Typical US Evangelicals By Charles Taylor

One of the curses of US conservative politics is having to deal with the Christian fundamentalists/evangelicals, whose loyally is not to this nation. You would think that they would go with someone like Trump, but, at the end of the day, they flip. I see them as closet commos myself. Not to see election fraud at this date, speaks for itself.


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The Numbers Don’t Add Up By Chris Knight

This is a decisive proof of US electoral fraud, simply arithmetic. We will see how SCOTUS responds.


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The Silence of the Universities By James Reed

Severe crackdowns of the little remaining free speech are rapidly occurring on most West university campuses, due to the culture of political correctness, and the new wave of communism sweeping the world, under the influence of China.


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Depicted as Rats before Extermination By Charles Taylor

Conservatives be warned, for the extermination tactics of the Left are still with us, and this time our necks are in the noose.


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UK Super-Duper Covid: Here, There and Everywhere! By Mrs Vera West

Well, the new super Covid is here. But, there is controversy about how tough this bug is, and whether the present vaccine covers it. The authorities are saying that all is well, but there have been no tests as such. What is happening in South Africa is interesting, and under-reported; material below.


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Ho! Ho! Christmas is the Time for Electoral Fraud News! By Chris Knight

Let’s get this one up before Christmas. Here is a handy dandy summary to saved reading time so last-minute shopping can be done, if Christmas is not cancelled in your neck of the woods by the NWO monsters.


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The Virus of Vaccine Distrust By Mrs Vera West

At least in the US there is a high level of distrust in the Covid-19 vaccine, which is likely to become, in Australia, necessary to even live in civil society, as I covered in another article.


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The Cyber Attack was from China By Charles Taylor

My hypothesis is that the cyber attack upon the US was not by Russia, or exclusively, but primarily China, as China has been undertaking a cyber war for some time. The false president, Beijing Biden and the neo cons, active now with the fall of Trump, want war with Russia, as does China, since two enemies will be destroyed for the price of one. The Democrats, like all leftists are engages in the suicide of the West.


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The Most Corrupt Pseudo President By Chris Knight

An update on the Biden family corruption issue, which the mainstream media refused to cover, since it would have killed old Joe’s election bid, maybe even with electoral fraud, or at least requiring even more fraud.


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The New Iron Curtain By James Reed

Great edition of The Report from Tiger Mountain, by Aussie Right-wing film maker, Richard Wolstencroft, discussing the extraordinary level of censorship, not only over the US election, but Covid-19. It all shows that there is a vast media conspiracy, since even in the past, the electoral absurdities would have been investigated, but today are blatantly ignored. This is a new “iron” curtain Richard argues, but the curtain is more velvet, a soft totalitarian because it has to be non-heterosexual/binary friendly, so the curtain will be a rainbow colour. What a way to go.


Dark Age America By Chris Knight

False pseudo New World Order president Joe Beijing Biden has prediction dark times. He would know, being part of this darkness.


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Covid in Antarctica!!! How about Pluto? By Brian Simpson

Well, have virus will travel! Covid now has completed its world tour, even reaching Antarctica, something even the Beatles did not do. So, we can truly say that Covid is bigger than the Beatles, now. Take that, Lennon!


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Tearing Down the Wall By Charles Taylor

This was totally predictable and I said this, not this site but at another, that the next Democrat president will simply tear down whatever pathetic bit of wall Trump built. And, it’s soon to be gone. Just as well Rump did not do much, spending his energy on things for other countries, as a natural globalist.


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A Well-Meaning Plea for Breeding By Mrs Vera West

Good old Peter Costello, still wanting women to have babies, and rejecting the idea that immigration will save us from the population birth dearth. Still, as shown by things like 64 percent of student debt being held by women, it is clear what women are doing under the new regime, anything but having babies. Big Brother is their husband, the university their church,  as they work to buy the useless consumer goods that keep this system going.


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The Security Threat of China By James Reed

We have been arguing that China is a massive security threat for some time now. Here is a piece by US Director of National Intelligence who elaborates on this theme.


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Billy Gate’s Amazing Quantum Dot, Sign of the Beast By James Reed

Talk about 666 and all that deep St. John of the apocalypse stuff. Billy Gates is pushing on mixing high tech and vaccines, bringing it all together for the New World Order.


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Idea for a Film Script: The I am Legend Covid-19 Vaccine By Brian Simpson

Along the lines of classic zombie flicks, we have a mass vaccination program that goes wrong. But instead of generating flesh-eating zombies, we find that human females can no longer haver babies. Can artificial wombs save the human race? Anyway, the claim that the Covid-19 vaccine can make females infertile has been subject to criticism, so who knows?


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China, the Wuhan Flu, and Electoral Fraud By James Reed

My hypothesis is that the Wuhan flu was cooked up in a Chinese lab, with cooperation from Western globalists to destroy Trump, destroy Western economies and lift China to world dominance, since China is the model for the coming totalitarianism of the New World Order. Will the mainstream ever get to the truth about this?


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The End of Even Pseudo-Democracy By Chris Knight

Forget about electoral fraud, that could well be a thing of the past if another vocal academic proclaims.


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The Myth of Masks By Brian Simpson

There is considerable evidence that masks, at least the cheap ones from the supermarkets, do nothing to save one from the dreaded Covid-19 Black Death apocalypse virus.


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