Antifa: Children of the Elites By James Reed

I have been saying this for years at the blog, and before the blog, that the antifa, and before that term, radical Leftoid activists, are children of the well-to-do elites, mostly white. P J Media does a detailed analysis of some recent antifa activities in the US, that of the Atlanta urban terrorists. The facts of these cases become forgotten quickly, but the point remains that time and time again, the main movers and shakers of these sort of protests, are white Leftist youth. Even in race-based riots, you see the same sort of person there. It was this way in the 1960s anti-Vietnam War protests, where the leaders went on to have top jobs in academia and politics. It is all training to be a good globalist.

“We’ve already learned that the vast majority of the Antifa insurrectionists who terrorized Atlanta over the weekend — and have occupied the future site of a public safety training facility for months — hailed from nowhere near Atlanta, but the more we learn about the Antifa criminals who attacked cops and did damage all over downtown Atlanta, we realize that these aren’t oppressed minorities rising up against the system.

It turns out the Atlanta terrorists are largely children of immense privilege.

Take, for example, the rather evil-looking Francis Carroll (whose name WSB misspelled below), the guy who allegedly lit a police cruiser on fire Saturday night.

Carroll hails from Kennebunkport, Maine — yep, the same Kennebunkport that is home to the Bush family compound. And we all know that towns with compounds are always fancy. He’s the scion of a multimillion-dollar family that owns a yacht, and he lived in his parents’ mansion before coming to Atlanta to wreak havoc.

Over at the New York PostAndy Ngo notes that Carroll “was among six people arrested and charged with domestic terrorism, aggravated assault and other crimes on Dec. 13 following a string of property attacks around the area, a carjacking and assaults on officers. They were all bailed out by activists who crowdfunded their legal defense using Twitter.”

And then there’s Serena Hertal. The Idaho native is a graduate of $82,000-a-year Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif. How has she made use of that high-dollar education? By facing charges of domestic terrorism, aggravated assault, and criminal trespass in Atlanta.

How about Ivan James Ferguson? The 23-year-old Nevada native is a clarinetist who performed with orchestras up and down the West Coast before throwing it all away to interfere with the safety of a city two thousand miles away. Ferguson studied at the swanky San Francisco Conservatory of Music, which should serve him well in jail.

Meet Emily Kathryn Murphy. The native of Gross Isle, Mich., doesn’t quite have the posh upbringing of some of these other terrorists, but at age 37, she does have the life experience to know better. However, she had a high-ranking role in Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project” organization, which served as her gateway drug to eco-extremism and vegan activism.

Ngo reports that Murphy once wrote in a blog, “I have been vegan five and a half years now, and, no matter how much explaining I do, my own family still doesn’t fully understand what being vegan means.” A lot of people don’t, Emily.

And we can’t forget 22-year-old Madeleine Feola of Spokane, Wash. She grew up in a wealthy suburb of Portland, Ore., before her family moved to Spokane. Feola went to tony — and far-left — Oberlin College in Ohio, where she “studied archaeological studies with a focus on decolonization.” She’s now a “trans nonbinary activist,” which means she’s a chick with armpit hair who goes by “Henri” (because when you’re high-class, why not choose a French name to transition to?).

Ngo recounts the earlier arrests of Atlanta Antifa thugs in an epic thread from last year. Some of these people have come from backgrounds of incredible privilege.

Many of these spoiled brats hid in a wooded area to throw firebombs at cops.

These earlier arrests include some precious little snots with privileged backgrounds too:

* Teresa Yue Shen, a Brooklyn woman arrested on Jan. 18 who graduated from Barnard College before working at Reuters and CNN, according to her LinkedIn. She is charged with domestic terrorism.

* Abigail Elizabeth Skapyak, of Minneapolis. Skapyak is a former Justice Department intern who graduated from American University. She was arrested on May 17.

* Marianna Hoitt-Lange, a violinist who graduated from New York University. She was arrested on May 17.

* Madeleine “Matthias” Gunther Kodat, of Philadelphia, is the daughter of the former provost and dean of faculty at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wis., who was arrested on May 17.

Just for added fun, Shen, who is 31 and, again, old enough to know better, is the daughter of a Chinese publishing and pharmaceutical titan. Shen bills herself as a “mental health consultant” (pray for her clients) and lived in a half-million-dollar Brooklyn apartment before devoting herself to a life of crime.

These twerps, who claim to have no leadership but have the infrastructure to issue statements, are calling for more terrorism.

“We call for more actions directly toward the companies that are donating to and funding the Cop City project in Atlanta. Forest defenders have a right to stay in the forest, and groups will continue to retaliate until the Cop City Project is canceled,” their statement reads.

Everything in that statement is false. These terrorists aren’t defending a “forest,” as if it’s some glorious protected land. It’s an overgrown former prison farm, and it belongs to the city.

Gov. Brian Kemp (R-Ga.) appeared with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business on Wednesday to talk about the terrorism in Atlanta.

“I became very frustrated with this situation several months ago and have been pushing the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the State Patrol, and state law enforcement to start working with the locals to make sure that we have a safe environment here,” he said. “We didn’t play into the local politics and the decision that was made, but we’re just not going to stand for construction sites being terrorized and people being assaulted. and that goes for our police officers too.”

Kemp added, “We’re gonna bring these people to justice, and we’re gonna send a message. We did that two years ago during civil unrest when a lot of out-of-state people that really shouldn’t have a dog in this fight were coming to our city to destroy businesses and government property like police cars… I think we sent a strong message that we’re just not going to put up with that here in the state of Georgia.

Local and state authorities need to root out these terrorists, prosecute them, and build the public safety training facility. Atlanta can’t allow a bunch of carpetbaggers living off of mommy and daddy’s money to dictate what it does.”





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