February, 2023
Big Pharma Ripped of the “World’s Poor”! By James Reed
The Satanic Temple Abortion Clinic! What! By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)
Medical Journal Sees Freedom as a Health Hazard! By Brian Simpson
An Alternative, Decentralised Way Against the Globalist World Economic Forum and UN, WHO and the Rest By James Reed
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Policies, A Recipe for Global Genocide of the Poor By James Reed
Paul Craig Roberts on Nuclear Annihilation By James Reed
Dr Naomi Wolf on the Vax Harm to Women By Mrs Vera West
Fear the Culture of Fear By Mrs Vera West
The Mystery of the All-Seeing Communist Chinese Balloon! (Now Deflated) By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Indonesian Doctor: Covid Vax, the Worst Scandal in Healthcare By Brian Simpson
The Economist on Conspiracy Theories By James Reed
Fight Back Against the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty By Chris Knight (Florida)
Climate Guru and Communist China By Chris Knight (Florida)
Life Inside the Concentration Camp, that is Communist China By James Reed
Can’t Read or Write? Then Become a London cop By Richard Miller London)
The Scam of Electric Vehicles By James Reed
Great Move Lidia! Keep Up the Good Work! By James Reed
Pfertilitygate By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)
The Undermining of Anglo Culture Continues By James Reed
Fantastic Diversity and Excitement in Merry Old, Multicult, Melbourne! By James Reed