Joe Biden’s Post-Election Dementia Moment By Charles Taylor

Joe Biden in an interview has said in an interview, he said that if he disagreed with Karma Harris, he would develop a disease and resign. Wow, that is supposed to be the president. Well, no, Harris is ready to walk right into the position, now. So, this is what the dopey white Democrats voted for, a 78-year-old demented man, who was just a place holder for a highly unpopular person, who has not yet dropped her Senate seat. Here is a video about his, I hope there is no bad language, perhaps covering your ears. But really, at this stage of the game, it is the least of our worries, since the West faces oblivion, on a good day too. Oh, I just hear a four-letter word in frustration at the very end of an otherwise good piece, so maybe go for this with a G rating:

The mainstream media who challenged Trump’s mentality every day, have mentioned this, and then neutralised it. But Biden already has been doing demented things, having already got a broken ankle, for chasing his dog out of the shower (!), pulling its tail or something like that. Something is very wrong with this story. The dog should have mauled him.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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