Abortions are for Everyone; The Ultimate Inclusivism! By Mrs Vera West

Transgender men can get pregnant and have abortions! Of course. And why not in a world which is totally socially constructed and does not exist as a material reality, but rather is pure sociology. Strange how communist China does not think this way though. Yeah, strange that.  


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Covering up Radicalism By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Here is a development in the Beijing Biden nominee who had a thesis stating that children were an environmental threat, but who now has her thesis locked up and restricted by the university. What a pity, it would make great reading for kiddies at bedtime!


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Dmitry Orlov Does Not Understand How Boomerangs Work! By John Steele

Thanks to James Reed for the reference. While Orlov has done great work on collapseology, he writes silly stuff putting down the boomerang. As a child I learnt Aboriginal hunting skills from a full blood Aboriginal “Owen,” who was allotted to my father’s farm in Victoria, as he had got into trouble out bush. He was 16 years, me, about 10. He tried to teach me tracking and hunting skills, and before he left to go walkabout, he gave me his boomerang. The hunting boomerang did not do tricks like coming back when thrown, what point is that? But a large one was deadly, having sharp edges, and could take down a roo. So, I respect that weapon of wood, and feel the following satire is totally ignorant, as funny as he might think it is. I still have the hunting boomerang too, it is by me right now, a great outdoors weapon, and a link to the past in many ways.


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Sign Posts of Collapse By James Reed

Dmitry Orlov, having experienced the collapse of the USSR, and who is a leading collapseologist, the study of social and civilizational collapse, sees the coming collapse of the US, and the rest of the West as being even more severe than the Soviet collapse. Here is a concise summary of his thoughts on this. As someone who saw the USSR fall, his opinion is worth mediation upon.


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The Great Lost Country By Chris Knight (Florida)

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. has presented an excellent overview of the way the US is spiralling out of control into anarcho-tyranny. This has become the policy of the Beijing Biden regime. From open borders immigration, to the war on white conservative Americans and Trump voters, it is chaos everywhere to bring down the US and elevate the new god the CCP.


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The Machiavellian Minds of the Transhumanists By Brian Simpson

As argued below, those supporting the abandonment of humanity via uploading into computers have a Machiavellian tendency, aiming for power and control. The aim is to overcome biological weakness to rule the world, if not universe, more ruthlessly than ever before.


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Australia Openly Speaking of the New World Order By Bruce Bennett

Talk about “hazzards”!  Have a look at the American coverage of what is going down in Australia re Covid lockdowns and general social freak-out. There seems to be explicit mention that this is the “New World Order.” Now why would our rulers use that turn of phrase? Isn’t that something people like us fringe dwellers would use? I can only speculate.


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Rights for Neurons? By Brian Simpson

I am not comfortable with this one, but on the surface it makes sense. With advances in neuro technology, to the level of recording and changing neurons and rewriting the human mind, some are proposing that there be a set of neuron rights to protest rights to freewill and privacy. As I see it, these technologies will be intrinsically evasive and oppressive and no code of ethics will control the evils that they will unleash.


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Floss Your Teeth and Save Your Brain! By Mrs Vera West

If we are to have a chance of rebuilding civilisation after the coming Great Collapse, the remnant will need to get as healthy as possible. A time of great deprivation is coming, and there may not be a lot of dentists on the ground. Teeth problems can be the bane of one’s life, and extraction with a pair of rusty pliers is not something that one would want to do. Dental hygiene is the most important prepping skill. That is to not even consider cognitive health issues and dental care:


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The Socialism of the British Young By Richard Miller (London)

More bad news for conservatives, as research from the Institute of Economic Affairs indicates that the young hate capitalism, and want a socialist economy. This no doubt has much to do with brainwashing by Leftist teachers in the schools, but also these kids love heaps of free stuff, and they got a taste of this with the Covid socialism. As with their embrace of climate change, there is no realistic thought of the future, given the history of socialist societies imploding and collapsing. Let them spend some time in Venezuela as a test run.


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The Racism of Cosmology! By Brian Simpson

Look, if mathematics can be “racist” for the woke folk, then classifying cosmology as “racist” would be a walk, or woke, in the park! And it is, as a new course at Cornell University is showing, exploring the link between black hole and racial blackness. This is too silly to make the obvious satire.


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Nuclear Bombs Will be Used By James Reed

I have been saying that the next war, coming soon, will almost certainly involve nuclear bombs going off like fire crackers during the Chinese New Year. Well, the Pentagon, not to be confused with Satanism, in a publication on nuclear war last year has also noted this danger, since the number of nukes across the world is increasing, not decreasing. Someone is sure to let one off at some point, and ... there she blows!


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The Covid Erasing of Dr Robert Malone By Brian Simpson

The story of Dr Robert Malone is interesting as it shows that the system is already at George Orwell’s memory hole level, ready to cancel and bury anyone speaking out on anything they do not like. As in any war, history is rewritten to suit the narrative of those who rule.


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The Dawn of Vaccine Passports By Brian Simpson

Here is an update on the vaccine passport issue from Their ABC. We can see how the lockdowns will lead to people getting vaccine passports, even falling over themselves once they have suffered enough. Really, as Mike Adams said in a post a few weeks back, it is no longer about saving the great bulk of the population. Save one’s family and oneself, especially if the Great Die-off is on the cards.


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Get Ready for Hyper-Inflation By Chris Knight (Florida)

Beijing Biden, like all communists in the West, needs to print currency to cover their radical programs. Actually they don’t print the notes, they simply do computer transfers, but the metaphor of the printing presses running hot is too old to resist. Anyway, hyper-inflation is coming, making survival for mainstream Americans ever more difficult. Just ask the Wall Street Journal.com, which by some miracle let me past the pay wall, as I don’t have spare dollars to pay for such things nowadays, due to inflation eroding my pitiful pay.  Everything is spent on supplies, food, toilet paper, more toilet paper. Did I say toilet paper? Oh, there is no more ammunition here in Florida. Some rotters bought it all up. Charles!


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After Topless, Then What for Attention-Seeking? By Mrs Vera West

Their mothers should have given them some stern lectures, but I suppose that these women were primarily Left-wing and feminists too. We see this sort of topless protest occurring from time-to-time, which is nothing more than attention seeking. If these folks care about woman’s’ rights they would be doing something about rape and sexual violence, but that would take them into politically incorrect territory, given the present controversy, covered at this blog, and we know that in the great chain of woke being, race/ethnicity trumps gender.


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Section 51 xxiii A and the Vaccination Issue: A Cautionary Tale By Ian Wilson LL. B

There are YouTube videos and articles on blogs, where proponents confidently proclaim that section 51 xxiii A of the Australian Constitution precludes the federal and state governments from “forced vaccinations.” While I would like this to be true, a sober and more judicial analysis raises doubts about this.


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The Generational Harm of Pesticides By Mrs Vera West

The science of epigenetics is detailing how there can be generational effects transferred to the next generation. These are usually harmful effects, especially from chemicals like pesticides, which today cause an alarming number of birth defects. There are POPs – persistent organic pollutants - many being endocrine disruptors, substances that can alter the human hormonal system. A major impact is occurring upon human sperm counts, with the worst case scenario being total human male infertility by 2050. But, the consumer material technological society is beyond qualification, and it is difficult to see how humanity’s addition to toxic chemicals and toxic life styles will end soon. But, it will end with the end of sperm. The technocrats of course will attempt to make artificial sperm to deal with the problem. Good luck with that one!


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Round Plants in Square Holes! By Mrs Vera West

Here is a little break from heart-breaking politics, to learn that plants grow better when planted in square holes. I did not know that. Try it next time you plant a tree or something.


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Box Tickers Ripping off Aborigines! By James Reed

It is shocking that white people, and I mean whites as depicted by Aboriginal communities, pretending to be Aborigines to fraudulently get benefits, are getting way with this. These cheaters should be called “racists,” on every street corner, and hang their white heads in shame. And, prosecuted. Somebody must do something about this racism, and soon. Fair suck of the sav mate, this is not fair dinkum!


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