February, 2023
A Medical Student Says that His “Tribe” got it Wrong on Covid! By Mrs Vera West
Antifa: Children of the Elites By James Reed
Bill Gate’s Australian Project to Stop Cow Farts and Burps By James Reed
The Decline and Fall of the Universities By James Reed
The Taste of Reparations to Come By James Reed
The Voice or What de Voice???? By Unidentified Author
Artificial Intelligence and the End of Work By Brian Simpson
The White House and the FTX Scam: The Hidden Connections By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Not Exactly Admirable Qualities By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Fines of Pfizer By Chris Knight (Florida)
The World Health Organization is Not Letting Go of Covid By Brian Simpson
The Demographic Winter By Mrs Vera West
Covid-19 Vax Injuries have been Ignored in Australia By Mrs Vera West
The Covid Consensus, the Global Assault Upon Democracy and the Poor By Brian Simpson
Acute Psychosis After the Covid Vax By Brian Simpson
White Genocide and the Vaxxes By James Reed
The Corrupt Ukraine By Richard Miller (London)
Trans Figure Skater Hits the Ice – Literally! By Richard Miller (London)
Are Aluminium Vaccine Adjuvants Safe? By Mrs Vera West
The Bioweapons Labs of the Ukraine? By Richard Miller (London)