Pfertilitygate By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)

Particularly for female readers, #Pfertility is trending on Twitter, since the release by Project Veritas of another video of Pfizer executive Jordan Trishton Walker openly admitting concern about women's cycles and their fertility due to the Covid mRNA vaxxes. The observed adverse effects, such as irregular periods, massive bleeds and other irregulates, indicate that something very wrong is happening to the ovaries. It is possible that developing foetuses could be rendered infertile, but this will not be known until over 20 years’ time. As Dr Roger Hodkinson has said: “These nanoparticles from the clot shot … are getting through the placenta and … could be attacking the ovary of the developing female fetus.” It will truly bring about an apocalyptic population crash.


“Are we in for another ugly surprise from the mRNA COVID vaccine?

We already know about the myocarditis risk and the prospect of blood clots, and hear many reports of previously healthy young people mysteriously dropping dead.

Now according to a new Project Veritas video with a Pfizer official, another may be coming along, too:

According to The Vigilant Fox, which compiled a lot of tweets:


“Project Veritas released another breaking story last night featuring Pfizer executive Jordan Trishton Walker. This time, he was caught on camera openly admitting concern about women's cycles and their fertility. As a result, #Pfertility is trending on Twitter.

So Pfizer knew about the potential for rendering those who take its COVID shot sterile, and did nothing, and the evidence is mounting that the mRNA vaccine's RNA nanoparticles hovers in the reproductive systems with high potential for rendering women and the babies they may be carrying sterile. And 42% of women report that there has been disruption of their menstrual cycles as a result of taking the vaccine which was mandatory if they expected to be able to perform normal activities such as working or flying a plane.

That is one heck of a disturbing story which isn't getting much press coverage. One reason it may not be is that the story is depressing.

Those who are noticing and calling for some kind of national "conversation" on this matter are branded vaccine skeptics and other crackpots, and have been banned on platforms like Twitter in the past. The prospect of Pfizer, with its powerful political muscle, coming clean on what it knows or telling the truth about the vaccine's potential side effects is just about nil. The public already knows that it won't get straight talk from Pfizer or any other profiting Big Pharma company on the risk of myocarditis -- why would they be honest about the impact on fertility? As for the potential harm itself, the impact of this news and study is life-changing damage as millions of people find out they can never become parents, and the people responsible for this cannot be sued. Unless Pfizer finds a way to reverse this damage, the damage is done and cannot be undone.

What a terrible specter this presents as time goes on, with the consequences unknowable for the next 20 years. 

It goes to show that shutting down an economy and forcing a vaccine on the unwilling is bound to have terrible consequences and lead to national decline, of the kind that some nations such as France endured in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars when a huge demographic hole affected the nation's growth, with the same thing happening in Germany after World War I.

The power-grabbing of the bureaucrats and pols, the mendacity of the companies, and the ease with which they all did their permanent damage in the wake of COVID seems incalculable. It underlines the importance of the remaining political leaders in a post-Joe Biden America, to mandate sunlight laws and full autonomy over one's choice to get vaccinated, and that they never let mass lockdowns ever happen again.



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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