Texas Secession By Charles Taylor

Texas is taking electoral fraud hard, and has influential people talking about breaking away from the corrupt Disunited States of America. Good work, keep going Texas.


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China Runs the US Universities By James Reed

The US election has unleashed interest in the extent to which China interferes in the running of most important aspects of society. The debate has been quiet in Australia, with few mainstream politicians taking hold of this hot potato, but in the US there have been major figures grasping it, especially on the China role in the universities. Here in Australia, Chinese students are a sacred cash cow, so we are not seeing the needed debate. Yet, in the cities, near the evil universities, the student residential buildings still go up.


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Ice Age in Canberra By Michael Ferguson

No, it is not the cold weather, just what one would expect from global WARMING, eh! … but the proposal to legalise a whole heap of hard drugs. No, decriminalise is the word, but in the long term it will achieve the same result. It is important to have as many fronts of social decay covered as possible:


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Grooming Rape Gangs are Out there Still, Hunting and Preying By Mrs Vera West

I have been covering the issue of the European rape gangs, as has London correspondent, Richard Miller, for years. We have frequently said that this is not over, and may well be the tip of the multicult iceberg:


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Bell’s Palsy and the Covid-19 Vaccine, Getting Your Face Around It By Mrs Vera West

Bell’s palsy, a facial paralysis condition, arose in four Pfizer vaccine trial volunteers in the US experiments. But, Bell’s palsy has been linked with Covid-19, not merely the vaccine.



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Why SCOTUS Will Cuck, Being the Slave of the Deep State By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Very few conservatives, your Ian Wilson is one exception, have a critical attitude towards the legal system. In their minds they, as Christians, see it as the working of God, a reflection in the human realm of divine truths. But, that is on paper. In reality, things are messy. The separation of powers, in both Australia and the US is something of an illusion. Thus, Biden as president will select a new set of politically correct judges to deliver exactly the judgments he wants, such as the elimination of the right to bear arms. It is that close to tyranny. And, the present Supreme Court does not care, it is so far decayed. Trump-appointed judges are little more than Democrats, a problem from the law schools turning out radical Leftists since the 1960s. And, it is no better in Australia, where while your constitution has a clearly defined separation of powers on paper between the executive and judiciary, in reality, legal decisions are always geared to public policy/political demands. Even Mabo, which on the face of it, challenged existing property law, was something that Keating at the time wanted, delivered for the UN. It is all part of one Deep State operation.


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Declassify to Your Heart’s Content! By Chris Knight

As Trump looks like going down in flames, many, including Charles and me, have suggested that he declassify every bit of embarrassing information he has, as well as pardon Assange, himself and his family, but he better get a wriggle on, as it is ending soon.


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Life in the Woke University By James Reed

Here is a good article by an anonymous academic about life in the woke, politically correct university of today, which is about all of them. Same story, across the West:


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God Bless Nationals MP George Christensen! By James Reed

Many of us have said that Trump, as weak as he is, should at least pardon Assange, just to ram it up the Deep State and Biden. But, this coward cuck, will not. Sad:


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When is a Dr Not a Dr? By James Reed

Here is yet another university cancellation story, where an academic makes the mistake of thinking he has free speech, but of course, does not.


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SCOTUS will Help the Breakup of America By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The shocking outcome of SCOTUS rejecting the Texas et al. law suit without hearing it, whimping out on a pathetic standing argument, which convinced nobody, has led to more conservative figures moving more to our side. In brief, we see the West and its institutions as totally corrupt, taken over by Leftists and those who use it. Secession is one response to the long historical process of clawing back the nation.


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A Pathetic Way for White America to End; Not with a Bang, but a Tweet By Charles Taylor

Why Trump stuck to Twitter, rather than creating his own platform is probably best known by Jared. Anyway, we are seeing where this now leads, as Twitter begins the censorship of him. When will he wake up and smell the rot?


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No Privacy, No Liberty, No Property by 2030: Good Work, Good Men! By James Reed

When you have been fighting this anarcho-tyranny for most of one’s life, at the end of things, one’s nerves get a little frayed. You can see the latest tyranny coming, you try to warn, but it is the Cassandra effect, and even those who are on our side, just don’t see it. Then there is the rachet effect down, as more liberties are lost, and it becomes even harder to regain lost ground. Still our side does not see, because, at the end of the day, as long as they are comfortable, they stay in their comfort zone. Clearly a rational person, who supported liberty and private property, should be deeply concerned, as the traditional world is undermined to create New World Order global communism.


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First Australia, Now Beijing Biden’s America, Colonies of China By Charles Taylor

At the present time, the alternative media is reporting on the depth of communist China’s penetration into the nerve centres of the West, with the major win being Beijing Biden, a president in the hands of China. But that is only part of the picture, as The Epoch Times reports, the corruption runs deep, and has been happening for a long time, beyond Obama and Biden:


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As if Electoral Fraud Matters Now! By James Reed

The depth of corruption in the US knows no bounds, and despite any evidence, it is clear to me that the US Supreme Court will say to Trump: no fraud here, no, nothing to see, go away. Or, they may not even give him standing, since all intuitions are controlled by the Deep State and globalists, who want Biden. Fraud for them does not exist. Only a massive grassroots revolt, the likes of which the world has not previously seen has a faint hope of doing anything. Meanwhile:


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Where Does HIV Fit into the Covid-19 Vaccine World View? By Mrs Vera West

I was disappointed hearing that the Australian government had hiccups with the new Covid-19 vaccine, as false HIV positive results were returned. So, how does that happen? What does HIV have to do with our miracle vaccine? Some hypotheses, please?! Disclaimer: I do not necessarily endorse everything of the following hypotheses, but they are interesting, and thus worth reporting.


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Vatican Scandal: There Goes the Nativity! By Peter West

I am not surprised, and indeed expected something like this, but not as a bad. Readers need to see the photo to believe it … it is gothic, or pagan, if not Satanic in its horror:


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Canadian China Files: Acts of Insanity By Chris Knight

Here is the depth of Chinese penetration into governments, with an approved joint military training excise of Canada and China exploding into controversy.


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Fang, Fang, Gets Out Her Fangs! By James Reed

All Chinese citizens, by communist law, are agents of the state and are required to report back to China, as reported here:


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Antifa Slicing and Dicing Deplorables By Charles Taylor

Like lambs to the slaughter, are the Trumpers who are going to be knifed by antifa, in the great sacrificial black magic ritual of the Left.


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