It is Time for Anglo-Saxons, and Nordics to Embrace Identity Politics and Tribalism! by Peter West

Two trends: the first, Anglo-Saxon people in Australia, the United States and Britain are fast becoming minorities, and in the US Anglos, by contrast to broadly “whites,” already are.
Native Germans, for another example, will be a minority in one generation. In other words, Nordics, people of Northern European descend, will become only a minority tribe.

Second, as Peter Baldwin points out, “Regressive Left Puts Bigotry on a Pedestal,” The Weekend Australian, September 17-18, 2016, p. 19, the Enlightenment ideal of a universal human nature based on reason has been rejected in favour of identity politics and culture.

What I promise now will be controversial to some, but it may well be that the intellectual rot is so far gone that a pure survivalist strategy is necessary. It may simply be too late to save traditional Western civilisation and its values. The battle at least is likely to pull down the pillars of civilisation.
What then to save? Surely ourselves, our kind, so that sometime in the distant future after natural selection has done its job, a rebuilding of civilisation, without our present fatal weaknesses can be done.

We are in a “fall of Rome” situation, but even thinkers on our side can’t see that. So a fall back strategy is needed. Saving our kind – say Northern Europeans – those worthy, would allow rebuilding of “our” values. So I think Christian Universalists need to start thinking racially and tribally or they will find, unless a miracle or divine intervention occurs, there will be nothing left.

Needless to say our present progressive culture is extremely hostile to Christianity. Greg Sheridan (“Triumph of Identity Politics Over Robust Debate,” The Australian, September 15, 2016, p. 14) says in commentary on the Christian church’s defence of traditional marriage, met by anti-discrimination law complaints:

“But that surely is the shape of the future. Christian churches, schools, adoption agencies, publishing houses and the rest will all be subject to complaint and litigation if they simply teach traditional Christian teaching.”

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has declared that churches and Christian organisations and public schools will violate state law if they use “names, pronouns, and gender-related terms” that conflict with a person’s “stated gender identity.” Before Its, September 15, 2016. Hence, practicing Christianity is essentially illegal in Massachusetts.

All this has happened in only a few decades.
Project all of this on for another 50 more years and maybe you will feel my concern, and then you will “feel it.”



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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