Covid-19 Vax Injuries have been Ignored in Australia By Mrs Vera West

Sonia Hickey, a Sydney lawyer, has a tremendous piece on the fact that Covid-19 vaccine injuries have been largely ignored in Australia. The problem goes right through the system she observes, including the local GP, who simply do not consider the ailments that a patient presents, to be vaccine-caused. Yes, severe heart palpitations, myocarditis, pericarditis, and neurological issues, are all explained … somehow. And, even if injuries are recognised, the compensation scheme is limited. Thus, it is argued that since Big Pharma are legally protected from litigation, governments, who forced the vaxxes, and threatened people who were not vaxxed, and of course, the lockdowns, may be open to civil litigation. I hope that millions of law suits bloom. The government deserves it.

“There’s growing momentum around the acknowledgement of vaccination injuries despite them being ignored by big pharma, the medical profession, and governments around the world, including our own. 

As medical professionals point out, unless a vaccine injury was diagnosed immediately following the Covid-19 vaccination it can be hard to detect. 

But let’s take a step back and remember that period of time for a moment – 2020-2021 – when Doctors were threatened with deregistration for not promoting positive messages around the Government rollout of Covid vaccinations, vaccination mandates were in place, circumventing vaccination rules, was virtually impossible as was getting a medical exemption

Even now, some months on from vaccination mandates – many GPs just don’t seem to want to consider the potential for vaccination injury in patients presenting with symptoms they can trace back to the jab. 

This is only making it harder for sufferers  to have their symptoms taken seriously or get access to specialist medical help to assist with diagnosis. …

So what about the Federal Government compensation scheme? 

The scheme itself is quite limited. Furthermore, applications need to be filled out by a health professional. And so the issue comes full circle. If GPs cannot definitively and confidently diagnose an injury, or don’t consider symptoms sufficient to provide a patient with a referral to a specialist who can, then the compensation application cannot be completed and filed. 

Time to acknowledge the potential harm

But there is an increasing number of health professionals who – despite threats by the Australian Health Practitioners Association (AHPRA) of de-registration – are speaking out, and working together to share patient data to raise the issue and begin the process of effectively helping these people. 

These health professionals are also frustrated by a lack of acknowledgement and reporting around vaccination injury, which makes finding treatments more difficult, which results in a patient suffering for longer.   

There is, amongst medical professionals and sufferers still a degree of ‘shyness’ in talking about the issue, mostly out of concern that the information they share will be used by conspiracy theorists and the anti-vax movement (such is the divisiveness created by Covid). 

But that’s just not a good enough reason to keep the issue secret. 

And, while the big pharmaceutical companies continue to benefit from the money-making opportunity of a lifetime, with vaccine programmes supported by the World Health Organisation, and governments around the world, it’s questionable whether there is any incentive for them to make vaccines safer unless we can truly present a need for them to be made safer. 

As a result, as time goes on, more people are likely to suffer.”

A very good piece setting out the key issues. However, the governments are seeming to double down, rather than own up to their responsibility. 



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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