Mums Make Porn. Although they didn't star in the video themselves, they helped direct and produce it in a bid to create porn that is realistic and promotes positive attitudes towards sex. The three-part series follows their journey into the adult entertainment industry, which sees one mother so distressed by internet porn she quits the project altogether. One mother is reduced to tears by the violent, rape-based content they find and another throws up. At the end of the programme the women show the video to their children. Sarah Louise is a mother-of-six and works as a beautician in Bolton. As part of their research, she and her fellow participants were made to watch adult films based on violence, female submission and rape. The salon owner was so disturbed by what she had watched that she vomited. Sarah, 40, a wedding photographer from North Wales, cried while watching rape-based content during the mothers' research portion of the show.

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The Magic Mind of Queen Ann By Chris Knight

     It is not important in itself, but US Senator Martha McSally has recently claimed that she raped while in the Air Force, but she refused to name the rapist. Ok, what I like is the reply to this delivered by Ann coulter, who must run for president in 2020, just for the rhetorical fun of it:

Ann Coulter

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The Shape of Progressive Gymnastics By the Angry Granny, Mrs Vera West

     Right, let’s get to it in rounding up this week’s leading news items in the theatre of the absurd, or should I say, gymnastics?

“Female gymnasts of all ages at thousands of British clubs must now use the same changing facilities and toilets as males who identify as female, following a ruling by the sport’s governing body. Women and girls travelling to official competitions have also been told they must share accommodation with boys and men who identify as female. Controversially, the edict by British Gymnastics, which has a membership of more than 350,000 – the vast majority of whom are under 16 – bans coaches from telling parents their daughter is sharing a room with a boy who has declared themself as female. It adds that anyone ‘unhappy’ with the new rules must make their own ‘alternative arrangements’. It is unclear whether males who identify as females will be allowed to share showers with female gymnasts. There has been a furious backlash from parents, who say the organisation’s transgender policy – introduced after advice from transgender campaigners – puts their daughters’ safety at risk. In a further ruling, boys and men who identify as female are allowed to participate in female-only competitions.

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The Limits of Peterson By John Steele

     Some insightful comments by martial arts/cultural dissent James LaFond who runs a pretty much adult site, but there are still many good things to be distilled for less robust folk. Like this comment on the social significance of Jordan Peterson:

“Sir, here is a recent link sent by Riley, which I think demonstrates the usefulness of shills like Peterson and Molynuex, creatures who seem like ghosts discussing the viability of the human soul they are a mere caricature of, but nevertheless serve as a potential gateway from the rationalized feminine into the rational male and thence hopefully to the masculine—though both will always balk at a purely masculine perspective. I see them as Andy prototypes for the future, scrubbed of testosterone and estrogen and used as counselors to the crazed remnants of insipid humanity. Your case is well enough stated that I need not add to it and will only restate that the Peterson Bot's reasoning mechanics have provided me with useful thought exercises, namely in finding my point of transcendent moral departure from his mechanistic doctrine of human ascendency to godhood. A good friend of mine has mentioned how the man's mere gnomish voice is enough to dispel any notion that he represents the masculine in any case beyond considering it as a reference for certain social mechanics.”

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A Drop of Wisdom on International Womyn’s’ Day By Mrs Vera West

     I could not find any one convenient reference for this, but the photographs from across the world, show numerus marches with the typical feminist ideologies, abortion, men are bad, more abortions, men are worse, total abortions, let’s kill all men! Surely I am joking for the purposes of satire and entertainment? Well, almost, for Scott Morrison (who’s he?) had something to say about this, in almost a masculine kind of way:

“Scott Morrison has suggested that women’s advancement should not come at the expense of men, in an address to mark International Women’s Day. Speaking to the Chamber of Minerals and Energy in Western Australia on Friday, Morrison said the Liberal party wanted women to rise but did not “want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse”. The prime minister’s comments echo remarks by the minister for women, Kelly O’Dwyer, at the National Press Club in November, rejecting the view that “girls doing well must mean that boys do badly”. Morrison said O’Dwyer’s message was that “gender equality isn’t about pitting girls against boys”. “See, we’re not about setting Australians against each other, trying to push some down to lift others up,” he said.

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