October, 2022
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Florida Recommends Against mRNA Vaxxes for Males Aged 18 to 39 By Chris Knight (Florida)
Kaiser Permanente Discovers the Covid Vax Truth By Richard Miller (London)
Joe Biden: Mad, and Bad! By Charles Taylor (Florida)
China bought Up Masses of PPE BEFORE Covid; The CCP Knew! By James Reed
I Will Miss Big Guy Alex Jones By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Tulsi Gabbard Jumps Ship By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Next: Climate Change Lockdowns By James Reed
“Floods & Droughts are Nothing New” By Viv Forbes
Letter to The Land By D. B. Smith
Not A Vaccine But a Gene Therapy By Brian Simpson
The Real Agenda of Elon Musk and Twitter By James Reed
The Importance of Sleep for Activists, and All By Mrs Vera West
Horrendous New Gain-of Function Covid Research By Brian Simpson
Even Elon is Not Safe from Globalist Attack By James Reed