Diversity and The Lord of The Rings By Chris Knight

     The Nordic nature of The Lord of the Rings films gave the elites heartburn, for it was a source of moral panic to appeal to such suppressed symbols, of a fair people under attack by monsters. So, The Hobbit dealt with this, making some of the evil ones white, and the dwarfs being ugly creatures, not like the pocket Viking Gimli. Hence those movies were not as popular. Now comes the woke TV series, to bury Tolkien forever:

“LOTR’s unbearable whiteness—and that of the fantasy genre as a whole—still agitates critics. “There are no black people on ‘Game of Thrones.’ You don’t see one black person in Lord of the Rings,’” Star Wars actor John Boyega said in a 2017 interview . “I ain’t paying money to always see one type of person on-screen. Because you see different people from different backgrounds, different cultures, every day. Even if you’re a racist, you have to live with that. We can ruffle up some feathers.” This criticism has increased since the release of the last Hobbit in 2014. Game of Thrones was a far more pozzed creation than the LOTR films, yet critics still could not cope with the nearly all-white cast. The show had a legion of STRONG WOMEN characters and upheld AWFL (affluent white female liberal values) values. In contrast, LOTR expressed a right-wing worldview based on a pagan-Christian synthesis. Regardless of the differences, critics frowned upon GoT for the same reasons they disliked LOTR. The criticism got to GoT’s producers. The canceled prequel series  was set to have a very diverse cast led by female showrunners.

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In Turkey, Rape Victims will Soon Have to Marry their Rapists! By Mrs Vera West

     Oh, the Western feminists are quiet about this one, which having a race/ethnic/religious dimension, goes into the “too-hard” basket. Really, the sharp teeth and claws of feminism are only used on white men. Everyone else, whatever they do, gets a pass by. What a “philosophy”!

“A law which would allow men accused of having sex with girls who are under 18 to avoid punishment if they marry their victims is set to be introduced to parliament in Turkey. The controversial so-called “marry-your-rapist” bill, which lawmakers are planning to introduce to Turkish parliament at the end of January, has sparked fury among women’s rights campaigners in the country. Critics argue the legislation, which the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is urging the government to axe, not only legitimises child marriage and statutory rape but also paves the way for child abuse and sexual exploitation. A similar bill was defeated in Turkey in 2016 after national and global outrage. The legislation would have only pardoned men if they had sex without “force or threat”. United Nations agencies warned the bill would generate a landscape of impunity for child abuse and leave victims vulnerable to experiencing additional mistreatment and distress from their assailants. “Marry-your-rapist” bills have been seen across the world and are pushed in the name of protecting and safeguarding family “honour”. Suad Abu-Dayyeh, a campaigner who specialises in the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan for Equality Now, a non government organisation which aims to promote the rights of women and girls, said it was "shocking" politicians are trying to pass a bill that "provides impunity for perpetrators of child sexual exploitation". She told The Independent: "I applaud the brave work of women’s rights campaigners in Turkey who are taking a stand against this discriminatory bill and pushing back again regressive forces that are seeking to remove current legal protections for girls. Similar 'marry-your-rapist' legal provisions have been on the statute books of countries across the Middle East and North Africa. "Thanks to years of campaigning by women’s rights activists and lawmakers, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and Palestine have all removed these loopholes in recent years. Rather than attempting to introduce legislation that harms women's rights and protections, Turkish lawmakers should take heed of these advances in repealing gender discriminatory laws.” While the legal age of consent is 18 in Turkey, a 2018 government report on child marriage estimates a total of 482,908 girls were married in the last decade.”

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Water, Freedom and the Globalist Agenda By James Reed

     There is an extension of time to make submissions on the Constitution Alteration (Water Resources) 2019 Inquiry. The push is on for changes to the Australian Constitution in favour of the Commonwealth.  Section 100 declares water is a State's Right. This is how it should remain as it is the Commonwealth which has initiated the disastrous Murray Darling Basin Plan. Resist the move to centralised power at all cost! Say No! always to any constitutional change, for the aim ultimately is to destroy the states!
See ...   https://www.aph.gov.au/sitecore/content/Home/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Management_and_Execution_of_the_Murray_Darling_Basin_Plan/ConstitutionalAlteration

Constitution Alteration (Water Resources) 2019
Committee Secretariat contact:
Department of the Senate
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: +61 02 6277 3419
Fax: +61 02 6277 5809
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Beware, the Coming Plague By Brian Simpson

     While there are sceptics from the Dissent Right, poo-pooing the idea of a coronavirus plague, there is material out there that needs careful consideration before blandly accepting the mainstream media claim of only 26 dead … oh wait that is now 54 dead with 300 new cases, with the disease contained to the Chinese ground zero of the city of Wuhan. In fact, the Chinese President Xi Jinping, has said that the spread of the virus is accelerating and that the situation is “grave,” no pun intended.

     The really bad news is that this disease could be another “Spanish” (actually Chinese) Flu, all over again, with a death toll of 65 million, or more:

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Does Philosophy Have Any Guts? By Chris Knight

     I have always been amused by this paradox; that the discipline of philosophy, and I did two years philosophy, failing, at a useless university in America, long ago, prides itself on defending all manners of things, like minds don’t exist, the world is only the elementary units of physics, morality is an illusion, and so on. But, nothing defending the concept of race … oh, that is too problematic for a group of people where it was once said that there is no absurdity that some philosopher has not defended. Oh, there is plenty criticising race, but when an article does appear that is not 1,000 percent politically correct, well, watch out:

“Nearly two years ago, a feminist philosophy journal faced demands to retract a paper that compared “transracialism” to transgenderism. Some of its editors quickly apologized, but were then overruled by the journal’s top editors. Another philosophy journal is facing similar retraction demands for publishing a paper on “group differences in intelligence,” but its editors preemptively said that’s not going to happen. The petition against Philosophical Psychology for publishing “race science” is led by Mark Alfano, whose CV says he currently teaches at the Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology and Australia’s Macquarie University. It calls on editors Cees van Leeuwen and Mitchell Herschbach to retract the paper, apologize, resign or “some combination” of those. As of Thursday night, the petition had under 70 signatures including Alfano’s. While that’s far below the 800 signatures quickly amassed against Rebecca Tuvel’s comparison of Rachel Dolezal to Caitlyn Jenner in Hypatia, the controversy is generating the same battle lines, with scholars debating the merits of the paper and the role of free inquiry in science. Van Leeuwen and Herschbach published an editors’ note the day after the Dec. 23 paper by Nathan Cofnas, a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Oxford, defending free inquiry regardless of the controversy generated by his argument. They followed up with a Facebook statement Tuesday disputing Alfano’s criticisms of the editorial process in his petition and associated blog post, saying he offers “a rather misleading summary of the paper.”

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Anti-Immigration Greek Style By James Reed

     You have to hand it to the ever-lovable Greeks, with their fantastic food and dancing and rational philosophy, they know how to migrate, but they also know how to protest about immigration to their beautiful islands. And good for them, if only the rest of the West was as strong:

“The islands of Lesbos, Samos and Chios are the frontline of Europe's migrant crisis. Islanders have run out of patience, demanding their government empty the overflowing reception camps and return their islands to them. Residents of the Greek islands of Lesbos, Samos and Chios went on strike on Wednesday, angry at the overflowing migrant camps. Under the slogan "we want our islands back, we want our lives back," the islanders shut stores and closed public services, as people demonstrated on the streets, waving Greek flags. DW correspondent Max Zander tweeted that there was a "massive" turnout at the anti-migration policy protest in Mytilini, Lesbos. Trade unionists and regional lawmakers demanded that the Greek government immediately transport the thousands of migrants stranded at camps to the mainland after registration. Some of the camps are at 10 times the intended capacity. Protest organizers said they are also seeking more information on the government's announcements that it will build more camps on the islands. 'Our island can no longer be the site of lost souls' "We can't continue to put up with this situation in our small town," said Giorgos Stantzos, mayor of Vathy, the main town on the island of Samos. "Our island can no longer be the site of lost souls and suffering people," the regional governor of the northern Aegean Sea region, Kostas Moutzouris told Greek broadcaster ERT Open. Governors and mayors from the region plan to travel to Athens on Thursday to present their demand to the government. The Greek government, under conservative Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced in October 2019 that it wants to send 10,000 migrants back to Turkey by the end of 2020 as part of a more hardline approach to migration.”

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Greta Inc. By James Reed

     Here is a new documentary that exposes the real power behind climate princess Great Thunberg, and her rise to fame on the international stage. You know, telling all the adults that they have destroyed her life, that they should be guilty and other bs like that. And, doing it, with an ultra-angry face, distorted, as if he has a tooth abscess in every one of her teeth. Talk about eco-anxiety, I get anxious just listening to her. So, here is the New World Order deal on climate change. Lot’s of dirt on the great Greta road show. Like how she was going to a special school, where she did not have to regularly attend lectures. Also, the journalist got treated violently by the “Green guard.” The Leftist elites needed to have a symbol and she was the lucky ducky, and what a duck, saying that people opposing the agenda should be put against a wall, and gems like that.

The Grooming Gangs Did Not Know it was Wrong to Rape, Torture and Kill! By Richard Miller, London

     Well, that explains everything, and makes it all understandable :

“The report chronicles how Operation Augusta was launched and then scuttled after her death in 2003, despite identifying 97 suspects and 57 victims. The victims were, “mostly white girls aged between 12 and 16”, and the perpetrators were, “mostly men of ‘Asian heritage’”. By ‘Asian’, the report means “predominantly Pakistani men” though at least one of the perpetrators was apparently Tunisian. Constable B, the anonymous cop responsible for some of the most revealing quotes in the report, said, “What had a massive input was the offending target group were predominantly Asian males and we were told to try and get other ethnicities.” Mohammed Yaqoob, the pedophile who had forcibly injected Victoria with heroin and was cleared of manslaughter charges, was not the sort of pedophile the Manchester cops were supposed to find. A meeting at Greater Manchester Police headquarters “acknowledged that the enquiry was sensitive due to the involvement of Asian men” and worried over “the incitement of racial hatred.” There were concerns about “the damaged relations following Operation Zoological.” Those were the police raids targeting Iraqi refugees involved in an alleged Al Qaeda plot to bomb a soccer stadium in Manchester. Some in the GMP didn’t see the point to stopping the rape of young girls because of cultural differences.

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Now Criticising the Government is a Criminal Offence! By Chris Knight

     I did not think the system would bite back so hard, or quickly after being smacked down in the recent US gun march; now criticising the government is illegal, in the land of the free, the USA:

“In the wake of the Virginia gun rights rally on Monday, Democrats in the Capitol are not slowing down their push for tyranny. They are moving a bill through the legislature that would effectively criminalize dissent against Governor Blackface Northam and other state government officials. House Bill 1627 was introduced by Delegate Jeffrey M. Bourne last week. The legislation “provides that certain crimes relating to threats and harassment may be prosecuted in the City of Richmond if the victim is the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia.” Language in the bill explicitly criminalizes free speech, in what would constitute a blatant attack on the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. “If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor,” the legislation reads. The legislation makes it clear that the above provision applies directly to “the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia,” which means this legislation effectively criminalizes dissent against public officials. Tina Freitas, wife of Republican Delegate Nick Freitas, called attention to this intolerable act in a Facebook post on Tuesday night.

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The Dangers of Eating Snakes By Brian Simpson

     Yes, I know, a weird title, but I am tired, not sleeping having the mother of all tooth abscesses, so my creative juices are flowing … well, a little differently. The reference is to a hypothesis about where the coronavirus came from. I am interested in this latest export from China, particularly after seeing a chemist near my dentist, selling masses of anti-germ masks, some costing $ 50, to Chinese buyers. I really need sleep; then my grammar will sparkle again, instead of simply raining.

“A deadly new virus that has infected hundreds in China may have originated in a snake, a new study claims, as local authorities place a central Chinese city under lockdown to contain it from spreading. A group of Chinese scientists published their findings Wednesday in the Journal of Medical Virology, stating the newly discovered coronavirus most likely transferred to humans from a snake — specifically, the many-banded Chinese Krait or the Chinese cobra. The scientists conducted a sequence analysis of the virus isolated from a patient and compared it to other animals, determining the two snakes — which are common in Southeastern China, including in Wuhan — are most likely the source of the disease. “Our findings suggest that the snake is the most probable wildlife animal reservoir,” the team of scientists wrote in the paper. The scientists called for further investigation to confirm that snakes serve as reservoirs for the disease but said that their findings are “highly significant for effective control of the outbreak.”

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Soros in Davos By Charles Taylor

     Trump was in Davos, giving a soft nationalist speech, which is better than nothing. But Georgie boy was there too, to counter him at every corner, as he does in his 24/7 job:

“Left-wing billionaire George Soros on Thursday reportedly warned that the 2020 election will determine the “fate of the world” and lashed out at President Donald Trump during a private dinner event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Soros, the 89-year-old founder of the progressive advocacy organization Open Society Foundations, accused the president of being a “con man” and a “narcissist” who wants the world to “revolve around him,” according to CNBC. “When his fantasy of becoming president became a reality,” his ego swelled, Soros said, adding: “This has turned his narcissism into a malignant disease.” Soros, who has yet to endorse a 2020 Democrat candidate, then said that this year’s election will decide the “fate of the world,” CNBC reports. In October, the billionaire argued White House contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is the “most qualified to be president,” but stopped short of formally throwing his support behind her. This, of course, is not the first time the hedge fund manager has taken aim at President Trump at the World Economic Forum. Last year, Soros criticized the president’s negotiating style against China, which culminated in the signing of a phase one trade agreement last Wednesday. “Regrettably, President Trump seems to be following a different course: Make concessions to China and declare victory while renewing his attacks on U.S. allies,” Soros said at the time.

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London is Off-Limits By Richard Miller

     When I first read the headline that London was off-limits, I thought that this related to the wave of crime and knife attacks, and the white flight that has made once merry, London, majority non-white. But, it is way more complex than just a racial apocalypse angle, and involves our “friends” the elites:

“London has cemented itself as the UK’s “elite epicentre” since the 1980s and has become increasingly off-limits to those from less privileged backgrounds, an extensive study suggests. The “Dick Whittington vision” of moving to the capital to make one’s fortune is largely a myth, the Sutton Trust’s report found. The skyrocketing cost of living in London means those from privileged backgrounds are the most able to migrate there and take advantage of the most sought-after career opportunities, researchers concluded, finding three quarters of those who move to London for elite jobs are already advantaged. Furthermore, the analysis of census-based data suggested the vast majority of the most socially-mobile people born between 1965 and 1981 had never made a long-distance move, choosing instead to remain close to home and benefit from the growing spread of professional jobs across the country. However, social mobility appears to be decreasing, with the number of men rising to professional and managerial classes from the lowest occupational classes declining from 20 per cent in those born between 1955 and 1961, to 12 per cent in those born two decades later. To combat this rising inequality, the report recommends abolishing unpaid internships, increasing the number of degree-level apprenticeships on offer as an alternative to university, and incentivising state schools to concentrate more on life skills like public speaking, self-control and motivation techniques within their curriculums. “London is essentially off-limits to ambitious people from poorer backgrounds who grow up outside the capital,” said Sutton Trust founder, Sir Peter Lampl. “That means that boosting London is not going to have much impact on making things fairer for anyone other than those already living there. “In spite of the dominance of London, over two thirds of the socially mobile have never made a long-term move. It’s crucial that the new Conservative government implements its policy of creating more opportunities across the country so that talented people can benefit from them wherever they live.”

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Letter to The Editor - Why not an extra public holiday sometime else in the year which could be dedicated to the achievements of the Aboriginal peoples?

To The Age         Nick Toovey unfairly depreciates the significance of Australia Day in our history (28/1). He sees it as a celebration of the day "when the British arrived as conquering colonials." However, January 26 is also the date on which the people of this continent obtained an entry into a modern civilisation and the shared benefits of its growth here over more than two centuries. Moreover, the celebration is much more a source of unity among Australians than a cause of division. It's better to be positive and creative in these matters, rather than resentful and unfair. Why not an extra public holiday sometime else in the year which could be dedicated to the achievements of the Aboriginal peoples? It could be called simply Indigenous Day.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Letter to The Editor - Prince Charles has an intellectual record, overall, that few royals in the preceding eleven hundred years ago can match

To The Australian        Judith Sloan's critique of the Prince of Wales is too one-sided ("Charles could be the UK minister for silly talks", 28/1). Yes, he may be irrational in his fears about climate change, but he did produce a very well thought out analysis of contemporary problems in his book "Harmony". Moreover, someone who could count among his friends such eminent thinkers as Laurens van der Post and Martin Lings is certainly no fool. Prince Charles has an intellectual record, overall, that few royals in the preceding eleven hundred years ago can match; and he is highly regarded in many circles in Britain and Australia.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Silencing the Founder of the Great Replacement Theory By Richard Miller

     It has got this bad; while children are groomed and raped by the thousands, and violence is inflicted upon people with knives and grenades, Renaud Camus, the French intellectual founder of the Great Replacement theory has been given a two-month suspended sentence merely for saying that mass immigration is an “invasion.” Surely, harder things than that could be said:

“File this one under "There is no Free World."
Renaud Camus, the French intellectual who coined the term The Great Replacement for the ongoing invasion of the Continent, is facing jail unless he pays money to anti-European organizations. French intellectual Renaud Camus has been given a 2 month suspended prison sentence for saying that mass immigration into Europe represents an “invasion.” Camus will only avoid jail by paying 1800 euros to two “anti-racist” organizations, SOS Racisme and the LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism). The writer, who is the author of Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement), was charged with “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.” The conviction stems from a November 2017 speech in Colombey-les-deux Eglises to the National Council of European Resistance in which Camus declared, “Immigration has become an invasion.” “The irreversible colonization is demographic colonization, by the replacement of the population,” said the author, adding, “The ethnic substitution, the great replacement, is the most important event in the history of our nation since it has existed; as with other people, if the story continues, it will not be that of France.” [French intellectual sentenced to 2 months in Prison For Calling Mass Immigration an "Invasion," by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News, January 21, 2020] Camus is not the first to be imprisoned nor the last for "crimes" of speech and writing. The regime has repeatedly persecuted iconic French actress, Brigitte Bardot for defending animal rights, which she feels the Islamic influx endangers.”

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Into Africa By Brian Simpson

     I found this one interesting: Bantu expansion in Africa in ancient times, marginalised the Pygmies. So much then for the exclusive guilt of the white colonialist, for dominance seems part and parcel of the human story, rightly or wrongly:

“With the New Bantu Expansion gearing up to be perhaps the most important global event of the 21st Century, it’s worth looking at the cost paid by Pygmies and other diverse groups during the Old Bantu Expansion of prehistory. Svante Paabo’s breakthrough in being able to sequence DNA from ancient skeletons drove much of the most interesting science of the decade now just closed. But, we’ve tended to be lacking in ancient DNA from sub-Saharan Africa because DNA breaks down faster in warm and wet climates. A variety of other evidence has been pointing towards some interesting weirdnesses in current sub-Saharan DNA, such as indications of a lost “ghost archaic” ancestral population. I wrote about the “The Ghosts of Africa” two years ago in Taki’s Magazine in my third review of geneticist David Reich’s Who We Are and How We Got Here.

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Feminist Wants Germans to Commit Racial Suicide … What Else is New? By Richard Miller

     Here is another feminist telling white people not to have children to save the planet, or whatever.

“Feminist author Verena Brunschweiger has called on Germans to stop having babies to save the planet, despite the fact that the country’s native fertility rate is already at just 1.4 children per woman. In an interview with Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Brunschweiger warns “we are on the brink of ecological collapse” and that the only solution is “the renunciation of one’s own reproduction.” Claiming that this topic is being kept hidden in “pro-natalist Germany,” Brunschweiger, who herself is childless, remarked, “It is…above all because of the masses of people that we have such big environmental problems. We are just too many and hardly anyone wants to limit themselves. If we were fewer people and restricted ourselves, we could save something.” Brunschweiger claimed that she felt like she was “in Saudi Arabia in the 14th century” when trying to voice her message, but that she had received support from a lot of women. The feminist is directing her message to Germans despite the fact that the country’s native fertility rate is around 1.4 children per woman, well below the necessary 2.1 replacement rate. “Since 1972, Germany has not seen a single year in which the number of newborns has exceeded the number of deaths,” reports Arutz Sheva. Despite her passion for population reduction, Brunschweiger’s “virtue-signalling has not yet reached the continent of Africa,” reports Free West Media. “Africa’s child population will reach 1 billion by 2055, making it the largest child population among all continents.” Indeed, sub-Saharan Africa will produce the most births for the rest of the century, so if Brunschweiger really cared about lowering the global population to save the planet, she would be telling Africans to stop breeding, which would of course be racist. And after all, to progressives it’s better to be dead than called racist!”

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Do What the Man Says By Bruce Bennett

     Companies will get diverse, or else:

“Now Goldman Sachs  has made an announcement of its own that’s very much a part of the times: its CEO, David Solomon, today told CNBC that beginning this year, Goldman will no longer take companies public if they don’t have at least one “diverse” member on its board of directors. “Starting on July 1st in the U.S. and Europe, we’re not going to take a company public unless there’s at least one diverse board candidate, with a focus on women,” Solomon said specifically on the network’s “Squawk Box.” Some will, perhaps rightly, see the announcement as little more than marketing. After all, it’s already widely viewed as unacceptable for a company to go public without at least one female board member and preferably far more “diversity” than that. WeWork, for example, tried to go public last year with an all-male board, only to realize soon after that if it wanted to pursue an initial public offering, it had better mix it up a bit. (Of course, by the time it amended its S-1 to name Harvard professor Frances Frei as its first female board member, its offering was already starting to implode.) Adding one’s first female board member ahead of an IPO is such a cliche at this point that the more interesting question is how close to the filing a related announcement will be made.

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Letter to The Editor - Any attempts to downplay the British contribution should be strongly opposed

To The Australian         We have a rare slip from Geoffrey Blainey ("An epic endeavour, a vexed debate", 25-26/1): Aboriginal peoples were not "the first discoverers of Australia" but only of this continent - and there may have been others even before them. There is also a furphy from Angela Shanahan ("No welcome mat laid out for early European arrivals", 25-26/1): immigrants from non-British nations have certainly contributed to our national character, but not (despite her claim) as much as "the English-speaking majority." Australia remains primarily a British cultural creation, just over a hundred years old (if we date its origin as Federation) or twice that (if we go back to 1788). We enjoy a free way of life here (though not, alas, as totally free as it should be) thanks, essentially, to British endeavour. Any attempts to downplay the British contribution should be strongly opposed, since they also involve downplaying the importance of political freedom and open debate in public forums.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Letter to The Editor - If there is a long-term goal of political separatism should be shunned

To The Age        Australians in general respect Aboriginal culture and see it as an important part of our national heritage, providing a distinctive element unique to our history. However, this does not mean that we should transform the nature of our wonderful Constitution to specially privilege one small minority of present-day Australians - those claiming Aboriginal ancestry ("Indigenous history vital to Australia Day", 25/1). The Constitution originated as an agreement between the then colonies to form a single nation. It is not appropriate to turn it into a political manifesto. Divisive proposals that only make sense if there is a long-term goal of political separatism should be shunned.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic