Regress Australia Unfair By Peter West

Just face it, everything we white Australians have done is racist, racist, more racist! We are damned! Our national anthem is also intrinsically flawed too, no matter what language it is sung in, and it has the word “fair” in it, too, so it has to be wrong.

“Anthony Mundine has slammed the Aboriginal version of the national anthem as a 'tokenistic gesture' and called for a new song to make Australia 'one mob'.  

Wiradjuri woman Olivia Fox sung Advance Australian Fair in the indigenous Eora language before the Tri Nations rugby union game between the Australia Wallabies and Argentina at Bankwest Stadium in Sydney on Saturday night. 

Indigenous boxer Anthony Mundine said the performance, which was the first of it's kind at an international game, 'rubs salt into the wound' of first nation's people whose families were killed due to discriminatory racial laws before 1973.

The former rugby league player made his views known when he said the anthem is the 'theme song for the White Australia policy' earlier on Monday, and doubled down on his comments on The Project that evening.

Mundine acknowledged the 17-year-old's moving performance, but told hosts: 'I feel it was a tokenistic sort of gesture.'

'They're sort of rubbing salt into the wound, as a black fella.'

The 45-year-old accepted that singing the anthem in an indigenous language 'looks good', but said it was 'not the right thing to do' because the song has racist origins. 

When speaking with the Herald Sun earlier on Monday, Mundine said: 'You can't just sing the same original text in Aboriginal language and think it's going to fly with people.'

'It got people talking but it still ain't the right message. It looks good and sounded good when the Wallabies sung it and it looks like they're giving back - but they're not really giving back.'”

Well, the song should have been sung in hundreds of Aboriginal languages, not just one. Better to just have signing that the rugby match, about 15 hours of it. Wonderful!

Look, don’t stop there folks. Surely if the Australian national anthem is racist, and Australia is racist, then rugby must be too, and has to be abandoned. After all, this game was invented in England in 1823, the age of colonialism and racism, and if statues of English racists must be pulled down, eliminating entire sports must be next? Time to ban rugby. Don’t even mention boxing, which is a racist blood sport where whites get to watch mostly Black men beat each other. Why is the Left not on to this, leading all the heavy politically correct lifting up to the League of Rights?



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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