Whoa! Now Pakistan Involved in US Electoral Fraud By Charles Taylor

Everyone must have had a hand in pushing the Democrats over the line, even Pakistan intelligence. Don’t tell me commo China was not the kingpin.


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Regress Australia Unfair By Peter West

Just face it, everything we white Australians have done is racist, racist, more racist! We are damned! Our national anthem is also intrinsically flawed too, no matter what language it is sung in, and it has the word “fair” in it, too, so it has to be wrong.


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Communist Windmill Power! By Bruce Bennett

Advance Australia (check them out at the URL below), has a news release about the absurdity of windmill power in New South Wales, something country people pay the environmental and health costs for, so the urban elite can feel good about climate change, and other trendy nonsense. We cannot guarantee all of the claims, or indeed any, but see the comments as in the public interest, already being released.


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Finally, I Found that Lost Turmeric Article! By Mrs Vera West

This was one that got away, but I found the article on a magical effect of turmeric the other day. Here, let me share it with you now:


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Biological Sex is Real; Ok You are Fired! By Mrs Vera West

This is how crazy the universities are now, fully justifying their closure to clean the manure from the stables, a professor says that biological sex is real, and gets sacked! Under the new woke totalitarianism, this is a thought crime.


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What is Scientific Truth? By Brian Simpson

There has developed something of a debate about the nature of scientific truth, and its excesses, in scientism, the belief that only science can give us truth. But, what sort of claim is it, that “only science can give us truth?” The claim does not appear to be an empirical truth, nor a logical/deductive truth, as in mathematics, so scientism seems to be internally incoherent. But, a simpler refutation comes in 2020, with all the nonsense we have heard from “science” on the Wuhan flu.


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Once were Vikings … By Richard Miller

The Vikings of old would be amazed, and ashamed to see where it has all led in the lands of the north. But, all who fly eventually crash. The crash of the West though will be like nothing humanity has ever seen, as now this is a global smash, with no-one to rebuild. Except perhaps, deplorables like us. But, with Denmark there is some hope:


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Hypertension and the Gut By Mrs Vera West

This series continues where I am seeking an understanding of my high blood pressure problem, also known as hypertension.

There may be even more wisdom in the old saying, “you are what you eat,” with increasing evidence pointing to the gut as being almost a type of second biochemical brain, important for much human behaviour and health:

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UFO Tech; Enter the Conspiracy with Your Tin Foil Hat! By Brian Simpson

This one has everything, except white racists, but maybe they are there somewhere. UFO technology apparently is held by the US and China. So, it is going to be Star Wars, with hypersonic fights, you name it. And, it will be over quickly.


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The Magic of Olive Oil By Mrs Vera West

Olive oil, organic and extra-virgin, which refers to oil low in acidity and highest in quality, not its infinitely negative sexual inexperience, has enormous health benefits. Witness:


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Not the Wuhan Flu, but the Aussie Flu! By James Reed

Even though Wuhan has wet markets where all sorts of healthy interactions between humans and exotic animals occur, China is now saying, having fingered India, which went nowhere, its latest enemy to punish, Australia, gave the world the Wuhan flu. Get a load of this one crew:


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Biden and Open Borders By Chris Knight

If the Democrats succeed in stealing the election, then it is on, with gun control, and most of all, open borders, to boost Democrat numbers ensuring that a dictatorship exists in in the US until civil war, or a collapse, or both. Does dopey Donnie really understand what is a at stake?


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Would China Actually …Lie? By Chris Knight

Australia is being punished by China for daring to ask for accountability, so let us reflect upon what China actually did before it is all flushed down the memory hole, in the coming Dark Age of communism.


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Joe Biden’s Post-Election Dementia Moment By Charles Taylor

Joe Biden in an interview has said in an interview, he said that if he disagreed with Karma Harris, he would develop a disease and resign. Wow, that is supposed to be the president. Well, no, Harris is ready to walk right into the position, now. So, this is what the dopey white Democrats voted for, a 78-year-old demented man, who was just a place holder for a highly unpopular person, who has not yet dropped her Senate seat. Here is a video about his, I hope there is no bad language, perhaps covering your ears. But really, at this stage of the game, it is the least of our worries, since the West faces oblivion, on a good day too. Oh, I just hear a four-letter word in frustration at the very end of an otherwise good piece, so maybe go for this with a G rating:


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Never Trust the Communists By Michael Ferguson

This is something that James Reed has been hammering here at this blog for years, the threat of China. Here is the Wall Street Journal, now charging in on this, with John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence:


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Unending Fraud; Infinite Corruption in a System Rotten to the Core By Chris Knight

We are starting to see some coverage of the massive US electoral fraud in the mainstream US press, very mild stuff, so as to not to frighten the sheep, but happening quietly:


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China, Covid-1984 and Travel Fascism By James Reed

Good old China, out there helping us on the covid-1984 issue, all for the welfare of humanity, of course, not their will to power. China supports a passenger tracking system for global travel, as part of the Great Reset.


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I Have Big Problems with South Australia By James Reed

As a somewhat bigoted Victorian, with a traitor brother who left us to become a crow eater, I have, full disclosure, problems with South Australia. My feelings of discomfort go to the dark crime culture, the nasty murders, the old school system, it goes on. Now, consider:


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Elon Musk’s Amazing Immune System By Brian Simpson

Elon Musk has a pretty amazon immune system, in dictating that he must be ready for space travel and colonising other solar systems, or else there is something fundamentally wrong with the Coviddy test. Not a trick question.


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Are They Listening Now? By James Reed

I have been ceaselessly complaining about the silence of Australian conservatives about the US election fraud issue, but now there seems to be movement at the station. Maybe now it will be safe to comment on one of the most stunning events in modern times. And, the coverage for Australia, from post-election morning, until mow, was done by the League of Rights, fearless, hard hitting journalism.


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