September, 2016
The Great Donation Debate: Time to Ban all Union and Company Donations! by James Reed
China and Imperialist Domination by James Reed
On 9/11 the Twin Towers of Hillary Came Tumbling Down! by Chris Knight
The Vexed Question of DNA Ownership by Ian Wilson LL.B
The Coming Demographic Crash by Mrs Vera West
Would They Lie to You? by Uncle Len, Who Cannot Tell a Lie
Sociology Pin-Up of the Week! by James Reed
Malcolm Roberts, a polished punchy senate speech
Letter to the Editor
Pauline Hanson 2016 Maiden Speech
Derryn Hinch names five alleged paedophiles in maiden Senate speech
45th Parliament of Australia
Assad’s Death Warrant by Mike Whitney
The Privatisation of National Credit and Money-Printing by Jeremy Lee (Australia 2000- How Bright The Vision?)
Australia needs a Paris Plebiscite 
by Viv Forbes
My Guess: Only the Pro-Gay Marriage Side Will be Funded by Mrs Vera West
Waking in Fright to the Problem of China by James Reed
The Free Trade Delusion by James Reed
The Cultural War Against Men by Mrs Vera West
Hillary Clinton’s Mind by Chris Knight