White Hate Crime Update By Charles Taylor (Florida)

In the spirit of reporting, born of the Saint George Floyd saga, here is an update, from the other side. Oh, no white street protests, or anything much.


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Media Lies! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is yet another media lie that has come unstuck. If the media lie about simple events like the Lafayette Park incidence, then how much else have they lied about? Well, the Covid origins for one thing. If that, then what about vaccinations as well? Why should I trust anything coming out of their traps?


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So What if Proof of 2020 Presidential Election Fraud Develops? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

After the Covid-19 origins exposure, conservatives are now thinking about what if the 2020 US election was shown to be stolen. Well, that had been shown at the time, and evidence assembled by states such as Texas was not even considered by the courts. So, what would happen if Biden gave a speech, with cackling Karma Harris, where he openly gloated about stealing the election? Why, like now, nothing! The deplorables will continue to lay down and be kicked to death, some perhaps, in acts of ethno-masochism, asking to be kicked harder, faster, faster … After all, their fellow patriots are being tortured and suffering human rights abuses in Wash-up-ton, District of Corruption, without protest. Trump says nothing.


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Maoism and Critical Race Theory By Chris Knight (Florida)

A Chinese woman who lived under the tyranny of Mao has compared what is happening in the US, with the Maoist Cultural Revolution. In fact, what we are seeing in the West, has been cultural Marxism in motion since the 1960s. Once the cultural domain is won over, then the economic structure will be communised, which is the exact opposite of Karl Marx, but, that’s Marxism for you, very flexible!


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The Amazing Travelling mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines; They Love to Go Tourist and Party! By Brian Simpson

The mRNA vaccine does not stay at the injection site, some believe, but rather, it packs its clothes and goes on holiday to various bodily locations, to enjoy the tourist sites. Its spikes make it restless, giving it a wanderlust, as the idea goes, always moving on, in search of new sites to … attack! Ouch, sharp and pointy! Look, even the conservative journals are getting in on the spirit of this, see exhibit below. I like to think that we are the blog of The Australian Thinker. But for some of us, it is more like, the Australian Drinker! But, in this miserable world, who could blame one for “tipping the turps,” as the saying goes?


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What is the CDC Up to Re Data Logging and Testing for Covid-19? By Brian Simpson

I wrote in the previous paper, if the most honourable editor has filed them in proper sequence, that scientists are not to be trusted, or at least, take everything they say with, not a pinch, but a semi-trailer load of salt! The technocrats even more so. Just look what the CDC is up to, manipulating data. It is getting as bad as climate science!


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Trust the Scientists? Not Me! By Brian Simpson

Dr Mercola has observed that the present exposure of the scientific censorship over the origins of Covid-19, puts the practice of science in a highly negative light, as well it should. In fact, we have seen this with the suppression and oppression of dissent thought on climate change, especially those who see a global COOLING occurring due to a solar minimum. Peer review has become little more than dogs with fleas sniffing each other and scratching each other’s fleas, as these parasites jump from one host to another. Peer review does not get to the truth since the ideas remain in the same circle of bias, and since the initial pool of examiners are most probably corrupt, garbage in, garbage out! That is why there is now a practice of internet publication, where the material can be seen and evaluated by everyone, the only community that counts. But the academics want peer review since it keeps profits in the publishing houses of the big journals, and keeps young academics in line, with the frantically insane publish or perish ideology. It is, in sociological terms, just in-group reinforcement.


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Get Ready for the Chinese Invasion of Taiwan! By James Reed

The drums of war are beating ever louder since the CCP has put in their man in the once White House, Beijing Biden. So, will there be war, as the article material below predicts? My guess is that whatever happens, Taiwan will be taken. The Democrats will allow this, either not defending Taiwan, and letting China get the world’s computer chip supply, a product of globalisation, or the US will be defeated, after a token resistance. Thus it is just a matter of time before, as Beijing Biden has said, the CCP owns the US. Perhaps the Democrats should surrender now? I imagine that the good men would do nothing when even Chinese troops marched down their street. This is inevitable when societies become deracinated pluralistic messes; no social immune response since the difference between self and non-self has been obliterated by the ruling elites. If the elites want Asianisation, then why not speed up the process by national surrender to China now, perhaps with some concessions to allow traitorous boomers to expire in comfort?


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The Alamo: Story for Our Times By John Steele

With it being very much a last stand of the West, good viewing to get one intro the spirit of the times might be the John Wayne film, The Alamo (1960), about the famous last stands of Texan warrior like Davey Crockett (played by John Wayne) and Jim Bowie, against the army of Mexico’s Santa Anna.


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The Asianisation of New Zealand By Bruce Bennett (former Kiwi)

As with Australia, Asianisation relentlessly continues. New Zealand’s racial transformation may now be a rapid as Oz, with a quarter of the population being Asian in 20 years. It is probably that now. And, how will the Maori feel about things in say 2050, when the majority of the population is Asian? Things are going to be mighty different then. Anyway, the socialists will be happy to see the white race sink into the larva. Then it will be their turn.  


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The Gentle Art of Baby Tossing! By Chris Knight (Florida)

We have heard of dwarf tossing, which is terribly racist, but baby tossing, well who knows it could become an Olympic sport one day! Surely real babies don’t have to be used, which is cruel with robots being fine.


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The White World Ear-Marked for Destruction By Brian Simpson

Here is Paul Craig Roberts’ take on the present attempt by the globalist elites and their demonic followers to destroy the West, the once white world. Nothing new, but it is good from time-to-time to hear the lamentations from someone else. Variety is the spice of life.


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On Creating Killer Coronaviruses By Charles Taylor (Florida)

We here at this blog are not in a position to affirm or deny all the specifics of the following claims by natural News.com, but it would be foolish to dismiss the claims that there was a plan to develop bioweapons. But, the details need to be carefully investigated, if that is still possible. Anyway, here is one published take   on this:


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How are Covid Things in Mongolia? By Brian Simpson

Mongolia, which looked like having a fairly sane response to the Covid freak-out, now has high vaccination rates, but fresh Covid outbreaks. Is it the Chinese vaccines that they are using, or something deeper?


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Nothingness in Words, Enclosed By James Reed

An Italian “artist,” has made some big money from sculptures which do not exist, this being some sort of existential presentation. I believe “artist” John Cage (1912-1992) had a musical piece of sheer silence called 4’ 33”, and Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) aimed for minimalism in drama, with one play, Breath, (1969), being only about 35 seconds long! At this point all art has self-deconstructed. Time to bury it, if there is anything left to bury!


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Biden’s Use of the N-Bomb! By James Reed

I was interested to see that Joe Biden has dropped the N-word many times, but Trump, never. So, why are the Left not eating Biden alive for it? Obviously, the Left have no consistency beyond the will to power, and Biden is a useful old fool at the moment, who signs anything put before him.


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Finland’s Coming Civil War By Richard Miller (London)

As with much of the West, social disintegration from the acidic, corrosive effects of immigration, diversity, and multiculturalism and multiracialism, are breaking Finland down. I did not previously consider that civil war could occur so quickly there, but if the material below is right, then civil war in the US is inevitable.


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People in the United States No Longer Agree on the Nation’s Purpose, Values, History, or Meaning. Is Reconciliation Possible? Of Course Not! By Chris Knight

The title, in part is from an article by George Parker in the July/august 2021 edition of The Atlantic. It gives a comprehensive overview of the conflicts and social movements working to pull the United States apart, but does not reach the conclusion I did, that the US has already fallen apart, and does not exist as anything more than a state held together by force, and that too will fail. The 1994 article by Robert Kaplan, also published in The Atlantic, “The Coming Anarchy,” is I think the near future.


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Good News! Good News! Some Legal Action on Covid at Last By Charles Taylor (Florida)

In Kentucky a judge has held that the Covid emergency orders of the governor are void, being unconstitutional. In effect, the closure amounted to violations of US citizens civil rights, as the ineffectual measures were attempts to control, set policy, and determine rights and duties of the citizenry.


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The Black Swan Event for the Demon-rats: Natural Selection Bites Back! By Brian Simpson

This is ironic; if the Covid vaccine critics are right, people like Dr Mercola and Mike Adams, if there will be high death rates from the vaccines, then this could have political ramifications, since Leftists love vaccines, conservatives, less so. Bingo, the magic of natural selection!


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