September, 2016
The Growth of PC Madness by Chris Knight
Finally, Some Sense on the Submarine Fiasco by James Reed
Migration Costs: A Never-Ending Story by James Reed
US-led coalition aircraft strike Syrian army positions, kill 62 soldiers – military
Theresa May faces rebellion as Tory MPs launch new 'hard Brexit' campaign
Gender theory a matter of faith’, says family law expert
‘Green-Left’ stifling democracy with threats, tantrums on plebiscite
Vitaly Churkin Response On Obama Attack In Syria
Russia Has No Partners In The West by Paul Craig Roberts
U.S. Allies 'Volunteer' To Share (Implausible) Blame For Deir Ezzor Attack
Letters to the Editor
Libya, David Cameron’s “Iraq”? Damning Report Shreds Another War Monger by Felicity Arbuthnot
It is Time for Anglo-Saxons, and Nordics to Embrace Identity Politics and Tribalism! by Peter West
Dealing with Terrorist Knife Attacks: Time to Go Medieval by John Steele
9/11 Means that 2 Equals 3! by Brian Simpson
Blowing America Apart by Chris Knight
Will Russia Surrender? by Paul Craig Roberts
What is the “Worst Article Written by Anyone Ever?” by Uncle Len the worst journalist, ever
On Being Swamped by Muslims: An Intellectual Defence of Pauline Hanson by Peter Ewer
Ending Australian Immigration: Start with “Humanitarian” Migrants by James Reed