China is Culpable By Chris Knight

     However it is viewed, as a bioweapon gone wrong, or simply an evolved virus flowing freely in wet markets, Senator Tom cotton has taken the simple approach, that China is culpable.

“Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) argued when determining how and whether or not China was responsible for coronavirus global pandemic, it was undeniable China allowed the virus to spread beyond its borders. He told FNC’s Neil Cavuto that for that reason, the Chinese Communist Party was “culpable” for allowing COVID-19 to become a global pandemic. “Whatever the origins of this virus — and, right now, I think the best circumstantial evidence points to those labs in Wuhan,” Cotton said. “But whatever the origins of it, it’s clear to me that, once China realized how deadly this virus could be to some people and how contagious this virus was, that they made the conscious decision to let it get outside of their borders. They didn’t stop international air travel. They pressured countries not to impose travel restrictions. “They pressured the WHO to oppose travel restrictions as well, even when they knew, as far back as early December, that this virus was highly contagious and very deadly,” he continued. “So, whatever the origins of this virus may ultimately be, even if it was an accident or a mistake, the Chinese Communist Party is culpable for turning what could have been a local public health challenge in Wuhan into the worst global pandemic in a century.”

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Ruminations of a Low Status Male By Uncle Len, Lowest of the Low

     It was suggested that I write a review of Andy Nowicki’s Ruminations of a Low Status Male, volume 1 (2017), 40 pages in all in Kindle and 42 pages in paperback, going for $4.50. That is a lot of money for me, even given the rise in dole, as to match the increase, I increased my alcohol consumption. Then I have my pet cockroaches to feed. So, I read what I could for free on Nowicki, who one reviewer on the net gives 10/10, says that he is not successful, low status, and does not make much money, barely enough to get his family by. What! He has a family! He has some money! Really, he may feel low status, but almost everybody I know is worse. In fact, I am worse of, living in a shed, but I thank the Good Lord for small mercies. At least I can burn highly toxic plastic to keep warm. My brothers and sisters out there tonight are sleeping on the street literally some with just a thin sleeping bag. I think some people do not know how lucky they are, just to be warm and have a belly full of food, even sub-optimal food, and the privilege to whinge about it in print.

Challenge: Get a White Guilt Racist Spin on This One! By Bruce Bennett

     Today’s politically correct challenge is to give a white guilt racist spin on the story of Black people being treated poorly by the Chinese. To be clear, I do not approve of any human being being (wow, correct use of two “being”), treated badly, but that is not the point.  The prima facie problem here for the establishment view, is that this is an interaction between two groups, who are non-white. That is the given. So, let’s get the basic story, then see how we can blame whites for it.

“Another video of continuing discrimination being carried out against Africans in China has emerged that shows an African man being dragged by the leg and thrown out of a supermarket that doesn't serve black customers. While discrimination against Africans in China has continued unabated, the Communist government police have now also begun cracking down on Africans for sharing videos of attacks and injustice being meted out to the blacks in the country. The video it is claimed is from a supermarket in Beijing where the African man had gone along with his friend to shop for groceries. The two, it is claimed, were asked to leave as blacks are not allowed. However, when one of them refused to leave the store, he was dragged by the leg and thrown out of the supermarket. In the video, onlookers can be heard laughing and giggling as the African man is being dragged out of the store. Another video recently had emerged from China, where a pregnant African woman was turned away from two hospitals.

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Joe Biden Forgets What Century He is In!!! By Charles Taylor

     He is joking, right?

“Former Vice President Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled campaign this week; telling one reporter that he “spent his life campaigning for other Democrats in 1918” before correcting himself with the proper century.
“I’m going to spend my life campaigning for other Democrats… In 1918… um…. Excuse me 2018… I campaigned for over… in 24 states… For 65 candidates!” said Biden.”

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Lockdown was All for Nothing (Beyond the Technocratic New World Order Agenda) By Richard Miller

     A study, reported by the Daily, but no link I could find, has concluded that the bug lockdown is all for nothing. And, if there is to be a society at all at some point, people will need to come up from their underground bunkers and face the dawn, or rather, face the virus.

“Draconian stay-at-home orders and shutting all non-essential businesses had little effect on fighting coronavirus in Europe, according to a study. But the same scientists discovered closing schools and banning all mass gatherings did work in slowing outbreaks across the continent. University of East Anglia researchers now say relaxing the stay-at-home policy and letting some businesses reopen could be the UK's first step to easing lockdown. The findings throw into question whether Britain's total lockdown - announced on March 23 - was ever necessary amid claims social distancing policies announced on March 16 curbed the crisis on their own. Other leading scientists have claimed Britain's COVID-19 outbreak peaked and started to decline before the official lockdown began, arguing that Number 10's drastic policy to shut the UK down was wrong. Transport use plummeted and fewer people were visiting GPs with tell-tale coronavirus symptoms the week before lockdown, suggesting the government's call for the public to work from home where possible and to only take essential travel was effective enough. And one Swedish researcher, Dr Johan Giesecke, who has seen his country resist calls for a lockdown but escape relatively unharmed, said the pandemic is unstoppable and everyone will be exposed to the coronavirus sooner or later. It comes after Boris Johnson yesterday confirmed that strict rules imposed under the six-week coronavirus lockdown will start to be eased on Monday, on the same day that Britain's death toll became the first in Europe to rise above 30,000 and the number of people diagnosed with the disease surged past 200,000. The Prime Minister will outline a five-step plan for Britain's 'second phase' on Sunday, with the government set to drop its 'Stay at Home' message and replace it with 'Stay Safe'. But as the UK and other countries in Europe prepare to lift restrictions the World Health Organization has warned them not to be afraid of restarting them it the virus begins to take off again.”

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May Blames Nationalism By Richard Miller

     I had all but forgotten about that old globalist fool, Theresa May, but she is back, to blame nationalism, not China, for the Wuhan flu:

“The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May blamed the forces of nationalism and populism for the scale of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, saying that countries should instead coalesce around “great multilateral institutions” such as the World Health Organization (WHO). In an article entitled “Nationalism Is No Ally in This Battle Without Borders” — the ex-prime minister who failed to deliver Brexit said that the pandemic hit the world at a time in which a “US president was elected on a mandate of America First”. “Against a backdrop of populist politics in many countries, the search for political solutions to economic and social challenges has become a competition of absolutes. A polarised politics has taken hold. It views the world through a prism of winners and losers and sees compromise and co-operation as signs of weakness,” the ex-prime minister wrote in The Times. “Lost is the idea that countries do better by working together to solve common problems, even if doing so sometimes means an apparent sacrifice of short-term benefit for the greater good,” she added. Mrs May chose instead to hail the “great multilateral institutions” of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), despite the fact that the WHO promoted Chinese communist propaganda from the outset of the coronavirus outbreak. “There remains no collective international view as to what works best in dealing with the virus — nor does there seem to have been any attempt to form one. This risks exacerbating the shift towards nationalism and absolutism which is emasculating the institutions that served us well over decades,” May lamented.”

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China’s Big Corona Business By Peter Ewer

     If there was ever a good refutation of the absurd globalist philosophy of free trade given to us by David Ricardo (1772-1823), it is the whole China fiasco, starting from the origin of the Wuhan flu, either in bat soup or a bioweapons lab (opinions differ) to now hoarding personal protective equipment (PPE):

“Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “The Evening Edit,” White House trade adviser Peter Navarro discussed how China could be using the coronavirus pandemic to strengthen its position around the globe. Navarro laid out a timeline for host Liz MacDonald explaining how at once, China became an importer of personal protective equipment (PPE). As the virus has spread, it has used that PPE to earn a profit, or as a diplomatic tool to advance diplomacy. “We get patient zero probably mid-November, probably from the Wuhan bioweapons lab,” Navarro said. “Gets sick early December, we get all sorts of people infected. China knows there’s human-to-human transmission in early December, but for six weeks, they hide that from the world behind the shield of the World Health Organization. What did they do during that? According to their own Chinese customs data, they went from a net exporter of personal protective equipment to a huge net importer. They basically vacuumed up all the PPE, particularly the masks, the gloves, the goggles, in the world. What did that mean, Liz? It meant when the people Milan, or New York, or Detroit, or New Orleans needed that there wasn’t enough for them. That’s all on China.” “Now, what were they doing?” he continued. “Middle of January they were coming here and signing a trade deal without telling us about the virus. And then, they were also secretly trying to get a patent for this drug Remdesivir which has significant therapeutic potential. And what are they doing now? Yes, they want to maybe hoard all the PPE. Use it — use it, basically sell it to us at profiteering prices or use it as a diplomatic weapon to force countries in Europe to do — to deny that this is — the virus is from China. And there’s a paper that they did, a whitepaper that everybody should read that goes back to right after the crisis, Liz — the financial crisis, where it explains what China needs to do after a crisis in order to consolidate power and take over the world. “This is what we’re up against,” Navarro added. “And obviously, it’s very difficult to believe anything the Chinese Communist Party tells us. But we are in perilous times. In the meantime, what’s really important, I think, for us to focus on is getting the economy back on its feet at the same time that we do our best to protect the men and women at the frontlines — the health care workers — as well as everybody else here in America. And that’s — that’s what I’m focused on. I’m focused on supply chain.”

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Debates about Frankenstein Corona By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Here are two interesting articles by leading Right writers who write right, arguing that the bioweapons idea is just a fall back into political correctness, and instead, the Covid-19 bug was a product of Chinese wet markets and cultural practise, and it all could happen again.  First, David Cole:

“Generally, conspiracy theories begin when people (rightly or wrongly) perceive an anomaly. “You can’t fire a bolt-action rifle that many times in so few seconds.” “Skyscrapers don’t collapse from fire.” The perceived anomaly sparks a fishing expedition for “the real truth.” But with Covid, there’s no anomaly. The Chinese gave the world the third plague pandemic (15,000,000 dead), the Spanish flu (50,000,000 dead), the 1900 San Francisco Chinatown bubonic plague epidemic, the 1957 Asian flu (2,000,000 dead), the 1968 China-born Hong Kong flu (2,000,000 dead), the 1977 Russian flu (originated in Northern China; 700,000 dead), the 1986 Yunnan bubonic plague epidemic, and SARS. Given that history, what kind of dipstick would look at a deadly pandemic from China and say, “Hmm…this is out of the ordinary. Must be the work of a mad scientist!” After SARS ran its course, experts warned that the Chinese wet markets and exotic-animal trade would produce another, worse pandemic. The Chinese government tried to shutter the markets, but the Chinese people demanded their return. And again, scientists in America, Europe, and Asia predicted a new zoonotic pandemic. “Rather than standing up to the left’s racial demagoguery, rightists are allying with the left to absolve the wet markets.”

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Now it’s Corona Hate Speech! By Charles Taylor

     In our crazed politically correct woke culture, speech codes are far more important that life itself. Hence, while it has been a common practice to name a pandemic from the place it was first identified, this cannot be done with the Wuhan flu, because it points the finger at China, and they are non-white, and hence protected, so there!

“San Antonio City Council has unanimously passed a resolution that declares the terms “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Flu Virus” to be hate speech. President Trump and many of his supporters have used variations of both terms as a reminder that COVID-19 did indeed originate in China. This prompted the media and leftists to claim Trump was being “racist” despite the fact that viruses are routinely named after their place of origin. Now San Antonio City Council has officially declared such language to be “hate speech.” “Resolution being voted on by San Antonio City Council this morning labels terms “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Fu Virus” as hate speech and “all persons are encouraged to report any such antisemitic, discriminatory or racist incidents to the proper authorities for investigation,” tweeted reporter Jaie Avila. Apparently, a regular council meeting attendee called Jack Finger tried to speak against the resolution, but his mic was cut off.”

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Exercise and Arthritis By Mrs Vera West

     Cold winter mornings are worse; you feel like you have rusted, with iron spikes going into your joints. It’s arthritis, the curse of the old, and nowadays, not so old. But, however painful it may be to get moving, move one must, or, to continue the metaphor, you simply rust more. Exercise, thus, is essential:

“A study has found that regular physical activity is key to naturally relieving the symptoms of arthritis.
Joint pain and quality of life
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that at least 15 million adults in America with arthritis suffer from severe joint pain. The symptom is categorized as pain at seven or higher on a scale of zero to 10. Findings from the CDC show that even though physical activity can naturally reduce arthritis pain, almost 50 percent of adults with arthritis and severe joint pain are physically inactive. Both severe joint pain and physical inactivity are associated with poor mental and physical health outcomes. Suffering from joint pain can affect quality of life and a person’s ability to do normal tasks like holding a glass of water or carrying a bag of groceries. This means that exercising can be a challenge, which may put you off from working out altogether.
Natural pain relief through exercise
Over 50 million adults in America have arthritis, and the majority of patients with the condition use medication to manage joint pain. But according to researchers, exercising regularly, which can be difficult to do if you have arthritis, is just as effective as prescription drugs at reducing pain caused by arthritis. Randy Siy, a physical therapist and the outpatient program coordinator at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, explained that patients with arthritis will benefit from increasing their physical activity more gradually compared with someone without the condition. Siy added that working with a physical therapist will help them develop a program that will specifically meet their level of function and address their health goals. Additionally, exercise is an effective and inexpensive way of reducing pain. Unlike arthritis medication that causes negative side effects, such as heartburn, internal bleeding or high blood pressure, exercise can help delay or prevent disability and limitations without any adverse effects. Exercising may also help boost mental health, physical functioning and overall quality of life for those who suffer from painful arthritis.”

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The Drive to Destroy What Little Remains of Liberty By James Reed

     Yep, you can predict it; there is always something annoying being said by an academic ever second of the day. They are like mossies buzzing around your ear when you need to sleep.

“Harvard University Law School Prof. Adrian Vermeule thinks it would be just dandy to use the pandemic as an excuse to reinterpret the meaning of the U.S. Constitution – specifically, to implement policies that destroy the concept of “free speech ideology” and “property rights.” What’s really ironic is that this guy actually teaches constitutional law at Harvard, so you can get a pretty good idea of what his students think of our founding document: That it’s a malleable piece of scrap paper subject to the whimsical ‘in the moment interpretation by ‘scholars’ and ‘the enlightened.’ Writing in The Atlantic, Vermeule argued that historic interpretations of our founding document have “now outlived its utility,” making it time for the U.S. government to simply assume a much stronger, more centralized role in our lives. The professor argues that “circumstances have now changed” because of COVID-19 (they haven’t) making it possible to imagine “moral” constitutionalism, which he claims is not “enslaved to the original meaning of the Constitution” – because the rights and restrictions contained in our founding document are impediments to would-be tyrants like Vermeule. Claiming the pandemic has also “liberated” us from the “relentless expansion of individualistic autonomy” (our personal privacies and liberties), this egghead now believes it’s time for a new interpretation of the Constitution, which he refers to as “common-good constitutionalism.”

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Attack of the New Improved Coronavirus By Brian Simpson

     My coverage of Armageddon continues. I am surprised that I sleep at night, but I am so tired from teaching during the day, and working on this material after hours, that I just black out. One night I slept in my chair, face over the keyboard, which was full of dribble by the morning, and I had the mother of all neck aches. But, not to worry because things are only getting started:

“A new strain of novel coronavirus has been identified that scientists claim may be more contagious than the one that predominantly spread during the early days of the pandemic. A new study by researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory contends that this new strain of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) first appeared in Europe back in February. Since then, it has reportedly spread to the East Coast of the United States and become the dominant strain throughout most of the world. This new strain is said to spread faster than the original, and can also make people more vulnerable to developing a second infection. It also has altered “spikes” on its exterior that affect the way it enters human respiratory cells. The 33-page report, which appears in the journal BioRxiv, is not yet peer-reviewed. However, it is being circulated in an effort to speed up collaborations with scientists who are working on developing vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). News reports note, however, that a vaccine for the original strain may not also work for this mutated strain, which could render all vaccine development efforts as futile. Up until now, those pushing for the development of a new vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) have simply assumed that it would not mutate in the same way as seasonal influenza viruses, which require new vaccines every year. But this new study, if verified, will dash that assumption. If validated, this paper proves that there is no way to create an effective vaccine against coronavirus.

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And Now for Some Really Good News from Mike Adams! By James Reed

     Wow, people send emails (sometimes food, but sadly, never alcohol) saying I am a bit pessimistic, but we really don’t have this level of wonderful alarmism here in little old Oz:

“There is no real plan to reopen the economy because the people in charge don’t plan for most human beings to survive much longer. The coronavirus “vaccine” will be a kill switch, a genocide weapon against humanity that’s designed to depopulate the planet. That’s why they don’t need years of testing. It’s not designed to prevent or cure anything; it’s designed to kill. The food shortages are being engineered to cause widespread starvation, making people too weak to protest. Food scarcity is the weapon of the globalists, and they know that when people are starving, they will surrender their freedom in exchange for a meal. The unemployment bailout money fiasco is nothing but the government paying people to not protest while the masses are lined up and readied for the kill shot. As people remain prisoners in their own homes, they will be slowed transitioned into starvation and financial desperation, then told they cannot participate in the economy unless they consent to the coronavirus vaccine. This is how the depopulation globalists will get the masses to “consent” to being injected with what is essentially a euthanasia shot. It won’t kill you right away, but it will almost guarantee your death upon exposure to a subsequent infection that’s probably being engineered and readied for release.”

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Covid Confusion - Fudged Figures and Muddled Models By Viv Forbes

     We are drowning in a sea of suspect statistics, many being used selectively by power-hungry politicians. Especially Covid statistics. Suppose an obese alcoholic 80 year old with hips replaced, diabetes, heart bypass, inflammation and high blood pressure gets the flu, then pneumonia, tests positive to Covid and dies. What is recorded as the cause of death? It depends on who wants the figures and why. Too often, politics and economics determine the outcome. Does the hospital or physician get paid more for Covid patients? They will find more. Are politicians pushing their Orwellian tracking devices or industrialists pushing universal compulsory vaccinations? Do politicians who control the health industry want a declining trend to prove their competence, or a rising trend to get more funds or to embarrass other politicians? At least some medico’s in Queensland have been instructed to put the primary cause of death as COVID-19 and then list contributory causes (diabetes, heart disease etc) as second, third etc.) And in places in the US, hospitals get a bonus payment for each Covid diagnosis and a bigger one for patients on ventilators. Guess where the trends are rising? Should we ignore the increase in family violence, suicides and the surge in consumption of alcohol and junk food in locked-down homes? And what about the excess deaths caused when hospitals were emptied and non-essential surgery cancelled to prepare for a Covid surge that never came. That surge was predicted by - - - - computer models. Now we find that some imported Covid test kits are suspect, making the statistics even more suspect. Like heatwaves and cold snaps, COVID-19 tends kill those about to die and will almost certainly be followed by a reduced mortality rate. Politicians will claim the credit for this. This daily flood of statistics and Covid-news is designed to keep us alarmed and obedient as politicians and government media destroy our freedoms, our privacy, our industries, our jobs, our independence and our currency. The depression which will follow the lockdown may kill more people than all the flu viruses would have done.

Doubts on death statistics:

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We are All Communists Now, Like It or Lump It! By Richard Miller

     The Left are falling over themselves here in the UK at the creation of a socialist Big Government society beyond the Orwellian politically correct cesspool that the UK was before the Covid-19 panicdemic.

“More than half of British adults are now receiving money from the state, it emerged today - as Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned the situation is 'not sustainable'. The scale of the impact of the coronavirus lockdown is becoming clearer after the government revealed it is subsidising the wages of 6.3million workers under its furlough scheme. Meanwhile, more than 1.8million new claims for Universal Credit have been received, as people find their incomes slashed by the crisis. If the unemployed, 5.4million public sector workers and 12million pensioners are taken into account, the state now pays just over half the 52million UK adults. It came as new data suggested the UK economy is on course for a downturn deeper than anything seen in living memory as the service sector plummeted to a new record low. The closely watched IHS Markit/CIPS purchasing managers' index (PMI) for services dropped to 13.4 in April, by far the worst score since the survey started in 1996. In an interview last night, Mr Sunak tried to reassure workers and businesses that they will not face a 'cliff edge' of subsidies being withdrawn immediately when lockdown measures are eased. But amid signs of strains within government about the huge burden on the country's finances, Mr Sunak pointed out that the furlough scheme could soon be costing the same as the NHS budget. 'I'm working, as we speak, to figure out the most effective way to wind down the (furlough) scheme and to ease people back into work in a measured way,' he told ITV. 'As some scenarios have suggested, we are potentially spending as much on the furlough scheme as we do on the NHS, for example. Clearly that is not a sustainable situation.'" 

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Suicides Versus the Corona By Mrs Vera West

     The mental health fallout from the actual Covid-19 lockdowns may be greater than the actual deaths, perhaps right across the West. Consider this material on the suicide factor for example:

“Suicide rates in Australia are forecast to rise by up to 50 per cent due to the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus and tipped to outstrip deaths from the pandemic by up to 10 times. World-leading research by the country’s top mental health experts predicts the impact of the virus could result in an extra 1500 deaths a year over the next five years and a generational mental health crisis linked directly to the pandemic. The modelling, conducted by Sydney University’s Brain and Mind Centre and backed by the Australian Medical Association, is expected to be taken to national cabinet next week by Health Minister Greg Hunt ahead of an accelerated second-phase mental health package. The modelling also predicts a significant economic blow from falling productivity due to the mental health effects of unemployment, school dropouts and family crises. Regions hard-hit by a collapse in tourism are expected to be particularly vulnerable to an increase in suicide and it is feared that young people are among those most at risk. Former mental health commissioner and the head of the Brain and Mind Centre, Ian Hickie, told The Australian that the modelling showed the annual rate of suicide could rise from 3000 to up to 4500, with youth suicides making up almost half. A joint statement will be issued today by Professor Hickie, AMA president Tony Bartone and Orygen youth mental health organisation executive director Patrick McGorry, calling for urgent¬ action to address an issue which they claim will kill more people than the virus. Preliminary modelling by the Brain and Mind Centre suggests the COVID-19 pandemic may give rise to 25 per cent more suicides, with up to 30 per cent of those among young people aged 15-25 years. This was based on an unemployment rate of 10 per cent and the associated recessionary impacts. But this could rise to 50 per cent if unemployment was to peak at 15 per cent. The modelling shows hotspots in regional areas, including the Grafton and Northern Rivers regions of NSW, which have been severely hit by loss of tourism and hospitality as well as outer-metropolitan areas of Sydney and Melbourne. “We are facing a situation where between an extra 750 and 1500 suicides may occur annually, this in addition to the 3000-plus lives that are lost to suicide already every year,” Professor Hickie said.”

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Planet of the Humans (Apes) By James Reed

     The religion of climate change has been given a slap in the face by socialist Michael Moore’s new film, Planet of the Humans, which is an obvious allusion to the Planet of the Apes move franchise. Moore has upset the environmentalists by attacking the sacred of sacreds, renewable energy. Here is Rolling Stone on this:

“Basically, Moore and his colleagues have made a film attacking renewable energy as a sham and arguing that the environmental movement is just a tool of corporations trying to make money off green energy. “One of the most dangerous things right now is the illusion that alternative technologies, like wind and solar, are somehow different from fossil fuels,” Ozzie Zehner, one of the film’s producers, tells the camera. When visiting a solar facility, he insists: “You use more fossil fuels to do this than you’re getting benefit from it. You would have been better off just burning the fossil fuels.” That’s not true, not in the least — the time it takes for a solar panel to pay back the energy used to build it is well under four years. Since it lasts three decades, it means 90 percent of the power it produces is pollution-free, compared with zero percent of the power from burning fossil fuels. It turns out that pretty much everything else about the movie was wrong — there have been at least 24 debunkings, many of them painfully rigorous; as one scientist wrote in a particularly scathing takedown, “Planet of the Humans is deeply useless. Watch anything else.” Moore’s fellow filmmaker Josh Fox, in an epic unraveling of the film’s endless lies, got in one of the best shots: “Releasing this on the eve of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary is like Bernie Sanders endorsing Donald Trump while chugging hydroxychloroquine.”

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New Zealand Drops Open Borders By James Reed

     At least Madame Corona has done a little bit of good, in hitting some aspects of globalism. Just ask the socialist/ feminist/gun banner across the merky pond:

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the country will not have open borders with the rest of the world for "a long time to come". Ms Ardern was speaking after attending part of Australia's cabinet meeting via video link. The meeting discussed a possible "trans-Tasman bubble", where people could go between Australia and New Zealand freely, and without quarantine. But she said visitors from further afield were not possible any time soon. Both Australia and New Zealand have closed their borders to almost all foreigners as part of their Covid-19 response. What did Jacinda Ardern say? Ms Ardern said New Zealand and Australia were discussing a "bubble of sorts between us, a safe zone of travel". She stressed there was "a lot of work to be done before we can progress...but it's obviously been floated because of the benefits it would bring". But, in response to a question about the country's tourism sector, Ms Ardern said: "We will not have open borders for the rest of the world for a long time to come."

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How Feminism Re-Rapes Rape Victims By Mrs Vera West

     When it suits them, feminists and the Left push “believe women,” on sexual assault offences/allegations, when the agenda is to take down a conservative, but when one of their own commits alleged sexual offences against women e.g. Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, why they all join ranks and attack the victim. It that is not corruption, nothing is!

“What’s happening to Tara Reade at the hands of the corporate media, feminists, and Joe Biden is a disheartening return to the 1990s, to the infamous Bill Clinton era. Reade has come forward with one of the most credible sexual assault allegations we have seen in a very long time. She alleges that in 1993, while working in his Senate office, then Sen. Biden (D-DE) sexually harassed her, sexually assaulted her, and then fired her in retaliation for filing a harassment complaint. Tara Reade is Joe Biden’s eighth accuser. Tara Reade has five witnesses who corroborate she told them about the alleged assault at or near the time. If her claim is eventually debunked, Tara Reade risked prison last month by filing a formal criminal complaint against Biden. We now have video of Tara Reade’s anguished mother calling into a 1993 edition of CNN’s Larry King Live to ask advice about her daughter’s problems with a “prominent senator.” Tara Reade has challenged investigative reporters to dig into her story. Finally, Tara Reade is calling for Biden to make his Senate papers available in the hopes her harassment complaint will be found. Tara Reade is behaving like a woman with nothing to hide. Joe Biden denies the allegation, but is behaving like a man with everything to hide. And in an effort to allow Biden to hide straight through to the November election, and in an effort to personally destroy Tara Reade, Biden, feminists, and the media have decided to resurrect the Clinton-era Playbook. Those of us old enough to remember the 1990s, the way in which the media and feminists circled the wagons to protect Clinton, are very familiar with these cynical tactics.

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Will You have a Smoking Corona with Your Climate Change? By Chris Knight

     It was predictable; the globalist Left never let a good crisis go to waste, however it turns out. Thus, Covid-19 is now linked with climate change and the planetary crisis, at least in the minds of the acting class:

“Left-wing politicians have woken up to the fact that  the coronavirus pandemic “would be a terrible crisis to waste,” in the words of Hillary Clinton. Now a group of wealthy Hollywood stars is also capitalizing on the crisis to push a sweeping climate change agenda. Celebrities including Robert De Niro, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, and Joaquin Phoenix have signed their names to an editorial published Wednesday in France’s largest newspaper, Le Monde, demanding a total overhaul of economies around the world in the name of saving the environment and fighting global warming. “The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragedy. This crisis, however, has an upside in giving us the chance to examine what is essential,” the editorial says. “The ongoing ecological catastrophe is a ‘meta-crisis’: the massive extinction of life on Earth is no longer in doubt, and all indicators point to a direct existential threat. Unlike a pandemic, however serious it may be, it’s a question of a global ecological collapse whose effects will be immeasurable.”

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