Indonesian Doctor: Covid Vax, the Worst Scandal in Healthcare By Brian Simpson

There seems to be more freedom for Indonesian doctors to speak out than there is in over-regulated Australia. In the light of the Covid vax deaths and injuries, Dr Dikdik Kodarusman, general practitioner at RSUD Majalengka  Dokter kampung, Indonesia, sees the Covid vaxxes as a failure. But he says that this was predictable, since RNA viruses mutate so quickly, and the public health system set up the conditions for the virus to mutate faster by subjecting it to evolutionary pressure. As well, a “leaky” vaccine, that did not prevent transmission, as evidenced now by the vaccinated getting Covid, aided in the spread. And, the rest is history.

“When I wrote about innate immunity and adaptive immunity in the largest mainstream media in Indonesia, I thought it would not pass the censorship. ¹  Some of my previous writings criticizing covid handling policies usually did not pass the censorship. They were postponed even though they were not rejected. The article is a demand for our government to revoke the pandemic and mandatory vaccine policies. The reason is simple because the pandemic is caused by the coronavirus. The coronavirus belongs to the RNA virus class. RNA viruses have an extraordinary mutation speed. Since the 1990s, researchers have realized the problem. Especially in relation to vaccine development. ²

All vaccines developed from RNA viruses have failed to perform their function. The most famous is, of course, the case of polio. There have been many adverse events related to the administration of the polio vaccine, including minor complaints in the form of allergies to deaths which have been recorded when administering the polio vaccine.

VAPP and VDPV are two terms that have emerged as adverse effects of polio vaccine administration. VAPP (vaccine associated poliomyelitis paralysis) is the incidence of polio caused by vaccine administration, whereas VDPV (vaccine derived poliomyelitis virus) is the incidence of polio in people infected by vaccine recipients. ³

That is what I based my rejection of the Covid 19 vaccination on, and not on various conspiracy theories that are widely discussed. I based it on the cause of the disease published by WHO itself. The funny thing is that WHO even ignores various previous scientific findings about the RNA virus.

Research on the speed of mutation of RNA viruses has been a concern for a long time. One of them was carried out in the development of the Sabin polio vaccine. Virus strains were collected and cultured for several years. Subsequently, the dominant strains were selected. These dominant strains are used as seeds in vaccine development. Another method is used in influenza vaccine development. Dominant strains of the virus are collected from different regions, and a polyvalent vaccine is then developed.

However, these approaches could not slow down or overcome the speed of mutation of RNA viruses. So the conclusion of using adaptive immunity to overcome RNA virus infection is futile. Innate immunity is the most appropriate and rational way to overcome RNA virus infection.

The results of these studies seemed to be harassed during the Covid 19 pandemic. Every vaccine development company is racing as fast as possible to produce a vaccine for covid 19, even though, like other RNA viruses, it has an extraordinary mutation speed. Some studies have produced transcription errors that trigger mutations per 10 nucleotides for the corona virus, while overall, in RNA viruses the transcription error is per 10³ - 10 nucleotides. The time required ranges from 4 - 8 hours.

In 1 day, there are no less than 3 mutations. In 1 month, 90 mutations have occurred. So, the changes that occur will be quite large. The compatibility of antibodies produced from vaccines will not last long. Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, smartly said that the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases over time. It is not the antibody titer that decreases but the compatibility that decreases. Unfortunately, this compatibility was never mentioned by Bourla.

But the most remarkable thing is the WHO. All WHO officials approved the use of the covid 19 vaccines, even though they know the compatibility will not last long. Likewise, the mainstream media adds terror by calling the antivax irresponsible, even though they should be responsible for spreading the irrationality of the pandemic.

Maybe one day our children and grandchildren will record in history that the worst in the covid pandemic is the irrationality pandemic. This irrationality afflicts most of Earth's population today. Regardless of the purpose of spreading this irrationality, I hope this is the last time. Panic always breeds bad decisions. Stay calm under any circumstances. Hopefully, we can decide every issue with the best possible outcome.”



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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