Biden and Open Borders By Chris Knight

If the Democrats succeed in stealing the election, then it is on, with gun control, and most of all, open borders, to boost Democrat numbers ensuring that a dictatorship exists in in the US until civil war, or a collapse, or both. Does dopey Donnie really understand what is a at stake?

“House Democrats have begun drafting an immigration reform plan which President-elect Joe Biden has signaled he will sign.

Rep. Linda Sanchez has started the process of drafting an immigration reform bill that Democrats are expected to submit as soon as Biden enters the White House, according to a Politico report this week.

The report added that “multiple Hispanic Caucus members” have privately said that a “large number of Democrats would be severely disappointed” if Biden doesn’t push for immigration reform early in his presidency.

Chuck Rocha, former senior adviser to the Bernie Sanders campaign, told Politico that Democrats are in for a "world of hurt" if they don't pass immigration reform or a pathway to citizenship.

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Rep. Sanchez's office declined to comment on the Politico report.

Biden recently signaled to NBC’s Lester Holt that he is ready to support such a bill and grant citizenship to the tens of millions of illegal immigrants currently in the U.S.”

America will die quickly, and Australia is going to find itself in a unfamiliar, hostile world, quite unprepared.




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Friday, 12 July 2024

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