What is the “Worst Article Written by Anyone Ever?” by Uncle Len the worst journalist, ever

James Delingpole “Read: The Worst Article Written by Anyone Ever,” September 17, 2016, got my attention. With all of the politically correct bs pumped by gigantic sewer pumps into the brains of our people, how does one choose?

Delingpole though, zeroes in on an article by Yassmin Abdel-Magied a “racing car engineer; hijab-wearing Sudanese-Australian activist.” The article in question is “As Lionel Shriver Made Light of Identity, I had No Choice but to Walk Out on Her,” September 10, 2016.

I was also skilful enough, well with the help of one of the library staff at the community centre, a block from the shed where I live, to find the article which started it all: Lionel Shriver’s keynote address at the Brisbane Writers Festival: “Lionel Shriver’s Full Speech: ‘I Hope the Concept of Cultural Appropriation is a Passing Fad,” September 13, 2016.

At this point I must admit my confusion working this all out. In fact I spent a whole day staring at the computer screen trying to understand the politically correct concepts. But, given my life time association with rubbish, finally I succeeded. Remember: I am Len the cleaner!

It seems that Lionel Shriver (whose gender I care not about) attacked the notion of cultural appropriation.  An example: someone teaching a yoghurt – I mean yogi bear – I mean yoga class – was accused and shamed for ripping off the Indians. Yoga came from India: get it. That’s culturally insensitive.

Shiver says that this pc idea will kill literature, which is all about wearing other people’s hats and recording the experience. And who do we consult to get “permission” to use such culture? There is no authority to sign off.  So, all of this could be interpreted as a critique of identity politics.

That upset Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who walked out of the speech, “a poisoned package wrapped up in arrogance and delivered with condescension.” Worse, the audience went along for the ride, a literature-loving crew of, I imagine, Leftists, who “chuckled.” That would have been truly horrible for the hyper-politically correct, who take themselves very seriously indeed. Here is an example of the serious stuff:

“The kind of disrespect for others infused in Lionel Shriver’s keynote is the same force that sees people vote for Pauline Hanson. It’s the  reason our First Peoples are still fighting for recognition, and it’s the reason we continue to stomach offshore immigration prisons. It’s the kind of attitude that lays the foundation for prejudice, for hate, for genocide.”
Bravo! Bravo!

I think that Delingpole is wrong to write off this article as the “worst article written by anyone ever.” There is nothing much different here to the standard multicult stuff produced daily by the progressive chattering class. It is the normal way of writing, full of exaggeration and imagined fears of the “racists.”   All this is to help maintain group solidarity – in short, identity – for they too are a tribe. That is what this whole debate shows.

How about, for a change, we end with a song, or a poem! This little monster was in the comments section of the Breitbart.com article, and I love it:

Progressives preach pigswill pedantic,
They fuss and flap like faeries frantic.
They slip and slide on schemes semantic.
They relish rape as reet romantic
They’re serpent’s servants sycophantic,
And we ain’t amazed at any antic,
Gestate our savage rage gigantic,
Trust in our triumph transatlantic.



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