Dealing with Terrorist Knife Attacks: Time to Go Medieval by John Steele

Across the West terrorist knife attacks seem to be the “in thing” with fashionable lone wolf terrorists. There is one almost every day. Thus, in the St. Cloud shopping mall one jihadist stabbed nine people before being shot by an off-duty police officer.

Police have a problem in crowded areas of subduing knife wielders as there is the dangers, as seem in Australia of hitting innocent by-standers. Tasers also have their limits, as the person could armour up.

Maybe then it is time to go Medieval. Yes, there is controversy about carrying guns, but what about Medieval melee weapons such as swords, battle axes, maces, war hammers and even combat walking sticks such as the fantastic Irish blackthorn sticks? Even the sticks which are legal, would be a match for any knife.

Police could also wade into battle with broadswords and battle axes.
I bet the terrorists would drop their knives then. This may cause the terrorists back to guns and bombs, but what else is new?



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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